Anywhere but Warsaw


My thought on looking at our potential opponents this morning was ‘Anywhere but Warsaw’.  Our man Zbyszek tells me Legia were awful in the first leg in Warsaw against St Pat’s, where they drew 1-1 courtesy of a late goal, but we’ve been there.  Henrik Larsson & Co. drew 0-0 against St Pat’s at Celtic Park before winning 0-2 in the return leg.  St Patrick’s have a big job ahead if they are to progress.

A trip to Ireland on Champions League qualification duty for the second year running would suit Celtic, especially our Irish-based supporters, but my money is on a more testing trip to Poland; Ronny’s pulse should have quickened on the news.

Zbyszek doesn’t reckon have what it takes to eliminate Celtic. All being equal, that may be the case, but summer football will be unpredictable for both clubs.

I am, of course, being completely disrespectful to KR Reykjavik, who we annihilate next week.

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  1. WeefratheTim on




    Fantastic news. Hail Hail to the new arrival. :-)



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  2. MacGhee equaliser against Hearts in the Centenary Double season. Hearts fans were in full voice and the Celts were responding with ” we’ve won the league again” . 2 minutes to go Mark scores a cracker, I lose my glasses and the Hearts fans are silenced.

  3. Best goal seen in flesh has to be Charlie Nicholas’s to put us 1 up in Amsterdam in 82.

  4. skyisalandfill on

    Good evening Celts



    I haven’t read back.


    I have however today taken BRTHs advice and followed my own gnawing guilt and dsiatisfaction and cancelled Sky TV.


    I think the last few days glancing at SSN to be taunted by nobody clubs, south of the border spending untold fortunes on players that Celtic don’t have a hope of buying has given me this feeling of being taken advantage of.


    I have little interest in the EPL , which they still refer to a as the best in the world, I despair of the influence of News international in the press, in courts of law and within government and I resent paying money to an organisation that still clings on to the lie that Sevco are Rangers ( hope your reading Mr Lawell)


    I urge all Celtic supporters and fans of other Scottish clubs,as well as anyone who has an interest in seeing organs of the state free from the insidious influence of powerful and malign media to take the same small step.



    Anyone know a sausage for the Ryder cup?




  5. What’s the best goal you never saw but imagined from the radio? No TV highlights to confirm.



    Mine would be Willie Mcstay vs Huns around 84. 3-0 game but never saw an TV re-run.

  6. Watching the hartz v man Cty game on the betting site, if the hun think they will walk the league, they will have another think coming.



    On a level playing field that is.



    Cty have a very decent team out, and the fartz are well holding their own, 1-1 after 66 mins.



    Amazing how scottish refs are reasonable when an english team are involved, why would that be then ??????





    Best Tic goal, any one we score for me.



  7. Cathedral View on

    Favourite goals seen in the flesh;



    1988 SC semi final v Hearts – both our goals, sheer joy at the final whistle followed by what felt like a good half hour of community singing until the bhoys reappeared for a well deserved lap of honour.



    Any doubts that season wasn’t about the famous green and white we’re put to bed that afternoon.




  8. i got an adult’s and u16’s ticket for tues if anyone wants ’em, bought them but can’t make it up. email cqn, sure they’ll pass it on to me

  9. Hello everyone!



    For a long time I have read CQN and it has proven to be a great source of escape, just like football itself, as well as informative, humorous and moving. I just feel compelled this evening to comment on the dismissive comment from Ernie on page two today where he encouraged a poster to check the figures relating the Labour Party vote in terms of how it performed at the last Scottish Parliament election. I did this and let me state now that I am aware that statistics can be put in whatever light one chooses to support an argument and so on. If folks do check this particular poll they will discover that the SNP from their gain of 32 seats at the last election, 22 were from Labour and so the article that was dismissed so readily because of the point that Salmond had not expected that level of collapse and gain from Labour was in fact a valid and relevant point.


    For clarity if you have managed this far, I am not an Snp supporter and never have been but I do believe this a chance to make the future much better for whoever lives in this country in decades and decades and decades to come. Please check the article that was dismissed.


    Apologies for a non related football post. Was great to read Henrik Larsson’s interview. Still miss him playing for us.

  10. Anyone coming to Turra next Sat to watch the youngsters taking on a so far unbeaten in pre season Turriff United? Turra have beaten both Dundee teams in our friendlies, scoring 16 and shipping only one against Dundee, Dundee United, and a couple of local teams.



    Lurcy fae Turra

  11. Cathedral View on

    Favourite goals seen in the flesh;



    Mike Galloway v Dundee Utd. 199?



    A run of the mill league encounter with Dundee United and Mikey Mikey Galloway smashes one in from who knows how far out.



    Absolute utter bedlam on the terracing probably due to the unexpected nature of the strike and sheer quality of the goal.



    Was the last time I watched a game from the Jungle so will always have a special place reserved in my memory of Celtic moments.




  12. Ha ha, ha ha haha haha ha ha



    Who remembers that game at the hovel :-)



    When Ally’s big mouth cost Sevco £5m


    So we know Ally McCoist likes to complain. Normally he does it about Celtic so to deflect from his inability to manage a football team properly.



    Sometimes though, it costs his employers £5m.



    Keep complaining please, Ally.



    From: Graeme Park


    Date: 7 August 2012 11:30:21 BST


    To: BrianStockbridge@rangers.co.uk


    Cc: CharlesGreen@rangers.co.uk


    Subject: Coach Provision – your cancellation


    Dear Brian,



    Further to your call last night I would just like to convey my disappointment at the Club’s decision to terminate a sponsorship relationship that has lasted 41 years.



    I appreciate your comments that as finance Director you did not wish to breach the contract you agreed prior to the Brechin game (also confirmed in writing on the 2nd of August – copy of letter attached) but you had to do so because of the strong feelings from Charles and Alistair. I do find it disappointing that Alistair has complained about the cleanliness of the coach as I personally went to check the coach in the car park at Brechin (and it was inspected prior to departure). Furthermore, it is the first negative comment we have had in 41 years of supplying the team coach to Rangers Football Club.



    Indeed, we have always acted in the utmost good faith and have to this day continued to supply cars way beyond the end of the contract for that provision although as we confirmed yesterday in our call these will be collected today. Similarly, we have ordered both a playstation and wifi to be installed on the team coach after your request during the negotiations whereby you renewed our contract for a period of 3 years. Although you didn’t request that we ordered these items, the comfort of the management team and the players was uppermost in our thoughts so we proceeded with the order. Sandy Jardine also phoned a few days after Brechin to enquire as to whether we could look to install wifi and a playstation and I confirmed to him that it had been ordered – Sandy could confirm this to you if needs be.



    I would have hoped that after a relationship of 41 years that if there was a concern about the cleanliness of the team coach that a conversation could have taken place – it certainly wasn’t mentioned by the numerous first team players or by Sandy; all of whom I spoke with after the Brechin match. However, it appears that Alistair and Charles have decided on the basis of one trip in 41 years, during which the Club will have used us on thousands of occasions, that the Club wishes to breach our contract and replace our company with another coach supplier. To draw a comparison, that would be akin to us cancelling our sponsorship due to a poor meal on one occasion in the Members or a goal less draw which our guests didn’t enjoy.



    I have tried to call both Alistair and Charles as clearly they have taken the decision out of your hands. However, neither have returned my call to date.



    We are in no doubt that you are in breach of contract and I would welcome your feedback before our Board considers our position.



    Obviously, if the Club changes it’s position we would be delighted to talk to you again and on a personal level I will continue to travel the length and breadth of Scotland supporting my team.




    From: Graeme Park


    Sent: 16 September 2013 09:19


    To: Craig Mather


    Subject: Alternative Meeting






    I do apologise for the direct approach given your very busy schedule. However, I am conscious that we have not followed up on the meeting that was scheduled for the end of July and that this matter has dragged on for over a year although clearly that is not an issue caused by you.



    I was heartened to read your comments about wishing for the Club to proceed and develop over the next few years – a sentiment shared by every Rangers fan.



    One of the reasons why I have not followed up since July is that I appreciate you’ve had a lot on and didn’t want to trouble you.



    However, I have attached the tender document that we were asked to complete prior to the Club committing to a 3 year contract with us for the supply of the team coach – a contract that the Club is, unfortunately, currently breaching.



    To give you a bit of background (although I think Ian has filled you in), we have supplied the team coach for 41 years. We were asked to take part in a tender process which we won with Brian Stockbridge commenting that “it was the best deal financially for the Club”. Within 10 days Brian told us that the Club no longer wished to honour the contract, indeed he disputed we had a contract despite me having a witness to him agreeing a verbal contract (legally binding in Scotland) and having a written contract issued by the Club. He told me that the decision wasn’t one he agreed with but was taken out of his hands by Alistair and Charles Green. Charles subsequently denied any involvement in the process and Alistair is on record as dismissing his involvement and actually said “Graeme, you’ve been involved with the Club longer than me, I didn’t have anything to do with it” – again I have a witness to this conversation.



    Perhaps the most troubling aspect of all of this is that I made offers of investment of up to £5m to Charles Green, Imran Ahmad and Brian Stockbridge, both in writing and verbally, prior to this tender process and also after it. Clearly, the offer after it was subject not only to the due diligence questions we raised at the initial stage but also that our contract was honoured.



    Charles Green, Imran Ahmad and everyone else involved in the decision have all admitted it was badly handled. Given that you are new to this situation I am sure that you would be keen to resolve it and restore a relationship that was in place for 41 years.



    I am happy to have a meeting to discuss it or alternatively I am happy for both parties to start working to the terms of the contract agreed.



    Kind Regards,


    Graeme Park

  13. Macjay1 01.20



    The discussion point was the 1970’s / 80’s British establishment closing ranks at many levels to keep innocent Irish people in jail, despite overwhelming evidence that should have set them free.



    Let me know if you think that they were right to do that.

  14. Caolila1



    Beware! Ernie Lynch will be calling you out now. You will be summarily dismissed as one of the following:



    A liar


    A coward


    A half-wit


    Thick as mince



    Maybe, if you are really lucky, a combination of the above.



    Your sin has been to challenge the King of Google and the self-proclaimed intellectual supremo of CQN.

  15. FourGreenFields on

    In the Dolphin in Partick , Big George’s Fan Club of CQN fame singing with his group .

  16. neilbhoy are you Lynch’s secret love-child? intellectual supremo!!! Although admititly you did say self-proclaimed. We await the reponse. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  17. Hello Neil,



    Thanks for that.



    All folks must have their view. I just feel very strongly that it is vital that everyone invests as much time as is possible in this with a totally open mind and investigates as many avenues as possible before reaching their decision.



    As a newcomer to forum posting and particularly on such a contentious topic I would expect differing views.



    All I am hoping for at this juncture is that everyone really puts time and effort into seeing all the arguments.


    I hope that people don’t just reiterate the sound bytes/bites that they are spoon fed by the press.




  18. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Celtic Wiki ‏@TheCelticWiki 2m


    On This Day: In 1991 Celtic sign striker Tony Cascarino from Aston Villa for £1.1m.

  19. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Favourite goal seen in the flesh was wee Jinky’s last minute, headed winner against thone deid team in 1971. Played them 3 times at Ibrokes in a month and won all 3 games. I was also at all 3 games. We forfeited our home game due to main stand construction. Happy days indeed. Having said that would be happy if we never played a team called rangers ever again, different club same horrible support.



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  20. Hebcelt,



    Secret love-child? Heaven forbid. My stomach has turned at the thought…..






    I wish you well. Your sentiments are perfectly valid and correct but beware that counts for nothing on here at times….

  21. Caolila 1from your blog name can I assume Islay connections. Welcome to CQN – are you a Hun? Others will explain that one. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  22. Caolila (and neilbhoy)



    Welcome to CQN



    I cannot see any contradiction between your assertion and that of ernie lynch.



    You say that the SNP won a significant amount of seats previously held by Labour.



    ernie stated that the SNP won seats because the Lib Dem vote had collapsed.



    Both these assertions fit the facts i.e. The SNP won seats (from Labour and others) because the Lib Dem vote collapsed and, disproportionally, the former Lib Dem voters voted for the SNP candidate.



    What am I missing here?

  23. Couldnae pick a favourite Celtic Goal



    Every single one of them has brought Joy to the Heart



    Hail Hail the Celts are here

  24. Can’t remember the year, probably 1969-70. Yogi sets off on a run down the left wing, beats 2 men and crosses, low, to the edge of the box. Jinky, running back towards his own goal, dummies- jumps over the ball. Bobby Murdoch arrives like a train, pre-ordained, in the inside-right position which he used to grace, and hits it first time. Peter McCloy in goal just turns and watches it, helplessly and without blame, as it scorches into his top right hand corner. Nearly 45 years later I still remember, the greatest goal I ever saw in the flesh. “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven”.

  25. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    a light insanity


    20:23 on 18 July, 2014


    Anyone advise me how to get St Pauli tickets. I need 3 me, wife and son.




    The Celtic tickets are sold out but you can still get seats and standing tickets among the St Pauli fans, you’ll be safe. Just be careful wearing colours in town as Hamburg fans are @rseholes.


    Go onto the Celtic website and click on fixtures, then follow instructions. Does print-at-home tickets.

  26. skyisalandfill on




    One of my very very favourite drams.



    Welcome on board




  27. Hebcelt



    No offence noticed and none taken.






    Mine was simply a warning that Ernie Lynch may resort to name calling when he sees fit and especially when there is the whiff of a pro-independence comment.


    And If I want to be pedantic , and I don’t, assertions are not facts.



    pedantic CSC

  28. sixoclockatthechapel on

    Paul67-anywhere but Wishaw? :-D



    My brother in Dublin is a big St Pat’s fan and reckons they will get by Legia in the home leg and will give us a tough time as well.


    Can’t see it myself-but hope between now and then we’ve managed to find the knack of converting the countless chances we had in our 1st cl leg into goals-woodwork aside-in fairness.