Anxious about defeat is not being greedy or unappreciative


Do you remember the midweek game against Dundee in April 2001? Win that game, and Martin O’Neill could win his first league title at the next game, home to St Mirren, but it was a fraught evening. Dundee equalised midway through the second half, before Johan Mjallby scored a winner six minutes from time.

Afterwards Martin O’Neill complained that the crowd was unnecessarily anxious. Celtic were well ahead, the title was not in doubt, but Martin didn’t appreciate how much we all wanted to be there when it was won, a few days later. To the manager, we seemed to be demanding too much. But while Martin was guaranteed a ticket to wherever the league winning match would be, Celtic needed to beat Dundee and St Mirren to ensure season ticket holders would be in attendance.

Similar themes are evident now. It is not that Celtic fans don’t appreciate the exceptionality of our season-and-a-half unbeaten domestic run. We do, but it’s that exceptionality that makes the prospect of the run coming to an end after being two goals ahead at Easter Road so disturbing. We know that when this run ends, the chance of anything similar starting up again is remote. The cost of defeat is meaningless to the outcome of the league title, but when it happens, you are going to feel it. Rightly so.

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  1. Don’t understand some people wanting Celtic to get beat to end the run and ease the ‘pressure’. Surely the pressure is on to ensure we don’t lose 2 games in a row…at Celtic the pressure is on every day and every game.


    We are supporting and living through incredible times and I for one love it and want it to continue as long as possible..












    11 DECEMBER 2017: A survey of 2,923 Scottish football fans has indicated only 15% wish to retain Hampden Park as the home of Scottish football.


    With 34% stating a move to Murrayfield as their favoured choice the survey also showed 25% preferring to move games to existing club grounds around the country. The creation of a ‘new Hampden’ was the choice of 24% of those surveyed.


    The results of the survey carried out by the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) also highlighted that 97% of Scottish football fans believe supporters should have an input into the decision.


    Additional results include:



    •Overall, 56% rate the overall experience of Hampden as bad or very bad


    •13% of supporters rate the Hampden experience as a positive one


    •82% described parking at Hampden as very bad or bad


    •80% described value at international matches as very bad or bad



    The most favourable assessment from fans was the atmosphere created at cup games with 61% having a positive or neutral position. Sixty percent had a positive or neutral position on the atmosphere at international games.


    Other aspects of dissatisfaction with the Hampden experience include visibility within the ground, value for money at cup games, public transport and catering.



    •73% stated that visibility within the stadium is very bad or bad


    •64% believed that value at cup games is very bad or bad


    •64% think that public transport links are very bad or bad


    •57% state that the catering at Hampden is very bad or bad



    SFSA chairman Simon Barrow said: “The results of the research is concerning especially following the 16,500 strong evaluation research last month that highlighted the fact that over 60% of fans felt they could lose interest in football. Clearly the status quo is not working, and with such widespread views on the question of the national stadium we believe that a full independent consultation should be conducted before any future decisions are made about Hampden Park. It is too big an issue for the SFA to consider alone.


    “It is also clear that fans themselves must be involved as key stakeholders in this decision. Given the issues that have been highlighted by the research we would also be in favour of further work being done to explore the options to update and improve the current stadium.”

  3. The only way I will ‘feel it’ when we are eventually domestically defeated is in feeling the need to stand up to give this team a standing ovation as they walk off the park. Despite this inevitable eventual defeat, this Manager, Backroom Staff and superb playing squad will deserve nothing less than a full-on rapturous standing ovation!



    Yours in Celtic,







  4. TAL @12.12




    Fergus McCann should be credited with their demise, he started it in 1994 when he re-built Celtic Park



    for 60,000 souls, the tax man merely twisted the dagger some time later.




    We now compete with David Murray’s concomitant tribute act, and we’ve all to play nicely and talk about the ‘Old Firm’.




    It can only get worse ‘ Rory Bremner’ @ Peter Lawwell





  5. Paul 67



    Impeccable timing as ever I must make more posts – at any time of the day- that appear just beneath



    New article posted



    Stuff yer podim- I claim the Lantern Rouge!




  6. 50 shades of green on





    Good post mate, been thinking along the same lines myself.




  7. kikinthenakas



    I totally agree. Nothing better than watching Celtic score goals and winning.



    I’m loving every minute watching our Invincibles. Long may it continue!!

  8. ♪ ♫ ♬


    Oh, the weather outside is frightful


    But the fire is so delightful


    And since we’ve no place to go


    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


    Man it doesn’t show signs of stoppin’


    And I brought some corn for poppin’


    The lights are turned way down low


    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


    When we finally kiss good-night


    How I’ll hate going out in the storm


    But if you really hold me tight


    All the way home I’ll be warm


    And the fire is slowly dying


    And, my dear, we’re still good-bye-ing


    But as long as you love me so


    Let it snow, let it snow, and snow


    ♪ ♫ ♬

  9. G67- the forerunner to the results of the survey, was McIntyre on Shortbread with the author of this.The narrative which was mentioned a few times, was the majority of fans who took part in the survey were Celtic fans, the results are overwhelming, but when do Celtic fans get what they want from the SFA.Unless the fix is in, Scotland to Murrayfield, huns to Hampden.

  10. BSR


    Agreed on Fergus – He made some tough calls, some of which were not too popular with the supporters, but he made them.


    We are where we are today because of him.


    Oh! and John Keane :-)


    Still ruing not bumping into you in Lisbon though it looks like, judging by the pics you posted, I was a couple of tables behind you.


    Another time.

  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I agree with Neil Lennon’s comments reported on Sky today. Five points ahead, game in hand, within three weeks we’ll clear that one out and play second and third, all at home, weather permitting. The chasm is set to be in place at the winter break.



    Celtic development squad has a game scheduled against Hamilton tonight. Condition reports for the area local to New Douglas Park would be welcome. Is it a goer?

  12. 50 shades of green on

    Bit of a thaw on in Hamilton just now, but dont travel on my advice mate, pavements etc mostly fine at the moment.




  13. Re Hampden – I posted this article earlier but the morning shift had all been put to bed by their carers for their morning nap!




    Hampden Park: An open letter by former Celtic owner Fergus McCann



    FOR most Scottish football supporters Hampden Park holds memories, of big games won or lost, of events that brought success or failure, with joy or disappointment.



    Mine include the Scottish Cup final of 1959, St Mirren 3 Aberdeen 1. I was 18, and enjoyed the event – although cleaning my shoes afterwards was a chore.



    In 1960 I attended the landmark European Cup final, when Real Madrid defeated Eintracht Frankfurt 7-3. At 5’ 7”, standing facing the sun, 100 yards from the pitch, I think I saw two of the 10 goals.



    Read more: New poll shows fans are overwhelmingly in favour of moving away from Hampden



    And, in 1970, on a visit home from Canada, I was among the 136,000 who saw John Hughes and Bobby Murdoch propel Celtic to 2-1 win over Leeds United and a second European Cup final.



    My Hampden memories of events later in life were rather more negative.



    In charge of Celtic, and having to rent the stadium for the 94/95 season, I had to tolerate the mean-spirited behaviour of Queens Park officials throughout that period. This began with a clause in the lease – a “deal breaker” as their attorney made clear – that forbade “the display of any foreign flag.”



    Shades of SFA 1952.



    Celtic supporters did not enjoy the experience either, although their season ticket price was reduced from £180 (for standing at Celtic Park) to £170 for a seat on the Hampden terracing, a long way from the field.



    Celtic Park soon became the largest and finest stadium in the UK, adding greatly to the prestige of the club and the enjoyment of fans from everywhere.



    But the financing of its rebuilding was affected by the efforts of Queens Park and its SFA cousins. Celtic’s application for a £5m Football Trust grant was turned down, while the Hampden renovation project received a total of £10m. Sunderland FC received £5m for their stadium – a project 30% smaller than that at Celtic Park.



    Queens Park FC’s balance sheet shows the stadium as an asset costing circa £73m – mainly the new south stand and roof erected in the 90s. None of this was paid for by its owner. But about £64m of taxpayers’ money went into the project.



    So, now we have had Glasgow’s number three stadium used a few times a year for SFA events and Queens Park matches attended by a few people in the ‘elite’ south stand. A ‘boondoggle’ as the Americans would call it.



    With two other, far superior, stadiums in Glasgow available for big matches over the last 20 years, why did this bad ‘investment’ occur? Whatever way you do the arithmetic, Hampden Park is a liability, not an asset.



    Any financial comparison showing the net result of ad hoc renting of the best suited venues in Glasgow, Edinburgh and elsewhere for Internationals, ‘neutral’ club finals and semi-finals, would show how big a mistake the £73m of the 90s was and the present use of Hampden is.



    So, put aside my “Celtic-Minded” feelings in this debate.



    There is no valid case for continued use of Hampden Park, indeed no case for a Football Association to operate a stadium. Many countries, including Netherlands, Italy and Spain have no national stadium or need for one.



    A possible use of the property might be to retain the 17,000-seat ‘elite’ South Stand and demolish the rest. Play under 21 and other events there, possibly athletics; Queen’s Park to remain there and sell the rest of the land for £1 to the SFA for it to create a Training Centre combined with Toryglen. The SFA has the money to do this and benefit its clubs, and the football public, daily.



    Scottish football, with its limited resources and competitive disadvantages, has to be managed efficiently, and the stadiums in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen – all getting better – can stage games profitably for the benefit of all the clubs – and their supporters.



    Yes, we can feel some nostalgia for the Hampden Park events of the past. But the mistakes of the 1990s must not continue.



    The future should belong to the supporters who buy the tickets, and the clubs they own and support.

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 12TH DECEMBER 2017 12:20 PM


    Well done Tomthethim



    That wee box with the x cost me :-)





    Thank you.


    I think I may have peaked too soon, as I was hoping for the Christmas No.1.




  15. Fergus questioned the money spent on 1 stand at that midden, saying we spent £48 mil on 3 stands.

  16. 50 shades of green on

    Anyone wondering what flag Queens park didn’t want Celtic to fly???



    Didn’t think so.

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Hark, I hear the plaintive voice of someone singing.


    It seems to be coming from the Lower East Kilbride area.

  18. Hrvatski Jim/Shades of Green



    Have to admit I did not remember the ‘deal breaker’ clause being made public in 1994. Was it? Memory not what it was.



    Kind of wish Celtic had not gifted Queens £10K back in 1971




  19. If Celtic cared a flying duck for the fans, well, Celtic would call a press conference…..


    Titled – “For the sake of our game.”


    Wait till the press are assembled for the conference, then, the Celtic spokesperson could appear, dizny matter whether its, Rory Bremner himself, or, sumdy from the clubs Confidentiality Claused Clientele.


    Then say,…..


    “With the Paramount importance of the Scottish game of football’s future in mind, we, Celtic FC will no longer allow our players to play for the national team, effective immediately, until a Judicial Review re the governance of the game in this country is held. Only then, will our players or, any Celtic FC employees be available to the national team.”


    Anything else is, back ae the bus pish.





  20. TAL @ 12.43



    I know, feel like that myself Lisbon was a blink and over, missed more than I met


    unfortunately. The stadium that day, was thrill of a lifetime stuff.





  21. Have some great memories of Hampden but only due to Celtic.


    Dixie doing cartwheels after a hat trick against a good Hibs side.


    And as a young kid hanging off a pipe in the enclosure watching us hump Leeds.

  22. Celtic v Leeds 1970 Hampden



    At Parkhead on Monday April 13th, while a few hundred people watched Celtic Reserves beat Partick Thistle Reserves 4-1 inside, 4,000 fans queued up outside for 5,000 extra tickets for the big match. Leeds had failed to shift their allocation of 10,000 and had advised Celtic that they would send them up the unsold tickets.The tickets were advertised as going on sale at 4 o’clock, but they failed to arrive and at 10pm a loudspeaker announced, “Leeds have let us down very badly”. The dejected fans took the news well and trudged home.



    Leeds claimed there had been a misunderstanding; they had still been selling tickets throughout the day. Secretary Keith Archer assured fans that, “Five thousand five hundred 12 shilling tickets are now on their way to Celtic.”



    The tickets arrived at Celtic Assistant Manager Sean Fallon’s house just after midnight. They went on sale at 7pm on the eve of the match.






    p.s. tickets cost 30/- pre decimal £1.50 in todays money








    Rip off.



    The Real Madrid game ten years later-ten years of rampant inflation-was only £2.



    Didnae cost me anything for the Leeds game,though. Like a lot of people.



    Ah,happy memories.

  24. Fan-a-Tic



    Terrible stadium now as then. One of my most vivid memories is being soaked to the skin the day we beat Rangers in the 82/3 League Cuo final though the acme of the Hampden experience was surely the 73/4 final of the same tournament



    I did see a couple of great nights supporting Scotland v Czechoskovakia in 73 and France in 89 and our own cup final wins in 85 , 95 and this year were deliriously happy days. Eventually.



    I hardly saw any of the Leeds game until we were winning as the crowd was just too big though it was throughout an awe inspiring atmosphere.



    My two favourite memories are the 6-1 fibal v Hibs in 72 which was the best display of football I have ever seen us give and the 88 semi v Hearts when we came back from the grave to win – and which turned out to be the last game my dad was ever at.



    Still a midden though




  25. JIMBO67


    i don’t remember it being disclosed at the time either but we had no-where else to go so maybe Fergus had to bite his tongue at the time and speak our later.



    I wonder what other events did not allow the display of a foreign flag at Hampden. Obviously (and quite rightly) not at the Commonwealth Games. It would be interesting if anyone finds instances of the display of a foreign flag being permitted prior to out tenure.

  26. The Leeds game.



    Went with my Dad and brother in law, Dad had the tickets.



    Anyway I went to an ice cream van for fags and when I turned around no sign of anyone I knew!



    Place was heaving.



    Waited for 10 minutes then walked up to the ground, our tickets were in the wee South Enclosure just in front of the main stand.



    After a while I was beginning to panic when this nice Leeds fan appeared in front of me selling 12/- tickets for the North Enclosure.



    I got in just before kick off!



    What a game!

  27. I have loads of Hampden memories, mostly good, some less good.



    The one that still moves me to tears was the 1960 cup final replay against Dunfermline



    I was at every game courtesy of the CYMS and took my seat in the North Stand with my Dad for the replay.



    No segregation in those days and we were sitting in amongst a crowd of Dunfermline fans.



    Anyway, we lose 2-0 and I’m crying like a baby.



    I was then lifted by Dunfermline fans onto the knee of a lady who was sitting directly in front of me.



    I remember thinking she was old.



    She hugged me and said –



    “This is the first time Dunfermline have won the cup. You will not only see Celtic win this cup again, but you will see them win much bigger trophies than this!”



    I was thinking about her 7 years later.



    God bless you ma’am wherever you are!





    As so often,you’re more pleasant memories match mine. That downpour in 82/83 was worth it. Mark Reid had been at the same school as me-and Roy Aitken,and Stevie Clarke and a few others-and I was delighted for him.



    Although to be honest,that was later. At the time,I didnae give a cuff who scored!!!!



    A damn pleasant evening of celebrating followed. In Saltcoats,Mark’s home town. It was the first trophy my best bud and recent convert had ever seen us win,and I didnae want him to forget it.



    He remembered the win. Didnae remember much of the night.

  29. Dreaded leaving the Celtic end at hamdump – as you approached the top of the stairwell with thousands at your back – leaning back trying to ensure that you didn’t get crushed against the approaching vertical barrier.Not to mention the eroded black ash on the steps.


    At the leeds game I was at the mount florida end – magic night.



    Yeah , that would be brilliant, but Idon’t thing it’s going to happen, do you. If our board listened to the fans then they would issue such a statement.




  31. Philbhoy


    Your comment re the 1960 Cup Final reminded me of the glorious 1965 Final vs. Dunfermiline. I was there as a fifteen year old. On the way back walking into the City Centre with some of their supporters, who were all raving about Celtic, one of them said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Celtic won the European Cup.

  32. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I believe the Dunfermline final was in ’61.


    I was playing for St. Mirin’s Boys Guild in Paisley , in a cup tie that day.



    Our game also finished level and I thought that I would get to Hampden for the replay.


    Unfortunately, we had to play on the Wednesday, on a dank, wet, miserable night in Howood…….and lost.

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