Anxiety on display


Scott Bain is a better goalkeeper than you saw last night.  He was our main keeper during the 8-in-a-row season, a treble winner, and he was also there when the wheels came off two years later.  He played Ange Postecoglou’s first league match in charge of Celtic, but last night was only his second appearance in any competition since.

The injury on 34 minutes was a telling moment.  Something wasn’t right and instead of shaking it off, he asked for treatment.  People feel physical ailments more readily when they are anxious.  The 30-yard shot he let slip through his fingers late in the game was as clear a sign of anxiety as you’ll find.

Third keepers exist in case the two above them are injured or suspended.  They seldom play, so you will not keep someone good enough for first team football to sit in the stands, but seldom playing leads to unfamiliarity when they are called upon.  Unfamiliarity leads to anxiety, which leads to mistakes.  That’s one of the reasons why Ange picked Scott at Easter Road, give him a run out in a meaningless fixture.

It backfired.  If anything, the mistake will heighten tensions.  He has a good support network around him in Stevie Woods and Joe Hart, who has come through the mistakes mill and recovered successfully.  In purely pragmatic terms, we are not going to sign a different third choice keeper and even if we did, there would be weaknesses.  Scott needs to play again, though not in the next 9 days.

On the rest of the game.  Daizen Maeda’s first yellow card should have been a foul to Celtic.  You are only allowed to obstruct a player when you are close enough to the ball to make contact, Daizen’s opponent was 5 yards from the ball when obstructing the Celtic player before he was shoved aside.

For the second yellow, he went in with the wrong foot and deserved the card.  A worldly volley, a Boruc-at-Easter Rd-moment and a deflection flattered Hibs but Celtic can have no complaints.  First team will be back for Saturday.

Shout out to the Hibs TV commentator: quoted Shakespeare, pondered the meaning of “if” and threw in “sayonara”, although he clearly thought of too late for the perfect moment.  Never dumb it down, Hibs.  Sky should look him up.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    BIG JIMMY on 25TH MAY 2023 2:42 PM



    I watched the game on Hibs PPV as well .


    I’ve watched our games on Aberdeen , Hearts and St Mirren PPV tv and the Hibs commentators are by far the most blinkered, biased ones I’ve heard .

  2. Tom



    Surprisingly, my ticket arrived in Ireland yesterday (may even have been the day before as I have an external postbox). Very efficient.



    Back in the post to Scotland today to my mate.



    Not very environmentally friendly me😎

  3. garygillespieshamstring on

    I thought whits the goalie daein tam had moved to hibs tv and taken Mrs wtgdt along with him.

  4. GLENDALYSTONSILS on 25TH MAY 2023 2:28 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 25TH MAY 2023 2:17 PM



    How long can they keep this up?



    By ‘they’ I don’t mean Sevco , I mean Scottish referees . I was sure they would concede once the league was finished to show us there’s ‘nothing to see here’ but now I think I’ve underestimated the brass content of their necks. A domestic world record looms .



    *good chance it will occur at at the “New Love Street” this weekend as they sure as hell, pun intended, no giving one at hades

  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Uncle Jimmy 2.07


    Cheers 👍 🍻


    I believe that a retired gentleman must have a hobby.

  6. RC on 25TH MAY 2023 3:22 PM


    Scott Bain is a better goalkeeper than you saw last night.





    do you think so.






    did you renew your season ticket ?



    did you get a cup final ticket ?



    will you be celebrating trophy day with the rest of us ?

  7. did the team return to Lennoxtown today or did they continue the holiday mode and spend the day at portobello beach.

  8. SAINT STIVS on 25TH MAY 2023 3:30 PM


    RC on 25TH MAY 2023 3:22 PM



    Scott Bain is a better goalkeeper than you saw last night.






    do you think so.








    did you renew your season ticket ? YES




    did you get a cup final ticket ? YES




    will you be celebrating trophy day with the rest of us ? YES

  9. Off topic I know, but I really get pissed off when people on the media etc talk about ” true facts”, are there any other kind, or am I being ridiculous.




  10. HOT SMOKED on 25TH MAY 2023 2:35 PM



    18 YARD MAN on 25TH MAY 2023 10:45 AM



    Dunno if this will work, but…



    Yes, it did work. Is that you walking up the stairs?



    If so, you look appropriately respectful :-))




    It is indeed…walked from Cruz Quebrada Station and, at that point, was more knackered than respectful…


    The stadium was everything I had hoped and imagined it to be. Our equivalent of the Hajj?

  11. KINGLUBO on 25TH MAY 2023 3:39 PM


    Off topic I know, but I really get pissed off when people on the media etc talk about ” true facts”, are there any other kind, or am I being ridiculous.






    I’m with you on that one, hate tautology.



    A guy in my work used to say ‘factually correct’ a lot.

  12. I may come across as being far too critical on here for some but I want us to win every game (I also know that this is impossible) my comments are how I see the game and the players involved .

  13. CONEYBHOY on 25TH MAY 2023 3:55 PM


    KINGLUBO on 25TH MAY 2023 3:39 PM





    Off topic I know, but I really get pissed off when people on the media etc talk about ” true facts”, are there any other kind, or am I being ridiculous.















    I’m with you on that one, hate tautology.







    A guy in my work used to say ‘factually correct’ a lot.






    Anyone else hate ‘pre-prepared’?



    It’s one of the worst examples of tautology – true fact

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    That clown Maxwell said the Cup Final kick off, was moved to maximize a UK TV audience…….BBC England is showing Garden Rescue at the same time as the game, hes an embarrassment.

  15. Re Siegrist, someone said on the last thread- “If there is a good reason not to play him, for personal reasons such as illness or injury, why the big secret?”





    There is no big secret but neither is there a right to know. It is fairly easy to find out on social media (and I posted this on CQN in response to an earlier query), after recovering from injury he rejoined the squad and would have been under consideration but his partner has had a serious health scare. That’s all we need to know or deserve to be told about this situation. It must be hard for Benjamin Siegrist to concentrate on football at this time and he deserves his time off to deal with family matters.



    He remains an untried keeper for Celtic and provides no guarantees he would have been better for us than Scott Bain was last night i.e. Very good and kept us in the tie until the 3rd goal howler. He has a we excuse for the 4th goal in that there was a late deflection of Bernabei and the header was close. It did not look good but Joe Hart has conceded poorer goals than that 4th one and he is and remains our clear Number 1.



    P.S. Unless Bernabei goes out on loan to learn the LB role better, I would consider using him only as a sub for Jota or Maeda on the left. It is puzzling in the extreme that he provided two very good assist passes last night but could not find a team mate 5 yards away in his own half where he produced a series of underhit, overhit and wrong direction passes all night. If Celtic did have a 91% pass rate, Bernabei was solely responsible for the missing 9%.

  16. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Remember the days your Hampden ticket was a special delivery at a price higher than normal. I miss that golden chariot arriving at my door 🎠

  17. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 25TH MAY 2023 11:50 AM



    The sacred shawl of Donegal



    The Lisbon Pilgrims 2017






    Met you and Eurochamps outside.before goin in.hope he is goin good :-)



    Good Times mate 💚




    CONNAIRE12 on 25TH MAY 2023 11:38 AM



    At this time in 1967, I was at the airport in Lisbon waiting for my friends to fly in on the Greenock Celtic Supporters plane. We then took a taxi into Lisbon and had a good meal, a wee bit of sight seeing and then got the train out to the stadium. Still shudder thinking about seeing the Police with the rifles at the entrance to the stadium. Not that I was going to cause any trouble.



    Many of the supporters were abroad for the first time and it was amusing to see so many in their Sunday best.



    The rest is clearly retained by all of us, those who were there and those who have followed Celtic since then. The Lions will never be forgotten.






    Thanks Connaire.I was 4y10mths,the joy I get from Celtic is strengthened by yours and WBC experience,taken from what WBC says the best day of his football life.i can only imagine the anticipation,the excitement,by each game as that season in the sun culminated in the pinnacle of Lisbon.


    Connaire when I was at the 50 celebrations in’17 the table next to us had a couple from Greenock who were on the pitch at the end,and had pictures of it,they had a pinboard with lots of Greenock gents dapper looking,shirt and ties,jumpers suits in their Sunday best..brilliant





    WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 25TH MAY 2023 1:55 PM



    Connaire, if you are lurking, you may have received a similar letter to this…















    Please assemble in St. Enocks(sic) Square, Glasgow, by 06.15 HRS at the latest on THURSDAY MAY 25th, where our coach will be waiting to take you to PRESWICK AIRPORT.(didn’t happen, we went to Abbotsinch).



    Our representative will be waiting to meet you by the coach from 5.45 HRS onwards.



    Your flight to Lisbon will be operated by a modern VISCOUNT aircraft of ‘Treffield International Airways’. This company has an extremely good reputation and you can be assured of good service. During your flight full meal service will be offered to you. A technical stop will be made en route. A duty free bar will naturally operate throughout the flight in both directions.



    Upon arrival in Lisbon at approximately 2.15 pm your waiting coaches will take you direct to the Stadium well in advance of the kick-off at 5.30.(hmmmm! Got into the stadium just as the teams were coming out onto the pitch)



    You Admission Ticket for the match is enclosed.



    At the end of the match please make sure you that you return to your coach by 8.30 pm. Due to operational reasons, caused by the massive volume of aircraft both from Britain and Italy visiting Lisbon for the match, the timings homewards have had to be put back.



    You will be returned to the Airport by approximately midnight. The flight home will now take-off at 2.00 am on Friday morning, and following a late meal, which will be served on the aircraft, you should now arrive back in Glasgow by approximately 8 am.



    Both we and “Tit Bits” wish you an enjoyable trip and hope that CELTIC make football history.






    Do not forget your passport. Without it we are powerless to help you.



    (we did not return to the coach at 8.30. We were still stoating around celebrating downtown until near midnight. I think we got a taxi to the airport. We were there in time to see the players arrive with their wives who returned before the team)



    Greatest football day of my life…





    Great Post WBC.what an ecperience









  18. glendalystonsils on




    Correct re Bernebei . Hibs had 2 very good early chances resulting from unnecessary mistakes from him.

  19. Big Jimmy



    I do appreciate your point re a blog being about opinion.



    Hot smoked made what would have been my perspective, had I had the capability, clearly.



    Folk presenting their often unqualified negative opinions as expert fact is where it simply reeks of ignorant entitled arrogance.



    If Celtic right now is not good enough for some folk then maybe a wee time travel back to when the likes of you and myself were born might give some perspective.



    As for losing meaningless matches. FFS.



    You are right re Bain. I agree 100%.

  20. Coach times for Trophy Day:


    📍Coventry @ The Four Provinces 4am


    📍Birmingham @ Digbeth 4.30am


    📍Stoke @ Holiday Inn 5.15am


    📍Sandbach @ M6 J17 5.35am


    📍Warrington @ Premier Inn 6am


    📍Haydock @ Shell garage 6.15am


    📍Leyland @ M6 J28 6.45am



    Hope the guys are still awake for the party.

  21. “RC on 25TH MAY 2023 3:58 PM


    I may come across as being far too critical on here for some:



    I loved your use of the word `may` :-))))



    Even so, your awareness of how you `might` come across makes, for me anyway, your negativity more acceptable.

  22. “BURNLEY78 on 25TH MAY 2023 4:


    Hot smoked made what would have been my perspective, had I had the capability, clearly.”



    My comment was entirely light-hearted. I enjoy your posts .

  23. GREENPINATA on 25TH MAY 2023 5:11 PM



    I was going to say `hats off` to all those supporters but I know it is a labour of love for all of us who travel from various parts of the country to see our much loved team.

  24. Paul67 et al



    Was it so long ago that our host had once again returned to the ‘Generation of Dominition’ of bygone days.


    And yet only weeks later we have switched from hubris to anxiety…


    Could it be that pride comes before a fall? Or like Icarus flying too close to the Sun?



    Either way Paul you just came down to earth with a bump

  25. 17/23 league titles this century, encompassing the asterisk years




    9/10 this last decade


    Would strongly suggest a Generation of Domination


    I think the anxiety mainly comes from fans, probably under 30, who haven’t experienced the barren years of the 50s and 90s.


    Oul’ Fhart s CSC.

  26. Superbru Round 38 Update



    With Sevco drawing at home and Celtic losing at Easter Road for the first time in 5 years, I thought we would have a particularly low scoring haul this week but some rose to the occasion.



    Our top 3 (five actually) were:-



    celtic Mac- 8.5 pts


    Park Road 67- 7 pts


    & Friesdorfer, Bateen Bhoy and vfr800- all on 6 points



    12 of us managed to scrape 1 point to avoid the bottom spot which was claimed by the ever-reliable BelmontBrian63 with Zero, Null & Nada totalled and rounded up to completely nothing. He wins this week’s General John Sedgwick award as the man who uttered the famous last words “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance”, seconds before he was shot dead through the eye by Confederate snipers at Spotsylvania, Virginia.



    With our final match day due on Saturday, the race at the top has entered squeaky bum territory and is close to touching cloth land.. We have a race between 1st and 2nd and a separate race for 3rd spot. The top positions are:-



    1. A thing of beauty- 218 points


    2. Leggy- 217.5 pts


    3. Celticrollercoaster-201.5 pts


    4. Call me Gerry- 201 pts


    5. Bognorbhoy- 200 pts



    The rest of the top 10 would need a very good week to break into the top 3 but final day results are often very unpredictable so there’s a place for a pin-sticking rather than a painstaking approach to this week’s set of predictions. Or you could sneak a peak at BelmontBrian’s choices and pick an alternative outcome for each😃



    Speaking of which. Our race for the bottom spot and a genuine wooden spoon (or green equivalent) is between:-


    McCaff- 133.5


    Park Road 67- 139


    TheLurkinTim- 140


    & BelmontBrian63- 141 points



    I may award two bottom prizes if McCaff retains his last spot.



    Remember- the Best Weekly Points Total of 17.5, currently held by James Cant, is also up for grabs but will be hard to beat.



    The weekend deadline for Saturday is Three Top 6 matches kicking off at 12.30 pm and 3 Bottom 6 matches at 3 pm on the Sunday.



    Good luck to all the contenders and tx again for your charitable support all season.



    P.S.- The also ran brothers having their own non-prize winning race is also tight with sammybhoy67 having a Half point lead over his bro, Hutchybhoy. Close season bragging rights are at stake here

  27. I wonder if anyone returned from Lisbon with their list of “criticisms”.



    was was craig thinking, stupid tackle to make, side on



    stein picked the wrong team, no place for hughes.



    faithers back heel, we could have been two doon



    hunners of shots, finishing really poor, we really miss mcbride.



    gemmell will cost us, he is out of position again



    clark is a weak link, he hasnt scored all season.



    all that possession, are we trying to walk the ball into the net



    what does sean fallon actually do on the bench ?



    bring back crerand he is better than murdoch.









    and on

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