Appoint another mercenary who wins all before him


Brendan Rodgers departure midseason was disrespectful to Celtic and still has the potential to disrupt our ambitions for a domestic treble, but I was surprised at the scale of the hostility towards a man many thought could do no wrong just hours earlier.

The timing of his departure was terrible: a day before a league game at Tynecastle and four days before a Cup game at Easter Road, but I am convinced Brendan chose the moment.  He wanted a crack at Valencia (we had a better chance than the aggregate score suggests) and I suspect told Leicester to wait until after that tie was concluded.

I had already factored in that he had been working his ticket since August last year. The public John McGinn tantrum was not matched by any private confrontation.  Whatever he said to Moussa Dembele, that week was more disruptive and the public comments were clearly about an exit route.

Would you or I have left Celtic midseason for a job at Leicester, or anywhere, for £5m a year?  Chances are many of us would remain, at least until the summer, but the truth is that football players and managers move, irrespective of allegiances.  Jock Stein knocked back the Manchester United job to stay at Celtic, but there will always be only one Jock Stein.  We know this reality, so it should never shock.

The Telegraph tells us Leicester paid Celtic a £9m release fee.  Question is, do we want a new manager who is so successful that he moves for a huge wage in 2022, with millions more coming in in compensation that we ever paid him?  Or, do we want different problems in 2022?

It would be a struggle with another mercenary who won all before him, but we would pull through.  Give me an uncompromising, unconscionable, winner, leave badge-tugging antics for the kids to concern themselves with.

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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    NB….and what about the oh so important forward planning for next season, that would have gone in the bin..

  2. Ernie Lynch 5:18, and there are still some people questioning why James McLean wullnae wear a poppy.

  3. Chairboy 4:59, if we fail to get the treble it all is at the feet of chocolate and his smarties. We have been a shambles since PL/DD widnae let him go tae his China. It was he that demanded big Dedryck stay and in doing so cost us money. It was he who put out the side on December 29 while preparing to be at the “new”Filbert Street 8 days later thereby no giving a Donald Duck while the sevco team were singing they were going tae win the league. Rumours later stated our players were suffering fae a virus, aye they were and it was a wee sleekit one tae.

  4. If Lenny wins the treble then given his previous good record then he should be given the permanent manager job. On the drive for a record 10 championships we should not take the risk of again bedding in a new manager who doesn’t know the players or the league.



    Do we swap 10 in a row for a last 16 champions league? No we don’t.



    Rangers cheated and won several titles with incorrectly registered players and we were cheated out of these titles. The punishment will be 10 in a row at least.



    We should not gamble on someone like Marco Rose, we follow the tried and tested route. An experienced Manager like Lenny will be pragmatic and play to our strengths.



    European football is in the middle of reorganisation with a 3rd tournament and this may change the scene.



    The Celtic Board did not want Rodgers to leave and the £9 million compensation wasn’t budgeted for. Its a windfall like the Van Dyke extra and should be used for new players. Build the squad

  5. I admit to calling Brendan Rodgers all the names under the sun when he left, it was the badge kissing and them immortal lines ill never forget, I was born into celtic, having said that I don’t think the board done him any favours, peter did not loosen them purse strings, and to be honest I don’t think he will loosen them for lenny either, but we live in hope.hh.

  6. MADMITCH @ 5:13 PM,



    For me that game was huge for Brendan Rodgers, he wanted to get the “European” monkey of his back.



    The fact is the stand in players were nowhere near good enough… Izzy particularly looked totally out his depth… but he was far from the only one.



    Even having a match fit KT and OE would have made a huge difference. If the circumstances were different Valencia were there for the taking. It just wasn’t to be.



    Of course I take your point that managers, coaches and players would be talking to their agents and sorting out their future. It’s only natural and not conducive to having everyone at the Football Club focussed on the job at hand – shambles.



    AULDHEID @ 5:33 PM,



    Very good points as per…



    We need to be upping our game big time on the Football Clubs strategic planning.



    It seems Celtic PLC do a considerable amounts of strategic planning on the financials… a must!!



    Yet there is more strategic planning going on in our Football stadium than in the Football squad.



    The environs round Celtic Park have greatly improved, we have a new hybrid pitch, we have the disco lights, we are looking to build a hotel and Museum. All indications that a huge amount of planning goes on.



    Why does this stop at the Football team?



    You are spot on, we need a detailed strategy on every aspect of our Football operation, a fundemental and rigorous application of coaching techniques and progressive tactics. We need a first class player development program for each stage of developmemt for every budding Celt. We need continuity of the implemention of these practices regardless of personalities.



    TONTINE TIM @ 6:26 PM,



    My deference to you is immeasurable, my respect for you immense…



    Howevah!! We need some grown ups in the Celtic Executive to take responsibility.



    They are supposed to be the elite… Auldheid has pointed out half a dozen things that should have been done Seasons ago that would ensure we didn’t run these risks.



    Now the lead article pontificate on Jock Stein, and why shouldn’t it!?



    Yet You, Paul67 and I know that Jock came in almost eighty years after Celtic was born and You, Paul67 and I know how many managers we had up to that point. We also know how many managers we’ve had in the forty some years since Jock went.



    How bad were things during the China Crisis!? We needed some executive management if they were as bad as made out…



    …Quite frankly BR & Team should have been backed or sacked.



    Hail Hail

  7. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    BR’s a leaver – he walks out on people – moves on when others would do it differently or wait, both in his personal life and public manager. I’m very grateful for his contribution to 10IAR but he is what he does.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bigbhoy- I’m with you, take what money wecan get from Europe and thats about it, i want afuy in the dugout who knows what’s at stake for CFC,it’s Neil’s hob to lose,or we should ask Stevie Clarke the question, i know he said he will head south after Killie, but this could be the biggest job he will ever get.

  9. With no reference to previous transfers, how much would you pay for Burke?



    I’m thinking £5m. Still young and raw.



    Based on previous fees and WBA situation , how low do you think we could go?



    I reckon £8m and they cut their losses

  10. BR was very good for celtic, he won a lot and done ok in european games. When all the loans and frees leave at end of this season celtic will be left with the core of a good young team with plenty of good players tied to longer team deals. £9 million is a nice wee reward to boot.



    The truth is its hard to forward plan when it comes to established managers and players leaving due to so many variables being outside your control.



    Where celtic can forward plan it has been very evident;



    The developments at the training centre



    The improvements around the stadium



    The academy (the academy and school is a long term project and was in place long before BR was here).




  11. CB @ 6.59



    Pebble in the pond time — Valencia game @ CP — I thought that some of the players couldn’t give a monkey’s about the game and that attitude came from the top of the squad.



    Some of the play that night was shameful.


    For some reason — pride perhaps — their was a huge improvement a week later.


    However by then it was a lost cause but as this week has proved lost causes can be turned round.



    Unfortunately it was not to be but they were poor.

  12. FORGIVE ME, can I just change tack here for a moment, reading the reports from the bloody sunday judgment,I remember my late grandfather sobbing uncontrollably when the news footage of the shootings came on the tv ,,he had just purchased a 19 inch tv because his old 14 inch had given out, and me as a teenager then im 66 now ffs, just remember him shouting about the b specials and wanting them to roast in hell for all eternity sorry if ive upset anyone.hh.

  13. Glad to see that most of the invective aimed at Bendum Radgers has lessened…are we at acceptance….guid…we move on ;-))



    Some good chat on the nature of democracy…which is an illusion that we cling to…IMHO



    Sobering post from EL today







  14. STEPHBHOY @ 7:38 PM,



    Good post, yet for me there seems to be a lot of group think in the Celtic support that’s just wrong minded…



    “The truth is its hard to forward plan when it comes to established managers and players leaving due to so many variables being outside your control.”



    …Why? We are paying our Board a king’s ransom… Why should we not have risk benefit analysis on this, why is it not manged?



    Do you think they risk our capital… no way.



    As far as the Academy goes, here is another glaring example of lack of control and under-achievment.



    If you look at the record of Barrowfield and compare it to the record of Lennoxtown, what happened to all that investment – there has been no significant improvement on our player development.



    The fact is, I’ve said it time and time again, the Celtic PLC Board think like a PLC business not a football club.



    Let me give you an example…



    Earlier in a post today I suggested that if there was a big crisis in the Summer Celtic Executive should have backed or sacked Brendan Rodgers.



    Now backing him would have cost money



    Now sacking him would have cost money



    Letting things drift until he gets an offer from the EPL, that saves us money and makes us gazillions, so what happens..!?



    You can call me wise after the event but that’s it the case… I’ve made this point many a time…



    It’s all about the Money! Money!! Money!!!



    MADMITCH @ 7:46 PM,



    Think we’re kinda agreeing in a roundabout way. At the end of the day the team was way below par for any number of reasons.



    My point… It should be the job of several “important” fholk at Celtic to ensure it doesn’t happen.



    The fact that they were too busy doing their sums and counting their money is no comfort for me.



    Hail Hail

  15. How much would we get if someone poached PL?


    Depends if we could find a couple of rich cannibals …

  16. Chairbhoy…what do you expect when you recruit business people first…and I appreciate that they’re conducting their roles very well in that department…but it’s ,to my mind, the detriment of the football department.




  17. Madmitch



    PL aint the problem. IMO



    He works to orders & has KPI’s



    However a convenient target at times.



    Who in your vast expertise would be better value ?



    HH with respect

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull @ 12:50 pm



    “Good article, Paul. The BR episode was never as simple as it was painted.


    He could have turned Leicester down, lost the league (or won it but missed out on the CL) and got sacked (and there would have been plenty on here calling for that). Where’s the loyalty then? Who was it that said if you want loyalty get a dog!”




    I am fairly sure the quote was not from Marie Prevost

  19. THELURKINTIM @ 8:33 PM,



    ADI_DASSLER @ 8:33 PM,



    Well, the fact is we need business people to run the business…



    But I take you’re point TLT. My Celtic hero’s are goalkeepers, centre halfs, centre forwards, wingers inside lefts, managers, coaches, founding fathers, supporters etc etc



    But Board Members, Directors, seriously, why do current Celtic supporters give adulation to the Board.



    This Director Cult is the antithesis of what Celtic stands for.



    Let them get on with their fiduciary duties and bean counting… but stop them interfering with the Football Club.



    It’s clear they have no idea what they are doing in that respect.



    We need a well respected, knowledgeable, charismatic, energetic Head of Football to be in charge and be responsible for Celtic Football Club.



    ‘Cause at the moment, Nobody is…



    Hail Hail

  20. If you want loyalty…brainwash yer children into whatever it is you believe in. In the USA it’s called patriotism…In the old USSR…it was called indoctrination…in Scotland it’s called the Old Firm

  21. quadrophenian on

    Can embdy imagine any club paying Sevco 9M as compensation for Warbo, Pedro or Stevo and their crews?Overall, we sourced and enjoyed an excellent managerial crew whose eye were on bigger – personal – prizes.


    So fair play to whoever drafted the contract clause which stipulated we’d get such handsome compensation.


    And fair play to BR et al for agreeing to sign said documents, with that kind of hurdle/proviso in it.


    This Lent, fast from discontent, feast on gratitude.


    We will find the next ‘right man for the job’. HH

  22. mike in toronto on




    I have mentioned EVDS from Ajax… former keeper, with an MBA from Harvard…



    In America, Michael Winograd ran for president of US football, I think … former pro player, GM and lawyer … surely, there must be a few like him in Europe

  23. SFTB…in my generation it’s Fergus ‘The Bunnet’ McCann…apart from that…It’s gotta be David Murray…for killing der hun ;-))










    “But Board Members, Directors, seriously, why do current Celtic supporters give adulation to the Board.”





    Can you cite any instances of this?







    Last Saturday, Peter Lawwell stopped for more photos than Calum McGregor (who wasn’t playing) on the way into Celtic Park.

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THELURKINTIM on 14TH MARCH 2019 9:03 PM


    If you want loyalty…brainwash yer children into whatever it is you believe in. In the USA it’s called patriotism…In the old USSR…it was called indoctrination…in Scotland it’s called the Old Firm






    And in Celtic Park it`s called the Green Brigade .

  26. Jeezo Mike…only academics, like yerself…especially lawyers are suitable…naw…and do you know why…yeez are all devils advocates…so reality becomes an expensive commodity…;-)) Hope SL is running you ragged, but suspect he’s a guid yin ;-))




  27. mike in toronto on




    academics? both former players … very not like me, then!



    in scottish football, it wouldn’t be a lawyer, it woudl be a consigliere … bunch of gangsters!



    I might throw my name in the ring!






    SLiT is brilliant! 14 months already…. where does the time go?

  28. jimthetim@9.01 thanks, I knew I could rely on you, we are of that age who remember the troubles, to say im surprised that nobody has taken up on what I posted, I take this as a slur on my grandfather who fought back tears watching the bloody sunday events take place, but jim we are old fuddy duddies now to these young ghuys, but one thing I would say to you younger ghuys go on you tube and watch what the catholic population of northern Ireland had to put up with, then make a comment.hh

  29. MACJAY1…the whole point is…where and if independent thought exists…you and I are products of our environments…and we can’t but help being influenced by them…we can and do break from this but I believe that this leads to a sort of self doubt/loathing…that manifests itself, especially in football, where the WATP mindset is shown to be an illusion, leading to violence…sorry for the clunky post

  30. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG PACKY 1 on 14TH MARCH 2019 9:31 PM



    I didn`t comment , but I found your post really moving .

  31. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THELURKINTIM on 14TH MARCH 2019 9:33 PM


    MACJAY1…the whole point is…where and if independent thought exists…you and I are products of our environments






    Never a truer word spoken.

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