Answering tangential digs at Celtic


I see Celtic’s name was dragged by the media into what some low-life vandals did outside Ibrox this week – and a few years ago, for good measure.  There are low-life vandals out there, and we don’t have a way to filter them out of the Celtic support, so I‘d not dispute any of the tangential links, but vandalism like this happens all too often without media coverage.

When stories suddenly appear to be so well framed in the newspapers, you have to wonder why?  Or who is behind them?

There’s a big play underway for what, in this context, should be called Supremacy in Scotland.  Celtic have it right now and no one else is strong enough to eclipse them.  The best way to achieve this is to destabilise the club.  It’s worked, but only to an extent.

I read Paul Larkin on Hail Hail Media this morning who raises some interesting questions on what’s going on and what we should do about it, “as a collective, cannot be beaten”.  It’s hard to argue with.

We’ve got two exciting bits of Magners business for you today………..

First, if you want to win two Premium Seat tickets to the Jock Stein Stand for Sunday’s potential league winning game against Aberdeen, courtesy of main club sponsor, Magners, answer this question about our last 9-in-a-row campaign:

Against which team did Celtic win the first of their 9 consecutive titles, in 1966?

It was a famous game, settled by a famous scorer.  Email the team name IN THE SUBJECT LINE of your message, to celticquicknews@gmail.com

Competition closes at 17:00 TODAY, so you only have a few hours…..

And there’s more……  How do you fancy playing on Celtic Park in 12 days’ time?  Go to Facebook and enter this Magners competition to win a place in the end of season 7s tournament.

You get to grace the place that McGrory, Johnstone, Dalglish and Larsson did their stuff.  Do it.

Now I’ve got you in a good mood.  If you’ve a spare £1 in your metaphorical pocket, go stick it into the CQN Mary’s Meals appeal  Those CQN school kitchens in Malawi feed over 2,000 kids each day.  That’s food needed every day………


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  1. Have you seen this pair of rejected Hun tragedies?






    C’mon L5 plants, let’s hear yer latest diatribe about the evils of Celtic and why the fans must stay away. Let’s hear the sledgehammer-subtle panic pieces designed to whittle away supporters confidence in the top dogs; let’s see yer boolin’ club prose ‘destroy’ Celtic from within, lol.








    There’s a contact email for them. I suggest lucrative offers pouring in if you’ve got five minutes of fun time to request public relations on behalf of wife-beating, tax-dodging, fenian-hating Huns who’ve just been pulled up on drink-driving charges with a lingerie-clad goat in the passenger seat whilst lurching home from refereeing conventions.








    How’s that sound, Jim?

  2. —–



    ernie lynch on 5th May 2016 11:55 am



    AULDHEID on 5TH MAY 2016 11:47 AM




    Any malfeasance or misfeasance the SFA are guilty of in relation to the issues involved with Res 12 are insignificant in comparison to allowing the same club myth to become a de facto reality.



    Moreover the former is historic, the latter is current.



    I can’t help thinking people are paying too much attention to one at the expense of the other.



    Though I suspect there are those who are happy with the prioritisation.






    My Dear Ernie….



    Great Tae See Your Cheery Selves Back Oan This Sainted Blog….



    Where Oor Shouty-est Marxist Comrades…



    Are Disappearin’ Like “Snow Aff A Dyke”..



    How Are Things At The Croydon Courgette Collectif…?



    Bumper Harvest Expected This Year..?



    An’ What Are These Rumours We’ve Been Hearin’ Aboot Yous Developin’ A Genetically-Modified Courgette…



    Wi’ A Bright Red Skin…



    That Sends Ye “Loopy” Like LSD…



    Singin’ The “Rid Flag” ALL DAY..!



    An’ Yer Callin’ It “Hillary’s Tadger”..??



    Surely You’d Hiv Been Better Employed..



    Producing A Courgette Wi’ WHITE HOOPS…?



    [Or was it orders from the Illuminati..? Ed ]



    Anyhoo…A Hope Yon Jo Br*nd Is Knucklin Doon….



    Efter Those Rumours Of Her Bouncin’ Aboot….



    Oan Those Comfy Premier Inn Beds….



    Wi’ Yon Lousy “Blues” Singer..?



    [‘Allegedly’..!! Ed ]



    Wee Jimmi Sommerville Should Hiv A Woid.



    Oh, The Humanity..!






    Starry Plough…



    Feel “The Donald”…



    It’s Y-U-G-E..!!



    Then Wee Ivanka…



    Wull SORT YOU !






    The Wolfetones Settin’ Up In Marco’s Back Gairden….



    Is There Gonna Be A Pairty The Nicht..?







  3. I feel dirty chasing the podium now. Off for a shower.



    Happy Friday eve from a wet and dreary Louisville on Kentucky Derby weekend.

  4. Hail the glorious Timternet Rocket Brammer Bam that is the Kevj!



    So pleased to read back and see your news.



    Some beat cancer with surgery. Other chemo or radiotherapy.



    You just used your acerbic wit to beat the bassa!






    HH jamesgang

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Maybe if Celtic were a bit more pro-active in relation to the media attacks…we might get somewhere.


    Hiding….wont achieve much.


    If we are the power in Scottish Football, why are we being treated like fools.


    I say…Put up or shut up.


    Either challenge it….or forget about it.


    Talk is cheap




  6. Paul



    I agree that there’s been a protracted media campaign.



    That’s why so many of us get so frustrated at the apparent passivity of cfc Comms.



    HH jamesgang

  7. traditionalist88 on

    Paul Larkin is correct.



    As he said in a recent HB podcast, whatever we think of the new club at Ibrox, they will be in the same league as us next season and we have no choice but to be ready for them. They have momentum and will have 45k season ticket holders but as long as we are pulling in the same direction they won’t get near us.



    A lot will change over the summer and no amount of L5 spin will mask the truth.




  8. archdeaconsbench on

    ‘Well, I looked up ‘tangential’ in my dictionary….’



    Alan G Partridge

  9. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    On a day of decisions, I have ben encouraged to share my letter sent to Peter Lawwell earlier this week. What started as a comment, became a cathartic statement regarding Celtic, Res 12, ‘same club’, the SFA and Scottish Football intended to catalyse a reaction. It is a wordy statement so if not interested, scroll on …



    Letter to Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell



    As a Celtic life long fan, now season ticket holder and shareholder, it is with a heavy heart that I write to say that in all good conscience, I cannot commit to renew my season ticket for next season – a particularly difficult decision as I waited decades take a seat in the Main Stand due to my commitments to Amateur football.



    There are 4 key reasons for this decision:



    o The lack of progress on Resolution 12 which challenges the integrity of Scottish football and its administration in its entirety



    o The Celtic board’s refusal to challenge the Ibrox based ‘same club’ myth, and the well orchestrated campaign perpetrated by the SFA, SPFL, the new club and the complicit fourth estate



    o Based on recent performances, I do not regard the product on offer from Celtic’s Football Department sufficiently attractive or value for money



    o Is the SFA fit for purpose?



    1 Resolution 12



    The tortuous but relentless progress of Resolution 12, to which I am a signatory, highlights the Celtic board’s unwillingness or inability to challenge the well founded and widely publicised allegations of malfeasance and maladministration directed at the management of the SFA with regard to the issue of club licences.



    Accordingly, the onus has fallen on the fans, fans that surprisingly seem to be well ahead of the board on establishing and understanding the facts of the case, to pursue justice and brining those responsible to account, however long it may take.



    Also SFA office bearers presumably report to the SFA board, where Celtic have a voice representing Professional Football, so presumably the performance, actions and pronouncements of said SFA employees must surely be endorsed by the board? But the final straw was the “Football governance” seminar presented by the SFA CEO and the subsequent confrontation with Scottish Football Monitor’s John Clark. When challenged about what he would do if presented with incontrovertible evidence regarding the “Resolution 12” licensing timeline, his response was “Nothing!”.



    This shocking, risible and insulting response just highlighted the hubris, inherent contempt and lack of accountability prevalent throughout this organisation. And as for referring to ‘people who don’t use their real name’, I used mine when giving a legal mandate for any formal approach to UEFA regarding the licensing issues.Living in Edinburgh, I would have been at John’s shoulder at this seminar but was unfortunately aboard at the time, though I hope to attend the next in the related series, thought to be a Bernie Madoff seminar on “Investment strategies”.



    2 The ‘same club’ myth



    In propaganda apocrypha, the adage ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it“ seems to be the orchestrated ploy of those party to disseminating the current “same club” “message, despite the facts.



    Anyone with even a passing acquaintance with Company and Insolvency Law, the law of the land, or even an IQ greater than their shoe size, knows that the original Rangers football club entered liquidation in summer 2012 after failing to secure a CVA with their creditors. This momentous moment in history was not lost on the stunned media, who widely and very correctly published front page spreads about “the liquidation of Rangers” and “the end of their 140 year history” amid wreaths.



    There followed the ‘birth’ of the new club, not elected into the Championship despite the scare mongering, but instead shoehorned into the 4th tier of Scottish football, the associate SFA membership, the “The Rangers” phase, player TUPEs and registrations issues etc., all widely documented. Remember the fans’ Herald ad?



    For those bemoaning the new club’s treatment, I would refer to Gretna 2008, currently plying their trade in the Lowland League, who, bereft of the largesse of their late benefactor, became financially bankrupt and a new club was formed.



    Then it was decided to ‘control the narrative’ and (selectively) promote the ‘same club’ myth. The architects of this Machiavellian, PR driven strategy included the football authorities, the new football club hierarchies and the compliant media, all orchestrated through a network pledged to support members through often clandestine meetings and multi party agreements, all sealed by a handshake.



    The stenographic press in particular, who pander to a specific demographic, created an environment where anyone who dared go ’off message’, rocked the PR boat or even alluded to the truth, was subjected to abuse or even threats to their person or profession. The phrase ‘investigative journalism” is sadly an oxymoron in Scotland.



    Thus words and phrases such as “holding company”, demotion, relegation, return, “Old Firm” and “going for 55” percolated into the narrative, while those such as liquidation, Sevco and ‘new club” were expunged. And all this punctuated by nauseating TV vignettes of ‘new club’ worthies fronted by a fawning presenter!



    We waited patiently for Scotland’s “pre-eminent club” to scorch this myth and assert the truth – but instead all we have is an AGM ‘Rory Bremner’ quip. The Football authorities meantime, surprise, surprise, issued vague statements and ‘club’ data supporting the ‘same club’ dialogue. This as opposed to legal professionals involved in the many proceedings relating to either SFA and / or The Rangers and / or Sevco who seem bemused about any ambiguity – all fairly self explanatory to legal minds – new club! Also a quick word with the 276 failed CVA creditors would be illuminating.



    The club and the SFA should have put this all to bed in 2012, firmly, openly and unambiguously. Then there would be no extant intimidation or repercussion from those gullible to media agenda and who feel their ‘club’ has been punished enough.



    But it’s not an issue if a key proponent of Res 12 is ‘outed’, abused and intimidated?



    3 Value for money



    In our most recent semi final debacle, we were outplayed and out thought by a team of journeymen and free transfers assembled by a market trader. This was a direct result of the club’s recent football and business strategy. Whilst a semi final victory would have been most welcomed, it would have been little more than just papering over the cracks. The Green Brigade echoed my sentiments with their recent displays.



    It was more than just a gut wrenching, catastrophic result, but just one more of the many cup and European failures, which included capitulation to Legia, Malmö, Maribor and Morton amongst others, all very tough watching, hardly entertaining.For the second year in a row, I will leave the country for Cup Final day to avoid the hype and triumphalism, although I will carry the pain and disappointment with me.



    We had the opportunity for a much-anticipated ‘generation of dominance’ and instead endured false dawns as the club took the lesser option at each opportunity, resulting in a stumbling descent into mediocrity and a reduction in on field standards and performances. History will reflect on this time as a hugely wasted opportunity.



    Our major shareholder and long standing board member, the seeming indifferent Dermot Desmond, does not even turn up at AGMs, sending a ‘cardboard cut-out’ in his stead, surely the second most embarrassed member of the top table after the Chairman, based on his ill considered remarks made during last year’s AGM.



    More worryingly, our previously notable European pedigree has declined markedly, and based on recent performances, we no longer intimidate opponents, that most memorable Barcelona victory and match atmosphere sadly but a distant memory.



    4 SFA ‘fit for purpose’?



    The SFA’s complicity with the old Rangers FC (IL) club and the new “The Rangers” club has been evidenced over much of the last 2 decades. The instances are many, the court cases on-going, the connivance consistent …



    o The Resolution 12 licensing issue


    o The groundless Ibrox ‘same club’ endorsements


    o The DOS / EBT court cases and developing scandal


    o The skewed ‘Terms of Reference ‘of the Lord Nimmo-Smith enquiry


    o The incredible ‘no sporting advantage ‘ assessment by an ‘SFA employee’


    o The role of ‘conflicted’ personnel and institutional nepotism


    o The Fit and Proper Person issues most recently regarding a convicted tax fraudster labelled ‘a glib and shameless liar and mendacious witness’


    o CEO statements of ‘Armageddon’ and ‘civil unrest’ in attempt to facilitate an outcome in football governance to their liking



    It’s little wonder that our Football administration is a laughing stock outside this sad country. The CEO and his cohorts seem to prognosticate with impunity and presume, more often than not inaccurately, to speak for Scottish football without reproach. In any other business they would be sacked. Where is the oversight and governance?



    The SFA’s remit is to represent every football club in Scotland, whether they be schools, youths, women, amateurs or professionals, and from whom, in concert with the country’s long suffering football fans, much of their income is derived. But sadly an inordinate amount of time and resource is being spent on one club’s behalf only.



    As a former Football Association President, I know that honesty, transparency, integrity and accountability are essential to provide a level playing field for all.



    If there was ever an example of a football administration that was hoist on its own petard through its own hubris, then look no further than FIFA. It thought itself to be invincible, beyond accountability, transparency or scrutiny, and how did that work out for them? All it took was for the first domino to fall and the collapse ensued. It’s arrogance, malfeasance, maladministration and corruption are now being laid bare for all to see, and the guilty parties are quite rightly being held accountable. My advice to the SFA is from the Law of Holes: “If you are in a hole, stop digging!”



    The clock is ticking, for if the new club contrive to win the Scottish Cup later this month, then there are a couple of issues to be addressed.



    o Will they be given a licence to play in Europe next season as measured against UEFA competition regulations?



    o Where will any trophy success be recorded? If against the ‘old club’ then the detritus will well and truly hit the air circulator!






    The pending appointment of a new manager with suitably established credentials must surely be confirmed before any issue of Season Ticket renewals but in itself is unlikely to be enough to convince me to renew. The club’s annual loss of revenue of about £1,000 on my account is in itself pretty insignificant, but I suspect I will not be the only one to have reservations about the whole dysfunctional SFA system.



    If the club were to take a strong, assertive stance of the above issues, as one would expect from Scotland’s “pre-eminent club”, then of course I would gladly reconsider my stance, after all I love the club and all it historically stands for. Regardless, I will attend the 2016 AGM where, in the absence of any progress on the above issues, some pointed questions will be posed, and clear unambiguous answers demanded.



    Either way this year’s AGM promises to be a more interesting affair despite the overwhelming imbalance of share distribution handing the majority voting to a handful of shareholdings. If the current major shareholder isn’t interested enough to turn up at Celtic Park, perhaps he should consider making those shares available to ordinary fans who do turn up at meetings and matches and put money into the club?



    Does this board want its legacy in Celtic’s illustrious history to be one of apathy and appeasement, complacency and complicity, more interested in the ‘blue’ pound than the ‘green’ pound and putting fiscal prudence well ahead of football excellence?



    There was a time not long by when Celtic’s leaders didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, who relentlessly pursued the truth. Justice then prevailed and heads duly rolled.



    I am continually amazed at the depth of legal, financial and business expertise within the fan body, which when coupled with indefatigable resolve, provides a formidable resource determined to pursue all legal options to pursue the truth and expose lies.



    The biggest mistake Scottish Football can make would be to underestimate the desire of those fans to bring about change, to ensure the game of football now and in the future is an honest one, and that above all, it is transparently fair for all clubs.



    Have no doubt; we do ‘have the appetite’.



    Yours in sport

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The reason the media walk all over Celtic,is because we allow them to do it.

  11. Paul67, it’s maybe best not to jump to conclusions about who did the graffiti outside Ibrox :) –


    Let’s not jump to conclusions –






    Mistake spells disaster



    10:40Friday 19 December 2003



    A PROTESTANT teenager who daubed Irish Catholic sectarian slogans on the walls of a church in attempt to get others into trouble was caught because he couldn’t spell.



    Scott Falconer, 17, smashed fencing and painted graffiti on Redding and Westquarter Parish Church, in Falkirk.



    The procurator fiscal, Michael Bell, told Falkirk Sheriff Court: “He had a cunning plan, which unfortunately failed, to suggest that people who kicked with the other foot, as it were, were responsible.



    “He wrote ‘Shin Fein’. He managed to be illiterate in two languages.”



    Falconer, of Slamannan, Stirlingshire, admitted damaging property at the church in Kirkwood Avenue, on 9 June.



    Sheriff Andrew Murphy sentenced him to 240 hours community service and 18 months probation.

  12. Looks a lot like Che Guevara on

    Auldheid on 5th May 2016 12:09 pm


    Ernie Lynch – Res12 is an issue Celtic have to act on. There is locus in terms of impact on a SFA decision in 2011 on the value of Celtic in share terms.



    Auldheid, my understanding would be that the value denied to CFC Shareholders by the SFA malfeasance in regard to this would, by itself, be a matter for CFC to pursue? I appreciate that a resolution would also have implications in costs, contracts, outstanding bonus payments for qualification etc?


    Is your point then that Celtics Shareholders are not looking for the club to address this as it is a double edged sword as far as financial recompense?

  13. ——-



    Bring Back OOR Philvis..!!



    Wi’ Hiz Braw “Johnny-7″…



    An’ Hiz “Iron-Lady” T-Shirts.







  14. AS always my post are followed by new ITEM by some Paul67 character






    JC2 on 5TH MAY 2016 12:26 PM


    Anybody know if Kerrydale suite open on SUNDAY prior to kickoff ?




    Wishful thinking

  15. He wrote ‘Shin Fein’. He managed to be illiterate in two languages.”



    Kudos to the PF for that ne’er stated gem…

  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    From Masty`s 10:29 link on the previous article:



    “…. they are relying on us eating ourselves. They want us all fighting each other, they want us all divided and they want a message of chaos out there.”



    From Paul 67`s current article:



    “There’s a big play underway for what, in this context, should be called Supremacy in Scotland. Celtic have it right now and no one else is strong enough to eclipse them. The best way to achieve this is to destabilise the club. It’s worked, but only to an extent.”




  17. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Paul, can you ask Peter to actually do something about the scum journalism.


    Instead of complaining about the meeja destabilisation…why dont we fight it?


    In reality, we are not dealing with people with much understanding….there are no James Joyce’s or Samuel Beckett’s in the Scottish press pack, most of them struggle to write a credible sentence.


    The Scottish press are the literary equivalent of the ‘Penny Dreadful’ in the 19th century…and hardly people to be worried about.


    That is….when you confront them.


    When you allow them free reign, they will continue to attack Celtic.


    Do something about it.




  18. thetimreaper on




    Good letter although I dont agree that the product on the pitch is sufficient reason for not renewing.








    Cqn beanie doffed



    HH jamesgang

  20. Jobo Baldie on

    Embramike –



    A letter I’d have been proud of myself! Lost count of the numbers of nails and heads that you hit with that one. My best lunchtime read in a long time! I’m still in the mibbes-aye/naw camp myself about renewing for next year. Looking more likely that I’ll attend on a game by game basis. Particularly as there’s at least 1 (they’ll never make top 6!) that I have no intention of witnessing.

  21. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    I followed the link to the Level 5 website, and it’s basically a hun propaganda tool only referring to ex hun players/managers in its blurb. No one else exists apparently.



    I also note the office’s proximity to Blythswood Square which is apt given the tarts that inhabit the place.

  22. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on




    I like my seat in 106 but not when it rains! I have emailed Celtic but have not yet had a reply ( I only emailed yesterday). There are four of us and we want to remain seated as a four and would like to stay in 106 but further back.When do the seats of current ST holders who do not renew become available?





  23. thetimreaper on

    Regarding public relations, we could do a lot better but don’t forget Level 5 costs a pretty penny. It’s a price GSL needs to pay. I wouldn’t want my season ticket money spent on it.

  24. All this level5 stuff really gets on my nerves , I suppose it’s the reason so many of us were attracted to Paul’s blog , but more than a decade later we are still getting it tight from jabba and his cohorts.


    How anyone still falls for it is beyond me.

  25. thetimreaper on




    I moved last year, check with the ticket office, there is normally a moving day after the deadline.

  26. Edinburgh Mike



    You must be joiner to trade. A joiner owning of one of those nail gun contraptions. Many nails firmly gas propelled on the head there Mike.



    Brilliant letter. However the reply will be as succinct or detailed unfortunately.




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