Anywhere but Warsaw


My thought on looking at our potential opponents this morning was ‘Anywhere but Warsaw’.  Our man Zbyszek tells me Legia were awful in the first leg in Warsaw against St Pat’s, where they drew 1-1 courtesy of a late goal, but we’ve been there.  Henrik Larsson & Co. drew 0-0 against St Pat’s at Celtic Park before winning 0-2 in the return leg.  St Patrick’s have a big job ahead if they are to progress.

A trip to Ireland on Champions League qualification duty for the second year running would suit Celtic, especially our Irish-based supporters, but my money is on a more testing trip to Poland; Ronny’s pulse should have quickened on the news.

Zbyszek doesn’t reckon have what it takes to eliminate Celtic. All being equal, that may be the case, but summer football will be unpredictable for both clubs.

I am, of course, being completely disrespectful to KR Reykjavik, who we annihilate next week.

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  1. Commons.. oan 8 mins.. Pass fae . Pukki..



    Wham bam..



    Celtic 1 Dresden0







  2. Great break down the wing. cross reaches pukki back to goal can’t turn on it but he sets it up for Kris. Great goal.

  3. Kayal.. Gonna Prove Kojo..is Right.. as Usual..



    Yes.. Kayal ,is Playing like a Tiger??



    Why no…Yes.. a Tiger..n a Hungry Wan ,tae




  4. Gordon Very Composed..n Assured..




    He wull Be a WORTHY Replacement fur Forster..



    Ah like his Style.. Confidence.. Personified..







  5. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Biton excellent pass puts Kayal through. Wrongly pulled back for offside. Well on.

  6. Dresden ur a Very Good Team



    They are a Top Side..’




    Great Game..so faur.




  7. Belated Congratulations To The People’s Republic Of North Korea…



    For Their Magnificent Victory Over Brazil….



    In The World Cup Final….



    Congratulations Also To Kim Jong IL



    For A Magnificent Hat-Trick….



    Worthy Winner Of The Golden Boot..



    Brazil 1. North Korea 8 FT.



    (First Team To Win Every Game In The Competition)



    They’re Singin’ An’ Dancin’ Oan The Streets Of….



    (Youtube Sent Me The Original Video….But It Has Now Been Taken Down From The Site….!!



    Did The Dear Leader Threaten To Send Some Missiles Their Way..? )




    Here’s ANOTHER Video (Not As Good!)








  8. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Great first half….Pukki keeps getting himself into great scoring positions, but the ball into him has always been disappointing…..CG is having a fine debut

  9. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    If our new manager continues to develop this offensive strategy, he will do very well at our Club