Anything beyond Midtjylland would require extraordinary work


The prospect of Midtjylland picking up tomorrow evening where Preston left off is enough to make this morning’s Champions League third qualifying round draw seem less of a priority.  In the event we overcome the Danes, we will face the winners of the PSV Eindhoven – Galatasaray second round tie.

Galatasaray are a month away from the start of the Turkish league, having played only two friendly games since their season closed two months ago.  They finished level on points with 2021 league winners, Beskitas, losing out by a single goal difference.  PSV finished second in the Netherlands, well behind Ajax, and have played four friendlies this month in preparation for facing Galatasaray on Wednesday.

At first glance, Midtjylland are as ill-prepared for the new season as we are, having appointed a manager only a week before Ange Postecoglou arrived at Celtic, and losing their opening league game at home to OB, who finished ninth last term.

Not so PSV and Galatasaray.  We have an extraordinary amount of work to do before meeting sides of that calibre with any confidence.  Beating Midtjylland would guarantee Europa League group stage participation, at the very least, and feels like an achievable objective.  Anything more is not to be included in budget forecasting.


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  1. celticforever on

    Did anyone hear Christie actually say he wanted to leave or


    is it everyone believeing the SMSM with what his dad


    supposedly said



    Reason I am asking is that when properly coached with Rodgers


    team he was arguably our best player



    As opposed to last season when he wasnt coached and was running


    around like a headless chicken and seemingly having taken a preference


    to rugby given that 90% of his shots ended up in Row Z



    I notice that he is included in Ange squad for Europe and wondered if some


    proper coaching might see him come good this season

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Rolling Stone ….






    Swiss Ramble always a good read.



    Perhaps worth clarifying ….



    1. Swiss Ramble interrogates published data. He/she is not in the business of challenging the underlying info.



    This is not to diminish his/her work’s efficacy or value.



    But if the accounts are BS the excellent analysis will be based on that BS.



    2. These data are up to 19/20 – basically the one year period which included only the first month of restrictions.

  3. Rolling_Stone on




    Firstly, SwissRamble is a well regarded blogger and covers the financials of various leagues. He’s also clearly well informed on the interpretation of accounts and financial information. So I don’t think we have to doubt the veracity of his conclusions.



    That being said:



    The specific page of his thread which I directed you to set out various numbers in relation to Celtic’s European earnings; more specifically, TV earnings. Here is an extract of his background on the table shown:



    “Reaching the Champions League group stage can make a big difference to Scottish clubs, e.g. the last time #CelticFC managed this in 2018 they received £30m TV money. On top of that, a club would have higher gate receipts and an uplift from performance bonuses in commercial deals.”



    It clearly shows in the table that we made £26/£30m in European Tv revenue in BR season 1 and 2 and £10/£11m in European Tv revenue in BR season 3/Neil season 1. I.e comparison between CL and Europa TV earnings.



    So a £16/£20m difference in TV revenue for us. So if Sevco qualify they will likely have £20m greater revenue than they do now – CL TV money has increased since 17/18. It may not mean they have a turnover of £20m more than ours, but it will be more than ours nonetheless.



    Please enlighten me as to how I’ve reached an incorrect conclusion.



    Specific page below for ref:



  4. KC VIC on 20TH JULY 2021 11:28 AM



    Thanks, I’ll look out that podcast



    It’s not controversial to suggest that Celtic operate towards the more cautious side of the spectrum of financial management. There’s no perfect cunning plan and it’s served us well over a long period but in football there will always be a tension between the long-term security of the business and the short-term wishes of the fans.



    The Huns operate at the other end of the spectrum, although they have had the security of shareholders willing to put their hands in their own pockets this time round, instead of other peoples’.

  5. For hesitate © Ange, see Celtic dither.



    The transfer situation has been out of kilter at Celtic long before supporters even heard the name Ange Postecoglu. We didn’t even have a January 21, window because the board had given up by December, and it’s been left to fester June to June. We were going to try and change big, but got bitten by Eddie Howe and the bizarre notion to give him the summer to come up with his no.



    Plugging the sieve for the CL qualifiers wasn’t even an option when it took so long, some say since Ferencvaros, and we’ve now proceeded with the punt and , £5M tops player that’ll come to Parkhead for a miserly 20K a week, that used to sustain the Larssons no less.



    The landscape has changed, but the window is open for new Celtic heroes beyond Midtjylland and inevitable dreary Sunday league games. With Tynecastle on the horizon see Kyogo Furuhashi for Scott Sinclair.

  6. CELTICFOREVER on 20TH JULY 2021 11:35 AM



    Under Brendan young Ryan came back bulked up a little from being a skelf and fitted with Duracell batteries ran about bonkers for 4 of 5 months …. There was no specific coaching I could detect …. It was impossible for Ryan to keep running about crazy so gradually over time he levelled off.



    Ryan still runs about but to less effect , he frequently over commits and couldn’t tackle a rice pudding, occasional spectacular goal



    He is too frail / slight to play in the EPL in my view and now seems to want too many touches on the ball , seems to me it has nothing to do with coaching and just what is going on between his ears …. Just feels like a Stewart Armstrong thing …. Got a game , got a move

  7. squire danaher on

    FANADPATRIOT on 20TH JULY 2021 11:55 AM


    Sevco to have 17,000 at opening league game 🤷🏻‍♂️






    Over to you Mr McKay



    Get it dealt with or take your seat up the back of the bus with the rest of them.

  8. Crowd numbers — the SG / GCC are playing games to wind us up and keep the TFOD2.1 Klanbase happy.


    It will be interesting to see how the number progress over the season — we have the bigger ground so our numbers should be bigger across the patch.



    I fear we will start to seen the number of gates / covered exits on Janefield Street to keep our numbers down.

  9. Celtic40me at 1148



    I listen to the podcast on Spotify, usually 2x a week although they are on holiday for 2 weeks from last weekend. Big back catalogue, though, so plenty there. They love a Derby story. Sheffield Wednesday and Notts forest get regular mentions. Ownership changes, structures and financing are common themes though they take questions from listeners on any and all footie finance topics. It’s run by Kevin Day ( crystal palace , comedian and everyman ) and Keiran Maguire (Brighton, lecturer at Liverpool university and brainy guy).It’s free though you can make a contribution via patreon.



    Agree. Think we have been bent out of shape for over 12 months and need tangible results in pursuit of the strategy.

  10. ROLLING_STONE on 20TH JULY 2021 11:46 AM






    “Firstly, SwissRamble is a well regarded blogger and covers the financials of various leagues. He’s also clearly well informed on the interpretation of accounts and financial information. So I don’t think we have to doubt the veracity of his conclusions.”



    I know who he is, I’ve been following him for years. I’m not doubting the veracity of his conclusions I’m doubting the veracity of yours.



    He uses the 30m figure to highlight the big differences in income between the cL and the europa he doesn’t suggest that will be the numbers for this year. That was your assumption



    Based on the distribution report published on the Uefa website here’s a breakdown of how qualification for the CL and the Europa might add up in prize money. It’s based on the Huns qualifying for the CL and winning 1 game and drawing 2, and us winning 2 and drawing 2 and finishing second in the Europa league groups. The Huns would have a lower coefficient payout in the Europa but if they repeated their performance of last season they’d earn an extra 3m on top



    CL based on qualification, 1 win 2 draws



    In €m


    Participation fee – 15.25


    Performance-based fixed amount – 4.5


    Co-efficient – 5


    Tv Pool – 2


    Total – €26.75m = £22.5



    Europa League based on qualification, 2 wins, 2 draws and a second place finish. No progress beyond the last 32 (Celtic)



    Participation fee – 3.63


    Performance-based fixed amount – 2.7


    Coefficient- 3


    TV pool – 1


    Total – €10.33 = £8.78



    Europa League based on the Huns performance last year



    Participation fee – 3.63


    Performance-based fixed amount – 7.4


    Coefficient- 2.2


    TV pool – 1



    Total €14.63=£12m



    Going by the published information on the uefa website based on a few basic assumptions the difference between the Huns participation in the CL and ours for this season purely in terms of prize money would be £14m



    Between participation in the CL for them for this season and the Europa based on last season the difference is around £10m



    You could argue that there will be an uplift in ticket revenue between the two competitions but it’s three home games, who knows how many fans will be in the grounds and they already charge a big amount for the Europa league so the difference is likely to be minimal



    What won’t be minimal will be the costs associated with cL qualification. Significantly higher than for the Europa, millions.



    Your statement, based on the tweet was: “ interesting to see figures re CL vs Europa League Participation. Basically a £16-20m difference”



    It’s not, and his figures never suggested that



    Likely to be nearer 10m between them and us if they qualify and we don’t



    Likely to be an uplift of around £7m for them between CL and Europa using their performance last season

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