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Scoring on your first international start has a Roy of the Rovers feel to it, even more so for Anthony Ralston, who has had a 12 months even Melchester’s finest would find difficult to script.  Fifth-choice right back a season earlier, with only one appearance to his name, Anthony looked to be heading out of Celtic and down the leagues.

For most of us, this was a puzzle.  As a teenager he showed promise, before shipping out on a couple of loan deals.  The manager sees what we don’t, so few of us questioned his position do far down the pecking order.

Ange Postecoglou started with a clean slate and Anthony never looked back.  His contribution to our season was material, and not just because of that goal in Dingwall.  It was another back post run at Hampden last night that opened his Scotland scoring account and another leap under pressure.

Anthony is under contract at Celtic for another three years, that will take him until he is 26.  If he can improve as much next season as this, we will have a player on our hands.

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  1. Delighted for his goal and bemoaned his absence through the Ukraine debacle.



    If Clarke can just find another 4 Celts/ exCelts- we’d have a good team.

  2. Shirley Ralston is a Ralstonovic?



    Successive Celtic managers wouldn’t have looked beyond Tony to sign high earners Gamboa, Toljan , El Hamed and last but not least Johnjo Kenny to play right back.



    Easily a contender for player of the year last season only since AP giddy upped . Easily one of the best players for Scotland in his international debut, long may SMSM ignore him, as they oversell others.



    Scottish and made at BobbyLennoxtown will do for me.

  3. Tony has always had drive and commitment and has stepped up when required. I think a few others could also step up. Mo

  4. Montgomery Welsh even Johnston could also step up and could be moulded by Ange and his team

  5. Delighted for hin, but …



    if we are to fullfill our potential, the likes of Anthony and Greg Taylor are not good enough against quality opposition.

  6. Is it now a touch embarrassing for those on here that (last summer) didn’t just question Ange’s decision to give Tony a new contract, but were very critical, and severely questioned Ange’s judgement on the matter?




  7. CALL ME GERRY on 9TH JUNE 2022 12:31 PM


    Is it now a touch embarrassing for those on here that (last summer) didn’t just question Ange’s decision to give Tony a new contract, but were very critical, and severely questioned Ange’s judgement on the matter?








    Hold yer horses fella. Ange extended his contract for a year (did the same with Griffiths too remember) as we were a distressed side, loanees had left and AR was at the time our first choice RB. Context is everything & hindsight is a wonderful thing.



    JJ came along later in the summer as first pick and without doubt AR was a major contributor in the league win. Having been abandoned after Rodgers by Lennon, it’s a great rags to riches story. He deserved his long term extension last November.



    I’m pleased for him. IMHO, he remains a backup to JJ but will play a part next season & I hope he improces again.




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    If you have a few minutes to spare head over to James Forrest’s The Celtic Blog and try the liquidation quiz. A real test of memory. 17/23 for me. Anyone who gets 23/23 will really know their stuff.

  9. I think Anthony’s performance last night shows that Clarke has something to answer for given his selection for the Ukraine game. Of course it would be ridiculous to suggest if he had played Anthony Scotland would definitely have beaten Ukraine, but I’d wager they would have had more of a chance – he’s a winner with a winning mentality, has loads of energy and is a fighter. can defend and can score goals and create assists. I’ve nothing against young Hickey but to play him in an unfamiliar position on his first game and in such an important game surely tells us one of Clarke’s weaknesses is his team selection. I wonder what his assistants thought.

  10. Think Big Tony can score goals and put some good crosses in aswell as some thundering tackles..for me his weak point is his defending can ball watch and sometimes a bit slow at stopping crosses into our box.


    He had a great season and contributed greatly to


    a successful season.i would imagine a great character in the dressing room too.




  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Shawlands. Ladies and gentlemen there is a meeting at the Shipbank, Saltmarket tomorrow at 1pm. All welcome, no exceptions.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Well done again Tony Ralston.



    For me, his “improvement plan” should prioritise razor sharp conditioning.



    He is a solid strong lad (which I really like) who appears to be quickly growing tactically too.



    Trimming himself slightly without losing his power will help him find that additional ½ yard of pace which will take him to next level consistently.



    All of the above is IMHO.



    Might all be a load of cobblers.



    ILJASB – agree with your first sentence.



    Steve Clarke is a coach. I’m not.



    I take a simplistic view. He can’t afford too.



    That said …



    If I had a gap at right back?



    I’d deploy an available in-form right back



    Rather than giving a debut at right back to a left back !




  13. Since the beginning of last season,Tony’s performances have got gradually better,so much so,it’s a toss up for me between himself and JJ now.I thought that comparing him with JJ last season,JJ should always get the nod.Not now.His improvement has been terrific.Whichever plays,we will be well served.


    See some of the Taylor no likees back on.More to be pitied than commented on.I will let Ange decide

  14. Great to see a true Celt enjoying his football fir us and Scotland as much as Anthony has over the last year. Clearly loving his life as a footballer, heartwarming stuff



    A perfect example of how unpredictable development is; good players’ form drops of a cliff never to be recovered, average players confound the doubters by becoming better ones. We don’t learn, admitting we’re wrong doesn’t come easy, but at least the managers see beyond it.



    What price do you put on the sort of determination, passion and will to win that comes with a player like this. He’s a vital member of the squad and hopefully will be for a long time to come.

  15. I also think there’s plenty of improvement to come – full back is not an easy position to learn these days, and with only 100 odd first team games he’ll get better with experience.

  16. Absolutely delighted for big Tony, anyone looking back would see I have always supported and promoted him on here. I totally lost it with Lennon when, after the Dubai fiasco, Ralston played and was MOTM in both games then was unceremoniously dropped. Football isn’t just about skill, you need character and heart and just because you don’t have a foreign name you can still contribute well.

  17. I think Ralston HAS become leaner and fitter. He was some unit at 18 but slow.



    His weakness still is lack of recovery pace but I think he clearly knows that; regularly shouts for ‘hauners’ if he won’t make it back and does not overcommit against attacking teams. All good progress and very pleased for him.



    Looking forward to the Ireland game this Sat but not sure how the game will pan out.



    On paper, Scotland have a much more experienced squad but Ireland get decent performances (if not results) out of a youthful squad operating at a lower club level



    Guys I’ve never heard of are creating good chances for Ireland but not converting. Last 20 mins last night was punting crosses to Duffy. Sad to see but nearly worked.



    More than likely a 0-0 draw; opportunity missed for Scotland and Kenny lives to fight another day.



    on the plus side, I’ll be at the game and a few pints before and after!!

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    To follow up BSR’s point, the impartial Martin Watt on the BBC (impartial my ar*e)) was continually bumming up the Great New Triggers Broom Centre Half, Souttar, for routine interceptions etc, in many respects and to match their ambition, they are the scottish version of England punditry, thinking they’ll win everything they enter, similarly they are the Q anon of football too.



    Well done Tony, certainly found his calling under Ange, however, i think in the big games he’ll go with JJ, i know i would. Similarly with Taylor, if we can get better players we get better players, too much romanticising about current Celtic players.

  19. Bach to Basics,



    Clark made an arse of his team to face Ukraine.Wont be the first.Probably the best we can get to run the team.


    Look at the England boss.Persists with Mc Guire because he plays for Man U,and has had a crap season.All the best CHs in England,not English.

  20. Coneybhoy



    Was listening to a bit o Irish radio yest, Are Ireland content with Kenny? I mean in the patience sense,the chat was all bout loosing,no win in the last few games,they didn’t seem to be patient during the transitory phase.they seem to be fearing a defeat from us.




  21. AT



    I think they have been extremely patient and are turning up to matches in a big way.



    The defensive style under Trap and MON made 2 Euros but was hard to watch. Take Robbie Keane out and it didn’t work.



    Kenny is trying to bring on U21s quickly to play in a modern style. Many other countries have pressed reset like this when they have good youths coming through but usually you only get to mess up one tournament and they have had poor results in WC and Nations.



    The 2 games vs Portugal were great and I think people have held on to that for now but the last 2 games have put him under pressure (copywrite Charlton).



    Most folks I work with are patient and can see the plan but there is bound to be some grumbling.



    If Scotland win on Sat then it will ramp up but it’s not like there are a bunch of top league Irish players being left out . A bit of a Berti Vogts period i.e. poor results with kids but those kids became mainstays

  22. I see the club are advertising stadium tours ,complete waste of money ,it’s ok ,if you were wanting something to eat or drink ,then you are out of luck, A Paying customer that’s how we are treated ,Them that run the club need chased out of our club as for the Stadiums Manager needs replaced,shocking the way they run our club ,and Anthony Ralston good debut from a decent hard working football player.

  23. IniquitousIV on

    Word going round that Real Madrid are checking Anthony.



    £25M should be the minimum we should accept, surely?🤣

  24. bigrailroadblues on

    Iniquitousiv, probably still checking out Kent for dents after the Tank went through him.😂

  25. FRIESDORFER on 9TH JUNE 2022 9:50 AM


    David 66





    Flying with Jet2 on a package holiday out of Edinburgh. Have heard conflicting stories, lady from my gym class said on Tuesday this week that she had just come back from Turkey (with Jet2) and still hadn’t got her baggage – she gave up at the airport and went home. She was hoping it would arrive at her house yesterday..! Got another class this afternoon, so I’ll ask her for the latest, and will post here. 🤞🤞





    Friesdorfer – from previous thread, sorry been in meetings since 11am.



    Thanks for the reply. Hope all goes well for you.



    D :)

  26. For a club Who are supposed to be skint I’m reading about there upgrading Edmonston House and Musuem ,and we’re is our club regarding a new ticket office and a museum,one thing about them across the river they are well ahead of us in planning,while we drag our heels,same up at Murray Park they built a stand for 500 supporters ,we’re as Lennoxtown and Barrowfield zilch ,as I said before this present set of directors have no ambition some have been there to long ,big changes need on that front.

  27. David 66


    Nor long back from Gym. Lady still has not got her luggage – fgs. She arrived back on Sunday. 🥴

  28. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    AN TEARMANN on 8TH JUNE 2022 6:20 PM



    Nobodies coming at you so you can tone down that frightfully frightful lingo,OK,



    I’ve asked you to ignore my posts and scroll by, you refused and subsequently post every time I post



    Utter nonsense- is suggesting you don’t windae hing



    no idea what you are talking about



    look forward to a post bout Celtic sometime



    when next season starts I’ll bear that in mind



    Which poster you missing?



    Michael O



    Park the bus



    Sceptical citizen



    Eddie nygma- aw he’s na fav



    no idea who any of these posters are, but have noticed when they post you get agitated




    Fresh season surely the line up refreshed lol



    again – no idea what you are talking about

  29. 100 trophyies on



    See you the morra,


    Look out for the guy wi the brass neck,


    C’mon the hoops 🍀🍀🍀

  30. FRIESDORFER 9TH JUNE 2022 4:47 PM


    Don’t like the sound of that.


    I’m travelling with Jet 2 from Glasgow on Sunday

  31. Juranovic will leave eventually, Tony won’t, there’s the difference, por cierto.

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