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  1. Just turned over to the British comedy awards.


    I see chuckles is in the running for an award.


    Personally i voted for wee Craigy bhoy whyte.


    What fun he has given us all year.

  2. Neil McCann is a wee hurting hun, and what’s all this disallowed goal nonsense , big Paddy should be giving them all a slap, interviewers are asking all about a disallowed goal, will Ale Salmond be asked about this disallowed goal at first ministers question time, what about adding it as a question on the referendum as a second question,




    Do you want an independent Scotland . yes….no.



    Should Arbroaths goal have stood .



  3. No denial Valentine. Game was set up for a shock. Played in sub zero temperatures on an ice rink. Thats a great leveler and whilst we were indeed poor, Arbroath played extremely well, as someone said earlier twas their Cup Final. However in the end WE WON the game and there is no doubt we were the better team & deserved to win. We move on next thing is to solve the Parkhead jitters and put on a show in Paradise.

  4. Doc



    Fair point …the pitch was made playable thro works carried out thro the day …covers etc



    As the temperature dropped the pitch froze..no under soil heating …

  5. PFayr



    Aye, the last quarter of the game he resorted to type, must have had the hotline to the ludge switched on through his earpiece, I reckon he was told he would be taking the place of the goat if he didn’t get his act together…….

  6. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors


    21:58 on


    12 December, 2012


    valentine’s day



    21:56 on 12 December, 2012



    Get out more …..it may help






    I stand corrected we were brilliant tonight.

  7. Sunni



    The goal wisnae disallowed. The ref blew for the foul before the ball was struck. No debate. No vote. It’s all in McCann and Tanner’s mind. Or what passes for them.

  8. Big Georges Fan Club on

    Auldheid – yup, agreed. Also had about three or four good chances for shorts from the edge of the box in the fist and early in the second half, but all of tihe shots were pulled wide. Thought we started off well in the first half, good fluid performance, and Broonie looked on fire. Lost our way in the second half, until the last five minutes when George started to run down the clock.



    Anyway – me and wee BGFC enjoyed the night without the girls – they are out at Andre Rieu in the SECC – peace for the Bhoys!!







  9. Got to go lads Granddaughter needs minding, thanks for the chat lets hope for a Show in Parkhead this Saturday.

  10. Celtic did not handle the conditions.


    We will play better & LOSE.


    Arbroath’s goal would normally have stood. They gave everything they had. Well done to them.


    I am well relieved & happy to accept the result.


    That game is what Scottish Cup football is all about.


    Not one for our glory hunters, but a joy to all of those who have seen so many of those nights go wrong.



    …. agus fagamid suid mara ta se.

  11. Not for a moment was silky soccer an option tonight.



    Arbroath played well, fought well.



    Sub zero temperature.



    Terrible surface, every ball bobbled.



    I believe it was 1- 0 to The Hoops.



    Job done.



    Let us now move on to higher ground.

  12. Corkcelt



    For we only know


    That there’s gonna be a show


    And the Glasgow Celtic will be there.

  13. Doc


    Are your for real,covers off 15.00. Temperature dropping by the minute,and you were surprised.Anyone with any level of intelligence would know that the conditions would deteriorate .Sky dictates.

  14. SilenceChuckGreenAndTheBrittishMediaPropagandaMachine on

    the game was played in below freezin temperture; im just happy we got thru it with no further injuries.



    i think we miss ki & his ability to pick out a pass in the final third.

  15. Why are you guys going on about Andy Walker? Do as I do switch the volume off, I find it much more relaxing and I don’t get upset over his comments any longer. Only turned volume on to listen to NFL!

  16. Just in case any lurker s are wondering.. We won !! .. Oh and still in all competitions including the last 16 of champions league or as Jeff sterling of sky refers to ” Europes elite”.. Hh

  17. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    For me, the worst aspect of performances like tonight’s is that it gives the radio Scothun crew and their anti-Celtic ilk the chance to dust down their sashes and spew out their hunnish cr*p.


    All in the name of applauding the gallant underdog, of course.

  18. It seems we have difficulty in playing two convincing wins in a row.


    That should set us up nicely for St Mirren on Saturday.


    Too many showed a lack of appetite tonight.


    We can blame the park, the cold, the specter of Armageddon, however the players have to look within their own hearts.


    No passion was shown. No efforts were made. No friends were won.


    I hope Neil has them doing a double training stint before we meet St Mirren.

  19. Raith in the next round .. St mirren in the LC semi final. Top of the spl with a game in hand. Last 16 of champs league



    Meanwhile … Huns bust and liquidated. Sevco formed and playing in D3. Out of ramsdens and lc. Dundee utd next round of sc. Chuckles extracting their £ as well as urine.



    Its been a terrible 2012.

  20. Big Georges Fan Club on

    kilbowie kelt



    …. agus fagamid suid mara ta se.




    I sing this saying in The Limerick Rake, but have heard various translations – what would the best English equivalent be, in your view?



    Thanks in advance – BGFC

  21. Andy walker has to be a wind up merchant . surely


    anybody who was an ex celt can’t be as anti Celtic


    as he is .other than that we must have shafted him


    as he is a bitter bitter wee horrible reprobate.

  22. Will certain posters on here tonight be saying when the draw is made for the next round ” actually we shouldnae be here ..Arbroath really deserved a goal .. In fact lets let them take oor place.. Aye that’s right we were rubbish “” FFs .. It would make u weep

  23. Goodness me, that has put my blood pressure through the roof.



    Still we got there and live to play the next round.



    Can’t help but think the predictable slow build up and sideways passes encourages opponents to play closer to our half. The resulting sloppiness/ball getting nicked just worries our players and encourages opponents.



    If we simply took the player on and got closer to defences quicker then it would naturally force opponents to turn/go back.



    Was listening to Big Packy’s story about a similar 1-0 victory at Parkhead in 1988. He saved a penalty and Stranraer cracked a shot off the bar late on……..we won the cup that year right enough. Probably when my HBP started !



    Hail Hail

  24. saltires en sevilla on

    On the bus back from Arbroath – no-one here is unhappy with the result judging by the singing and smiling faces



    The surface tonight was like oul’ Crossmyloof without the sweaty footwear,puddles and wee herries-



    You’re just a sh!te Harry Potter …just a sh….



    Next for shavin’CSC

  25. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    Saltires –



    I heard the Harry Potter song on the telly loud and clear. Was the Scotland manager at the game? If not – who was it aimed at?

  26. The Boy Jinky




    22:12 on 12 December, 2012




    Raith in the next round .. St mirren in the LC semi final. Top of the spl with a game in hand. Last 16 of champs league



    Meanwhile … Huns bust and liquidated. Sevco formed and playing in D3. Out of ramsdens and lc. Dundee utd next round of sc. Chuckles extracting their £ as well as urine.



    Its been a terrible 2012.





    I am in total agreement with this! Mon the Happy Hoops!