Anywhere but Warsaw


My thought on looking at our potential opponents this morning was ‘Anywhere but Warsaw’.  Our man Zbyszek tells me Legia were awful in the first leg in Warsaw against St Pat’s, where they drew 1-1 courtesy of a late goal, but we’ve been there.  Henrik Larsson & Co. drew 0-0 against St Pat’s at Celtic Park before winning 0-2 in the return leg.  St Patrick’s have a big job ahead if they are to progress.

A trip to Ireland on Champions League qualification duty for the second year running would suit Celtic, especially our Irish-based supporters, but my money is on a more testing trip to Poland; Ronny’s pulse should have quickened on the news.

Zbyszek doesn’t reckon have what it takes to eliminate Celtic. All being equal, that may be the case, but summer football will be unpredictable for both clubs.

I am, of course, being completely disrespectful to KR Reykjavik, who we annihilate next week.

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    I’ll celebrate our results in the qualifiers only once we have got through!

  2. Weel done Bobbio M!



    Great interview from Henke on last thread….


    my wee bhoy is 9. only saw KoK play in a legends match.


    but he was reared on tales of Henke and there’s a great youtube montage with a cracking soundtrack featuring Good Charlotte and Jimmy Eat World if memory serves…..to this day if you play those tooons he immediately says…HENRIK!






    HH jamesgang




  3. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    Interview with KoK in a German magazine the other day.



    Excuse the online translator!








    Legend Henrik Larsson, Ronaldinho, Celtic and life


    With waving dreadlocks he captured the hearts of fans who kicks his defender, he put away without complaint. For our aktulle 11FREUNDE issue # 152 we met Henrik Larsson for great career interview and had to say: The real pain waiting for the Sweden anyway in real life.



    Interview: Benjamin Kuhlhoff



    Henrik Larsson, You once said: “Before every kickoff I think: Soon it will hurt,” How much pain you have endured during your career?



    Physical pain is one thing worse was the psychological stress.



    You mean the pressure to always Work?



    defender trying to get you by all means out of the concept. If you einsteigst on their game, you lose. So I suppressed my feelings. When I was fouled, I immediately stood up and pointed: “You can not hurt me,” This self-control was the most painful ever..



    way you have had a reputation as a gentleman player. ? Did you know any dirty tricks



    Once the ball was in the vicinity, I found plenty of ways to show opponents their limits.



    Famous They were also by Her trademark long dreadlocks. Was this hairstyle is not terribly inconvenient?



    I was young and I loved my hair. Many opponents drove them to distraction. The nineties were not the most tolerant time in football. I was a godsend.



    chased you because of your hair?



    They left at least no opportunity to berate me for it. They laughed, called me a asocial or attracted to the dreads.



    yet you remained calm.



    I did not hear back and smiled kindly at my opponents instead. This made her angrier and brought them out of the concept.



    Who was your toughest opponent?



    Craig Moore of Glasgow Rangers. He yelled at me 90 minutes and kicked me across the lawn and tried everything to get into my head. But one has to hand it to him: He never complained when he himself has a beating. And I caught him a few times really hard.



    Where did you learn to fight back?



    All my life people have told me that I could not do certain things because I was small and slight. No one believed me, because my father only a sailor from Cape Verde and my mother was a factory worker. I always had to earn respect – on the playground and on the lawn. I learned: If you do not defend yourself, you’re fair game.



    Did you compensated in football things that you had to endure in real life?



    I have experienced things that I could have done without: racism, insults, blows of fate. But that is part of life. . I have not played against a great rage, but for my dream



    Colin Hendry, once lanky central defender the Rangers, once said: “If I play against Larsson, I feel small and clueless.”



    Really? Is there a better compliment for a Celtic player? (Laughs.)



    In the game you were the resolute Schweiger, privately you are considered Jester. How many rolls you had as a football player actually play?



    Two, in addition to my role as a player I was also a media person. As a footballer, everyone wants something from you. This extreme form of attention but you have to correctly assess, not to be arrogant.



    missing many professionals this humility?



    For example, in early 2000 I was for a few days in New York. Because I was used to that I am asked to sign autographs, I put on a cap and sunglasses. But no one recognized me! I understood that my disguise was pretty silly, and witnessed something that had become a stranger to me. Freedom



    Amazing that you saw no one, after all, was your star at the 1994 World Cup in the United States permanently, as sensationally with the Swedish national team Third were. In the quarterfinals against Romania They achieved their first goal.



    on penalties after five shooters there were still no decision and coach Tommy Svensson said to me: “You’re next,” I was 22 and was shaking all over. I did not want to be the one who ended our World Cup dream. Patrik Andersson had probably recognized how anxious I was. He handed me a small metal box and said, “Take some.”



    What was in there?



    chewing tobacco. The stuff was coming down me. (Laughs.) I met, and we reached the semi-finals.



    Page 2: Henrik Larsson on weeping fans and the nervous Ronaldinho



    In 1997, they changed from Feyenoord Rotterdam to Glasgow Celtic. Your most important transfer?



    I was looking for a new adventure. Celtic was a mythical club which fascinated me.



    Can you put into words what is the significance of the association for his fans?



    During my first year, the Rangers could have been champions for the tenth time in a row. On the penultimate day we had the chance to snatch them this historic title, and even become champions. But we only played draw, the title race was open again. After the game, I noticed an old man in his arms and wept. He kept saying: “You must get this shit title for us,” I realized that you do not play only for himself and his team, but for the people who live for this club.. A week later we won the title.



    At Celtic you scored 174 goals in 221 games. The fans call the “King of Kings”. When did you get with that fans had you in their hearts?



    I have not seen the beginning. One day I called my older brother and told that he had seen a child in a Celtic jersey. On the back it was my number. The Seven. It read, “God!”



    Did you love the fans pressured?



    For me it was strange that people up posters of me or take my jersey. But I did not become a professional. I just wanted to play at the highest possible level football. Today flatters me this devotion of course. I am happy that I could do other so much pleasure.



    Did you ever asked yourself why the fans just had you chosen as the “king”?



    My Goals were certainly a reason. The idea that the collective is above the individual, was part of the Swedish culture in which I grew up. I’ve transferred it to my game. Even though I was more talented than others, I’ve done the dirty work. So some fans recognize instantly. Also, I lived by the motto: Be honest. Before you lie, just prefer the flap!



    With Celtic They played regularly in the European Cup and became a regular in the Swedish national team. They finally arrived on the big stage.



    I found my inner peace and felt my self-confidence grew. Until then, I had often asked myself, “Am I even good enough to be professional,” Now I knew:. “Am I fit, there is no way past me,” Freed from self-doubt, I could free even on the field unfold. Of this I had always dreamed of.



    A self that is reminiscent of your compatriot Zlatan Ibrahimovic.



    His ego would be worthless if it did not have these incredible abilities. Talent you just can not fake. But he also stands for a change in our society. In my day was the team over the individual, today govern the individualists. But without any team has no chance – in football as in life.



    Did you ever met a more assertive player than Ibrahimovic?



    Martin Dahlin. At him from any criticism bubbled. If he covered his jersey, he always said, “Today I’m going to meet anyway,” He kept very often right..



    Together they have played with numerous world stars. Who was the best?



    Ronaldinho. He saw gaps where others would have long given up. When he had the ball at his feet, he was the happiest man. In each workout. 98 percent of the days he beamed, and that’s an understatement. When he arrived in the morning in the cabin, you were automatically in a good mood.



    Did you know him better?



    When we met on my first day at Barcelona, he was very excited and told how he had me admired at the 1994 World Cup. His eyes were shining. I thought he teased me, but he said: “You are my role model, Henke” From then on he called me “Ídolo”, ie idol!. Is not that bizarre?



    Page 3: Henrik Larsson about the party of his life and his darkest hour



    Together they won in 2006 with FC Barcelona the Champions League. In the final against Arsenal you were not loaded until the 61st minute when the score was 0:1. 15 minutes later she prepared the 1:1 of Samuel Eto’o. Then came your grand entrance.



    Nine minutes before the final whistle, I saw Juliano Belleti launched into the box, and played to him. He scored the 2:1 and screamed into the night sky, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God, “The whole team rushed up to him, all dams broke, Eto’o wept for joy. We were the kings of Europe.



    After the final whistle was seen cheering you alone with the Barça fans.



    It was pure coincidence. I thought that my teammates would run with me to the fans. When I turned around, I was alone – the others were already at the awards ceremony.



    Did the Barça stars not about how to celebrate?



    The party afterwards was the best of my life – and the first on which I was completely sober. My wife was there, to my big brother, my best friends. I had sworn to myself that I will absorb every moment of the evening.



    The best moment of the evening?



    My wife and I left the last to the party location. Outside it was already bright, and the doorman offered to drive us in his van to the hotel. We sat between empty bottles and buckets of paint and drove through Paris. My wife began to sing: “Campeones, Campeones, Olé, Olé, Olé”. At the hotel arrived, she sang simply and sonicated throughout the courtyard: “Campeones, Campeones”. Suddenly a window opened, Thiago Motta stuck out the cup and joined in: “Olé, Olé, Olé”. Then came Mark van Bommel, Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Deco at their windows. All sang with. Perhaps the best moment of my career.



    Nicer than any scoring?



    Know the feeling when you can unpack as a child his birthday presents?



    It is excited.



    Shortly before I scored a goal, I felt this childish excitement. An amazing feeling. Only once I could not look forward to.



    Allow us guess: Less than 100 days after you had left Celtic in 2004 in the direction of



    Barcelona, scored in the Champions League for FC Barcelona a goal against Celtic.


    Seven years they have been in Celtic Park after every goal of mine played the theme song from “The Magnificent Seven”. This time it was dead silent, some viewers even whistled. I would prefer sunk in the ground.



    doing so, you had just done your job.



    I owe everything Celtic. The club has paid for my house, made me financially independent and can become the person I am today. I loved the Celtic fans! And that night I stabbed them with my gate to the heart. But I was at that moment happens to players of FC Barcelona.



    Henrik Larsson, You have won almost every major title in Europe and played at the biggest clubs. What was the darkest hour in your career?



    The 6th June 2009. According to an international match against Denmark, I sat in the cab. A supervisor gave me my phone and said I should immediately call my wife. I replied that I wanted to take a shower yet. He only said, “It is serious,” My first thought was that something had happened to our children!.



    On this day your younger brother died at the age of only 35 years.



    He was a drug addict for years. We knew this day would come. I had to watch as he perished, and could do nothing. I, the football star, who was celebrated throughout Europe, who felt invincible, was helpless. I had everything, he lived in hell. In these moments, I realized that football, my purpose in life is unimportant. I decided to end my career.



    Subsequently, they criticized the Swedish media for their behavior.



    They earned money with our suffering. This has disgusted me. Journalists always demanded of me that I conduct myself professionally, because I was a role model for many. But in this situation, they have dropped their mask. What about their own role models?



    What did you find most shocking?



    The evening papers already subtitled “Larsson’s brother found dead,” when I was still on the court. So the whole country knew before I learned it. Journalists besieged our house, my parents were watching on and tried by all means to get information. I would have endured it, but my family was at their mercy defenseless. I’ll never forgive some people.



    Which relationship you had before his death to your brother?



    every day I have been thinking about him and still do it today. Uncertainty – How is he? Where is he now? – Has devoured me. However, no doctor and no amount of money could get rid of his demons. He even changed his name to protect me from his life.



    How small is the career if you have experienced this?



    I have seen how my parents aged by ten years, when they carried her son to the grave. I would every title, every damn gate and every day of my career, trade, when my brother would stay healthy among us. But we can not. This pain will always remain.








    Aye,it was a belter of an interview. Grateful thanks to RICHIE.



    But I must admit,I thought Henrik spoke better English than that!

  5. Bobby



    Henke could tell it in several languages while walking on water!



    But he let his feet do the talking and saved his tongue for sticking it oot!



    Joke on the youtube comments about someone arriving at the big gates and asking about the ghuy with the dreads scoring goals for fun and sticking oot his tongue.



    Is that Henke? No it’s God with a wig on, pretending to be him!



    HH jamesgang



    PS I now await the storm of CQN debate as to whether or not God would actually have dreads of his own!





    Strange that my post thanking you for the Henrik interview,and a repost of same,came up in Quick Succession.



    An omen?

  7. Jeezo Paul,



    By your usual uber-measured standards that last line was pure bombast!



    Someone put Red Bull in your Frosties this morning!!!???!!!






    HH jamesgang





    That’s me!



    Been a while,I just like to pop up now and again with my usual nonsense.



    Back to the controversial stuff later.



    How is the jewel of the West Coast today?



    Or don’t you care,the inside of the pub is nice and cosy!

  9. Don’t know much about the Danish side but on the face of it this looked like the toughest draw. Would have been OK for the playoff round (which will be extremely tough!) but is a difficult draw for this round.

  10. Henrik, Jesus and Swally are out for a wander and come across a flowing river.


    Jesus challenges the other two to walk on water over the river. They both accept the challenge. Henrik goes first and skips across the water to the other side.


    Swally goes next and is swept away by the current.


    Jesus skips across the water and says to Henrik ‘I guess he didn’t see the stepping stones!’ Henrik replies ‘What stepping stones?’



    That’s me for the day.




  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Anywhere but Warsaw


    Oldtim is that us P67 is alluding to?

  12. “I am, of course, being completely disrespectful to KR Reykjavik, who we [will] annihilate next week.”



    Indeed. Like we annihilated them in Reykjavik… 28 shots at goal to their 3. That is a shot at goal by Celtic about every three minutes. Pro-rata, if we can get a shot away every 60 seconds, we should “annihilate” them 3-0.



    We’ll have to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of our shooting if we are to prosper in the season ahead.



    Over to you Ronny!

  13. BMCUW/Starry



    Good because I’ll be back for the second leg but bad because I’ll miss the trip to Ireland. Cheers gents.





    Quick diversion to The Blane Valley sounds like more fun and less money!

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Are the bhoys out and about today?


    Haven’t been on for couple of days.

  16. BMCUW



    Blowing a gale here today.



    Off for a pub lunch with her indoors and ‘the teenager.’





    I took the last line of the article as being tongue-in-cheek,not bombastic.



    I suppose the interpretation is down to the reader. Many misunderstandings happen thus in print.



    “F..k it” probably has about 500 ways of being interpreted in speech,but only one by the person reading it at the time.



    Maybe that’s why the smiley was invented…





    I believe so. But don’t tell the missus I told you!



    Head her in the direction of Marks and Spencer then suddenly be choking for a slash.



    I hear that method works!!

  19. Richie #TeamOscarForever



    Great interview






    So Henrik who was the best Rangers player you played against?



    Do you regret signing for the Tarriers rather than the mighty blues?



    How much better would you have been if Walter was your manager?



    How many of the goals you sclaffed against the gers were offside or just pure luck?

  20. Zbyszek



    Our draw against (possibly) Legia got me looking at the Polish league. What are your thoughts on Łukasz Teodorczyk – seems like a good size, good athlete and scores goal – potential as a Celtic number 9?

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