Angry statements, the lowest common denominator


Issuing an angry statement ahead of a big game is not a bad strategy.  Angry statements resonate with the lowest common denominator, who are often the ones most likely to cause custodians of the club aggravation.

It is a subliminal way to say “We are just like you, we share your hopes and frustrations.”  It is almost as though they anticipate a difficult time coming up soon.  Throw in the mandatory patronising phrase, like, “supporters who have repeatedly proven themselves to be the most loyal in the country” and you are sorted.

Football fans occupying areas further up the food chain, however, will roll their eyes when reading drivel like, “this decision, which beggars belief.”

What struck me most about Newco’s statement last night is that a chink of self-awareness seemed to be dawning, “clubs the length and breadth of the country….. benefitted financially from the presence of our fans.”

This reaches the heart of the matter.  Newco are profitable for every club they play.  They open their wallets and dump a caravan of cash wherever they go, which is good for P&Ls from Kilmarnock to Dingwall.  It’s just, Newco are not actually profitable.

The model works for everyone else, just not for a club who want more success on the field than their income can buy.  They are a cash cow.  But while they can do wonders for the profitability of smaller clubs, they are impotent when it comes to fixing their own profitability problems.

Don’t resent that smaller clubs get a boost when you visit, do what Celtic do – feel good that you can help the rest of the league.  Be generous in spirit and maybe others will reciprocate.

The solution is not to howl at the moon, adept at it, though Newco are, it is to bring spending into alignment with income.  Beat Hibernian at their own £5m football budget game and respect will follow.

Raffle to play in an 11-a-side game at Celtic Park

An incredible opportunity to play on the hallowed turf at Celtic Park around the end of the current season 2017-18, in Club sponsor Intelligent Car Leasing’s match.

You will be provided with complimentary Celtic kit and receive the full match-day experience including arrival through the front door, access to the dressing room and proudly walking down the tunnel to enter the famous field of play.

Both squads will be managed by a former Celtic player. The game will take place on 16 May, kick off 11:00. All monies raised will be donated to Celtic FC Foundation, a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (number SC024648).

To enter the raffle, make a minimum donation of £5 to the Foundation at this MyDonate page.  Then send your donation confirmation email to this address: celticquicknews@gmail.com

The opportunity to play on Celtic Park is just beyond words.  I did it a few years ago, the memories will live forever, as will the photographs.  The experience of preparing in the dressing room, as so many greats have done before, was fabulous.

You can enter for yourself, or gift the prize to someone you know aged 18 or over. Competition closes at 15:00 this Friday, 27th.

Good luck!

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  1. GARY67



    Aye the very fella, let’s hope he’s in the same sparkling vein of form this weekend:))



    With Dorrans running about like he’s auditioning for Raging Bull we’re guaranteed some red mist:))




  2. Mahe the Madman on

    So the Californian goddess put this dvd of nursery rhymes on for an hour or so.


    Im standing there trying to sooth the wee one to sleep and this certain one comes on with the words and all.


    Now far from it for me to judge but this old king cole fella.


    First hes getting on a bit but what does he do,,,


    Calls for his pipe,,


    Calls for his bowl,,Im gonna assume thats his tankard or drinking horn or something.


    Calls for the vibes to be turned on ala 3 fiddlers.



    So to summarise this oul codger loves a party,,,throws his own parties,,,complete with booze and vibes,,while hes puffing away on his pipe. Possibly containing more than just tobacco.


    What a guy,,,getting on or not hes rocking it.


    No wonder hes got a song. I suggest we all refer to him as O.G. Cole from now on.


    Merry old soul,,,thats probably the middle ages way of saying a socialite or quite simply a party animal and being the king he didnt even have to wait for the weekend to party.


    In saying that place probably went to crap because hes always hungover but hey,,he was happy.


    If ive opened your eyes to the hidden innuendos behind common nursery rhymes youre welcome. ;)



    Hail Hail

  3. mike in toronto on




    The photos are spectacular.



    Seamus has decided that he wants to live out there, so he thinks you should adopt him … and of course, since he is a bit young to travel on his own, you will have to adopt me too!




  4. In case anyone missed my earlier post, spoke to Mick this morning and he sounds a bit like his old self again. What a difference 24 hours makes. ??

  5. DONTBRATBACKINGER – from 5-ish hours ago



    Are you doing selected quotes from the whole Abbey Road album this week? One of my 5 favourite albums.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Guarantee fan safety,? What about player safety, numerous pitch invasions, batteries thrown at players, managers (well Pedro…), making physical contact with Scott Brown- none of which resulted in ANY charges.This mob couldnae get a brassneck at a bonfire.

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Jobo, yes a wee Pabbers tribute thing.



    The alternative was to put out a statement.

  8. Mahe the Madman on



    we are looking for a buddy for hamish,,at least were thinking about it so send the boy over. ;)


    Welcome any time and our mutual friend tells me you seem a top bloke.


    As for cali,,its usually fine but can drive you nuts.


    Sanctuary cities




    too politically correct




    gas prices


    public transport sucks


    huge bugs


    etc etc


    in saying that its a far cry from Beal Fierste of my youth having that helicopter hovering all night every night with its light shining around the area all night long ,,always walk towards the traffic and run if a car slows,,praying your da will make it home from work,,give your kids neutral names so they might get a job. etc etc


    My grandfather is called Billy so he could get a decent job and for 40 years his workmates in the post office had no idea he was a taig because he was called Billy. Only reason he didnt get the bullet in the pocket special.



    The good points do tend to outweight the bad,,this local cider ( indigeny ) truly is nectar of the gods ,,yosemite season ticket for 50 bucks,,shorts and tee shirt 8 months a year,,vegas a drive away. Tahoe. I could go on.



    First time living in the countryside and i never realised why they all have big gas guzzlers,,,i just thought they were rednecks,,turns out you actually need a big strong vehicle to thrive in the country,,roads are rough,,floods occur regular,,if youre not sitting up high a deer or bear could come through that windscreen,,roads arent cleared of snow so you need 4wd etc etc.



    Toronto,,oul uncle lives there,,Dermot Kearney should you ever meet him. As a boy if the phone goes at 4 am and theres a fella crying on the other end its uncle Dermot. The one who makes the jump suffers the most,,mother Ireland has a strong call,,but after that theres a chance to thrive if you can stay and set down roots. Hope youre well buddy.



    Hail Hail

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “a club who want more success on the field than their income can buy”




    Indeed, Paul. The “incompetent board” (that they agitated for!) banner was right. Only for the wrong reason.


    It is incompetent to spend tens of millions on players you can’t afford. But it was okay to spend hundreds of millions!

  10. WeefratheTim on 25th April 2018 1:09 pmril 2018 12:36 pm


    Typical me I replied on previous thread dohhhhhhhhhh



    Great news glad he’s on the mend and pleased to see your on the road to recovery as well



    hope your all fighting fit for the unfurling of the flag next season



    sending hugs to you BMCWP and LionsRoar67 xx








  11. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Here’s a statement on…


    3 Unexpected geographical facts…



    Edinburgh is farther West than Manchester.


    Iborcs Stadium is farther North than Celtic Park (Parkheid if you’re in Kev).


    The “North Curve” at Celtic Park is actually the “East Curve”.




  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Been off blog for a few days.


    Best wishes for full recoveries for BMCWP and LionsRoar67.






  13. “Listen, I may not be the smartest guy in the world. I don’t know if I’m having trouble with my reading or if I can’t count ”



    Broony’s comments seem to have had a bamboozling effect on poor Bawwy Fergushun.






    Here’s a statement on…



    3 Unexpected geographical facts…




    Celtic Park is closer to the River Clyde than Ibrox Stadium.

  15. celtic park is 1.1 miles to the river clyde.



    ibrox park is 0.9 miles to the river clyde.



    celtic park is 4.3 miles from ibrox park.

  16. The next highest point eastwards from Barr Beacon on the outskirts of Birmingham is the Ural Mountains

  17. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    Rumours that Sevco are signing Greegsy (McGregor) on-loan for the weekend

  18. The length of any piece of string is exactly the distance from it’s end to it’s centre x2

  19. SAINT STIVS on 25TH APRIL 2018 2:12 PM



    I’m only saying what I heard. It looks a close run thing on Google maps. Also depends on where the bank of the river is by the Glasgow Science Centre.

  20. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    When did your grandfather retire from the Post Office?



    My uncle retired from there 2 years ago, he was about 40 years there too.

  21. Mike In Toronto – I will be in Toronto for the game on Sunday a.m – Where would you recommend to watch it?

  22. Just checked again and Celtic Park is definitely closer to River Clyde than Ibrox stadium. (0.56km. to 1.07km.)

  23. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I thought that the length of a piece of string was from one end to the other.




  24. mike in toronto on

    Celtic Gucks



    There are two Celtic clubs … one right downtown at a pub called McVeighs … and there is one in the north east end of the city … I would expect that Torontony and TAL of this parish will be there.



    Where you are staying and whether you have a car would likely be the determining factor. If you are in the west end (near the airport) the Brampton club may be a better bet… and there are a few guys on here who know that better than I do.

  25. my google maps says the front door of ibrox is closer to the clyde, than the frond door of celtic park is.



    so there.



    who gives a flying monkies anyways. its falling doon.




  26. mike in toronto on

    Jeez …



    the Sevco rumor is that they have offered a 2 year contract to Neil Warnock, and he wants them to sign McShagger, Kyle Bartley , McArthur and Arfield…



    Where to start?



    Warnock has Cardiff in an automatic promotion spot …. but sure he would give that up to go to the zombiedome….

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