Anything beyond Midtjylland would require extraordinary work


The prospect of Midtjylland picking up tomorrow evening where Preston left off is enough to make this morning’s Champions League third qualifying round draw seem less of a priority.  In the event we overcome the Danes, we will face the winners of the PSV Eindhoven – Galatasaray second round tie.

Galatasaray are a month away from the start of the Turkish league, having played only two friendly games since their season closed two months ago.  They finished level on points with 2021 league winners, Beskitas, losing out by a single goal difference.  PSV finished second in the Netherlands, well behind Ajax, and have played four friendlies this month in preparation for facing Galatasaray on Wednesday.

At first glance, Midtjylland are as ill-prepared for the new season as we are, having appointed a manager only a week before Ange Postecoglou arrived at Celtic, and losing their opening league game at home to OB, who finished ninth last term.

Not so PSV and Galatasaray.  We have an extraordinary amount of work to do before meeting sides of that calibre with any confidence.  Beating Midtjylland would guarantee Europa League group stage participation, at the very least, and feels like an achievable objective.  Anything more is not to be included in budget forecasting.


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  1. ernie lynch on 19th July 2021 5:07 pm




    Maybe your obsession with cults has caused you to resort to sound bites and mantras and always assume that people are upset – strange – lighten up – it’s only a discussion forum. It is what it is.



  2. Tom



    on Nevin (and quite a few others), I am always baffled as to why they get any credence, just because they passed something at uni. The brilliant Brian McClair, now there is a guy with brains and acumen. He would be a smart appointment




  3. Incompetent Manager 5 Leugue titles got lucky with Rangers or whatever they get called,but when it came to Champions League and Europa ,and the Holy Grail the 10 he didn’t have a clue .

  4. SAINT STIVS on 19TH JULY 2021 12:24 PM


    And as we kick off and are in first round of today events lets take a look at the Old Moaners Leader Board.


    …. ……


    CQN’s self appointed censor. Leading candidate for Bore of the Year Award.

  5. cheers, thanks for that, very unusual for you , has your account been hacked , personal insults dearie me.

  6. I take it the internal investigation (likely a disciplinary investigation) into LG has been done? If there’s no case to answer then how do folk think celtic can get rid of him without paying up his contract in full or being taken to court or tribunal where LG would get his money but at significant cost over and above that in terms of legal representation?



    Apart from that he is entitled to due process. If he’s been found not to have acted improperly then why not take him back?

  7. Tom McLaughlin on

    Radio Clyde now claiming that “Ange admits Celtic’s fitness levels are not where he would like them to be heading into their crucial champions league qualifiers”.

  8. Tom McLaughlin on

    Saint Stivs –



    Nevin and McClair were best of mates and roomed together with Scotland.

  9. as misguided as Leigh is, and immature for sure, the way the incidents were reported smacked of malicious intent.

  10. Saint Stivs on 19th July 2021 5:25 pm





    on Nevin (and quite a few others), I am always baffled as to why they get any credence, just because they passed something at uni. The brilliant Brian McClair, now there is a guy with brains and acumen. He would be a smart appointment







    Brian McClair is not someone I had thought of, but yes, I can see the sense in that.

  11. STEBHOY on 19TH JULY 2021 4:28 PM


    ever get the feeling that someone/or persons on the Celtic board actually want us to fail??



    No.I do believe the majority of them are useless,with no clue on anything to do with the nuts and bolts of the game.A seat in the box,with full regalia on,seems to be the be all and end all for most of them.


    But you get what you deserve sometimes.John Reid,a Celtic FC,to the core chairman,hounded out of office through politics.To be honest,I could not name a Director,what job he has at Celtic,what job he hold full time,apart from the useless Bankier.

  12. Saint Stivs,



    Leigh has had way too many chances irrespective of him being portrayed wrongly or notly. :()



    Ange disnae need this issue as he has a Massive job to do.

  13. SS



    What happened to Brian McClair.I know ha was at Man.U. coaching and Scotland but he seems to have droppe off the radar.

  14. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    The time to consider letting Leigh go is when we are back on top banging in the goals, and not a second before, after all, no evidence of criminality has been found – in spite of their best efforts to find them,



    ..and if its Leigh banging in the goals then we keep him, if its someone else then thanks Leigh and the best of luck with your future career.

  15. Scullybhoy –


    listen to Brians podcast, it is brilliant, very funny, insightful.



    For us of a certain vintage, when the players were all getting the shaggy perms and highlights in the early 80s, I can remember when Brian came out on the park with his, he tells a great story about Tommy Burns seeing it for the first time.



    Choccy had it done, and it was a disaster, so he had to put up with it till it grew out.


    He sits in the same spot in the dressing room, the wee cubby bit just inside the door.



    No one is tormenting him yet about the hair, when TB comes in the door, Takes a look at him puts his hands up like paws and gives a big Lions roar.



    Choccy said it went on for weeks.

  16. vinniethedog on



    I don’t believe at the end of this window unless we sign some ready made hard nosed pros and the huns get rid of a few ….we will have a bigger wage bill ….in fact I think there’s will be significantly bigger than ours……the team that started on Sat mist have been the cheapest in 25 years wage wise !!!……

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    Griffiths is a disgrace as a professional and a disgrace to what Celtic used to stand for. No striker or not, he should be as far away for our club as possible.



    And for those calling him misguided or immature, take a good look at yourselves.

  18. Tom McLaughlin on

    When I was buying my first house in the Motherwell area circa 1987 I viewed a nice detatched bungalow in Airdrie. It was owned by Brian McClair. Never met him, only the agent. I didn’t put in a bid.

  19. SLÁINTE ANGE on 19TH JULY 2021 3:05 AM



    I watched a bit of the USA v Canada Gold Cup match and it got me wondering if Celtic are scouting in Canada. It could be a decent market for an experienced internationalists (for ease of meeting work permit issues), and no language barrier.



    *I posted about Dawyne De Rosario recently, one of Canada’s finest players, who was offered a place at AC Milan when he was 14 but thought he was too young at the time tae leave home, he ended up a couple of years later at FSV Zwickau but left there also with a Jamaican born Canadian due tae the blatant racism they encountered and that was from their own team mates.



    He came over tae us for a trial during the MLS winter break but even though we were very keen on him, pairing him up with Sammy, TFC didnae want tae lose him.



    The biggest problem there is the MLS actually own the players and if they don’t want tae release them then oor teas oot which is what may have happened tae the last two septic tanks we had.



    As it was he had only good things tae say about us In fact the only former Celt that he bad mouthed was a durty wee two faced lyin bassa who stated he would rather quit the game than pull the hoops on, Big Billy should have ensured he did after doing a Gerry McNee on him.

  20. And for those calling him misguided or immature, take a good look at yourselves.



    I had a good look at myself there. wee, fat rapidly balding, but yip its definately still me. H

  21. McClair transfer was one that went to arbitration, Celtic wanted £2m i think, Utd offerd 500k, and the tribunal set it at 850k.



    Ferguson talked about it as his biggest steal in football.

  22. Tom McLaughlin on

    According to L’Equipe:



    Rennes defender Sacha Boey (20) rejects Celtic due to the presence of foreign intermediaries.