Anxiety on display


Scott Bain is a better goalkeeper than you saw last night.  He was our main keeper during the 8-in-a-row season, a treble winner, and he was also there when the wheels came off two years later.  He played Ange Postecoglou’s first league match in charge of Celtic, but last night was only his second appearance in any competition since.

The injury on 34 minutes was a telling moment.  Something wasn’t right and instead of shaking it off, he asked for treatment.  People feel physical ailments more readily when they are anxious.  The 30-yard shot he let slip through his fingers late in the game was as clear a sign of anxiety as you’ll find.

Third keepers exist in case the two above them are injured or suspended.  They seldom play, so you will not keep someone good enough for first team football to sit in the stands, but seldom playing leads to unfamiliarity when they are called upon.  Unfamiliarity leads to anxiety, which leads to mistakes.  That’s one of the reasons why Ange picked Scott at Easter Road, give him a run out in a meaningless fixture.

It backfired.  If anything, the mistake will heighten tensions.  He has a good support network around him in Stevie Woods and Joe Hart, who has come through the mistakes mill and recovered successfully.  In purely pragmatic terms, we are not going to sign a different third choice keeper and even if we did, there would be weaknesses.  Scott needs to play again, though not in the next 9 days.

On the rest of the game.  Daizen Maeda’s first yellow card should have been a foul to Celtic.  You are only allowed to obstruct a player when you are close enough to the ball to make contact, Daizen’s opponent was 5 yards from the ball when obstructing the Celtic player before he was shoved aside.

For the second yellow, he went in with the wrong foot and deserved the card.  A worldly volley, a Boruc-at-Easter Rd-moment and a deflection flattered Hibs but Celtic can have no complaints.  First team will be back for Saturday.

Shout out to the Hibs TV commentator: quoted Shakespeare, pondered the meaning of “if” and threw in “sayonara”, although he clearly thought of too late for the perfect moment.  Never dumb it down, Hibs.  Sky should look him up.

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  1. GG



    I was looking at the POTY results earlier. Celtic way ahead on players and writers awatds

  2. RC on 25TH MAY 2023 3:33 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 25TH MAY 2023 3:30 PM





    RC on 25TH MAY 2023 3:22 PM







    Scott Bain is a better goalkeeper than you saw last night.













    do you think so.


















    did you renew your season ticket ? YES









    did you get a cup final ticket ? YES









    will you be celebrating trophy day with the rest of us ? YES






    during the aberdeen game, and the cup final , will you be posting negative crap on here ?



    will you actually be attending the games ? and if you are why dont you just enjoy the match rather than contributing to CQN during the actual game, why bother ?

  3. “It’s on me. I’m making a lot of changes and playing guys that haven’t played much this season. In a way, that’s a bit unfair on them but that’s my way of doing things at this point. If people want to measure us on the last three games then I probably shouldn’t be here either, if they want to make assumptions that we won’t be as strong next season then that’s fine – it’ll probably work in our favour!” – Ange Postecoglou.

  4. Tim



    Brighton play similar, City too



    PS I really hope Leicester go down ; terrible style and any team with a Sideshow Bob spoofer in defence deserve it

  5. I saw the Foundation , irish CSC are having a gig in Cork. Great idea, lovely county



    I can’t make it but would encourage Scotland based folks to come over



    Celtic are becoming more popular in the Emerald isle and it avoids the current gouging of tourists in Dublin




    City are a different class but both teams can defend.



    The past few games our passing has been pretty poor.

  7. St Stivs. Faither’s back heel was the moment I thought something wonderful was about to happen. I think it really lifted the rest of the team.

  8. I reckon 4 players in and 10 out if all goes well in the summer



    Massive attack on CL 😎🍀

  9. On the announcement of the English team, why the hell has McGuire been picked, the guy is as much use as a one legged man at an arse kicking contest






  10. Coolmore Mafia – Never been. Maybe I should to chill out but wife is sick if she even catches a whiff of weed.

  11. Evening all.






    Thanks for the mention. 🙂



    I might well put that quote on my headstone, just about sums me up. 🙂 🙂




  12. NJOI the Celebrations on Saturday, Everyone there and all around the World.



    Champions Again.



    Ange is here for 3 in a row and a real crack @ the CL last 16/8…..we know it’s a closed shop, ceilings huv to be broken.

  13. FANADPATRIOT on 25TH MAY 2023 7:56 PM



    I attended Lisbon67,also Milan 70,must look up my paraphernalia HH



    Respect my friend.what an experience :-))


    Do go thro your paraphernalia and get one of your younger kin to scan it.



    Hail Hail FanadPatriot






    Good evening, friends.


    A bit of a game of 2 halves in that I thought we were OK in the first half but rather that improving after the break we went rapidly downhill. But can I use a wee golfing analogy here. I play regularly with a pal, nothing too serious but we always play matchplay just for a wee interest. This week he beat me 5&4 (so he was 5 up with only 4 to play and so had won the match). Did it matter that I won 4 of the next 5 holes? Absolutely not – the bragging rights were all his and any changes in form after the outcome had been decided mattered not a jot. And that’s all I want to say about that!


    Domestically this season we have now played 45, winning 39, drawing 3 and losing 3, scoring 135 and conceding 37. Our domestic goal difference is now ‘only’ 98!


    Thanks to the 31 folk who continued to support this wee venture by voting after our latest under par performance. A far cry from the peak off 88 earlier in the season. Not everyone managed to come up with 3 names! The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.



    Bain: 9


    Ralston: 0


    Starfelt*: 24


    Kobayashi: 0


    Bernabei: 0


    McGregor: 10


    Hatate*: 15


    Iwata: 0


    Abada: 0


    Oh*: 27


    Haksabanovic: 0


    Maeda: 1


    O’Riley: 0


    Turnbull: 0


    Forrest: 0


    Furahashi: 0



    And so, the players receiving POINTS for the game against Hibs are –


    Oh – 5 pts


    Starfelt – 4 pts


    Hatate – 3 pts


    McGregor – 2 pts


    Bain – 1 point



    After 51 games the overall standings are as shown below –


    94 points – Hatate


    84 points – Carter-Vickers


    67 points – Jota


    61 points – McGregor


    57 points – Furuhashi


    51 points – Mooy


    45 points – Taylor


    43 points – Starfelt


    37 points – O’Riley


    34 points – Johnston


    31 points – Abada


    30 points – Maeda


    22 points – Jenz


    17 points – Haksabanovic


    13 points – Giakoumakis, Juranovic and Ralston


    12 points – Hart


    10 points – Iwata


    9 points – Bernabei, Oh and Welsh


    8 points – Forrest points – Kobayashi


    5 points – Turnbull


    1 point – Bain


    0 points – Abildgaard, Lawal, McCarthy, Siegrist, Summers and Vata



    We now move on to Trophy Day and our final league game of a fantastic campaign. Aberdeen at home on Saturday with a 12:30 kick off.


    Hail Hail!

  15. fanadpatriot on

    An Tearmann


    I must do that.


    Somewhere in the house I have my flight ticket to Lisbon but hell knows where ,I put it away for safe keeping now I can’t find it 😠HH

  16. ‘GG on 25th May 2023 10:30 pm



    Does a 5 and 4 lead qualify for a GOD. GOlf Domination?






    Rinsing out the Style.



    They Can’t increase their Stadium capacity to anywhere near Celtics.



    They know a Fundamential thing at least.



    Celtic playing this Brand of fitba there is 80000 Supporters there Easily.



    There is No Need No Need to say ye Huv to get signed before June!!!








    Nintendo, IMO, made the very best games.



    Their in-house Games were Incredible.



    De Courcy Arcade, Ashton Lane – I Think…. I took a gamble on this Nintendo game Metroid.



    What a game, Whata feckin game. It had the Nintendo seal of approval/inhouse.



    I’m seeing fatigue in our Super Duper Metroid.



    Callum has shown so many the way. It’s Time for others to step up as he, IMHO, needs a wee break.



    I Know that isnae gonnae happen.



    Callum is Oor new Relentless Capitano.




  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    This game.



    This club.



    What does it do to us?



    Just watched a highlights video of the 67 European Cup final.



    When Chalmers scored ….



    ….. without thinking and purely instinctively



    I clenched my first and said “Ye-e-ssss !” out loud.



    Time for bed clearly.



    Night all.

  19. It’s Friday. Even here.


    Tomorrow is Flag Day.


    Contrary to popular culture Aberdonians will be present for our flag day.


    Fly the flag.

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