Appellate body CEO taking sides


So the chief executive of the appellate body awaiting a decision to appeal says, “It’s crucial with league reconstruction being such an important issue for the game that we now draw a line under what’s happened”.

According to the SPL Commission the president of that same appellate body was one of the “directors of Oldco [which]must bear a heavy responsibility” for what happened.

Responsibility, however, is an unnecessary concept for the chief executive of the appellate body, who told the media “It’s not about trying to find scapegoats to take responsibility for what’s happened in the last 12 months.”

Note use of language, those responsible are now “scapegoats”.

Scapegoat, def: A person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place.

Let’s not look for scapegoats.  Instead let’s stick to who Lord Nimmo Smith’s Commision blame, “the directors of Oldco”.  Including the appellate body’s president.

The appellate body is unfit as an appellate body and as a football association.  SPL clubs must look for a new playing environment.  Let the SFA and SFL run the grassroots game. They appear to want this anyway and I am sure SPL clubs will flourish when no longer restricted to opposition from Scotland.
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  1. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    ………..and they’ve got a barbour in the team




    fightthefuzz csc

  2. taggsybhoy,



    I know the Sion case was very different because of the courts’ input. I’m sure there have been other cases of clubs suffering for incorrect registration procedures. I’ll see if I can find a precedent.

  3. A bellend of a workmate was in attendance at the Bolton v Peterboro’ game last Tuesday evening. Says he was talking to NFL at h/t.


    NFL says he was taking the game in as he was down that way.


    Anyone decent play for either club?




  4. What an absolute comedy of errors there – puts Izzy/Forster’s of yesterday in the shade!

  5. Paul67,



    That sounds good to me. Before it may happen, however, I want to see the likes of Ogilvie, Regan and others who have connived to destroy any integrity that existed in our football to be suitably punished. Longmuir, in particular, seems bent on pushing their corrupt ongoings even farther, if, as reported, he feels that it is not yet determined what league sevco will play in next season.



    Well, that is some goal for Hibs.

  6. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    THT ‏@TheHumanTorpedo


    That end behind the Killie goal – is that the Lonely Banner Stand?

  7. BBC commentator blaming the defender for the Hibs goal????


    The keeper should shoulder most of the blame for that f.up.




  8. what is this commentator on about? got to feel sorry Cammy Bell. Whit? Never mind chance to mention last year’s league cup final.

  9. I take it Cammy Bell will defo be a zombie next season, seeing as BBC making all sorts of excuses for him.

  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Hello, killie boys….hello…..hahahaha



    That Griffiths is ‘very sharp’…


  11. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    It will always be in their hateful zombie nature to try and be better than us.They cannot help themselves.However this time there will be no Bank of Scotland to aid and abet them.That mob couldn’t get a bottle of Irn Bru on tick from a local newsagents.There a doomed to a zombie existence for eternity.PITY THE ZOMBIE.

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    16 roads – neil lennon walks on water.



    15:43 on 3 March, 2013




  13. The Boy Jinky on

    soal… that banner had the stand to itself when we won down there a few weeks ago…



    thinking its got a season ticket

  14. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    The killie pitch looks as if it’s ready for some ayrshire early seed potatoes to be planted

  15. It will be interesting to see if anyone in the studio blames Bell. The commentator is a tadger.

  16. Paul67 et al



    I mentioned yesterday that an opportunity was missed for football supporters in Scotland to protest in Edinburgh yesterday. What I did not mention was that the meeting of the International Football Board of Association was chaired by one Campbell Ogilvie, from the SFA Parish. Imagine if the SPL had actually stripped Rangers as was, of five titles just a few days earlier. Not even John Lennon would have imagined that.

  17. I always have the urge to throw something at the telly when Rat Nevin opens his mouth.



    One of those guys you just want to punch for fun…

  18. ScotsPatFan



    Neil might have been down visiting his daughter.



    She used to live in the area – not sure if she still does.




  19. 16 roads – Neil Lennon walks on water.



    the establishment will compensate for this via their children of the damned


    refs, watch that go in to overdrive to allow trophys to be directed their way


    especially a certain trophy that allows big pay days.

  20. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    burnley78,67Heaven – Chuckie Greensleeves still has to take his pound of zombie flesh before he departs over the horizon,leaving a seething a skint zombie mass in his wake.What is the zombie credit rating? Zero,that’s what.

  21. It’s over the games a boogie. You can either accept that rangers can and will do as they want or you walk away from the game.



    Celtic and the other teams in Scotland will do nothing about this. UEFA and FIFA will also do nothing about this. The whole game of football is corrupt and there is nothing anyone can do about it.



    Me I’m walking away. Which kills me cause I live watching Celtic, but I can no longer accept what is going on.

  22. A person sitting on a board of 12, starts to avoid tax with his private but linked companies to build up a mass of power and wealth.



    Unknown to the rest of the board and only to his own benifit he is also skimming money/commision which shoud be going to other board members.



    He spends his new money on expensive sports cars and yachts, etc,14 of them over 11 years…



    Also spending time abroad making more money through his croked deals when someone else should be there in his place…



    He gets caught…



    Before the court he is found guilty… On all 4 counts that were brought against him.


    Embezzeling some 47 million by not presenting all of the paperwork for his employee´s bonuses. Paying Black-Money.




    He is fined 250,000 quid only and gets to keep everything he owns.



    Does he a? Keep a low profile counting his luck and praying his ass off?



    Does he b? Run to the press screaming how unfair everything is and how badly he was treated and how there was a witch hunt against him?



    Still astounded of foreheadcfc

  23. squire danaher on




    Off the top of my head the Peterborough striker Boyd who is on fringes of Scotland set-up,



    He was most recently in limelight as the root cause of mcLeish resigning from Forest job



    McLeish wanted to sign him but the players medical showed up some minor eyesight issue and Forest board refused to cough up



    Big bustling guy wi a presence from what I believe – the sort of striker we don’t have at present

  24. Said it on Thursday and I’ll say it again, a little of my love for the game died on Thursday. None of my love for Celtic did. I will continue to support Celtic, take nothing to do with International football, Sevco, bloated EPL clubs and all that is rotten about the game.



    But I can’t withdraw whatever contribution I make to Celtic. That is just punishing a victim for the crimes of those who transgressed upon them.



    We and others have been victims, we in particular have been victimised and vilified. We are wholly innocent. So are most other SPL clubs. We have all suffered. I wouldn’t punish them either. Punish the SFA, punish the SPhell. Should we leave Sevco off that list? Ihave to be honest and say yes. They are a new club. Their ‘crime’ in all this so far has been to cheer lead for Oldco and lobby on it’s behalf. Stupid really. They are fighting a dead clubs battle and they are going to end up punishing themselves by dressing in the clothes of the dead and taking on their sectarian mantle. The MSM seem unable to live without Oldco and like the guy in the Psycho movies keep their dead figure of dominance in the fetid bedroom of their minds and still act on her wicked behest despite her ceasing to be. That’s an illness.



    Leave them to it and get the hell out of it.



    What is to stop the clubs forming a new league now while waiting for cross european set up???

  25. There’s youtube footage of an Australian politician (Who retorted to the news that an Australian soldier had been killed in Afghanistan with the words ‘Sh*t happens) being interviewed about his response he takes the new, unique and quite astonishing approach to just stand in silence. each question is met with silence. The reporter changes his tack but not the thrust of his questioning – nothing, stony silence. Again and again until the interviewer gives up and tells his cameraman to stop taping.



    When I first saw it I thought of Ogilvie. It is not that risky a strategy when our country lacks the integrity expected of journalists.



    Ogilvie is going nowhere I’m afraid. Even the scraps of of truth that remain are as damning as would be needed.



    The simple thing we keep missing this.



    It’s not those that inhabit the hierarchy that should be scrutinised, it is the hierarchy itself.



    Rotten to the core.



    Duffield, Peat, Ogilvie… Jobs for the masonic boys…



    Pro Rangers no matter the cost.



    Fair? Forget fair.



    Not a tear shall be shed as Hearts disappear from footballing history. At any cost is worth the cost.



    Rigged game.



    Loaded dice.



    Short odds.

  26. Did John Brown ever do any boxing (other than outside of discos and clubs)?


    He talks as if he’s taken more of his fair share of blows to his napper.




  27. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    danso_1888 – Big pay days are not going to be enough to sustain the zombie desire to try and compete with us.We are the best run club in Europe,if we need money,the banks will gladly lend it to us.They are Mickey Mouse zombie laughing stock.

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