Anger at Ange a year on, YouGov on cinch SPFL woes


Motor trade publication, AMonline, yesterday reported YouGov’s findings into advertising and brand awareness for the industry for last month.  They show awareness of SPFL sponsor cinch increased to new highs, demonstrating “a greater increase in this metric than any other automotive brand in our database.”

YouGov credit this increase in brand awareness on coverage cinch received due to Newco’s refusal to display the league sponsor’s logo.  The research company noted, “If [Newco’s} aim was to reduce awareness of Cinch’s advertising, our data shows that it clearly has not worked.”

Advertising and sponsorship is expensive, news coverage for your brand is almost impossible to acquire in a positive manner, but cinch find themselves as the innocent pawn in stories across all media.  This level of coverage would be unaffordable if they were to attempt to pay for it.

One year today since Ange Postecoglou was appointed.  He has been an overwhelming success, delivered the league title and brought footballers to Celtic who entertain and excite.

The levels of anger and lack of foresight left on these pages a year ago is not something you will all want to review.  Success comes from hard work, innovation and strategy.  Celtic will not get everything right, they will not win every trophy.  As a community, we have to learn the lesson of what happened a year ago.  A few articles from a year ago:

Howe pantomime ends

Postecoglou only part of the solution

The Poste always delivers

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    Glory hunter. :)



    Just about to go and catch the ‘Cannonball Express’ with Casey Jones at the throttle, Shipbank bound.







  2. TURKEYBHOY on 10TH JUNE 2022 12:08 PM


    For anyone heading g in this direction,shortly









    Exchange rate today,21.5 Lira for your Pound.











    Nearly 10 times what it was when myself and Mrs TB arrived on these Sun drenched shores as Penniless immigrants.

  3. Lack of foresight…..come on Paul67..



    Context : We had lost the feted 10IAR, 25 points behind and a team that was gutted. The club had banked on Howe and he blew us out. We went for our 2nd choice and the rest is history.



    No magic potion from our limited board. We got lucky and thank the Ghods for that.



    In Ange we now trust. At the time we had absolutely no trust in place. And for those emotionally invested, no criticism from me now looking back 12 months.



    Back. Bigger and Better. But more work to do at the club level. We need to thrive post-Postecoglu.



    Eff the board csc




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  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    Raise your words not your voice, its the rain that nourishes the flowers not the thunder.



    Thankfully we got Ange by defualt and not by design, the rest as they say is history. Revisionism is a triggers broom trick, though it is P67’s site so he can do what he likes

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I won’t pretend I was enthused by the appointment, although (like many I imagine), more frustrated at the appointment of Lennon, the blind faith in him that saw them stick with him until he resigned and the way they allowed the pursuit of Howe to drag on far too long.


    But I have been 100% behind him since then (particularly when I heard he favoured the 4-3-3!), even when results were a bit flaky – it was clear what he was trying to do.


    So far so good anyway. Let’s hope his ambition is matched by those above….

  7. INIQUITOUSIV on 9TH JUNE 2022 9:35 PM



    (From previous blog) You might be interested in a book I recently read, Going Postal by Mark Ames, which exams the spate of mass killings in the states since the 1980s. Reagan has a lot to answer for…

  8. Ange has done much better than I had anticipated. Certainly in his first season.


    Were some frustrations justified this time last year? I’d suggest they were.


    For context, it would be worthwhile to also review threads from the start of the previous season.



    I don’t disagree with the oft repeated phrase ‘in Ange we trust ‘ although I feel the verb is wrong.


    Ange needs to be supported not merely trusted.


    Looking forward to next season already.


    How things can change in 12 months

  9. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Have a great day out bhoys


    And dont be mixing yer drinks


    Keep yer whiskey in one glass and yer beer in another


    Hic Hic

  10. I can’t really remember my own feelings on Ange being appointed initially. I looked at a documentary on him and recall thinking it was good and maybe too good to be true. He has been every bit as good as the documentary suggested.



    How do you do a search on this sight to find ones own comments? I’m kinda curious!



    A brief read back exposes a fair bit of hysteria.



    It’s all ifs and ands but very few had any idea that we’d be lauding the big man the way we are. My son came home from watching us lose an early European game to tell me that despite the result we looked in decent shape, the support were patient and some of the new players looked really good. Circumstances dictated that my own attendance at paradise has been severely curtailed this season, but I feel that early analysis was the broadly held view of those who aren’t on the blogosphere. Ange got time and respect from the broader celtic support in the early days of last season.



    Looking back to the defeats against Hearts and Newco I recall feeling we could and should have won those. Livingston was just the usual mess that we’d grown used to there and it worried more but bhoy oh bhoy did we recover…….

  11. As for cinch, I’ve been critical of how we are run as a club. I’m an unrepentant and unreconstructed lefty who wants to see the back of plcs, ceo’s and all the rest, but if you have to work a structure, the work it properly until it is replaced. If we were at the level of incompetence of the zombies it would be pitchfork at the gates time.



    They continue to embarrass themselves and fill the pockets of others in the name of playing to the gallery. Utter buffoons. But keep it quiet. I want it to carry on.

  12. Roberttressel,



    There are many other clubs I’d like to compare us with, across Europe and wider, than the grubby wee criminals in Govan.



    Being fiscally better than them is a low bar to get over but one defending our board like to point to. (Not saying you are of course).



    Let’s look outwardly. Ange could help us do that but we need to build on this rather than it being another cycle, before starting again.




  13. Paul, we got very lucky.


    Nothing else.



    Also , nothing else had changed in the structure of the club.



    Don’t see us progressing to world class, in the way we are run.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hilarious first segment Pablo.



    Genuine lol.




  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    St Tams



    The board got lucky is an understatement, we could have been staring at Old Firm FC champions again and with a CL pot of gold.


    Lawwell stands down but hasn’t resigned, still on the board. His replacement gone in a flash, then a in house promotion job, a guy who seems to have disappeared since his appointment



    Then we have Lawwell jnr appears from nowhere. This is a multi million pound company😱😵

  16. In the past twenty years there have only been two managers who I had every confidence in from day one, MON and Rodgers. MON was up against a very strong (overspending) opponent, and Rodgers much less so.



    All the other guys who stood on the pitch, with the scarf above their head, have been a bit more risky, including Ange. For a coach from the other side of the world, without any experience of our unique cultchur, Ange has been great. The Champions League will certainly provide a barometer of season two progress.



    Re cinch. Took a car from them earlier in the year, PCP deal. Deposit, 48 months lease, and can then buy or hand the car back. Great car. Never again Arnold Clark, Motorpoint, etc.




    I think Michael Nicholson and Mark Lawwell have been locked in a cupboard.

  18. Just started reading through the first few pages of the articles Paul linked from last summer and I’m still ok with what I wrote at the time about the Howe failure and the Ange appointment:-








    Now, I am nobody’s idea of a high finance negotiator but, in the unlikely circumstances that I was charged with seeking a manager for next season and I had got the favourable response from Edde Howe, a fairly popular candidate cos he’s EPL bling, I would have had a few follow up questions.




    According to Pau;67’s narrative, and a few others, EH committed to come with 2 caveats- 1) I get to bring most of my back room staff with me and 2) I don’t want Celtic to approach them because they are in the play offs and I don’t want my old club distracted.




    On hearing this, I would , first of all, express my appreciation for EH agreeing to come but I have 3 quick questions of my own.




    1) Have you sounded out the backroom staf and are they willing to come and keep the tapping secret from the Bournemouth Board?




    2) How many need to say yes and by when before you pen the contract and we can tell everyone officially you are the new boss?




    3) Will your willingness or your backroom staff’s willingness be affected by Bournemouth winning promotion?




    Now, I don’t think anyone at CP is stupider than me and failed to ask these questions. So, a couple of posssible explanations exist as to why this late knockback situation came into play.




    1) Eddie Howe lied to the board and assured them that the team he wanted were willing to come to CP with him.




    2) Celtic lied to Eddie and tried to renege on the backroom staff deal because there were too many, it cost too much, or the Board wanted someone from our exisiting coaches to be shoehorned into EH’s team to provide continuity.




    or 3) Eddie agreed, in principle, but has had a last minute attractive offer and used a false tale of unwillingness of backroom staff to move to cover his tracks.




    All of these scenarios are equally plausible to e and I have no reason to believe one or disbelieve another.




    Where I differ from Paul67, is that , even though two of my scenarios place the lying at EH’s door, I still think the club was wrong to play along with such a loose commitment scenario. If the club said we were willing to remain quiet until Bournemouth qualify or fail in the play offs, that is where they made their first mistake. They were agreeing to wait until the end of May (Play off final is the 29th May but they’d be crass if they hadn’t agreed to wait until, at least, the day after before looking for commitments).




    Now, I don’t blame Celtic for stoking expectations that EH was coming but I do think they should have been crystal clear that there was no certainty on the management recruitment front. Instead they chose silence and letting the rumours fly.




    It is not sour grapes on my part to state that Eddie Howe is not good enough to keep us waiting in uncertainty. Once the terms of his caveats were known, the plug should have been pulled by us. We should not have let a middle level manager lead us a merry dance.




    I don’t know how good a coach thus Postecoglu fellow is (Sydney Tim might have inside info) but I do know he will be seen as a less bling-y option than Howe. Many a good successful coach has been recruited as a 2nd or 3rd choice option but mostly clubs have managed to make their runner up status less publicly acknowledged.




    On the back of a poor season, we have added a poor start to post season recruitment. We have a bad look around the place altogether and the arrival of an Australian coach from Japan is not going to dampen that look by one little bit.




    I am acutely aware of my own limitations. I could not coach Celtic. I could not be a CEO to a Celtic plc Board.




    But I could have made as big a mess as this very easily.

  19. B2B



    I saw that on FB during the week; very well put together. People in England know this and still voted for him. Same as all the ScotGov failures and SNP can’t lose any election



    Popularity as a leader gains more votes than policy or performance since Thatcher came on the scene with the PR spin

  20. It should also be pointed out that we lost a CEO at that time too.



    I can’t remember what I said last year but I did vow to be more positive as the folks I wanted out of the dugout/team had eventually happened and I had no reason to moan. Hope I kept my word most of the time

  21. I could live without these “look at how wrong you all were” posts. Unless you were making wild predictions like “Celtic will struggle to finish in the top 6” my recollection is that most posters were expressing their honestly held frustrations and fears on the back of a very difficult season where a lot of goodwill was lost. After the season we had it’s not surprising there was a reasonable level of apprehension.



    Having said that, I found one of my posts from the time, and I hate to say I told you so but…oh who am I kidding, I love to say I told you so.



    SONSOFERIN on 10TH JUNE 2021 4:04 PM


    Welcome to Celtic, Ange. Just in time for the biggest rebuilding job we’ve had in years due to a combination of stagnation and complacency riven through the club hierarchy for the past two years from the board, through management, to the players. I’m glad to see Celtic appointing a dynamic and energetic manager just when we need it most, now he needs to be supported by others who will share his approach and make sure it catches fire.



    So what do we need, assuming the player we think are leaving. High priority positions are first team starters in central defence, right back, and striker. Three players ready to come in and play from the start of the season.



    Lower priority but still important, left back, attacking left mid, and backup defender. Could probably do with adding some backup squad players too, most pertinently in midfield.



    I still think we have the guts of a good team, need to build on that and provide the necessary motivation and coaching which was missing last year. However the turnover of players this summer is a real chaos factor together with a new manager trying to drastically change a team’s playing style, attitude and application. Good luck, Ange!

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