Anything beyond Midtjylland would require extraordinary work


The prospect of Midtjylland picking up tomorrow evening where Preston left off is enough to make this morning’s Champions League third qualifying round draw seem less of a priority.  In the event we overcome the Danes, we will face the winners of the PSV Eindhoven – Galatasaray second round tie.

Galatasaray are a month away from the start of the Turkish league, having played only two friendly games since their season closed two months ago.  They finished level on points with 2021 league winners, Beskitas, losing out by a single goal difference.  PSV finished second in the Netherlands, well behind Ajax, and have played four friendlies this month in preparation for facing Galatasaray on Wednesday.

At first glance, Midtjylland are as ill-prepared for the new season as we are, having appointed a manager only a week before Ange Postecoglou arrived at Celtic, and losing their opening league game at home to OB, who finished ninth last term.

Not so PSV and Galatasaray.  We have an extraordinary amount of work to do before meeting sides of that calibre with any confidence.  Beating Midtjylland would guarantee Europa League group stage participation, at the very least, and feels like an achievable objective.  Anything more is not to be included in budget forecasting.


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  1. ON — if you gave to go then go quickly.


    It didn’t have to end this way.



    Hope he gets it back on track somewhere else.


    Too big a talent to waste to a lazy / unfocused attitude.

  2. Tom McLaughlin on

    Hearing that Leigh Griffiths back at Lennoxtown and available for selection tomorrow v Midtjylland.

  3. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH JULY 2021 1:31 PM


    AD- no ,a dogs chance of getting to EL




    Fair enough, mate. I stand corrected.



    That certainly changes things though.



    It removes a lot of the pressure on the Midtjlland tie.

  4. Does the disappointment of not getting the 10 outweigh the pleasure of 9 in a row, 4 trebles and an invincible season.



    I speak as someone who’s never gotten over Feyenord.

  5. I am kinda over not getting the 10.


    It does not change my memories of doing another 9 (which was the only way to get to ten obviously) or 4 trebles,



    These joyous events are unparalled, and unforgetable, and even then i cant slate all the players who got us there but missed the ten. Or the management team, or even the board.



    Everything that could go wrong, went wrong, and then some.



    “Fans” chasing the bus in the car-park was the saddest moment for me, and did have me reflecting on what we have become.



    even at the sack the board events in 93/94, the bold michael kelly would stride out the school car park, up kerrydae street and in the front door, yes there was abuse, but i dont recall it getting physical.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Sobering stuff, but anyone who has watched the pre-season games is probably under no illusion about the rebuild needed.



    Quite how Celtic got in to this mess needs needs proper scrutiny in order that it doesn’t happen again.

  7. SCULLYBHOY on 19TH JULY 2021 12:38 PM




    To be able to criticize & ridicule our political system & political masters is the sign of a free society. Many countries in the world persecute their population for any hint of dissent – we have a party in Scotland that does the same to members – a written rule no less.



    Celtic has been subject of unfair and skewed political decisions over the years – last season political intervention cost us dearly on two occasions.



    Political comment & satire must be on the agenda in all forums where free-speech is treasured. To attempt to censor is a dangerous practice and could lead us to a situation as was in Romania, where a husband and wife team ran the government and the biggest party……oh haud oan a minute!!!!

  8. My expectations have been adjusted, slightly, in view of the pace and direction of the rebuild.


    I certainly don’t expect our new manager to navigate some pretty tough european waters.


    I would hope for some interesting signings and evidence that the schoolboy defending of last season is not repeated.


    We must give the new man time. We certainly haven’t provided him with a well oiled football machine

  9. Squire D – yes. putting Dubai in was a bit provocative (as Pete Cook would say) but we did go mid season late 80s i think – McGhee/Liverpool?



    Por Cierto – yes we were seeded in 2016 so my expectations are low this summer. We might be surprised at the team and perf tomorrow night

  10. so mr king’s forecast was correct , has anybody picked up those bl88y cards from the floor.

  11. Anyone know what the craic is with Ajer ? His exit does seem to be taking quite a while for a deal that was done last week. I’m assuming that’s why we’re yet to pull the trigger on Starfelt ?

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SAINT STIVS @ 12:08 PM



    let the moaning commence ………… a new day, same agendas.









    St Stivs – don’t sweat it, friend.






    Evelyn Beatrice Hall and all that !



    IMHO …



    Moaners? Fine



    Same agendas? Fine



    Exact same message trotted out daily? Yawn





    I don’t mind the moaners that much (ok they give me the hump occasionally) ….



    … but I do genuinely feel sorry for those for whom Celtic appears to bring no pleasure.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ho ho ho.






    “Mr King”



    Kinda makes ya think don’t it?

  14. any player who is getting paid by us should be made play and should not be dictating or calling the shots.

  15. balornock bhoy on

    St Sivs


    All white males?


    i think we have a female captain of the ladies team. Were you expecting a female captain to replace Scott Brown? :-)

  16. Rolling_Stone on

    @BIGBHOY on 19TH JULY 2021 12:59 PM



    Which players downed tools?



    Also, out of all the issues in the last 18 months, a small number of fans chasing the team bus is hardly of significance in respect of our level of performance and the direction the club was headed.



    The blowing of TIAR was the result of systemic issues with how we are run.

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    “Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you’ll live — at least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never stop us moaning!!!”



    Ach we all love a good moan🙂

  18. Fingers crossed we get a bit of luck tomorrow night, I think we’re due a break



    As we start a new season of like to say thanks to Paul and all the team for continuing to give us CQN.

  19. quadrophenian on

    Never knew the rebuild would nip as bad.


    Hoping Ange’s army can do over a team formed in ’99 as a result of a merger, with a ground capacity of 12,000.


    And near writing off any potential CL prospects before the much needed boots are on the ground.



    “…revolutions are painful yet fruitful gestations…” Indeed.



    I’m feeling the sting of this disappointing denouement indeed. Tho it is pishing down outside (which often brings me down a bit).



    Wonder how the board feels?



    And if the new bhoys are wont to disprove P67s ball-gazing.

  20. I remember Callum saying that his ambition (the Celts were relaxing in the Sun) was to be the Celtic Captain.



    It is my opinion that Callum was the biggest reason Celtic won 4 Trebles in a row. Delighted for him and onwards to more success. We need to show Patience with Ange Howevaaaah as we are in a bit of a mess at the moment.

  21. I’m hoping for a run in the Champions League,some have thrown in the towel before a ball is kicked.The cause of all that happened last season was Neil Lennon and possibly Kennedy to,but I lay the blame on Lennon for his poor management tactics etc,he started it with all the players downing tools by not playing to his way,incompetent manager,anyway he is out the door we have to give Ange and Kennedy all the backing this season,hopefully we can be champions again,but I ain’t throwing in the towel.those who want to do that ,are in my opinion just glory hunters,but when the tough get going,they just don’t want to know.🍀🍀🍀🍀

  22. “take leighs phone aff him, and give him a 24 hour chaperone.”



    Knowing our Board,they would likely give the chaperone job to the new female Celtic TV presenter.

  23. Incompetant manager wins 5 trophies in a row, …………. how did that happen ?

  24. I seem to remember a very fast (140mph) Ford car from the 60`s/ 70`s but cannot remember the name. Anyone?



    It might not even have been Ford !!

  25. Reading some of the shite on here you would think we had arrived at doomsday and our closest competitors were spending millions upon millions of money on their team having secured superstars to add to their already great squad. The truth is our wage bill dwarfs anyone elses in the league. Sevco have ran up millions of debt and champions league participation would allow them to break even based on their current squad. P.s. this is the same squad that got taken apart the previous season. A functional hardworking team, not a great team. Our team underperformed last season to such an extend that it was easy to dethrone us.



    We have sold, moved on and released a lot of players since then, more will follow, we have replaced the last manager and have signed up 3 international players in key areas as well as 2 good prospects ( excluding youths). We are still in the market to add more 1st teamers who have the correct skillset pace, power, energy to fit with Ange’s style.



    It may take a while to see our team play as Ange would like and to get all the players to click. However, it’s far from impossible for celtic to turn things around quickly. The champions league may have come to quick but let’s see were we are by october/ November before we go writing off anything.



    If Celtic go sign a 1st choice rightback, leftback, centreminfielder (mccarthy free), left winger and forward on top of the players staying and new signings already in the door things can quickly change.




  26. Ford Capri ?






    Sierra Cosworth ?



    I was up Celtic Park early one monday morning in the centenary season. The players had boarded a bus to take them to training at Barrowfield. Standing at the front door, a Sierra comes racing up Kerrydale street and does a donut turn in the car park. A team of right heid the ba’s have windows doon and shouting and carrying on.



    Screeches to a halt, and Macca gets out.



    So the rumours of the nights in London and lateness on a monday were true.

  27. STEPHBHOY67 on 19TH JULY 2021 3:42 PM



    You are quite obviously not paying attention ! We HAVE arrived at Doomsday and all your FACTS are as nothing when compared to the OPINIONS of some CQN experts .

  28. SAINT STIVS on 19TH JULY 2021 3:45 PM



    Sierra Cosworth ?








    Oops ! Caps lock on :-)

  29. SAINT STIVS on 19TH JULY 2021 3:16 PM



    Half the team turned on him after the champions league exit cause he called them out. He then proceeded to play those same players failure after failure while not playing guys who were happy to play for the club, he was nothing short of a disaster last season and managed to piss off the want always and the want to stay, impressive going. Add the midseason trip away and losing key plays immediately prior to big games and it’s easy to see how the wheels came off




  30. STEPHBHOY, that was a very rational post, thanks for that.



    Meanwhile, que a meltdown for some –






    Ange Postecoglou reveals Leigh Griffiths is back in training and back available to play against Midtjylland.



    “Once Leigh came back into the squad and everything was settled – then he’s back to being a Celtic player and back being part of the squad”.