Appetite, Callum, Gerrard sounding like Gloria Gaynor


Ahead of the Scottish Cup quarter-final against Hibs we discussed our exit at the same stage in 2014 and how that despite the procession towards the league title, it hollowed out the remainder of the season.  Match day lost its edge and even a record 29-point winning margin could not compensate.

With a secure-looking 8-point lead in the league, the champions have a Scottish Cup semi-final to look forward to.  Only a point separates Aberdeen and Kilmarnock, while Hearts are just three adrift of Killie.  It is Newco who look abandoned, out of the Cup and with an 8-point gap above and below them.

You know a manager is struggling when he beings to sound like Gloria Gaynor, “I will improve”, was what Steven Gerrard told reporters after facing up to the prospect of a season which promises no more than a second place finish.   Of course he will improve, it is hardly credible to suggest his managerial knowledge and experience will diminish from this point.

Maybe he will get £20m to spend in the summer and be able to beat Aberdeen comfortably in the cups.

Celtic visit Dundee on Sunday, a team with more motivation than any side from Glasgow.  They are in the play-off spot, one point above automatic relegation and three from catching Hamilton and safety.  Celtic are vastly better than Dundee in every department, but we will have to match them in appetite or suffer the consequences.

Neil Lennon suggested Callum McGregor may feature on Sunday.  Our creative resources have been severely depleted with the absence of Callum, Ryan Christie and Tom Rogic.  The latter two may be back for the semi-final, but we will need Callum fit and ready for games before then.

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    A match fit Callum is vital.


    That is why, for once, the International break could be to our advantage.

  2. If we had a hauf decent manager whose arse didnae fall out when playing in Europe we could now face the prospects of games against our old friends the yellow submarini and then the possibility of a semi against the arse or Napoli.

  3. Does anyone know if Griff has been training during his time away from the club? Or is it a complete break from football and also from the gym etc.


    If the latter, then it would be fair to assume that when he is ready to return to training, it will be be many weeks before he is back up to speed so any type of comeback this season is not possible. Best case scenario is that he is fit and well and ready to return for pre-season work?


    Would love to see him back at his best – he is the best natural goalscorer we have and miles better than moreorless.

  4. South Of Tunis on

    ” You take who you get and prepare for them . . Hopefully our players have learned that Europa League ties don’t end when you go 4-0 up ,plus an away goal . Salzburg played to the final whistle , we did not ”



    Spokesman for Napoli FC @ Europa League draw 15 3 19

  5. Dundee (although they shouldn’t be) are a test on Sunday.


    A banana skin of a game if ever there was one.

  6. I will be watching intently to see how we dispose of them. And hope that it is a comfortable rout.



    I believe the Hearts and Hibs victories were pre organised / planned. As in Lennon’s influence was minimal. He acknowledged as much himself. Gave much credit to John Kennedy.



    For me, the Lennon tenure started for real on Saturday against Aberdeen. He has much to prove I believe before being considered the obvious choice as manager long term. Need to see something from the team this weekend. Much more than last Saturday.



    Over to you Lenny Bhoy.

  7. South Of Tunis on

    90 minutes with the mad mental ole Inter codger from down the valley last night .90 minutes of him screaming at the tele . Inter were dire .



    At one point Mrs S of T asked him – ” are you ok ? ” – ” Yes” -said he -” I took a double dose of my beta blocker and some extra Warfarin earlier “. That got a “Don’t you dare have a heart attack in my house “-in reply .



    Fitba crazy -way down south. .

  8. Anyone know the likelihood of getting a season ticket for next season? I applied for the waiting list in January and just wondering if i have a chance.

  9. South Of Tunis on

    STARRY PLOUGH @12 55



    Local from a terrace somewhere online pirates have it down as being the new Sun Ra . I’ll need to have a word the next time I see them !

  10. 50 shades of green on

    3 X 3…



    Fairly decent chance imho, unless your specific about a certain section that would suit you.



    Good Luck and H.H

  11. South of Tunis



    The boy that scored for Frankfurt : Luka Jovic… he’s going to be a big deal.



    I mentioned his name on here (CQN) about 10 months ago, when Dembele left us. Pin pointed him as a potential replacement.


    He is well out of our reach now. He’ll go for 35 million plus. Easy. All the top clubs will know about him.

  12. 50 shades of green on




    Any reason given,??, apart from the obvious one that is, ie no appeal for a yellow unless mistaken identity…

  13. mike in toronto on

    50 Shades



    Dont know …. but court starting shortly, so wont be able to check …

  14. South Of Tunis on




    Luca Jovic ?



    Benfica player on loan at Eintracht Frankfurt who have the first option to buy . Italian fly a kite click bait sites have him on Juve’s list .

  15. 50 shades of green on




    No worries mate, it will all be revealed in the “Statement ” soon no doubt…

  16. S.O.T



    Didn’t realise he was Benfica owned. Interesting.



    He has been on fire for Frankfurt this season. I’m sure his value will have risen off the back of this. Benfica may want to retain and use him next season. Or cash in to the right offer.

  17. 50 Shades, I think it’s both mistaken identity and simulation. Crazy thing is the guy committed a second more blatant dive later in the game and should have been sent off.

  18. South Of Tunis on

    STARRY PLOUGH .@ 1 .24 .



    Thanks for that —



    That EP is on a tape a pal sent me – I’ve yet to listen to it . Know them from a track on the -We Out Here compilation . Looks like jazz is in vogue -pal in London tells me his local pirates are playing things like Don Rendell /Ian Carr , Eric Dolphy and Blue Note stuff like like Grachan Moncur and early Hank Mobley

  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    mike in toronto on 15th March 2019 1:12 pm


    morelos’ appeal rejected




    The ban is for the cup so it might not even happen. Probably more of a stunt to give the illusion that he will still be there next season.

  20. 50 shades of green on

    CorkCelt,,, Did not know you could appeal for simulation mate cheers,,,



    From parts of the game I seen he went to ground 3 more times, whilst already on a yellow,but then we all know he gets treated differently.




    Ha the children of Gilles and Patrick playing the tunes on London Radio:))



    Heading to Tokyo in a couple of weeks glad to be back in a proper Jazz City and do some digging..



    Blue Mosque CSC

  22. RUGGYGMAN on 15TH MARCH 2019 1:04 PM



    For me, the Lennon tenure started for real on Saturday against Aberdeen. He has much to prove I believe before being considered the obvious choice as manager long term. Need to see something from the team this weekend. Much more than last Saturday.



    *all talk of a new manager should cease until May 26. Personally I’m not too bothered who it is as long as he disnae say he’s supported Celtic all his life, the last true Celtic supporting manager we had was TB and IMHO he took the job too early.



    MON always said that it was his da who supported us and advised him tae walk tae Parkheid on broken glass if offered it, he admitted that although he had a soft spot for us Sunderland were his side and this was based on them wearing the same colours as Derry City his one true football love. Don’t forget he at one time turned us doon.



    I believe Lenny falls intae that category tae as having a soft spot for us but favoured and english side, his da Gerry was seemingly the Celtic supporter in the family.



    As for chocolate, his family were Celtic supporters but it seems he was a Sheffield Wednesday fan.



    The fact that some Irish lads only have a soft spot for us should not be surprising, I once had a conversation with a Falls Road lad who grew up supporting manure as that was who he saw regularly on tele, this was in context with the Canadian born current Buddies coach who after manure won the cup said in an interview on tele that he would like tae say hi tae kai back in Belfast. He said he was gutted and spoiled his joy that day.



    Also I was walking through a mall here when I saw the nephew of a true Celtic legend with a manure trackie on.

  23. mike in toronto on 15th March 2019 1:12 pm



    ‘morelos’ appeal rejected’







    He has however been nominated for a Perrier Award for his subsequent dive which involved running away from the ball towards the Aberdeen defender.

  24. South Of Tunis on




    Buon viaggio !.



    Hal’s Jazz – near Shinjuku (sp ?) Station . Highly recommended -but -save up beforehand !




    mike in toronto on 15th March 2019 1:12 pm morelos’ appeal rejected





    The ban is for the cup so it might not even happen. Probably more of a stunt to give the illusion that he will still be there next season.



    *similar tae buggeroff and spitfire who were suspended for the following years SC and left hunden along with mcsleekit chauncey laughing know the widnae be there then. IMHO this and the sectarian singing fae the sheep is just a squirrel tae deflect fae them being tossed outhinkssays.