Ange reframing challenges


You forget the ones you win so quickly.   Details from the 6-0 disposal of KR Reykjavik, only a year ago are difficult to recall, not so Ferencvaros in the next round.  One year earlier, it was Cluj who scored four at Celtic Park to eliminate us from the Champions League, details of that night are forever etched in your memory.

Vasilis Barkas made his Celtic Park debut with a successful AEK Athens side in 2018.  AEK were not world-beaters but were the best team to knock us out of Champions League qualifiers over the last decade.

Having won a reprieve from a 6-1 aggregate defeat to Legia Warsaw, Ronny Deila had Champions League qualification in his hands after dominating in a draw away to Maribor, but the loss of a late goal at home was a portent for his time at the club.  The next season’s elimination to Malmo was even more painful.  Ferencvaros, Cluj, Maribor and Malmo is a tale of what could and should have been.

Even with our fragilities, Celtic are a better side than Midtjylland.  I doubt they have a single player who interested Ange Postecoglou as a signing target.

Did you notice how Ange reframed challenges as opportunities?  “You can always grasp for excuses and reasons why you can’t do something, but there’s an opportunity to do something special and it falls on the players who are available. There’s no reason why they can’t take that.”

I like this type of thinking, it inspires people to aim ever higher.  Pick up the challenge, Celtic, and we can consign Midtjylland to distant memory, along with Riga and Kalju Nomme.

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  1. Lawwellites assemble.



    To the boardroom I say, hurrah hurrah



    and 3 cheers for St Als and the great Desmondo

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bankiebhoy1 – from previous thread …






    Love it !

  3. ……Cheers BtB…………



    …’mon The McKaisers!




  4. What an appalling record in Europe against teams with a fraction of our budget.



    Peter Lawell , Dermot and his board .


    Should be ashamed of that record .



    Winning in Scotland with an even larger financial advantage has covered up their gross incompetence to a large extent.



    The minute the Huns got near to us with a spend we have folded .



    Our wage bill last season was still £10m more than them .



    The state we are in is disgraceful.




  5. I noticed earlier that the official site section with Past Seasons results has deleted 2020/21.



    Maybe we must too😎

  6. TINYTIM on 28TH JULY 2021 12:20 PM



    “The minute the Huns got near to us with a spend we have folded.”



    Depends on what you class as near to us. We pumped them out of sight in season 2019/2020.



    The wage bill you’re talking about relates to season 2019/2020. We won’t know what their wage bill was for last season until they publish their accounts for the year to June 2021.



    So “near to us” was actually season 2019/2020 in your definition

  7. There were signs that our luck had changed last week, and that we might have found a way to keep the intensity up for 90 minutes.



    Early signs of progress, however small



    If we don’t concede from a set piece it will be further signs. Not likely I know

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Tinytim – that’s the spirit (© BSR)



    Will you join the McKaisers?

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Agree on Ange’s comments, Paul. Liking the way he is coming across and you can see the players (mostly anyway!) buying into his vision.


    Not quite sure where it’s coming from but I am quite optimistic for tonight. Might be a rollercoaster 3-2 or something, but I think we will progress to the next stage.

  10. As Celtic represented the Irish Catholic community, whose footballers were generally not given the opportunity to sign for clubs such as Queen’s Park or Rangers, the Celts themselves made little attempt to reach outside of the Glasgow Irish domain for players in the first season. However, the door to such possibilities was never closed at Parkhead and despite having an all Catholic team in the club’s formative year, the lack of desire to enshrine a sectarian or exclusive policy may have played a role in some of the Quillanites wanting to depart the club. Indeed, Celtic would complete the signing of their first non-Catholic, a goalkeeper named Jamie Bell, in 1890. At that time the goalkeeping position was becoming difficult to fill and it was beneficial to look beyond the Irish community for footballing talent. A year later, Bell was replaced by Orange Order member, Thomas Duff, who was nicknamed ‘The Cowlairs Orangeman’! Willie Maley further describes the psyche of the Celtic committee, who stayed beyond the 1889 AGM, in his book, The Celtic Story (published in 1938): ‘We have always been a cosmopolitan club since our second year, and we have included in our list of players a Swede, a Jew and a Mohammedan. Much has been made in certain quarters about our religion, but for forty-eight years we have played a mixed team, and some of the greatest Celts we have had did not agree with us in our religious beliefs, although we have never at any time hidden what these are. Men of the type of McNair, Hay, Lyon, Buchan, Cringan, the Thomsons, or Paterson soon found out that broadmindedness which is the real stamp of the good Christian existed to its fullest at Celtic Park, where a man was judged by his football alone.’

  11. Get Joe Hart in immediately.



    Get Buta in immediately.



    Get Bitton oot immediately.



    Get Barkas oot immediately.



    Get other deadwood oot immediately.



    All that said I am looking forward to the game tonight.



    If Bitton stays on last week I think we would have turned them over.



    D :)

  12. How transfer time at Celtic park is always a complete farce . How many players have been linked , yes I am aware many are clickbate , but it looks like the guy from Antwerp could be on which is a complete mess . This fellow is 5’ 7 “ for gods sake . We’ve done the totty folk in defence last season ,and we know how that turned out . Who in the name of god is lining up these guys , we haven’t had a right back since Mikel left us , or a left back since losing KT . An absolute scandal and as amateurish as it gets . Even the ones we do get in can’t play for weeks , and hopefully more mince from the laptop loyal but reading the new lad from Japan won’t be playing at tynecastle . Love the Celtic but we’re getting to be so amateurish .

  13. Paul67



    Thankfully for open window.



    Eight players gone from Neil Lennon’s vilified squad maybe one direct first teamer in the side, on the seasons eve. AP has now taken the squad up and down the country and seen them all play.



    6-2 in a friendly game is an unusual scoreline, the team doing the scoring normally knock off at four, when there’s nothing at stake. Oh for halcyon days at the Bobby Moore testimonial.



    Nice try by AP to take the heat off the gaping Celtic window, and rule out panic buys. Problem being, the need was there long, long before he arrived. If he truly only wishes his targets signed and not ours. So be it.



    If he’s the manager some say he is, he should have changed the shape enough by now, to avoid defeats to Preston North End or hammerings from the EPL. Celtic have better players than the Danes, Greeks, Romanians, Norwegians, Swedes, Hungarians, etc, even without a single signing. What we still don’t have is a team with a system.



    Any win sets us up for PSV, and more crucial time to plug the sieve



    Seen this movie before CSC

  14. onenightinlisbon @ 4:42 pm



    TURKEYBHOY on 27TH JULY 2021 4:38 PM



    Why can’t you show a bit of respect to others on here. People who have different opinions to you are entitled to express them without your smart arse comments. Just scroll past them and stay in your bubble.





    onenightinlisbon @ 10:26 am



    LAMBERT14 on 28TH JULY 2021 9:53 AM



    Well said. I have the best interests of our club at heart, unlike the shysters in the boardroom and our lickspittle sycophants on here who castigate anyone who dares to call it like it is.





    How do you reconcile the sentiments you express in these two posts?

  15. Transfers will happen when done. We’re chasing players that are being sought after by other teams, and players who have the ambition to play in Europe, which is why they’ll come to the SPFL. Other teams, can get their business done early as they are generally chasing players only they want. Height would be good, but, if you have good defenders then balls are not crossed into the box very often, and if they are, our + 6ft CB’s should handle them, Julien Starfelt and A.N. Other! por cierto

  16. One things for sure …..the wage bill for this season will flip !!!….rangers wage bill will be bigger than ours by a fair bit….

  17. Paul, like many of us, finding it hard to muster any real optimism and enthusiasm about today’s tie.



    We are reminded daily of the failure of DD, the CEO & the board – there is no doubt there is culpability at top. It is not complacency, it is just the way we ‘cut our cloth’ and choose to run the club.



    Paul lists Malmo Ferencvaros, Cluj, Maribor & AEK in a list of “should have beens”, I would also add Copenhagen to that list. A list of real opportunities to progress in Europe – opportunities squandered on the night by under-performing players.



    Like last season’s 10iar challenge, we had, on the face of it, equipped ourselves player-wise to be at the very least competitive, only to fail miserably when it really mattered.



    So by all means criticize those who run the club, that’s where the buck must stop – but please also remember the character, or lack of it, shown by some of the players at certain times when much was expected.



    Today, with a makeshift squad, there is no great expectation and success will be a pleasant surprise. An opportunity to make things a bit easier was wasted last Tuesday. We are fortunate that the “away goals’ rule no longer applies; even so, the task is still formidable. Will it be another added to the ‘should’ve beens’?…..let’s pray not!



    I’m tempted to say how far we have fallen, but when we look at the above list & calibre of clubs who have knocked us out in recent times, we haven’t really fallen at all, we have simply repeated the disappointment.

  18. Jimtim.


    Great support for a ghuy who hasn’t even kicked a ball for us.


    Can you not wait for his first mistake at least

  19. Ange is a clear head and that is what we need. Whether we win or not tonight doesn’t really matter. As long as we make progress then I think we should be happy.



    Last season we had a disgruntled squad of players and coaching staff who couldn’t deal with it. Today we have a manager who is listened to and players who wish to learn. Players who were here last season and who let us down shouldn’t be given a game before new players and youngsters.



    Ange should be given the chance to build his team




    Just learned that the Church I was baptised in, St Simon’s, Partick, burnt down overnight. Sad news indeed.



    Me too.1946.

  21. Tiny Tim 12.20 .


    Can’t argue. However.



    Being in possession of a bigger budget only matters , if the focus of spend is on the football side of the business.


    Add to the spend , you need better management , coaching, scouting , sports science and analytics.



    The new Rainjurz ( © BSR ) trumped us in the majority of the above.


    We might question the RFC2012 finances , but we exist in a fitba environment where scrutiny from authority or press doesn’t exist.



    RFC also know that the suits at Celtic Park, don’t do confrontation.



    3 easy get outs , compliance from the SFA / press . Cowardice from Celtic Plc.



    If nothing else, whoever it is that buys confetti shares , at Ibrox, they know that the focus is solely on the football business.


    They strive to be better, we don’t.



    See the shambles of our managerial recruitment , player recruitment and scouting.



    The worry is , if they keep improving on the park in terms of qualifying for the Champions League , the confetti then turns into hard cash.



    We’re sleeping at the wheel .

  22. If we get through tonight it’s despite our board. Going into this game with the back line we are is just disgraceful. I genuinely fear for our ability to get through two Europa qualifiers should we lose tonight. A massive 90 minutes ahead.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SFTB @ 12:51



    Genuine Lol moment.



    Thank you for showing the repeat


    (I missed the original posts).



    To the original posters – don’t take it too personally? It’s only a blog.




    The mutual respect agenda is being disgracefully ignored on here ….



    … by a shower of shysters, lickspittles & sycophants !!!!!




  24. We have played Danish teams 15 times in Europe, winning 7, losing 4 and drawing 4- a 46.67% success rate.



    Discounting our 20th century experiences when Scottish and Danish teams were of a different standard, our recent record in Denmark is :-



    27/2/20- 1:1 draw with Copenhagen (we lost the home tie 3:1 , a week later)



    25/11/08- a 2:1 loss to Aalborg via a late Gary Caldwell o.g. (a regular occurence) when we had led 1:0 till the 73rd minute, having drawn 0:0 at CP – 2 months earlier resulting in a 4th place finish in our CL Group



    6/12/06- a 3:1 defeat to Copenhagen, where we were 3:0 down before an hour had passed, losing an opener on 2 minutes, having beaten them 1:0 at CP and finishing 2nd in CL group with 3 home wins



    In the 80’s we beat Aarhus (a Madness song) home and away.



    In the 70’s we beat Vejle 1:0 in Denmark having been held to a scoreless draw at CP and we lost to Boldklubben (now a 5th tier team) 2:1 but beat them 3:0 in our home tie. In each of these years we reached the European Cup q-f and s-f stages despite these narrow aggregate wins versus the Danes



    In the 60’s we beat Aarhus home and away





    The bad news is our recent away record shows one draw and two defeats, offering little ground for optimism.



    The encouragement is that Sevco beat this team 4:2 in Denmark in 2019 and 7:3 on aggregate.



    On balance, I have a measured sense of optimism about the result but a lot depends on how well we screen our inexperienced defence.

  25. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Maribor, Malmö, Legia, AEK, Cluj, Ferencvaros, no doubt Midgetland. Never is there an attempt to explain this inexcusable pattern of failure or any attribution of responsibility. Not once. Wonder why?

  26. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Big night for Taylor & Ralston and the midfielders in front of them. We need to stop the crosses coming in, minimise giving away silly fouls allowing set peices and minimise giving away corners. If we can do this we have a chance of pulling of a victory. In Ange we trust HH ☘️

  27. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 28TH JULY 2021 1:59 PM


    The new CQN anyone that disagrees should be taken out publicly flogged , tarred and feathered , and then run out of town.



    The rageoholics CSC






    I disagree.

  28. SAINT STIVS on 28TH JULY 2021 2:00 PM







    The new CQN anyone that disagrees should be taken out publicly flogged , tarred and feathered , and then run out of town.







    The rageoholics CSC











    I disagree


    Hang him !

  29. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    TRADERBHOY on 28TH JULY 2021 2:06 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 28TH JULY 2021 2:00 PM






    The new CQN anyone that disagrees should be taken out publicly flogged , tarred and feathered , and then run out of town.



    The rageoholics CSC





    I disagree




    Hang him !




    How dare you say that – I am mortally offended on behalf of all of those current and past sufferers of…er…something. OK – I don’t know what I’m offended about, but it is just terrible – so it is.



    Nasty person :-(

  30. Don’t see why thems can’t aim for dominance. We’ll only feel the effects of our rebuild in 12 months time when we hopefully add more quality to the quality we add in this window. and as I’m not sick of saying they had far far fewer cards awarded against them than any of the previous 9 champions had.

  31. BANKIEBHOY1 on 28TH JULY 2021 2:14 PM


    …….hingin’ too guid fur im!



    “Why can’t we all just get along.”…………Jack Nicholson in Mars attacks shortly before the demented crazy Martian thinks about it for a second then naw and kills him anyway.

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