Armstrong, Convicted Dave, playing with fire


News that we are after a second Dundee United midfield player will prove popular, Stuart Armstrong has been tipped for progress for a couple of years.  He is another Ronny Deila-type player, a strong runner who can get up and down the field.  As usual, I’ll reserve judgement until we sign him, and I’ve had a chance to watch him properly.

You have to admire his balls.  Dave King assertion that a conviction for tax fraud is a “favourable settlement” goes beyond parody.  I’m unsure if some PR flop put those words in his head or if he concocted the notion by himself, but just as you cannot shine a turd, it is impossible to spin an undisputed criminal conviction.  He was convicted of criminal offenses.  If this is your measure of favourable, your standards are truly deplorable.

I fail to see why King even is discussing such matters with the media, unless he’s currying favour with the Daily Record.  These assertions will make no difference whatsoever to the stock market, or any reputable nominated adviser, nor will it hold sway with the SFA.  It is also a futile battleground.  In the event King gains control of newco Rangers, he doesn’t need to be a director to exercise de facto control, Paul Murray has been his man for years.  Mike Ashley is not a director, and he owns less than 9% of the club, but he appears to be able to dictate play quite comfortably.

Without a trace of irony, King told the Record: “The enthusiasm that this board adopts to ‘media management’ and its failure to act in the interest of shareholders and other stakeholders is exactly why they should be jettisoned”.

Trying hard to avoid the merest whiff of media management himself, King then added, “History will judge this board as one of the worst the club has ever had. There is not one individual who puts the club above personal interest.”

There you have it folks, our pal Dave is a man you can trust.

Just as the Newco board didn’t have enough on their plate, interim manager Kenny McDowell tendered his notice, although in true ‘Rangers’ tradition, he’s not going without a pay-off.  It’s an added vote of no confidence the regime could do without.  They now face the embarrassing prospect of allowing an interim to remain in control as a lame duck, or put a second manager on gardening leave.

Mike Ashley’s prospects of a successful turnaround look bleak in the face of such uniform and orchestrated antagonism.  I wonder if he’s the kind of man who takes manipulation lightly?  If not, the manipulators are playing with fire.

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  1. Green Man – you and yours are in good form this morning – as always your deep level of understanding is, as always, eruditely expressed.



    They love typing the word hun, don’t they?

  2. weeminger



    That’s not true…Rangers were liquidated….I don’t know who Celtic are playing in the semi….But it isn’t Rangers, because they were LIQUIDATED….were they not?





  3. Alfie Noakes.



    Im being serious now…..have you come on this blog just to annoy Celtic supporters, because that’s what im picking up from you.


    There are all shapes and sizes, and opinions on this blog…..what is your problem with that?


    Grow up for god sake.




  4. The Green Man


    11:42 on


    21 January, 2015



    I’m sorry I’m not going to get into a long winded argument about whether the team playing at Ibrox are allowed to be called The Rangers Football Club or not due to phoenixing rules. D&P gave permission for the name to be used as part of the liquidation of Rangers Football Club Plc.



    So like it or not the new club is called The Rangers Football Club and it’s permitted to be so and we are about to play them. If folk call them simply Rangers, I know who they mean and I also know it’s a new club. I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist over it.

  5. weeminger



    Fair enough bud….that’s your opinion….I disagree


    However, I still love you:)




  6. Geordie Munro



    You are quite right to call me on anything I say….and you do:)


    No problem whatsoever with that.


    That’s the way of CQN.


    But im still right:)




  7. “You are quite right to call me on anything I say….and you do:)”



    For clarity I do not have tgm’s number. Lol

  8. weeminger


    11:15 on


    21 January, 2015



    So why not let the reporters be open about it?






    This is where we’re in agreement. They should be open about it, because it should be an irrelevance. However they may counter with, the abuse they receive, the bias they’re accused of, doesn’t make it worth it. This is further highlighted with referees. The abuse they take on here alone, considered a moderate forum I think, means every decision is dissected and scrutinised to be used in evidence of a conspiracy against us. Same with every comment in the media.



    Times have changed. These guys have careers, and that is more important to them, than the team they supported as a boy. They should be judged on the quality of their work, if that isn’t up to scratch then it’s not for sinister reasons, it’s purely down to incompetence.

  9. Right Bhoys….my argument is simple.


    Rangers were Liquidated, therefore do not exist….as a consequence, there is no old firm.


    Prove me wrong.









    You know my opinions on the board-and on the huns,for that matter. And,as on many other subjects,they are similar to your own.



    Now,I agree 100% that the huns are dead,but the problem is that their fans-the same ones,btw-are still going to Ibrox to watch a team in hun colours wi five fag burns on their shirts.



    And as for our potential new signing from Dundee Utd,I believe it will happen. You and I may have a healthy suspicion or worse-!- of PL,but I think he has finally realised that he has cocked up and needs to get the finger out.



    Time will tell. If you’re correct,and PL has gone all cheapskate again,you and I won’t fall out about you being right and me taking my default position. Nor vice versa.



    But some more happyclappers may shift their opinions of PL,which will make his position more precarious.



    I think he knows he has pushed us far enough,and then some. He will get the finger-and the chequebook out.

  11. DD



    Saying nothing….cause when I say the words…RANGERS WERE LIQUIDATED.


    Some people cant hear me:)




  12. The Green Man


    11:50 on


    21 January, 2015



    It’s not opinion. It’s a fact. There’s a football team that plays at Ibrox called The Rangers Football Club. We’re playing them on the 1st of February.

  13. weeminger



    I think you will find, that the team who currently play out of ipox, are not Rangers, who were liquidated….but a new club.


    Don’t take my word for it….check the words of Watty, and Jabba…..its clear as day.


    Its an impossibility. there is no old firm….because the original Rangers died….they are no more….its gone forever.








    We all know Rangers were liquidated. We all know-and so do they,btw-that it’s not the same club we are playing in ten days time that we played ten years or three years ago.



    But as I said,the great lie has been allowed to develop as a panacea to the hun hordes.



    So what?



    Incarnation one-deid.



    Incarnation two-dead,on its knees



    Incarnation three-being planned,doomed to failure.



    Incarnation four-sharing a ground wi Benburb,juniors league,an irrelevance and barely a memory.



    Don’t get hung up about it,bud. Honest,it’s better having a larf like the rest of us. Check the Sevco crest below,for instance.



    67heaven .. challenging the lie ..i am wee oscar / neil lennon.. ipox belongs to the creditors



    03:30 on 21 January, 2015





    11:57 on


    21 January, 2015





    Read your more measured view of Peter Lawwell and the board.



    Can I ask, and this is a proper question, not a snide jibe.



    Those who think PL is a ‘cheapskate’, do you think they ever read the Annual Accounts?



    If so perhaps they can enlighten the rest of us where the pile of money is – running Celtic is an expensive business, however we do it prudently and answer to no one – not banks – not hedge funds – no one.



    Again, a serious question – in order to bring in more expensive and high profile players, exactly what level of debt would you be happy to see Celtic shoulder?



    PL has already said that we could sign a £5/6 million player, however in competition with the English clubs, we would probably have to pay around £40k per week.



    So over a four year contract that equates to around £13/14 million – would you be happy to do this, say for two players, and increase our debt by £25 million?



    That is the choice.



    Yes we get some things wrong, however that will always happen in the markets that we can afford to deal in – outside the mega money leagues of England, Spain (2/3 clubs), Germany, Italy and France(2 clubs), there are hundreds of clubs who would give their ‘eye teeth’ to be in our position.

  16. b11oys



    b11 oys



    08:38 on 21 January, 2015


    Just catching up as not on here last night, interesting convo between bluegrass and zico, I too was at All Saints from 72-77


    And my brother was there too from the following year


    Know most of the guys you mentioned as we were from springburn


    St Aloyisius too. Small world!



    Hope your keeping well.Just seen your post.


    Do you know who bluegrass celt’s big sister is who went to All Saints.


    What are your initials and do you still stay in area.