Armstrong, Convicted Dave, playing with fire


News that we are after a second Dundee United midfield player will prove popular, Stuart Armstrong has been tipped for progress for a couple of years.  He is another Ronny Deila-type player, a strong runner who can get up and down the field.  As usual, I’ll reserve judgement until we sign him, and I’ve had a chance to watch him properly.

You have to admire his balls.  Dave King assertion that a conviction for tax fraud is a “favourable settlement” goes beyond parody.  I’m unsure if some PR flop put those words in his head or if he concocted the notion by himself, but just as you cannot shine a turd, it is impossible to spin an undisputed criminal conviction.  He was convicted of criminal offenses.  If this is your measure of favourable, your standards are truly deplorable.

I fail to see why King even is discussing such matters with the media, unless he’s currying favour with the Daily Record.  These assertions will make no difference whatsoever to the stock market, or any reputable nominated adviser, nor will it hold sway with the SFA.  It is also a futile battleground.  In the event King gains control of newco Rangers, he doesn’t need to be a director to exercise de facto control, Paul Murray has been his man for years.  Mike Ashley is not a director, and he owns less than 9% of the club, but he appears to be able to dictate play quite comfortably.

Without a trace of irony, King told the Record: “The enthusiasm that this board adopts to ‘media management’ and its failure to act in the interest of shareholders and other stakeholders is exactly why they should be jettisoned”.

Trying hard to avoid the merest whiff of media management himself, King then added, “History will judge this board as one of the worst the club has ever had. There is not one individual who puts the club above personal interest.”

There you have it folks, our pal Dave is a man you can trust.

Just as the Newco board didn’t have enough on their plate, interim manager Kenny McDowell tendered his notice, although in true ‘Rangers’ tradition, he’s not going without a pay-off.  It’s an added vote of no confidence the regime could do without.  They now face the embarrassing prospect of allowing an interim to remain in control as a lame duck, or put a second manager on gardening leave.

Mike Ashley’s prospects of a successful turnaround look bleak in the face of such uniform and orchestrated antagonism.  I wonder if he’s the kind of man who takes manipulation lightly?  If not, the manipulators are playing with fire.

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  1. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Incidentally – was very impressed when Mackay-Steven and Armstrong were interviewed after gubbing Sevco in the cup at Ibrox.



    Two articulate and very level-headed young guys IMO.

  2. Aberdeen have a good defensive record but still worse than ours. They have conceded 20 goals in the league. Celtic have conceded 12.


    Are their defenders better than ours? Probably not. Their midfield may be decent but not as good as the players at Celtic. They have managed to put a run together and they deserve credit but of the players they have maybe Rooney or Hayes would be good squad players. Certainly McGinn has improved and would be a decent addition to the squad but would they just be numbers to beef our squad up? Yes. Would they weaken the league? Yes. It is better to leave them where they are.


    I believe Ryan Jack is a Sevco fan and openely attends their matches. That is according to the Aberdeen fans forum. Not seen enough of him to pass judgement on his playing abilities.


    Pawlett is decent but no better than what we have. I would suggest the only player we may be interested in from the Sheep is Reynolds but it would just be again to beef up our squad and provide cover for CB.


    Dundee United have scored more goals but also concede more. They have a couple of excellent players and we have secured one of them already. Armstrong seems a unique character. I heard him being interviewed after the Hamilton match recently and I knew already that he was studying for a degree in his down time but the lad sounds very intelligent and switched on. Very mature and a future captain at whichever club he ends up at.


    I think Aberdeen and Dundee United will ultimately slug it out for 2nd place. Injuries and suspensions may dictate who finishes on top. They will also battle it out for the LC final place at the end of this month and I would assume that would be the benchmark for any potential signings for Celtic. Without doubt the two best sides out with the Champs in our league. In the run in they will probably beat each other which will be to our advantage.


    Armstrong at first glance looks the outstanding player in both squads. We have let a few in his mould slip through our fingers in recent years so I think Celtic have changed tact.


    As for where he fits in. Diamond for me in the midfield. Brown right, Stefan left and Armstrong in between. If one goes the other two can sit and protect the back line. In Scottish games both can probably go forward and leave one sitting. Bear in mind that VVD seems to like a wander up the pitch. It does however leave Henderson on the sidelines. Brown may be used wider right tho and Henderson can slot in the midfield. I think Brown plays his best stuff for Scotland in that role but would the captain be shifted that far out? Depends on the gaffer I suppose. The main point here is that Armstrong is a very good footballer and you can never have too many in your squad. He is arguably better than Gauld who came on the other night and set up two goals in his 15 mins on the pitch. I would still have liked the two of them though. In the same way we should have taken Thompson and Brown I think we should have taken on Gauld and Armstrong last season.


    Armstrong will be a future Scotland captain in my opinion.




  3. hebcelt



    12:46 on 20 January, 2015


    Vmhan I thought payday with Sevco was the 27th of the month could be another crucial 7 days for them, it just seems like a matter of time. Mind you we,ve been saying that for what seems like forever. Hail Hail Hebcelt






    I got that date a few days ago from twitter, I may be wrong then and if so it’s lazy journalism from me, that’s probably why I’m an engineer and naw a journalist :>)



  4. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Its a pantomime at work today


    A Sheffield Utd fan, a Leeds Utd fan and a Wolves fan (guys I work with)


    Think I am taking the pi– when I tell them


    The guy trying to take control of Rangers has a criminal record for avoiding tax


    They say – didn’t they go bust for not paying tax


    I say – yes


    They say – but they wouldn’t let a guy who has not paid tax take over a team that went bust for not paying tax ??


    I say – Oh yes they would


    They say – they are Fu–ing idiots



    I then start to tell them about the referee for semi final (being a self confessed SB holder at Ibrox) – they say Its not possible ??


    I then say the President of the SFA was the Secretary of Rangers and knew about not paying tax – they say not possible UEFA would not allow



    Seriously try explaining what’s happening in Glasgow – people cant comprehend


    Its really funny – or is it??



    67 ECW

  5. BMCUW .



    According to the correspondent ——–ISIS have declared that watching ” vainglorious entertainment is idolatrous and punishable by death.”.



    ******* psychopaths.

  6. Vmhan – YNWA Wee Oscar


    12:48 on


    20 January, 2015





    ” isn’t producing the talent required.”



    You and I went to Manchester to watch our U20’s rip Man City’s U20’s a new wan when a certain Tony Watt was on the score sheet (4-2).


    Just mentioned I went to see the kids play Everton (you were washing your hair or something ;-)) and we ARE producing the goods……………We need to play them on the big stage.

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut


    12:33 on


    20 January, 2015


    I have not seen much of the Armstrong lad so whos place in our midfield do you Bhoys reckon he would take ? H.H.




    Take your pick. He’d be first choice in any of the three positions behind the striker. He’s best in Johansen’s current position, and I would assume that he will drop back to the deeper role beside Broonie. That’s where he played for Ronny at Stromgodset and that’s where he plays for Norway. Watching the last two away games, Broonie seems to be the midfielder playing deep just in front of the defence.

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Just read this – inspirational – years ahead of his time



    20. Without fans who pay at the turnstile, football is nothing. Sometimes we are inclined to forget that. The only chance of bringing them into stadiums is if they are entertained by what happens on the football field.



    19. Unlike many other Celts, I cannot claim that Celtic was my first love … but I can say that it will be my last love.



    18. There is no excuse for a professional footballer not to be 100% fit.



    17. We all end up yesterday’s men in this business. You’re very quickly forgotten.



    16. If form was the only factor we would all win the pools every week.



    15. The secret of being a good manager is to keep the six players who hate you away from the five who are undecided.



    14. I enjoy being manager here, because I like the people who support us.



    13. Old Firm supporters went to internationals to cheer three players, boo two, and ignore the rest!



    12. There’s nothing wrong with losing your temper for the right reasons.



    11. It’s not religion that’s the problem – it’s the lack of religion!



    10. I lost some friends when I made the move (to Celtic), but if that’s what matters to them, then they’re not really friends at all.



    9. The best place to defend is in the opposition penalty box.



    8. You go down that pit shaft, a mile underground. You can’t see a thing. The guy next to you, you don’t know who he is. Yet he is the best friend you will ever have.



    7. We do have the greatest fans in the world but I’ve never seen a fan score a goal.



    6. Never fall in love with them (players), because they’ll two-time you.



    5. If you’re good enough, the referee doesn’t matter.



    4. The most pleasure any manager can get is seeing everyday boys joining the club as youngsters and growing into men and giving themselves a better social standing than they could ever have dreamed of previously.



    3. We don’t just want to win the European Cup. We want to do it playing good football, to make neutrals glad we won it, pleased to remember how we did it.



    2. It is up to us, to everyone at Celtic Park, to build up our own legends. We don’t want to live with history, to be compared with legends from the past. We must make new legends.



    1. Celtic jerseys are not for second best, they don’t shrink to fit inferior players.



    For younger reader the late great Jock Stein



    67 ECW

  9. If Kenny mcDowell does leave The Rangers then we should roll out the red carpet and welcome him back with open arms.



    Forget about him jumping ship a few years ago just to link up with Watty and Sally, forget that he took our training methods and playbook with him to sell to the enemy.



    He’s a top-class coach who speaks the players’ language, has deep tactical appreciation and will provide committment and loyalty to…



    Ahhahahahahahah, sorry, couldn’t keep it up. Karma, Kenny – she is a bitch.

  10. The Highways Agency found over 200 dead crows on the M4 near Bridgend recently, and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu. A Pathologist examined the remains of all the crows, and, to everyone’s relief, confirmed the problem was NOT Avian Flu. The cause of death appeared to be from vehicular impacts. However, during analysis it was noted that varying colours of paints appeared on the …bird’s beaks and claws. By analysing these paint residues it was found that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with lorrys, while only 2% were killed by cars.


    The Agency then hired an Ornithological Behaviourist to determine if there was a cause for the disproportionate percentages of truck kills versus car kills. The Ornithological Behaviourist quickly concluded that when crows eat road kill, they always have a look-out crow to warn of danger. They discovered that while all the lookout crows could shout “Cah”, not a single one could shout “Lorry”

  11. Craigellachie10 on

    tim malone will tell



    12:48 on 20 January, 2015



    Agreed, good to see our money circulating in Scotland rather than leaking abroad through some dodgy agents.

  12. South Of Tunis


    12:54 on


    20 January, 2015


    BMCUW .



    According to the correspondent ——–ISIS have declared that watching ” vainglorious entertainment is idolatrous and punishable by death.”.



    ******* psychopaths.





    The first time Al Quaida grabbed my attention was way back when they blew up two huge(many thousands year old) Bhudist statues.



    Absolutely mad soul less evil people.

  13. Craigellachie10 on

    67 european cup winners



    12:55 on 20 January, 2015



    No 4 probably said more about the big man’s ethos than any of the rest.

  14. South Of Tunis


    12:54 on


    20 January, 2015


    BMCUW .



    According to the correspondent ——–ISIS have declared that watching ” vainglorious entertainment is idolatrous and punishable by death.”.



    ******* psychopaths.






    Hopefully their madness will evolve quickly until they reach the stage of declaring life itself unIslamic and begin topping themselves.




  15. sunnysouthDerry on

    would like to see the team strengthened during this window both united players would be a bonus,we could loose a couple like commons/kayal.My first post enjoy reading your opinions, stories,banter,about the Bhoys.

  16. I’m glad to see the BBC and Sky are now catching up on the Stuart Armstrong story…….




  17. the long wait is over on

    Time for a quick lunchtime dip into CQN ( when I tell Mrs TLWIO I went for a quick dip at lunchtime she thinks I went for a swim…)



    Paul67 spot on re King.



    He seems to think that he can persuade us all that pleading guilty to 41 criminal counts of contravening the South Africa Income Tax Act somehow isn’t a conviction.



    While it might be a “result” when compared to what he was originally charged with (and it probably is ) and when it achieved the aim of avoiding jail time (which it definitely is) a conviction is a conviction is a conviction.



    There surely cannot be a group of people out there who are so gullible as to believe that if you simply tell them something, or better still, have it unthinkingly stenographed into the popular press repeatedly that it’s the unchallengeable truth , can there?



    After all they’ve been through – say it ain’t so, Joe..!

  18. Sandman


    13:04 on


    20 January, 2015





    If you feel your religion is worth killing for…………………..Start with yourself.

  19. Celtic will pay £1m for Armstrong if they can off set it through sale of Commons.


    Otherwise it will be a ‘we tried our best to sign SA …’

  20. Bawsman,



    I agree with you about giving our young players a run in the team. The only reason, imo, many of those mentioned on here as targets is because they have had a run of games in their teams. Our support are forever demanding we buy this that and the next one who catches their eye. Imo, we have the best young players in Scotland already on our books.

  21. cults….



    That has been the narrative in recent times hasn’t it?



    Hoping this time the outcome will be different.




  22. Justafan



    £1m is enough to tempt virtually any club in Scotland to sell any player.


    We would let most of our squad go for £1m… If offered.

  23. tomtheleedstim on

    Bawsman – I think that was the Taliban but you couldn’t get a cig paper between them.


    Soulless is right.

  24. garygillespieshamstring on

    Re Michael O’Halloran from last thread



    He was on our books and was released to Bolton. His da is one of our youth coaches.


    Based on previous form, I would be surprised if Celtic paid money for him,

  25. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    My recollection of No.14, is that Jock said it was because he liked the people he worked with.



    The clip is somewhere around.



    Re our young players.


    As has been said, we are unable to give developing players sufficient game time because the demands of winning every game puts undue pressure on not only the kids, but on the rest of the team.



    Other SPL teams don’t carry the same level of expectation, therefore their young players are given the time and climate to learn how to be first team players.



    The erratic results of their teams underlines the inconsistancy of developing teams.



    I think it is positive that we can recruit from teams just below our level in the domestic game.


    Those clubs can then use the money to recruit, if desired, promising lads from teams below them in the food chain.



    The money stays in the Scottish game and trickles down the grades…….as Thatcher intended! : > )

  26. traditionalist88 on



    13:05 on


    20 January, 2015


    I’m glad to see the BBC and Sky are now catching up on the Stuart Armstrong story…….









    Have they caught up enough?! :)




  27. A minute’s applause in memory of Martin ‘Kano’ Kane


    By: Newsroom Staff on 20 Jan, 2015 13:11



    A MINUTE’S applause will be held before Wednesday night’s game against Motherwell at Celtic Park in memory of Martin ‘Kano’ Kane, who sadly passed away earlier this month in Australia at the age of 46.


    Martin was struck down by a rare neurological condition called Devic’s Syndrome back in 2008, and it was the Celtic family who raised money with the ‘Bring Martin Home’ campaign to get Martin home from hospital to be with his family.


    It was from this that the Kano Foundation was launched, with Martin as the patron. And just before Christmas, the 3,000th child was able to enjoy a day out at Paradise thanks to the brilliant work of the Kano Foundation.

  28. traditionalist88




    13:26 on 20 January, 2015


    Have they caught up enough?! :)






    Beat me to it :))))))))))

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