Applying and coping with pressure


It is a trip to Lavtia to play Riga on Thursday in the penultimate Europa League qualification round.  Riga progressed after a home win over Tre Fiori of San Marino this morning.  Last season they were eliminated from Champions League qualification in the first round by Dundalk on penalties, but they went on to beat Piast Gliwice (Poland) and HJK Helsinki, before losing 3-2 to our eventual eliminators, Copenhagen.

If Celtic cannot overcome Riga in a one-off game we have no right to proceed to the playoff round, never mind the group stage, but they will be far tougher than St Mirren.  There is a lot of work to do.

After our fractious start to the season we get a chance to go top of the table tomorrow at home to Livingston.  Livi are second bottom of the table, above Motherwell on goals scored.  Last term they lost only twice at home, so far this season, they have lost the same number from four games, 1-4 to Hibs and 1-2 to Hamilton.  The only ray of sunshine came when they held Newco to a 0-0.  They are vulnerable and know neither of the teams around them: Motherwell and Kilmarnock are likely to be relegated.

Going top of the table on the same games played, would pass the pressure to Newco ahead of their visit to Easter Road on Sunday.  Leagues are won by applying and coping with pressure, attributes these Celtic players have demonstrated they have in abundance.

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  1. Hot Smoked



    It’s worry or anxiety about losing the 10. Worry is valuable in getting us motivated to tackle tasks but it is pretty useless in getting anything done about things you cannot control. Neil Lennon and Scott Brown can usefully worry about Celtic’s form; most of us on here are worrying to no good effect.




    A Doctor writes:-



    “people worry in an attempt to solve their problems. Given this, why is that worry actually hinders us from solving the very problems (I prefer to use the word “challenges”) that beset us? This is because excessive worry activates the amygdala housed in the limbic system of the brain, while short circuiting our prefrontal cortex. The limbic system is the “emotional center” of our brain that controls “fight or flight.” Fight of flight is a primitive mechanism going back to the cavemen that keeps us safe from danger. When a person excessively worries, this mechanism becomes overactive, releasing excessive amounts of adrenaline, causing us to see dangers that are not really there or to overestimate danger. Thus, excessive worrying hijacks the amygdala housed in the limbic system and shuts off, or derails, the prefrontal lobe of the brain, which regulates rational thinking. Thus, you become “emotionally activated” versus calm and rational in your thinking. This strong emotional charge makes it hard, if not impossible, to find solutions to life challenges.



    My theory, which is based on empirical observation, is that people worry in an attempt to “control” their problems. They believe that if they control their problems, they can eventually solve them. If you share this belief, ask yourself how exercising control of your problems actually helps you solve your problems. I think that if you give it some thought, you will probably come to the conclusion that excessive worry, in fact, makes it harder from finding good solutions while keeping you emotionally activated. The very things you are trying to solve are intensified through excessive worry.



    Once you let go of trying to control every aspect of your day, the excessive worry should slowly lessen in your every day life. The things that you can’t control but continue to stress about often bring about the most worry and anxiety. These are natural remedies such as meditation that assist in easing this stress and worry. Adding psychotherapy to the process offers the best chance at finding joy and happiness in your life once again.”

  2. For me a lot of the problem is media propaganda. You never hear about Sevco signings being anything other good signings.



    We, on the other hand always have a problem with new players. If they urney crap then they speculate about who will be left out and unhappy.



    Sevco never seem to get this treatment. Everything is hunky-dory. This constant propaganda can be draining…IMO.



    Hail Hail.

  3. It concerns me a little when folk start talking about our game against Triggers Broom FC scheduled for October. Both teams have a fairly tough schedule before that game.


    We have Livingston (H), Hibs (H), St Johnstone (A)


    They have HIbs (A), Motherwell (A), Ross County (H)


    I’d suggest that they would appear to have the slightly tougher games although I’m not so sure the ole ‘home’ ort ‘away’ factor is quite so prevalant during these COVID times.

  4. glendalystonsils on




    I think how teams cope with empty stadiums is more of a factor now than whether they are home or away.


    Barring factors such playing on plastic rather than grass , which obviously has an influence also.

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Alright JOBO – totally agee.



    JOBO BALDIE on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:37 PM


    It concerns me a little when folk start talking about our game against Triggers Broom FC



    —. Concentrate on the next game.



    FACT :-))






  6. BIG WAVY on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2020 6:14 PM



    `Huns – settled formation, favourable performances & results (bar only an expected Leverkeusen humping), wobble against Livi, Kent’s improvement and a fawning media.`



    Perhaps the Huns have a `settled formation` because they have no real choice.Having said that , I have often wondered if it really is an advantage to be able to rest players at the expense of that `settled formation`.



    `Favourable performances`



    I`ll have to take your word on that as I have only seen some highlights of their games. The `fawning media` certainly did a job of presenting those perfomances in a very favourable light !


    I thought they were reasonable but certainly no better than us but, I`ll repeat, I only saw highlights.



    `Kents improvement`.


    Again, my viewing was limited but I agree with you. He looks a very talented and dangerous player.



    `Celtic – Unsettled formation, unfavourable performances (high focus on an unexpected Hungarian horror show as an early setback), wobble against Killie and a hostile media.`



    `unsettled formation`


    See above.



    `Unfavourable performances`


    We have had two `unfavourable` results but, and I know it is subjective, I feel our performances have been pretty decent and the one against against Ferencvaros warranted a more favourable result.



    `Game in October will help tip it either way early doors on perception but I’d like to see us more settled, more fluent and with a system to maximise our superior talent,`



    A victory would certainly make me feel happier and, although I would like to see those same improvements, I feel we are a better side than they are as we are.



    `Hostile media`


    Total agreement.



    Thanks for your response.

  7. Fred C


    We do ourselves no favours – within a week we’ve had


    Boli to blame for CL exit


    No crowds is having an impact


    We may use a psychologist.



    And of course comments like ‘thought we were excellent’ by Neil when we can see that it obviously isn’t the case.

  8. i am worried that i dont seem to be a worrier anymore, i mean why worry, then again why not worry.



    should i be worried

  9. Fred C Dobbs if you’re still about…… if you would grace us with boarding your virtual iron horse tomorrow afternoon I’m sure I could put my kitchen doors to automatic ;-)

  10. SFTB



    `It’s worry or anxiety about losing the 10`



    That, for me, has added to the worry and anxiety which are the constant companions of many Celtic supporters but those two demons have long been the property of our support.


    Likewise, the good Doctor`s `theory` of reasons for worry and anxiety seem solid enough to me but, in the case of Celtic supporters, I would contend that the `Rangers are Scotland`s team` zeitgeist ( English equivalent? ) that permeates this country has a negative effect on a great many in our support.


    Thanks to you, too for your response.



    We need to get a settled team & formation and stick with it. In the absence of supporters this is important IMO”



    Would players still sign for us if they knew they were only there until players in the `settled team` were either injured or lost form?

  12. The zeitgeist (German pronunciation / ˈtsaɪtɡaɪst / Zeitgeist (help·info)) is a concept from eighteenth- to nineteenth-century German philosophy, meaning “spirit of the age”. It refers to an invisible agent or force dominating the characteristics of a given epoch in world history.

  13. Gene


    “And of course comments like ‘thought we were excellent’ by Neil when we can see that it obviously isn’t the case.”



    `We` can see?


    Would it have any significant difference to the impact of that comment if you had said, “I `can see.` ?

  14. Hot Smoked,



    Not a problem fella. Great question asked. The Huns seem to have built a system that is built on a realtively stable back 4 (certainly their 2 full backs and big CHs), 2 DMs (Gerrard seems fixated on being less open) and more options attacking wise that is moving away from the keep Morelos quiet front – Kent, Hagi, Roofe, Aribo and Morelos might still be there too.



    I’m certainly not going to put them on a pedestal but there are patterns in our play that if unaddressed, we will regret.



    Lenny has moved to 3-5-2 (tick) but his over reliance on the usual go-to men and a lack of tactical identity worries the life out of me…




  15. Friesdorfer


    Thanks for that. I was `introduced` to the word when I was studying First World War poetry and one Lecturer mentioned Nietzsche and zeitgeist. ` Spirit of the times` was how it was explained to us but `age` works just as well. I find it interesting that the English language does not have a word for such an important concept.

  16. Golf point – not a huge fan of the way the rough has been cut for the US Open.



    Not gradual enough and too many balls will run up against the high fringe.



    No real increase in rough beyond this.



    Greens should provide plenty entertainment mind you

  17. Big Wavy



    `but his over reliance on the usual go-to men and a lack of tactical identity worries the life out of me…`



    See SFTB` s post at the top of the page.



    We are Celtic supporters. We worry.We worry that the Huns are as good as the MSSM tells us they are….but our team keeps winning titles and Cups. Sevco , in spite of their continued `improvement` do not.


    I am worried that we might not beat Livingstone tomorrow !


    That`ll do for me.


    Nice chatting about our amazingly successful team.

  18. I listened to Si Ferry on the radio earlier – he actually talks well about the game when he removes his scattergun joke approach…



    He made a point I thought was good and I didn’t read it on here so thought I’d share.



    He said if looking at the fixtures this week he would have thought, going on past experience, that the St Mirren game would be a tighter game than Livi at home.



    Because of this you play your strongest team at St Mirren and start playing with the formation at home.



    I thought it was a decent shout, though I’ve not had tomorrow’s team leak so don’t know if Neil is going to play an unusual line up in that too.



    Where is the leaked team when you need it?

  19. I’m always worried….I think it’s a Tim thing.



    re The Fitba’ – it means much more than the result for me.


    I’ve always thought th ebulk of the pressure was on us – Thems? If something goes wrong the narrative is always that bit more accommodating, they are given an “out” which we would be denied.



    Hump thum this year and I’ll die that bit happier.




  20. GENE,



    Every signing we make is under the media microscope, one slip and they are all over it.



    Cannae mind the last time one of their players had even one negative comment. They can’t all be flawless.






    That’s a deal :-)



    Hail Hail.

  21. Hot Smoked –



    Is there a perception thingy going on here too?



    A few seasons ago under Caixinha I don’t imagine you would have had many people concerned about playing them.



    But here we are a few years down and they seem to be a better team- certainly going by both their European games and recent games against us.



    We on the other hand have lost, or narrowly won games against them when previously we were blowing them out the water. Our European performances have often lacked the outcome (and performance) we wanted.



    So is it a case that we have seen evidence of our decline/lack of progress and witnessed the opposite from them?



    I think in that sort of scenario- I’m not good at analogies unfortunately but I’m sure there’s a good one for it – most supporters would be concerned. Especially given how important the league is. And how much they turn out stomach…




  22. HOT SMOKED on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:29 PM



    ‘I find it interesting that the English language does not have a word for such an important concept.’






    I think it was first used by Hegel, (who was big on the whole notion of geist), so it’s a comparatively modern word for a comparatively modern concept, which has been used as a lone word in English ever since.

  23. I have had just a quick scan back but I am astounded that Lenny is thinking about using a psychologist, astounded of forehead as they say, most clubs have been using them for years, seems like it’s a new concept to out manager, that in itself astounds me, the things that you learn eh.

  24. I’d get that nugget wi’ the big noggin’ in – Tony Robbins…………….



    Forget the fluffy puffery…………




    I bet he could heider a baw!







  25. Cheers Big Wavy



    Feel they would keep the ball moving quickly and less of the predictable back, sideways, sideways, back, pedestrian possession that has become the norm.




  26. is the Psychologist for the players? I thought it was for Lennon and Lawell. They must be going nuts at not being able to bring a half decent left back in and tinkering with team selection.

  27. Looks a good attacking side Sid, but Jullien has got a knock in training and is almost definitely a non starter.


    That apart I wouldn’t mind seeing that team giving it a go.

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