Anywhere but Warsaw


My thought on looking at our potential opponents this morning was ‘Anywhere but Warsaw’.  Our man Zbyszek tells me Legia were awful in the first leg in Warsaw against St Pat’s, where they drew 1-1 courtesy of a late goal, but we’ve been there.  Henrik Larsson & Co. drew 0-0 against St Pat’s at Celtic Park before winning 0-2 in the return leg.  St Patrick’s have a big job ahead if they are to progress.

A trip to Ireland on Champions League qualification duty for the second year running would suit Celtic, especially our Irish-based supporters, but my money is on a more testing trip to Poland; Ronny’s pulse should have quickened on the news.

Zbyszek doesn’t reckon have what it takes to eliminate Celtic. All being equal, that may be the case, but summer football will be unpredictable for both clubs.

I am, of course, being completely disrespectful to KR Reykjavik, who we annihilate next week.

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  1. Mon The Hoops! on

    jobo baldie


    17:55 on 18 July, 2014


    Look out your own windows!





    Just have mate. It’s looking bleak and overcast with a strong amount of obnoxious wind emanating from the darkside.


    Forecast is not looking good in the short-term either, unfortunately…




  2. The team are called St Patricks Athletic or St Pats to their fans .not now not ever” St Paddys” simple enough really

  3. Beautiful sunny evening in York, cold beers in the fridge, unfortunately still at work…

  4. Not getting involved in the politics.


    But judging only on the football think Biton will turn out to be a great player.

  5. *groans*




    It’s a cluster-fun of multi-monikered trolling sleekits…..

  6. Absolutely astonished at the following story……..



    A MAN has appeared in court charged with murdering Kevin “Gerbil” Caroll more than four years ago.



    William Paterson, is accused of repeatedly shooting and killing 29-year-old Mr Carroll outside Asda in Robroyston on January 13, 2010.



    Paterson, whose address was given as present whereabouts unknown, has also been charged with possessing a Ruger .357 Magnum gun and 9mm self loading pistol.



    It is also alleged that he attempted to defeat the ends of justice by wilfully setting fire to a car and concealing two handguns in shrubbery at an area at the back of Coatbridge library in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire.



    He faces a fourth charge of stealing a car on September 22, 2009 in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.



    He appeared in private at Glasgow Sheriff Court and made no plea or declaration.



    Paterson was remanded in custody by sheriff Kenneth Mitchell and will appear again next week for full committal.



    His defence lawyer Calum Ross refused to comment on the case.






    I mean they are telling us there is a library in Coatbridge………



    Scottish MSM take things a wee bit too far sometimes!!

  7. Favourite Celtic goal seen in the flesh?



    Henrik 1-0 v St Johnstone stopping the 10…. Harold a close second..

  8. South Of Tunis on

    Tuneless and Clueless .



    The Term -Racist .



    Coined by an American — long before Trotsky used the word . You really need to stop relying on loony tune fundamentalist web sites for your ” facts.” They are working to an agenda ,just like you ..

  9. yorkbhoy



    Don’t know if I’d say your choice was my favourite but it was certainly the most important.

  10. HT


    Favourite/most important anything to getting some good stories on the site rather than the ramblings of idiots (smiley face thing)

  11. Yorkbhoy



    Henrik’s third in the League Cup Final against Kilmarnock 2001?



    Ran from the halfway line and rolled the ball under his foot to round the keeper



    Happened right in front of me




  12. yorkbhoy



    Indeed mate. Ignore the rubber nuts and set a different agenda.



    I think my favourite may have been Macka’s winner in the 1988 cup final.

  13. Yorkybhoy



    Joe Miller 1989 Scottish Cup final.


    Stopped them doing the treble.

  14. Where I was when Henrik scored against St J you could see as soon as it left his foot it was going in. I thought we were going to score 5 that day…

  15. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Favourite Celtic goal seen in the flesh


    Too many of Henriks to mentionThommo or big Suttons late deadclub skelpers,so my latest fav is wee Jamsies late winner agaist Karagandy last season,as it was shared with No2 daughterand is an experience I will never forget.

  16. Thinking Jock Weir might have scored the most important goal ever from a Hoops player?



    The pivotal game was against Dundee away from home in April 1948, and to say that morale was likely to be low is a bit of an understatement. The club had just suffered three heavy defeats to Hibs (2-4) and Third Lanark twice (1-5, 1-3) conceding 12 goals, leaving us with the mathematical possibility of being relegated. The position going into this game was as follows:



    Position Team Played Points




    12 Celtic 29 23


    13 Morton 27 23


    14 Queen of the South 29 23


    15 Airdrie 27 20


    16 Queen’s Park 29 17



    As a measure of desperation, Celtic brought back veteran Bobby Hogg to play, even though he had hardly played all season and was at the end of his career as a footballer.



    The unlikely saviour was Jock Weir who had been bought for just £7,000 back in Feb 1948. He’d opened the scoring with a goal after 14mins, but Dundee had then scored to make it level going into half-time. Then after the break, Dundee had gone two-one up to sink the hearts of the Celtic support. Then late on Jock Weir popped up with an equaliser, and with only minutes to go Weir miraculously grabbed a winner in the final two minutes to seal a hat-trick for himself. It was to be a relieving victory for the club to safeguard our situation.



    The Celtic fans celebrated as if we had just won the league. It shouldn’t hide the fact that Celtic were poor, but humiliation was averted.



    Incredibly, Jock Weir hadn’t really impressed as a goal scorer before this match, so what a time for him to repay back his transfer fee. Notably, for this game he was moved positions to ‘outside-right’ from his usual forward position. Outside-right had been his favoured position at Blackburn Rovers but Celtic had persisted in playing him as a centre-forward






    Too often too many seem to discuss Celtic and Rangers as having held the monopoly perennially over Scottish football and this case clearly illustrates that that is patently a load of nonsense. The rise of Celtic many years later was due to the hard work and the devotion of those involved (in particular Jock Stein and Sean Fallon), and the relative demise of the Edinburgh sides in later years, who had both pushed Rangers in these post-war years for dominance of the Scottish game, was all of their own making.



    One benefit is that this created a shock to the system within Celtic that led to some reform, piecemeal that it was in the end. A new respected trainer Jimmy Hogan was brought in, and Charlie Tully and Bobby Collins were bought to shore up the squad. It didn’t take us back to the top quickly but it did help push us back up the table a few notches. It was to be a long time before we were to really regain our pride back under Jock Stein as manager, although there were some great times during the 1950’s as well (e.g. league & cup double of 1953-54).








    Brown, Follon, Irvine, Gallacher, Gray, Boyd, Gunn, Pattillo, Stewart, Ewen, Mackay


    Dundee scorers: Ewen (44), Mackay (60)





    Miller, Hogg, Mallan, Evans, Corbett, McAuley, Weir, McPhail, Lavery, Gallacher, Paton


    Celtic scorers: Weir (14, 67, 88)



    Ref:Mr Scott of Paisley


    Att: 31,000






    Match Report (see below)





    Match Pictures







    More pages






    Mobile | Full Website

  17. Henke’s goal when he tore Boaby FTP Malcolm a new one and lobbed Klos…..




    Unbridled joy!

  18. Personal favourite Celtic goal seen in the flesh?



    Alan Stubbs injury time equalising header v Deadclub ….November 1997



    The goal that really stopped the 10

  19. normanstreet49 on

    Richie #TeamOscarForever


    12:09 on


    18 July, 2014



    Richie, thanks for sharing the KoK post….


    To me Henrik is amongst the top three ever greatest players to pull on the hoops…..


    Your post just confirmed it.



  20. pheersy



    18:50 on 18 July, 2014



    Favourite Celtic goal seen in the flesh



    Murdo’s in the 4-2 game 1979..




    Agreed 100% mate.



    If truth be told, it’s probably ‘thee’ best and most enjoyed



    Celtic goal outside of Lisbon. imho



    If in doubt?



    Just ask anybody who was in the Jungle that night.



    Hail Hail

  21. Bankiebhoy



    Genius, absolute genius but still not my favourite Henke goal!!

  22. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on






    18:54 on



    18 July, 2014








    Indeed mate. Ignore the rubber nuts and set a different agenda.



    I think my favourite may have been Macka’s winner in the 1988 cup final.



    Never seen it in the flesh as I had spent all my money on bevvy that day but remember 18 full Tims in a mates house exploding with joy as it hit the net.

  23. Leftclicktic



    I’d only missed two games that entire season but it only dawned on me the night before the game that I didn’t have a ticket!!



    I ended up with a spare at half 2 :-)

  24. Best goal seen in the flesh: George Connolly’s goal in 1969 Cup a final massacre.

  25. Big Billy´s winner in the ’65 final.He was about nearly five feet off the ground when he met Charlie Gallagher’ s corner.



    That was the goal which set up a decade of dominance

  26. normanstreet49 on

    Talking of favourite goals……


    Frank McGarvey….. 1985 ( I hope) scottish cup final winner…..


    I was a wee Glasgow lad living in Montrose……


    Surrounded by currant buns (mostly my flat mate and very good friend) and the dundee tims…..


    We was down one nil, then Provan pulled one back with a few mins to go…..


    Then my wee hero Frankie bhoy from Easterhouse, realises all our boyhood dreams and nets the winner with a diving header and the rest they say is history….


    Thank you Frank, thank you Celtic…..


    I had a wonerderful day that day…. with the most beautiful girl….


    ahhhhh the memories…… great……



  27. iPaddy McCourt on

    I wonder how many good posters have chucked this site because it’s become a platform for racist trolls?

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