Appellate body CEO taking sides


So the chief executive of the appellate body awaiting a decision to appeal says, “It’s crucial with league reconstruction being such an important issue for the game that we now draw a line under what’s happened”.

According to the SPL Commission the president of that same appellate body was one of the “directors of Oldco [which]must bear a heavy responsibility” for what happened.

Responsibility, however, is an unnecessary concept for the chief executive of the appellate body, who told the media “It’s not about trying to find scapegoats to take responsibility for what’s happened in the last 12 months.”

Note use of language, those responsible are now “scapegoats”.

Scapegoat, def: A person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place.

Let’s not look for scapegoats.  Instead let’s stick to who Lord Nimmo Smith’s Commision blame, “the directors of Oldco”.  Including the appellate body’s president.

The appellate body is unfit as an appellate body and as a football association.  SPL clubs must look for a new playing environment.  Let the SFA and SFL run the grassroots game. They appear to want this anyway and I am sure SPL clubs will flourish when no longer restricted to opposition from Scotland.
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  1. Asonofdan – what dont you get – read the earlier posts.



    I was there at the hampden season and through their nine in a row.



    Supporting celtic has always been about us as a community. But those in power at CP dont get that do they? If they did they would be acting.



    Ask yourself – what do Celtic have to lose here?

  2. Gordon_J 15.38 That sounds like a fun piece of research!


    Burnley78 15.35 Ha, ha, caring capitalist I’ll have you know :-) Thanks for comments on Juve piece, wee guy loved his night, still buzzing from it. Will be in touch!

  3. Snake Plissken on








    Dundee United





    who would you like?



    Personally I’d take United.

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    16:44 on 3 March, 2013



    ….and I’ve hardly missed a home game in 57 years …..it’s called ‘THE GOOD LIFE’ ……

  5. neganon2



    They would lose you which is no bad thing.



    It was a tribunal on behalf of the SPL not Celtic. Pretty sure the SPL stated the findings would be discussed at next meeting.

  6. TwoMacaroons on

    snake plissken


    16:49 on 3 March, 2013









    Dundee United





    Three out of four ain’t bad :-)

  7. So Celtic should ignore cheating and the cover up of cheating and just continue in a rigged game and expect all their supporters to contribute to a rigged game?




  8. Voguepunter – you are entitled to your view and actions. I think you will find the next few years some of the most painful ever – Celtic will decline and the huns will revel in their control over everyone.



    Ulysses – spot on – it is galling and Celtic have nothing to lose. The MSM will turn on us at any opportunity so it matters not what they think and how they will act.



    It really is decision time for Celtic.



    Richie – these are dark days – but as the saying goes its always darkest before the dawn.

  9. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Ah, on loan from Wolves ……we should get him on loan next season….see if he can ‘move up’ ….. He knows where the goal is

  10. asonofsdan – well it doesnt matter if they lose me – but it will when they lose most others as well.

  11. Snake Plissken on

    I reckon United would be the easiest team to beat.



    Hibs are on a crest of a wave and are hard to break down. United are not.


    Falkirk is a danger because they’re lower league.



    There is no easy game here but I think we could play United better than the others.

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    16:53 on


    3 March, 2013



    Celtic will decline and the huns will revel in their control over everyone.



    What are you gibbering on about…….? ..what are you drinking……? The huns are deed …..their tribute act are a pawn in greengo’s game of making a fast buck…. Watch this space

  13. In spite of the disappointment of the FTT and LNS outcomes, I still have to pinch myself that they are no longer an entity, and the tribute act is in division 3 struggling to play football despite having a huge advantage over their part-time opponents every week.



    Their manager is easily the worst they have ever had, their CEO is barking mad, and when the money runs out, they have nowhere to go for a top-up.



    Add to this, there are many facets of this which have not played out to a finish, and not all can be influenced by the masonic cabal (mibbees!)



    My glass may be half full but I’m happy with that.



    Hail Hail

  14. The game is rigged? We’re top of the SPL by 16 points. The deadco are supported by people whose Union Jack worship in NornIron is doomed. Enjoy their long slow decline.

  15. Neganon.


    If only the world wee as simple as you see it.



    I agree their rejoicing in their apparent control of the authorities remaining in tact.



    112 years ago it was similar when they wrestled this away from Celtic to host the Scotland England international. Previously Celtic committee men controlled things with the sfa.



    The ensuing ibrox disaster set the blue brothers back a fair bit. I have no sense they are equipped to compete for many years.



    Green and other investors will milk them for all they can. And some.



    PL would be wise to secure concessions from our position of strength in next week or so. Keeping powder dry is best bet IMO.



    I appreciate grandstanding like green might appease the hordes and be more populist with our support.

  16. Please take this the right way but I’d rather that we did not lose to Falkirk in the semi final. So by Jobo’s logic I’d prefer if we are drawn against Hibs or Dundee Utd on the way to winning the treble.




  17. *THE KING VIC 67* on

    Rob ably posted earlier today but surely the first obvious step of action is for all 4 semi finalists to boycott Hampden???



    Failing that definitely Celtic!!!



    From support through to our team!!



    What’s your thoughts???

  18. NegAnon2



    If Celtic decline ,it will push they bastards up the leagues even sooner.


    We have to be the strongest team ,we have no help from sfa ,spl or msm.


    Our fans walking away is not the answer,our enemies would love this.

  19. Regan will show that SFA can be the Appellate body by establishing an independent panel.


    The panel will consist of 3 fine legal minds.


    To ensure that there is no perception that the panel is rigged, its members will be chosen at randomly from the membership of The Speculative Society.

  20. Slabhoy - Duntocher is Green and White on

    It seems that we have two distinct camps



    Support Celtic no matter what


    Support Celtic on condition the Celtic Board fight the good fight



    I am in the latter camp



    I’ve been a ST holder since 1989 and regularly take guests to Paradise. I have posted on here Voguepunter btw…



    So once again, over to you Celtic…

  21. TwoMacaroons on

    Fans of every SPL club should organise a mass protest not by staying away, but by holding up banners in every single ground calling for the sacking of Ogilvie, also what about an unofficial minutes silence from the kick off at every game on a predetermined day, as a sign we ALL think justice has died in football, and have no confidence in the present authorities.

  22. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Look forward to seeing what’s happens to the pars should they be administrated,liquidated etc.



    I m sure they ll keep their name ,stadium, strip and stay in div 3!



    While we re at it, was Masterson a friend of Minty?


    Seriously, go try borrow £1000 for your business and they have you jumping through hoops yet Minty and this bod, get millions!

  23. stephenofderby on

    We have always been up against it. In this wee corner of the world we always will be. We have a club to be proud of and the other mob have a club which will always carry the stain of cheating and corruption on their name. Everybody would love justice to always prevail but sometimes the world is just a rubbish place. We can only keep supporting Celtic, be as decent as we can be and hope that karma exists.



    We should stand together in the face of adversity and enjoy being part of the Celtic family.



    My Mum say that big Sammy looks like the devil.

  24. Tic,Hibees,Dundee Hibs(late off) in the semi’s, pity we drew St Mirren instead of the Stirlingshire Huns in the quarters.Never mind still a bad week-end for SHA

  25. TwoMacaroons on

    The semi finals at Hampden might be a good day for an unofficial minutes silence, maximum publicity. Just an idea.

  26. Slabhoy



    You may have posted before,still don’t know what your last post was about.

  27. How long did it take that “commentator” to compare Boyd to his “nearest challenger”, Henrik Larrson? 10 seconds?? He shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath, never mind the same sentence.

  28. Valentine's Day on




    They want you to throw the towel in……..they


    become stronger and we become weaker.



    I will not turn my back on Celtic….the game has


    always been rigged in their favour……makes it


    all the sweeter when we pump them.

  29. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Move on….?



    Aye. Move them all on. Regan, Ogilvie, Doncaster.



    Then start afresh with a level platform on which to launch an appeal

  30. Eurochamps67 on

    Now is a time to support Celtic.



    The deid club are deid. The tribute act is a real 4th tier club, ie, they are sh#t and will struggle to get out of the First Division, if they get there. On their return to the top tier they will be no better than any of our current 10 teams vying for second place.


    Meanwhile we will be getting stronger and more influential as we are Scottish football.



    Lenny and the board are right, We have behaved impeccably and are gaining our just rewards.



    The Hun would love us to turn on ourselves.


    It is their only hope.



    A strong Celtic, backed by a committed Celtic support, offer them little hope of becoming a dominant force in Scottish football ever again.



    If you want the return of the Hun, then by all means walk away from Celtic.




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