Appetite, Callum, Gerrard sounding like Gloria Gaynor


Ahead of the Scottish Cup quarter-final against Hibs we discussed our exit at the same stage in 2014 and how that despite the procession towards the league title, it hollowed out the remainder of the season.  Match day lost its edge and even a record 29-point winning margin could not compensate.

With a secure-looking 8-point lead in the league, the champions have a Scottish Cup semi-final to look forward to.  Only a point separates Aberdeen and Kilmarnock, while Hearts are just three adrift of Killie.  It is Newco who look abandoned, out of the Cup and with an 8-point gap above and below them.

You know a manager is struggling when he beings to sound like Gloria Gaynor, “I will improve”, was what Steven Gerrard told reporters after facing up to the prospect of a season which promises no more than a second place finish.   Of course he will improve, it is hardly credible to suggest his managerial knowledge and experience will diminish from this point.

Maybe he will get £20m to spend in the summer and be able to beat Aberdeen comfortably in the cups.

Celtic visit Dundee on Sunday, a team with more motivation than any side from Glasgow.  They are in the play-off spot, one point above automatic relegation and three from catching Hamilton and safety.  Celtic are vastly better than Dundee in every department, but we will have to match them in appetite or suffer the consequences.

Neil Lennon suggested Callum McGregor may feature on Sunday.  Our creative resources have been severely depleted with the absence of Callum, Ryan Christie and Tom Rogic.  The latter two may be back for the semi-final, but we will need Callum fit and ready for games before then.


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  1. Tontine Tim



    Cheers for the insight.



    Yeah, the basis for the job, should be ability / capability. Be the best possible candidate that we can afford within our means. All else is just tinsel and lights

  2. That should have read ‘by a team that mersey tunnel mooth thinks should be on the same park as them”.

  3. RUGGYGMAN on 15TH MARCH 2019 2:18 PM



    Tontine Tim Cheers for the insight.



    Yeah, the basis for the job, should be ability / capability. Be the best possible candidate that we can afford within our means. All else is just tinsel and lights



    *when I was younger I had an uncle great Celtic and fitba mhan who when we stood in the enclosure and the comment about playing for the jersey was made would point tae the Jungle and say “that place is full of punters who would play for the jersey, disnae mean they’re good enough”.

  4. Paul67



    At first I was afraid, I was petrified


    Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side


    But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong


    And I grew strong


    And I learned how to get along


    And so you’re back


    From outer space


    I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face


    I should have changed that stupid lock, I should have made you leave your key


    If I’d known for just one second you’d be back to bother me


    Go on now, go, walk out the door


    Just turn around now


    ‘Cause you’re not welcome anymore


    Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye


    Do you think I’d crumble


    Did you think I’d lay down and die?


    Oh no, not I, I will survive


    Oh, as long as I know how to love, I know I’ll stay alive


    I’ve got…



    Gloria Gaynor CSC

  5. Paul67



    From escape goat wide midfield Ronny Deila creation Callum ( Invisible ) McGregor became our most influential


    centre mid player.



    Made in Lennoxtown after returning from Notts County.



    Who’d Have Thunk it CSC

  6. BSR


    After the first game of the season, I told my Dundee Unites supporting mate that Calum McGregor would be the Player of the Year.I haven`t changed my mind yet.




  7. Chairbhoy



    “But Board Members, Directors, seriously, why do current Celtic supporters give adulation to the Board.”





    I asked earlier :-


    Can you cite any instances of this?




    Your reply was:-


    Well it’s kind of ubiquitous as TET mentions but after the results to June 2018 were announced I myself praised the Board highly.



    You have cited another poster who, also, chose to cite no evidence of the charge. Then you admit that you praised the Board once so does that make you one of the Board adulators? Or is the original charge just plain wrong for th reasons WITS gave?

  8. The Red Telephone on

    Hola from Lanzarote. Looking for a good bar to watch the game on Sunday in Puerto del Carmen. Any suggestions gratefully received.

  9. The Red Telephone,


    Adelante is the place. It’s small but a great Celtic atmosphere. Just off the front.



  10. The Red Telephone



    The marina end of Del Carmen is where all the Irish Bars are. Can’t go wrong.

  11. spikeysauldman on



    The Comet Is Coming


    Top Tune ! played on Radio 6 every day for last whatever …

  12. Last time I listen to you Philbhoy.



    First horse down Kemboy. Should have stayed clear when I saw his blue and white colours. 🤣



    Cheers and HH.

  13. My friends in Celtic



    On this weekend of sport, celebration and festivities I need to express my sympathy with the innocent people of New Zealand who faced evil first hand.


    However imo it is not enough to express condolences, we really need to recognise there is evil in our midsts and take appropriate action. Scumbags such as those who perpetrated this evil act must face the most stringent consequences that society will allow.



    Is it right that such evil should be fed and watered when they have deliberately brought such heartache to so many.? But that is for another day.



    Evil is evil and No excuses must be tolerated.

  14. Fed up with Brexit I thought I’d have a look on Bears den to find out their latest “plan”



    March on the BBC in protest about unfair reporting.


    Discussion was about Yellow vests or orange ones. No decision.


    I think (hope) some Bhoys got involved


    ” Burn crosses that’ll get their notice”


    Then came the classics


    “Pitchforks we need pitchforks”


    “Effigies aye effigies of Celtic supporters and priests, they’re alright aren’t they?



    Had to laugh when we had the coup de gras



    “We could follow it up with another march on the 28th “centenary date” of Sandy Jardines march to Hampden (is that the time it was closed)?


    Ah well back yard Brexit, let Lenny Bhoy worry about Dundee.


    Of to bed




    I am reliably informed that if Kemboy’s jockey had not fell aff at the first fence, err, it wid have won.




  16. The Red Telephone



    Adelante without doubt. Scottish owned and show every Celtic game. Top place.


    Tip: Get there early. It’s no the biggest!

  17. “The players are basically playing non-stop football every year, and you have to remember that these guys are playing in every competition,” said Neil Lennon. “Over the last few years, these players have got to the finals of every competition, they’ve won the league, which means you’re looking at 60-odd games a season.



    “There isn’t an abundance of time in the close season, so it’s important that when you see signs of fatigue, both physically and mentally, that you let the players get away for a couple of days and come back refreshed.”


    Neil Lennon feels the international break acts as an extra week for his injured players to recover, and said Olivier Ntcham is back on the training pitch, as is Filip Benkovic. The manager also stated that Ryan Christie, out with a hamstring injury, is still a while away from full fitness, and that the progress of Tom Rogic will be re-assessed next week.



    He then turned his attention to his internationalists, and singled out James Forrest, Callum McGregor and Hoops stopper, Scott Bain for specific praise.



    “I know Scott Bain well, I worked with him briefly at Hibs, and I’m a big fan of his. He’s also improved a lot since he’s come here, and he’s really grown into the jersey. I’ll be delighted if he’s named as the No.1 at Scotland. The last year has been meteoric for Scott, he’s got nice composure about him, he’s got good hands, he’s got great agility and he’s certainly playing very for me at the moment.



    “There have been a number of Celtic players that have contributed to the Scottish set up in recent years. Jamesy has had a huge contribution in recent years, Callum McGregor too. Callum is back in training, so he’s back in contention.



    “Getting some game time at Scotland will probably benefit him, we’ve obviously got the R…… game after the break, and Cal might figure in some capacity on Sunday. It’s been great to have him back.”



    Neil Lennon speaking to the media

  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Me and Wee BGFC away down to the Tudor in Airdrie to entertain a lovely family from Plains at a 50th Birthday party.



    Playin on stage at Coatbridge tomorrow at 13:50 if any troops are in the vicininty.






  19. Red telephone



    If your near the Matagorda end then there is a good Irish pub in the Centro Commercial just off the beach , saw us gub Sevco twice there a couple of years ago

  20. SUNDAY 15TH


    Frank has now joined me on the hunger-strike. I saw the boys at Mass today which I enjoyed. Fr Toner said Mass.



    Again it was a pretty boring day. I had a bit of trouble to get slopped out tonight and to get water.



    I have a visit tomorrow and it will be good to see my family. I am also looking forward to the walk in the fresh air, it will tire me out, but I hope the weather is good. I must go.

  21. “Of course he will improve, it is hardly credible to suggest his managerial knowledge and experience will diminish from this point.”



    I’m not sure this is necessarily true.



    Did John Barnes improve as a manager after he left Celtic?

  22. Very interesting and potential consequences?



    Luis Suarez deceived the referee and the VAR in the Barcelona win over Lyon .



    As previously stated looking into my Crystal ball. Legal action and lawyers await a windfall.




  23. RON BACARDI on 15TH MARCH 2019 7:06 PM



    Has Seething G got his coaching licence yet?








    Good shout!!

  24. RUGGYGMAN on 15TH MARCH 2019 12:55 PM



    Dundee (although they shouldn’t be) are a test on Sunday.



    A banana skin of a game if ever there was one.





    Totally agree.



    As Joseph nearly sang “Any win will do…”

  25. Oh and by the way the Rotunda is lit up in red for comic relief. There are roads all around this.


    Seemingly it will not distract drivers, but Celtic’s led display will.



    We must appeal, and we must win. More anti Celtic bias by the GCC.




  26. mike in toronto on

    listened to the Stevie G presser …. talking about how it will take some time to turn the team around… he says, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day …’



    Rome!! That will be him on the FF banned list!




  27. GREENPINATA on 15TH MARCH 2019 7:48 PM



    OGLACH on 15TH MARCH 2019 7:43 PM



    This is or is verging on a hate post.





    Need to explain that for me mate?



    Think the poster is showing solidarity with those who died and their families?



    Unless I’m WAY wide of the mark.

  28. evening bhoys, as its getting closer to st patricks day, can I just say growing up in my parish our lady and st josephs glenboig,, we used to have a little green ribbon pinned to our blazers on st patricks day, everyone and his dog knew the 17th of march was paddys day, embarrisingly I did not know when st georges day was, or st davids day was, and even more embarrassingly I did not have a clue when st Andrews day was, anybody remember the green ribbon bear in mind it was 50 odd years ago hh,

  29. MIKE IN TORONTO on 15TH MARCH 2019 7:49 PM



    listened to the Stevie G presser …. talking about how it will take some time to turn the team around… he says, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day …’



    Rome!! That will be him on the FF banned list!





    Rome wasn’t built in a day.



    But then, I wasn’t on-shift that day…