Another treble yell, Mackay-Steven needs football


Another year, another “treble yell” from the Celtic family, this time from Lubo Moravcik. Lubo did it, of course, but that was 16 years ago, and despite playing monopoly with the league since then, we’ve not managed to add two trophies to the haul.

Celtic have secured one trophy, with the league title a formality, so the treble is now all about the Scottish Cup. The cynics will expect difficult draws (should we overcome Albion Rovers) and, perhaps, ground-breaking referee decisions. A grasp of history suggests our chances are no more than 50%.

I can understand Brendan Rodgers wanting to retain a fringe player, like Gary Mackay-Steven, in order to give the player a proper assessment during the second half of the season, but Gary needs to play football right now. A period on loan at Tannadice would help him return to form, and if it didn’t, it would answer a few questions for Brendan.


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  1. Keeping an eye open for Lisbon details,flights booked and looking forward to a meet up with a few of you if possible. Cheers.



  2. glendalystonsils on

    Ah, well. Bronze. Like one of thae turkeys I had at Christmas.



    I don’t know about ground breaking refereeing decisions, Paul.


    I think the cheating B’s have broken just about every bit of ground there is to break, over the years.

  3. Paul


    The difference this season and at this time of the season is that the League cup is already won and dare I say the League is all but in the bag. Therefore we can commit more fully for an assault on the Cup.

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    few of us booked into hotel overlooking Chiado Square..



    BRTH has been trying to get us booked in city center for easy access , some I understand are booked to stay in Esterol

  5. CQN is a better place today.


    I would not send GMS back to United. There should be many opportunities in this second half of the season to give players like Gary the chance to prove himself. Playing for Dundee United or Ross County is simply not the same as playing for Celtic. If GMS is to prove himself, it needs to be in a Celtic jersey.




  6. There was an item on Sky yesterday looking at EPl bringing in retrospective reviews of diving incidents – they cited the fact that SPFL had such a system in place and called upon Luke Shanley (sp) to explain. He of course failed to mention the recent punch verdict as an example of its credibility.

  7. Hot smoked


    I would send GMS to Port Vale for the remainder of the season – i’ll even pay his train fare. :))




  8. BRTH-1. When it comes to Celtic, there are those at the club who will tell you quietly that it is their professional and considered opinion that at times there is a concerted attempt by certain sections of the press to undermine Celtic Football Club, to destabilise it, cause friction between club and fans and to generally cause trouble.




    Paul67 has written this in the past, and I have been told this personally from within the club.



    This and other Celtic Blogs are read by a small percentage of the Celtic support,for good guys like yourself and the Res 12 bhoys,important information does not reach a large audience.So why does the Club hide behind these Blogs,and not make statements on the Club Website,to condemn these practices,and comment on the lies from other parts of the Scottish football community? Why are CFC scared to stick up for the Club and it’s supporters,on huge matters ? The only statement they have made of note IMO,was the findings of the LNS whitewash.I am not saying we should comment on every single issue,but until we grow a pair,and have a voice of leadership,we will always be at the back of the bus IMO.In no way am i belittling the great work done on CQN ,but as i say,it is not the majority of the fans who get to hear the message.HH

  9. Gene-The Level 5 induced Sky Sports News,ran with the Boeriggter incident from about 3 years ago……

  10. CQN was, I believe, set up to counteract the lack of real journalism in Scotland. Sometimes that seems to have been forgotten .


    This, from 11:33 on the previous article, is the kind of post that attracted me to CQN in the first place:



    “CHAIRBHOY on 4TH MAY 2015 8:27 PM,


    ….Apologies for the long post but having read the article penned by Martin Hannan and some of the comments thereafter I have to say, this is a very poor, ill-considered piece, if, as seems to be the case the chap was once a Celtic supporter.


    The reason I say this is not due to the fact that the chap has a pop at Celtic, little new there by the SMSM, it is how scathing and belittling it is to each, footballer, coach, manager, supporter of every Club and the Scotland National teams.


    It is a complete disgrace, it says to them, you are no hopers and to ensure competitive Football in Scotland you ought to do everything in your power to ensure a strong Rangers (sic) as without a strong Rangers (sic) you are incapable of producing good coaches, good managers good football teams and ultimately a quality international squad.


    It’s as if some sort of bent “Old Firm” duopoly was the best Scottish Football can get. What absolute nonsense. This chap obviously doesn’t know or totally ignores the short term, medium term and long term history of Scottish Football, whichever one it is, it makes him an ignoramus. I’m not being judgemental here, I’m talking literally.


    Looking back at the pre-sixties history of Scottish Football Queen’s Park had a golden age, Hibs had a Golden age, Rangers had a golden age and several teams became good enough to win many trophies.


    Yet when Celtic were on route to their unique (for the time) 9-in-a-row could you say Celtic dominated Scottish Football? Well to a certain extent yes, but you must put that into context, Celtic won more domestic trophies than any other Club but we had other Clubs winning European trophies, the International team beating the World Champions in ’67, and qualifying for World Cup Finals, Scottish Footballers, Coaches and Managers were the best in Britain and the equal of those around Europe and for a nation of 5million, Scotland was a hotbed of Football talent and Celtic rather than dominate were the vanguard.


    So even after Celtic’s “dominance” waned Scottish teams still competed and won European trophies, the International side still qualified for major tournaments, Scotland’s best Footballers, Coaches and Managers were still amongst the best in Europe.


    This only changed in the late eighties when Rangers decided that their Club had the right to be preeminent among the Scottish Clubs despite being an also ran in the last 30 years. They would secure backing and funding that meant their financial doping would totally distort Scottish Football. They bought the best Scottish players depriving other Clubs of their talent, but often they resided on the bench or in the reserves not developing their talent, instead opting for highly paid foreign talent to crush the Scottish Clubs.


    Their 9-in-a-row would come at the expense of a nurturing Scottish Football environment totally not conducive to developing talent, this continued unabated until Rangers went bust. The defining moment for me was when with one game to go to Qualify for a major tournament the Scotland International team lost their Manager and Coach who deserted Scotland at a crucial time to go to Rangers. Scotland failed to qualify for that tournament.


    Since Rangers went bust we have seen a renaissance in Scottish Football, more teams winning trophies, more teams financially secure and a National team we can be proud of at all levels.


    Mr Hannan does not cite a single fact or give a coherent argument to suggest how the new Ibrox Club will be any better for Scottish Football than it’s dead predecessor – In fact the reverse is true.


    Mr Hannan reminisces about the eighties and the new firm – he forgets to mention their decline was nothing to do with Celtic who were arguably more or less on a par with those Clubs. No it was Rangers financially doping induced dominance that shattered the ambitions of the “new firm”, saw Hearts fall by the way side and Celtic were a hair’s breath from going bust – what did Rangers or their supporters care for Scottish Football then. In fact many a St Georges flag was waved at Ibrox.


    It is a clear and undisputable fact that any success Celtic have had in the last 30 years is despite Rangers. What Celtic have done since they recovered from the body blow in the late eighties every other Club in Scotland was entitled to do. Hearts operate out of one of the most successful Capital Cities in Europe, Aberdeen operate out of the most prosperous Cities in Europe, with a proud Football heritage these Clubs could have done something, Celtic have no God given right to succeed, and still today we are their for the taking.


    Mr Hannan is also very disingenuous to suggest the new Ibrox Club is comparable in size and has the similar resources to Celtic, in this Season of all Seasons that statement is so inaccurate it must be seen as a coecered, manipulative lie. The Ibrox Club is no match for Aberdeen, Dundee United, Hearts or Hibs ALL of whom are in a better financial and footballing situation. So without going back to financial doping which is now outlawed as a result of UEFA FFP rules New Rangers have no chance.


    His support of Dave King is very worrisome. The New Rangers had a Billionarie at the helm before he was ousted by King, a man certainly capable of ensuring the Ibrox Club had the resources to continue and in the long term compete in Europe.


    For me Martin Hannan’s article says, you don’t want the Tim’s winning everything, so allow The New Rangers to cheat their way back to the top. I do hope he’s a bigot, that I can understand, if not what motivated such a wrong minded piece – spite, envy, vengeance or plain greed thatever – you’ve got to feel for the man’s soul.


    Hail Hail “

  11. I think the top of the podium award should go to the first intelligent and considered post which relates to the article.



    Mind you we could be waiting till page 6 :))

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    It was the media ramping up the idea of a treble that got us cheated out of it two years ago. They will try the same again. Let’s keep it calm and only speak about it if we get to the SC final.


    In two minds about GMS. Getting games would definitely be good for him, but he showed some good form v City. Gives us an option for natural left-sided width in attack.

  13. Send McGregor on loan to Tannadice…


    …or is McGregor the new Peter Grant ?…


    …no matter how p#sh he is,…he joost walks into the team ?


    Anyway,….as for the dawn of realization stuff about….


    …”There are employee’s at Celtic Park who think that, the media will try to undermine Celtic etc,….blah, blah…”


    …Ah mean,…welcome to the world…the West Of Scotland world…


    …Ah mean, are there any hardcore Tims in ‘any’ position’s of power at Celtic Park who arent still wet behind the ears or, have been round the block before….?


    …Ah still canny believe that folk at Cellic Park…just ‘think’ that the SMSM will undermine the club…?


    …That has to be a contender for the dumb and, dumber trophy…surely ?


    …No wonder, Rangers FC can kid-on that they died just to shed £140 million of swindling the tax man and, anybody else who got in their way!


    …The only way that Rangers FC will cease to exist will be if,….Celtic FC are controlled by a board of rebellious Celtic supporters who won’t let go until the stake is hammered through the cheating Rangers FC’s heart.


    …Some Cellic employees ‘think’ that there are some SMSM operatives who try to undermine the club.


    …That has to be ‘THEE’ signal, flashing in neon lights that…


    …”The Game, The Game Is Over….The Rebels Souls Have Been Sold.”


    …Dumbfluk FC….imho.


    …Guid Luck…


    …Thoughts and Prayers for all Celts in need…



  14. Blantyretim



    Sounds like a plan especially so if TBM could turn up .


    Btw is it just coincidence , i started going to the PV and P’sBoots stopped going !



    I’ll let you know one way or another nearer time . Hope your two Angels are well .



    Ps….sumbdy swears more than OT … :)


    Hope the auld bugger is taking his meds !!



    Need to go …..







    few of us booked into hotel overlooking Chiado Square..




    BRTH has been trying to get us booked in city center for easy access , some I understand are booked to stay in Esterol.






    Thanks fot that I have booked a few nights with friends in the Hotel Convento do Salvadore in the city. Looking forward to it and really hope to meet up with a few posters.


    Home in time for the cup final & KISS at the Hydro. Magic times.

  16. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH JANUARY 2017 12:54 PM



    I’m glad the club concentrates its energies and resources on making Celtic better, rather than replying to stories in the media



    Banning them, replying to them, warring with them, all bring a level of legitimacy to their existence, a completely undeserved legitimacy. And it won’t stop them printing what they like.



    They’re playing to an ever decreasing crowd these days, the only people they influence are people who want to believe anything negative about us. As witnessed in here over the last couple of days conflict can energize people, it’s always best to leave people with that much of a vested interest in arguing to it





    Thanks for that,mate. Most enlightening. Keith will be very pleased that he now has the facts available to him.



    To save him and others scrolling,here’s the relevant paragraphs.





    In the event that any damage shall be caused to the fabric of the ground, including any fixtures and fittings at the ground, of a Home Club or of the ground of a Club which is being used as a neutral venue by the Company in an Official Match (“Neutral Venue Club”), by the supporters of the Visiting Club or, in the case of such a neutral venue, the supporters of either Club participating in the relevant match, on the occasion of an Official Match then the Visiting Club in the case of such damage to the ground, of a Home Club or, as the case may be, the Club whose supporters caused any such damage to the ground of a Neutral Venue Club, shall be obliged to indemnify the Home Club, Neutral Venue Club or, where the Company has to any extent compensated a Neutral Venue Club, the Company, in the costs and/or expense reasonably incurred by the Home Club, Neutral Venue Club and/or Company in repairing and making good such damage.





    If any dispute or difference shall arise between a Home Club and a Visiting Club or between a Neutral Venue Club and either of the Clubs participating in the relevant match and/or the Company as regards any claim and/or liability for indemnity under and in terms of Rule H40 the Board, or if the Board so decides, a Commission, shall, upon application to the Board made by a Home Club, Neutral Venue Club, Club participating in the relevant match and/or the Company, consider and adjudicate upon the matter. The determination of such dispute or difference and any determination made by the Board, or as the case may be Commission, shall, subject to any appeal to the Judicial Panel in terms of Section J of these Rules, be binding on each of the Clubs concerned and the Company.

  18. BT – Good morning (Toronto time) big fella. Glad to hear you are going to Lisbon and I look forward to enjoying a pint with you…..and Oldtim:) The guys I’m travelling with are going to Estoril for a few days golfing and then moving into Lisbon for some non-golfing fun. BRTH and Cowieboy are keeping me up to speed regarding arrangements so we should be good as far as meeting up goes.





  19. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    The league cup is in the trophy room,the engraver should hop along and do what is expected of him re the league c’ship cup.The general consensus among the’faithful’ is that the Scottish cup is coming home to rest at Paradise.Difficult draws?????? yes maybe referee (I’m being polite giving them that title) indecisions.Yes one more trophy to go,no distractions from European games, a very good squad to pick from,what’s not to like.

  20. There are 8 of us flying out on the 25th we are booked into the HF Fenix Music in central Lisbon, our pilgrimage will be on the 26th.

  21. CELTIC40ME-Thanks for your reply,it’s not just the lapdogs i’m on about,the lies and mixed messages from Reagan,Doncaster etc,that are never taken to task,so people think they are telling the truth,and it is taken as facts, HH

  22. Afternoon



    SMSM – I do not read them enough these days to make a serious assesments as most quotes from it I see are edited by Celtic websites such as this one or Video Celts. The Hannan article seems more frank than others I read before I gave up on the SMSM in about 2013 but I did get bored with the piece long before the end. The media was generally less blatantly slanted in favour of Rangers prior to about 1995 at which point Celtic began to revive. Saying that oldet hacks like Ken Gallacher and TVs Peter Thomson were even more slavishly brown nosed than Keith Jackson or various the various Darylls who were plying their trade at the time I realised that like tobacco and sugar in my tea I could live my life without them.



    GMS? Good player at times but he looks to me to be surplus to requirements. Shame though




  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Totally entitled to your opinion, but re McGregor you are just plain wrong! :-)

  24. can anybody advise on football team/s clubs for my niece who is 15 Glasgow west or Glasgow.


    It is something she takes seriously, considered one of the best in her school team of boys and girls


    and would like to continue with when she goes on to her studies.



  25. Afternoon all,



    I was wondering if anyone knew of a spare ticket (at either end!) for Sunday’s game?


    I’m a Celtic season ticket holder and fairly regular at Cliftonhill but turned down the chance of tickets from both clubs as I was supposed to be abroad with work, that has moved to next week now and here I am stuck without a ticket! All help greatly appreciated!!







  26. Wee GMS


    He has just come back from injury. Armstrong would probably have been high on supporters exit lists before he responded to BR’s management. If GMS is to go then Brendan will decide. No worse than Roberts imo!


    Bring it on



  27. I hope buoys like Mc Gregor ,G M S and Henderson ,stay at Celtic,under Brendan and his staff,they can make at Celtic,and shut up these parasites, that profess to be Celtic Supporters,which I doubt they are,just continually critizing some players,as someone has said ,when a player pull on a Celtic jersey,,then they should be all encouraged to a success, and for those who say that they would personally, pay there fare to the airport,to be rid of them,what I will say to them,if you don’t like supporting Celtic,away and support some other team,

  28. GMS seems to have an eye for goal , whether it’s backed up by statistics is another story, along with Calum, PR and JF these type of players are worth persevering with for that bit longer.


    Plenty of talented players of the years couldn’t hit the proverbial barn door . Just the way it is some score goals others have the ‘jigsaw’ curse.

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