Anxiety on display


Scott Bain is a better goalkeeper than you saw last night.  He was our main keeper during the 8-in-a-row season, a treble winner, and he was also there when the wheels came off two years later.  He played Ange Postecoglou’s first league match in charge of Celtic, but last night was only his second appearance in any competition since.

The injury on 34 minutes was a telling moment.  Something wasn’t right and instead of shaking it off, he asked for treatment.  People feel physical ailments more readily when they are anxious.  The 30-yard shot he let slip through his fingers late in the game was as clear a sign of anxiety as you’ll find.

Third keepers exist in case the two above them are injured or suspended.  They seldom play, so you will not keep someone good enough for first team football to sit in the stands, but seldom playing leads to unfamiliarity when they are called upon.  Unfamiliarity leads to anxiety, which leads to mistakes.  That’s one of the reasons why Ange picked Scott at Easter Road, give him a run out in a meaningless fixture.

It backfired.  If anything, the mistake will heighten tensions.  He has a good support network around him in Stevie Woods and Joe Hart, who has come through the mistakes mill and recovered successfully.  In purely pragmatic terms, we are not going to sign a different third choice keeper and even if we did, there would be weaknesses.  Scott needs to play again, though not in the next 9 days.

On the rest of the game.  Daizen Maeda’s first yellow card should have been a foul to Celtic.  You are only allowed to obstruct a player when you are close enough to the ball to make contact, Daizen’s opponent was 5 yards from the ball when obstructing the Celtic player before he was shoved aside.

For the second yellow, he went in with the wrong foot and deserved the card.  A worldly volley, a Boruc-at-Easter Rd-moment and a deflection flattered Hibs but Celtic can have no complaints.  First team will be back for Saturday.

Shout out to the Hibs TV commentator: quoted Shakespeare, pondered the meaning of “if” and threw in “sayonara”, although he clearly thought of too late for the perfect moment.  Never dumb it down, Hibs.  Sky should look him up.

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  1. Aipple



    I only managed 13 out of 18 in the time given. Name the 2003 UEFA Cup Final Squad




    I got 13 too but would have been 14 only I couldn’t spell Valgaeran.

  2. Weebobbycollins on

    Connaire, if you are lurking, you may have received a similar letter to this…











    Please assemble in St. Enocks(sic) Square, Glasgow, by 06.15 HRS at the latest on THURSDAY MAY 25th, where our coach will be waiting to take you to PRESWICK AIRPORT.(didn’t happen, we went to Abbotsinch).


    Our representative will be waiting to meet you by the coach from 5.45 HRS onwards.


    Your flight to Lisbon will be operated by a modern VISCOUNT aircraft of ‘Treffield International Airways’. This company has an extremely good reputation and you can be assured of good service. During your flight full meal service will be offered to you. A technical stop will be made en route. A duty free bar will naturally operate throughout the flight in both directions.


    Upon arrival in Lisbon at approximately 2.15 pm your waiting coaches will take you direct to the Stadium well in advance of the kick-off at 5.30.(hmmmm! Got into the stadium just as the teams were coming out onto the pitch)


    You Admission Ticket for the match is enclosed.


    At the end of the match please make sure you that you return to your coach by 8.30 pm. Due to operational reasons, caused by the massive volume of aircraft both from Britain and Italy visiting Lisbon for the match, the timings homewards have had to be put back.


    You will be returned to the Airport by approximately midnight. The flight home will now take-off at 2.00 am on Friday morning, and following a late meal, which will be served on the aircraft, you should now arrive back in Glasgow by approximately 8 am.


    Both we and “Tit Bits” wish you an enjoyable trip and hope that CELTIC make football history.




    Do not forget your passport. Without it we are powerless to help you.



    (we did not return to the coach at 8.30. We were still stoating around celebrating downtown until near midnight. I think we got a taxi to the airport. We were there in time to see the players arrive with their wives who returned before the team)


    Greatest football day of my life…

  3. Two Seperate conversations going on about Spurs job



    1. Do Spurs want him


    2. Would he go.



    I fear if the answer to Number one is Yes, then so will the answer to number 2.



    My own personal feelings are Spurs will appoint somone with a higher profile, pay him £20m and then fire him before Xmas.

  4. With all the chattering I just hope big Ange is here for the long term, after all we are bigger than Spurs are we not.


    Re the Dutch guy, he will be in the Champions League with his team, why should he come to Spurs.


    Spurs will get nowhere until Levy is gone.




  5. BURNLEY78 on 25TH MAY 2023 12:50 PM


    Bada Bing



    He would be a decent fit for them. A real antidote to Levi. Passion and energy.




    i heard all the Levi family are similar; it’s in the jeans…………….

  6. Ange possibly heading to Spurs should trigger tentative moves for a new manager shortlist today, not tomorrow, today.



    Neil Lennon is available…..




    So is Philip Schofield 😎

  8. TICTAEWIN – Only the other day Ange said when John Kennedy gets his chance he will be a brilliant manager 😱😄

  9. BRRB continues to set the bar. Living the sort of life the rest of us can only lie about.


    Enjoy your beverages, sir

  10. DeniaBhoy



    I keep a bottle of Lagavulin beside my bed, y’know incase I get a drooth during the night, I may need a quick swig…

  11. JimmynotPaul


    Penalties Conceded


    22/23 Season


    As at 25/05/23 (88)



    Aberdeen 13


    Hibs 12


    St.Mirren 12


    Livingston 10


    Celtic 8


    Hearts 7


    Kilmarnock 6


    Ross County 6


    Dundee Utd 5


    St.Johnstone 5


    Motherwell 4


    Rangers 0

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Earlier comment (from VinnieTD perhaps) chimed with me.



    Ange mentioned the strange world that is Scottish Football in an interview last night.



    I wouldn’t be surprised if he is thinking


    “What is wrong with these people ?”



    21/22 League Cup – check


    21/22 League – check


    21/22 Scottish Cup – lost semi in ET


    Champions League Qualification – check



    22/23 League Cup – check


    22/23 League – check


    22/23 Scottish Cup – in progress


    Champions League Qualification – check



    Bad enough he is on the receiving end of deliberate SMSM sniping from


    – Imbeciles


    – Sevco Toadies


    – Sevco Toadying Imbeciles


    – Imbecilic Sevco Toadies



    But we’re supposed to be supporters and Ange is getting it thick on here too?

  13. AN DÚN on 25TH MAY 2023 1:15 PM


    Burnley78 on 25th May 2023 12:47 pm







    Seems like if Ange goes there are plenty of experts on here who could do the job.















    I don’t get these type of comments. It’s a football forum mate, we all exchange our opinions on football. This site literally exists for celtic fans to share our thoughts. No one is claiming to be an expert.




    Well said AN DUN.


    However, I am an ” Expert” when it comes to matters that do NOT require ANY ” Expertise”.




    HH Mate.

  14. glendalystonsils on

    SAINT STIVS on 25TH MAY 2023 2:17 PM



    How long can they keep this up?


    By ‘they’ I don’t mean Sevco , I mean Scottish referees . I was sure they would concede once the league was finished to show us there’s ‘nothing to see here’ but now I think I’ve underestimated the brass content of their necks. A domestic world record looms .

  15. My friends in Celtic,



    I think Ange will stay, regardless if he gets offered the Spurs job.


    I feel he will display a sense of loyalty to the players he has taken here from the other side of the world.



    Spurs could offer him riches beyond his wildest dreams and a warchest of hundreds of millions. He would play in arguably the best stadium in the world and he would be living in the bright lights of London, the financial capital of the world with many of his fellow countrymen.



    However, London itself can be a lonely city.and its not all paved with gold. His wife and kids seemingly love Glasgow and its proximity to the wonderful scenery of Loch Lomond and beyond. He has authority and has made many admirers. Celtic is his team and he has input that he would never get at a big English club. He has a sense of belonging



    He is at an age where there are more valuable things than just money and I’m sure that he would love another attempt at European football. In the main our supporters love him.



    I’m sure he would stay given the choice. However I’m sure he will be a bit surprised at the criticism he has taken over the last three virtually meaningless games.



    Celtic forums and CQN in particular is where we discuss all things Celtic and beyond. We put the world to rights. There is no right and no wrong when discussing our team and we all have our own opinions, However even I’m slightly surprised at the level of criticism Ange and the team have received.



    Does Ange have to win every single game regardless of what team he puts out to satisfy our thirst for neverending success. Do our expectations demand we play our top players continually and never experiment.?



    It’s a funny old game.

  16. 18 YARD MAN on 25TH MAY 2023 10:45 AM


    Dunno if this will work, but…





    Yes, it did work. Is that you walking up the stairs?


    If so, you look appropriately respectful :-))

  17. WBC. No I did not receive that letter. I actually travelled to Lisbon via London with a friend. We travelled out o the Saturday before the game and remained for a time after the match. When I mentioned being at the airport, I had actually travelled from Estoril on the morning of the game to meet friends coming in for the day. Actually hired a taxi because they wanted to go to Fatima. However as their flight was held up on the journey out, it became impossible to travel to Fatima and be back for the kick off. Thus the pilgrimage was abandoned and a visit to Lisbon took place instead.

  18. I watched the Hibs v Celtic game on Hibs PPV.


    I expected Hibs TV PPV to be ” BIASED” to some degree, and I wasnt disappointed.


    However, the Guy doing Commentary and the ” EXPERT ” Burd beside him ALSO tried to claim that the Hibs player ” Got a touch on the Ball first “, after several replays of ” OH” being chopped down from behind, which led to the Ref showing a RED…..and then changing it to a Yellow which saved the Hibs player being Sent Off.



    The HIBS Player was NO WHERE near the Ball, when he chopped down ” OH”….FACT ! It WAS a PROFESSIONAL Foul that any Hun player would have been proud of.



    A right pair of BIASED Hibs CHUMPS on Hibs TV……….Thats for sure.




  19. I would agree that the Blog is a place where people are able to offer opinions.


    I would argue, though, that when those opinions are expressed as facts and in a manner that suggests the person offering them knows more about managing Celtic than Ange Postecoglou does, then they come over as pompous rantings.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If they ever invent time travel …



    I know when I’m going to.

  21. SAINT STIVS on 25TH MAY 2023 2:39 PM



    Kyogo comes over as the kind of person that even followers of Sevco might like !!

  22. Weebobbycollins on

    Connaire12… Sorry, I thought I remembered you saying you got your flight/tickets via Tit Bits. The time has flown past for us once young lads eh?

  23. Tom McLaughlin on

    Anyone still waiting for their Cup Final ticket from the ticket office, all match tickets purchased online have been despatched in today’s post.



    Hail Hail

  24. Ive forgiven Scott Bain already, I wish the Bhoy well in his Celtic future.


    I would like to see a view of that 3rd Goal from BEHING the Goal, as I suspect the Ball had plenty of spin and swerve on it…although Scott SHOULD still have saved it ?


    IF Scott had been a couple of yards further forward, I THINK he MAY have been able to prevent the Ball going over the Goal Line ?



    Again, I could be wrong ?



  25. “BIG JIMMY on 25TH MAY 2023 2:50 PM


    Ive forgiven Scott Bain already, I wish the Bhoy well in his Celtic future.”





    Same here, Jimmy. To err is human and all that.


    Hope all is well.


    Beautiful day here in Aberbrothock so a pleasant read in the sun for me.




    Season Ticket holders have until 2pm on Thursday, May 25 to purchase a ticket.




  27. 2023/24 SEASON TICKETS


    Welcome to the Celtic FC Season Ticket Hub, designed to bring you all the latest important information ahead of the 2023/24 season.



    The Season Ticket renewal window is now open, giving existing Season Ticket holders the opportunity to secure their place in Paradise for the new season.



    Secure your seat at Celtic Park for every home cinch Premiership match


    Kids’ Season Tickets remain at £50 for the 15th year running


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    There will be no extended deadline for 2023/24 Season Ticket renewals, so don’t leave it too late to secure your seat at Celtic Park.



    Season Ticket holders have until 5pm on Wednesday, May 31 to secure their seat in Paradise for the 2023/24 season.



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