Appoint another mercenary who wins all before him


Brendan Rodgers departure midseason was disrespectful to Celtic and still has the potential to disrupt our ambitions for a domestic treble, but I was surprised at the scale of the hostility towards a man many thought could do no wrong just hours earlier.

The timing of his departure was terrible: a day before a league game at Tynecastle and four days before a Cup game at Easter Road, but I am convinced Brendan chose the moment.  He wanted a crack at Valencia (we had a better chance than the aggregate score suggests) and I suspect told Leicester to wait until after that tie was concluded.

I had already factored in that he had been working his ticket since August last year. The public John McGinn tantrum was not matched by any private confrontation.  Whatever he said to Moussa Dembele, that week was more disruptive and the public comments were clearly about an exit route.

Would you or I have left Celtic midseason for a job at Leicester, or anywhere, for £5m a year?  Chances are many of us would remain, at least until the summer, but the truth is that football players and managers move, irrespective of allegiances.  Jock Stein knocked back the Manchester United job to stay at Celtic, but there will always be only one Jock Stein.  We know this reality, so it should never shock.

The Telegraph tells us Leicester paid Celtic a £9m release fee.  Question is, do we want a new manager who is so successful that he moves for a huge wage in 2022, with millions more coming in in compensation that we ever paid him?  Or, do we want different problems in 2022?

It would be a struggle with another mercenary who won all before him, but we would pull through.  Give me an uncompromising, unconscionable, winner, leave badge-tugging antics for the kids to concern themselves with.

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  1. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    I’d like to thank all the little people who made this possible.

  2. BR took the club forward.


    Not as far as I would have liked but he took us forward.



    Consequently we need to build on the positives of the BR legacy and go large again.


    Would a £5mill coaching budget put us in the big league?



    If it would then go for it.



    As noted previously we can cover the difference by taking out budget from the exec level at CP.



    One person in particular is grossly overpaid and could afford to spend more time with his family — I’m sure he could keep himself busy in the garden.

  3. Torygraph article suggests that we got all of £9mill so even better on the money front.


    Not sure what we are going to do with it — wonder when it will get paid?



    That should get us the best CB in the rest of SPL plus money left over for a couple of punts — hopefully a RB and a LB.

  4. Fool Time Whistle on

    FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 14TH MARCH 2019 12:07 PM


    Morning all,



    Newco have appealed Moreorless’s yellow card for diving.



    Clancy had at least 3 further opportunities to issue him a further yellow for diving.



    Each simulation was less convincing & more egregious than the other.



    Will the compliance officer consider the unpunished simulations by the 20million man?





    Police Scotland are investigating sectarian singing by Abersheep fans at Ayebrokes directed at Seethen Jerrad.



    Apparently, songs about bestiality are not within their remitt or the spirit or scope of the relevant legislation.





    Celtic received a 9 million quid payoff from Leicester for the BR & staff departures?



    That’ll buy Ollie Burke from West Brom then.




  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good article, Paul. The BR episode was never as simple as it was painted.


    He could have turned Leicester down, lost the league (or won it but missed out on the CL) and got sacked (and there would have been plenty on here calling for that). Where’s the loyalty then? Who was it that said if you want loyalty get a dog!


    He could have told Leicester he would go in the summer. Let’s say we lost the league or cup. It would have been all “he took his eye off the ball”, “he wasn’t fully committed to us”, “he was looking for signings for Leicester when he should have been analysing our opponents”.


    Not happy about him leaving or about when he did, but that’s the way it goes in football. As a club we have to be prepared for these things. From now on we should keep managerial staff appointments to a minimum. Keep “club staff” like JK involved as much as possible in first team matters.


    Regarding the next manager I completely agree with you. If someone comes in and wins loads and is wanted by a bigger league team then that’s better than having someone who nobody wants because they haven’t done very well.


    Just hope we show some ambition with this appointment and strengthen from a position of strength.

  6. So, in fact, Brendan was doing good for us even when he was doing bad for us? Gratitude not greeting.


    And in corporate terms, the business will have been tickled with 9M for non-playing staff. What a coup!


    The entire 9 will not be ‘wasted’ on players, we must see that by now.


    Most managers and players are just doing a job for money – their heart rarely comes into income decisions. Batistuta, Batty, Cantona, Charbonnier, Vieri – even our RB terrible Paul Telfer – none ‘loved’ the game far less their clubs. The Steins, McStays and Broons of the world are a minority. We cant fool ourselves otherwise.


    So HH Mr Rodgers et al – thanks for all the wins and the wedge.



    Wonder if P67’s Mourinho speculation of a few weeks back would be enabled by the $9M. Hope not.

  7. Regarding the coaching team going forward …



    The “FootballisFixed” tin foil hat brigade suggest we should be on the look out for DM — so 15 years after his first informal interview he might be back in the frame.



    Not for me.



    Regarding NL and his potential to do the job long term.


    Not really my first pick — if he was to be involved he would need a lot of support.


    DoF / enhanced coaching team — plus a budget to rejuvenate the squad.



    Consequently I think we should go large and spend the money on a top class team.

  8. BR had a wonderful first season but things deteriorated and I’ve no reason to believe that things would have been any better had he stayed.



    Best outcome for everybody that he left IMHO.

  9. KINGLUBO on 14th March 2019 12:14 pm


    Ernie & SOT




    Sorry but the vote was , do we leave the EU or do we not. Majority voted to leave, end of in my book.







    Did the majority vote to leave the Customs Union?

  10. Better to have people move on to a bigger salary than have them sacked for poor performance.


    BR was a success under this model but he is still not the real deal and we need better.

  11. DAVID17.


    It probably wasn’t a design per se but, gee, kudos on engineering a shitfest to our best advantage eh?

  12. QUADROPHENIAN on 14TH MARCH 2019 12:59 PM



    My starting point is always to follow the money. The pieces normally fail into place. Just saying.

  13. Petethebeat


    ” I’ve no reason to believe that things would have been any better had he stayed.”



    I am of a similar mind.


    Cheerio for now,



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