Appetites wetted, consequence of intimidation


For some, short holidays are over. Batteries recharged, appetites wetted. The international break is not the period of worldwide travel and mockery it is for others. If you think you are champing at the bit to get to Celtic Park on Saturday, Scott Brown and Kolo Toure could probably sprint there from Lennoxtown right now.

For others it will be a chance to put disappointments behind them. A few (well, maybe just Moussa) will return having achieved new heights for their country. As ever, Tom Rogic will pitch with jetlag having played in two continents in the last six days.

You know they will all want to see and impress Brendan. This is the way of it at Lennoxtown right now. They are bursting a gut at training to get into the team. Be alarmed, Motherwell.

You know when your PR is on nationwide TV, intemperate and pointy, that you are in special hands. Asking the same question four different ways lacks courtesy (and a whole lot more), but PR can’t let the journo leave knowing he’s got what he wanted from the encounter. I’m no PR expert, but you know when you see someone mis-control a proverbial back pass.

Still angry at that newspaper’s attack on Celtic yesterday. I didn’t buy it, so didn’t realise at the time they printed Peter Lawwell’s home address. You know what you are doing when you publish someone’s home address.  It rarely happens because the consequences are so uncontrollable.

It’s one of the most insidious acts legally possible by a newspaper. It has an immediate consequence of intimidation for the family – that’s a given when you make the decision to print something several hundred thousand times.  Utterly deplorable.  We are back in the era where attacks were incited on Neil Lennon.

Apologies for issues accessing the blog recently.  I’m on the case.

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  1. weeminger on 13th October 2016 10:52 am







    I see one Joseph Anthony Barton is involved with Phoenix Film Partners LLP, along with James Lee Carragher, Emile William Ivanhoe Heskey, Robert David Keane, Steven George Gerrard and many more.







    Ivanhoe? That’s up therewith Rodney Charlton Trotter……

  2. I used to wander round Welsh Cemeteries hoping to find a gravestone wae the name “Dai Happy” on it.



    Hail Hail




  3. Back from Canada for a short holiday and looking forward to my first visit to Celtic Park in more than 30 years. I find it shocking to see some of the junk masquerading as news in the so-called papers. Clearly, publishing someone’s home address is beyond the pale and I hope that the club, on Mr Lawwell’s behalf, institutes proceedings against the newspaper. It is also time agin, I think, for the Celtic online community to encourage fans to stop buying these rags.

  4. I sincerely hope that the club are making it clear to the Rancid how disgraceful it is to publish home addresses of our employees.


    There has to be repercussions for such a deliberate act of wilful foolishness.

  5. call me Gerry on 13th October 2016 11:57 am



    Install NeverAds as well. Close down the browser and restart it. All Ads should disappear.




    FAC the Act




  6. Good Afternoon. Only 11 days to go if you haven’t completed the consultation survey on the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act please click this link and complete it now.



    If long forms daunt you, just give your contact details and then complete the 5 questions on Sections 1-5 showing you are in favour of repeal- that is just 5 ticks- then just scroll through to the end and press SUBMIT. It can be done in less than a minute.



    If you are unsure about what to write for the full questionnaire, this crib sheet will help. Remember you are agreeing that the act should be repealed. Also remember to click Complete Survey at the end or your views won’t be included!




    FAC the Act




  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Just watched “that” press conference.


    Dearie me!


    Traynor goes on about respect. How much respect did he show for Warburton – calling him away like a wee boy getting called in for his tea.


    You have to wonder – are they so desperate to get rid of Barton without a pay-off that they can’t even risk mentioning his name?

  8. Bob Dylan’s won a Nobel Gong


    For writing poems set in song


    “A gift” he said “That came to me”


    “After popping LSD”.



    Hail Hail




  9. Mel Brooks film should have read.The Producers,I think.


    Blistering blog from John James today.

  10. Paul67



    Printing Peter Lawwell’s address by that rag is disgusting. They know fine what consequences it can lead to, disgraceful “newspaper.”


    Surely now Celtic must find a way to cut ties with the DR, find a way around any legal obligation it has to speak to DR journalists.





    On a brighter note, my daughter is getting into football more and more, even joined a team last month!


    One out of two ain’t bad!! :-)

  11. I thought the best bit of the “Press conference”was when Traynor signalled for Warbs to leave and he got up and had shorts on.It just made it look even more ridiculous.

  12. There’s a tsunami coming.



    To publish the home address of PL is a deplorable act.



    I do believe the Daily Ranger has just declared war on Celtic FC. The gloves are now well and truly off

  13. For John James and now PMcG to state categorically that VAT is being chased, suggests that that’s concrete.



    Additionally for JJ to also state beyond doubt the stuff about the stadium would indicate that it’s also sound (unlike the roof).



    Interesting times.

  14. Till very recently I tried to endure that there was always a copy of the Daily Record in the house.



    However since we house trained the dog and installed a bidet, we have no further need of it.



    Hail Hail




  15. I have only one source for this, but he is usually spot on. You may wish to check it through your own grapevines.



    The toilet that was wrecked during the Return of The Huni, was subjected to the same treatment by Man City fans… Probably got the idea in the Louden!



    Hail Hail




  16. reminds me of a story regarding Brian Clough. A journalist had printed pictures of his house in the newspaper. Clough printed a photograph of the journalist’s house in the next Forrest programme.



    Perhaps people who know could post the address of the offending journalists in question, so people can pop by and say hello?



    I mean, what’s the harm?

  17. You do not disturb an enemy that is destroying itself. There are some here calling for the Celtic Board to join the “Statements” game. Not me.


    Big question is are the Celtic Board clever or are they cowards. Look at where Celtic are and where the Hun are and make up your own mind.

  18. You all know I have no time for Peter The Bonus Collector. That though is in his position as Celtic PLC CEO. I don’t know him personally so hold no opinion of the man or his character in that regard. I also don’t care where he resides. For a national rag to print his home address is as Paul states leaching into Neil Lennon threat territory leaving him and more importantly his family open to attack. It is shocking! I hope the PLC are on this and drag the editor over hot coals. There however is no means to retract the printing of a home address. Unlike online it just cannot be amended out or deleted. I hope PL sues the arses off them.




  19. Magnificentseven on

    archdeaconsbench on 13th October 2016 12:12 pm


    Level 5’s cheque must’ve cleared…



    Like most on here I have no wish to read that rag, please don’t post links to it, cut and paste to make your point .



    If they really have printed PL’s address that is the lowest of the low, what would be their reason for doing that other than pointing the hordes in his direction, shameful

  20. Can I just say that Bob Dylan only won the nobel prize for literature by a very short head.



    I believe my entry in the classical poetry category actually came second.



    It seems perverse tae wipe yer erse


    Wae Record, Mail or Sun


    Where headlines smudge ye, in the cludgy


    As newsprint tends tae run



    The ink aye leaks across yer cheeks


    An’ photies always smear


    Who wants a hack upon yer crack


    Or Murdoch up yer rear



    Who wants a new quink ink tattoo


    Of Keevins looking glum?


    Jabba the Hutt, across yer butt?


    My God that’s some size bum?




    Hail Hail




  21. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    If what John James has printed is true then we have not been paid for the last Old Firm game. The present onslaught in the SMSM will be due to the huns having gone cap n hand to our PLC like BVB did with Bayern only to be told to GTF hence the independent engineering assessment rumours. ……. twice upon a time you dressed so fine,you threw the bums a dime didn’t you…..




  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Must be bad Atlantic league revival making headlines in The rectum… all pash

  23. Afternoon all



    Well done Bob. I am sure my wearing of a T Shirt bearing your likeness to various Hootenannies was what swayed the Nobel committee.







  24. CFC have now been apprised of the precarious state of the roofs and are not prepared to sell tickets for the Hogmanay game unless they receive a green light from an independent structural engineer, and not the retained nodding dogs of Woolgar Hunter whose CEO spends more time in The Blue Room than his Glasgow office.






    Paul67, you know anything about the validity of this?

  25. Let’s not prosecute those who commit crimes because we are affluent and they are not as a fundamental to pursuance of justice… well there has got to be a joke and an ‘ist’ in there somewhere.



    For the love of God… if somebody is trying hard to harm you, and making it public without concern, then on your own grave be it if you are foolish enough to invite them to dinner and be the one to pay for it too.

  26. If….as is being suggested the roofs at Ibrox are in terminal decline and Celtic have indeed called for an independent report commissioned on the safety of said roofs before accepting any match ticketing…..then what Celtic have effectively done if this scenario is correct is potentially forced the closure of Ibrox.



    Can the Huns afford to rent another ground (Hampden?) and pay for the required re-fit? Very doubtful in their current financial predicament.



    Could the publishing of PL’s address be part retribution?



    I do believe things are going to get ugly.



    Bring it on!

  27. Didn’t realise until I read the article that the Record had published Peter Lawwell’s address. Disgraceful conduct.



    “That” press conference was incredible, Level 5 running Rangers it seems, they must be cacking themselves that Barton’s contract will need to paid in full, he might just sit on his arse for the next eighteen months at circa £25K a week, I would.

  28. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Anyone know what happened to the Jim Traynor/Charles Green book? Must be due out any day now, surely?

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