Armstrong, Convicted Dave, playing with fire


News that we are after a second Dundee United midfield player will prove popular, Stuart Armstrong has been tipped for progress for a couple of years.  He is another Ronny Deila-type player, a strong runner who can get up and down the field.  As usual, I’ll reserve judgement until we sign him, and I’ve had a chance to watch him properly.

You have to admire his balls.  Dave King assertion that a conviction for tax fraud is a “favourable settlement” goes beyond parody.  I’m unsure if some PR flop put those words in his head or if he concocted the notion by himself, but just as you cannot shine a turd, it is impossible to spin an undisputed criminal conviction.  He was convicted of criminal offenses.  If this is your measure of favourable, your standards are truly deplorable.

I fail to see why King even is discussing such matters with the media, unless he’s currying favour with the Daily Record.  These assertions will make no difference whatsoever to the stock market, or any reputable nominated adviser, nor will it hold sway with the SFA.  It is also a futile battleground.  In the event King gains control of newco Rangers, he doesn’t need to be a director to exercise de facto control, Paul Murray has been his man for years.  Mike Ashley is not a director, and he owns less than 9% of the club, but he appears to be able to dictate play quite comfortably.

Without a trace of irony, King told the Record: “The enthusiasm that this board adopts to ‘media management’ and its failure to act in the interest of shareholders and other stakeholders is exactly why they should be jettisoned”.

Trying hard to avoid the merest whiff of media management himself, King then added, “History will judge this board as one of the worst the club has ever had. There is not one individual who puts the club above personal interest.”

There you have it folks, our pal Dave is a man you can trust.

Just as the Newco board didn’t have enough on their plate, interim manager Kenny McDowell tendered his notice, although in true ‘Rangers’ tradition, he’s not going without a pay-off.  It’s an added vote of no confidence the regime could do without.  They now face the embarrassing prospect of allowing an interim to remain in control as a lame duck, or put a second manager on gardening leave.

Mike Ashley’s prospects of a successful turnaround look bleak in the face of such uniform and orchestrated antagonism.  I wonder if he’s the kind of man who takes manipulation lightly?  If not, the manipulators are playing with fire.

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  1. Auldheid


    14:59 on


    20 January, 2015





    I think that was also the season Bawwy gave up taking penalties around the turn of the year, he’d missed one of the THREE awarded to Rangers in a 2-2 draw with Dundee at Tannadice.



    He had scored 11 penalties to that point and finished the season with 17 goals, Arteta took over the penalty taking.



    I don’t know how many Arteta went on to score but the last kick of a football in the SPL that year was him slotting a penalty in the 6th minute of injury time against Dunfermline in a game that was (allegedly) a non contact game.

  2. Ok



    Does anyone think we will sign fletcher and armstrong in this window ?



    I just cant see it.. really hope we do but every window we get let down.



    Snodgrass..finbogasson are 2 examples of players we were told from good sources that its looking good.




    Is fletcher out of contract soon ?

  3. For the life of me, I can’t see how anyone would want to replace Biton by any Scottish player. He plays the game properly. He is in a position to take a pass and already knows before it reaches him what he is going to do with it. The team should be built round him and the others need to learn from him how to play the game as it is meant to be played. He reminds of the one and only George Connelly, very possibly the best player I have seen in a Celtic jersey.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Auldheid 14:59


    You might also point out that they were liquidated, NOT “punished”.

  5. proudbhoy


    15:35 on


    20 January, 2015





    15:17 on 20 January, 2015





    He could pass a ball at 17



    Our captain still struggles to pass the ball






    No he does not.

  6. mike in toronto on




    agree 100%, but we still need to get the midfield partner for him to see the best in him, I think.

  7. livibhoy



    15:56 on 20 January, 2015





    Maybe united are willing to allow him to leave early after such long service.

  8. Fletcher is on about 60k a week,W Brom and West Ham want him,and can give him the same money.Romantic nonsense to think because a guy is a Celtic fan,and made a few quid,that he will sign for us.Anyone provide a previous example?

  9. Turkeybhoy





    Browns pasing has been woeful for years..in my opinion anyway.



    i do admit that thankfully its got better past season or 2.

  10. LiviBhoy


    15:53 on


    20 January, 2015





    Unless Fletcher wants to take a huge drop in wages I don;t see the sense in this.


    Loan deal may be an option. I would not pay him more than £20k a week though whether loan or buy.






    I am in no way advocating buying him.Just saying how good a player he WAS.Might still be.I have no idea.Would not think wages would be a problem.A very rich young man.

  11. Wahahahaha !!!!!!


    Here Comes Chucky ………


    Charles Green givin Jim Sh£&@ of Sky the truth on the Sevco Omnishambles in an Hour !!!


    What are THEY like eh ;)

  12. just heard on ssn , charles of normandy ( ref phil mcg ) interview


    with jim white coming up . Should be good for a laugh and probably


    some sycophantic questions being asked .


    Hope chals throws few grenades der hun way…………

  13. Whits the difference in an exclusive pile of keech compared to yer normal bogstandard stuff that emanates from both their upper orifices ?


    Le circus of les merdes keeps hittin the fan !!!! Nae joy !!


    They’re Deid am tellin ye they’re Deid !

  14. LB-agree,a real shame about his illness,seems a really good guy.I can maybe see Moyes trying to take him to Spain.Probably his last big contract,these guys try to make as much as they can,while they can.HH

  15. !!Bada Bing!!



    Maybe he feels that Scotland is now his level. Seems a very nice guy though. Has he still got it though? A Craig Gordon type really? Is he worth the gamble? Depends on the wage and possible fee.


    Man Utd may have an eye on VVD.




  16. Re McCarthy – he doesn’t score goals, rarely assists goals, is not what you would consider an enforcer nor playmaker.



    He gets about the park well and is neat and tidy if you ask me.



    Wasn’t worth the asking price then and not worth the values quoted now.



    If Scott Brown had moved to England instead of to us he would be rated more highly than James McCarthy IMO.

  17. proudbhoy



    “Snodgrass..finbogasson are 2 examples of players we were told from good sources that its looking good.”




    Who were these good sources?



    Seems to me that anyone, without any credentials, can tout players for Celtic and then blame Celtic for not signing them.



    Happens on here every year.



    Every rumour on a blog or a newspaper was allegedly planted there by Peter Lawwell in order to pacify the gullible. And yet we have the same sharp people telling us that they spotted this ruse and they personally don’t fall for it. But those of us with a sensible scepticism never bought the source rumours in the first place.



    The result is that those who don’t believe that Celtic conduct their business via the press don’t get up or down with rumours.



    Yet the permanently disaffected get upset by the very rumours they invented and profess that they did not fall for it.



    That does not make sense.



    What good is it as a long term strategy to build up false hopes and continue to let people down? You would have to believe that people are stupid and have the memory of a goldfish to continually fall for this. Peter Lawwell may have many faults but having an unjustifiable opinion on the intelligence of Celtic supporters seems to be more of the default position of a Kev Jungle than a Peter Lawwell.

  18. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Any truth in the rumour that Ayebrokes is to taken over by the aptly named Dobbies?

  19. I think biton is a top player, wouldn’t surprise me if he was the one who caught the scouts eye on Saturday. He’d not look out of place on any team. Type of player that a midfield and attack should be built on, the glue that holds it together.

  20. Till tomorrow all



    Transfer window



    As Auldheid of this parish is known to say.


    “We’ll See”.

  21. Sftb,



    Totally agree. Except the bit about the goldfish memory.



    They have a decent memory span.

  22. Fletcher ? No thanks!



    We should be going all out for Armstrong. Even better Ryan Jack as well. Combined wage would be cheaper than DF….

  23. Auldheid- great letter.



    Armstrong- v much hope so.



    Bitton- makes space, makes passes, makes sense. No brainer!



    Fletcher – Darren or Steven? I’d happily take either but expect neither in the Hoops – £££££££



    Broonie- passing? Yes he can. And better than many give him credit for.



    Traumatic day at work. Bumped into SOAL in the foyer and got badly cut by his rapier wit.






    HH jamesgang

  24. Time for a move.



    After visiting the local C&C with the better half’s ‘big list’ i went into my local in the auld toon part of Burgas for a beer and a chat with my muckers.



    Low & behold ……………….we have a “Brit Pub” opening this saturday……………i was informed the butchers aprons are swinging in the breeze from the front facade of the place.



    Some very funny comments from my pals indeed.


    Not a tourist spot at all btw………………………….

  25. South Of Tunis on

    Things you learn.



    Local pirate radio spinning lots of Leadbelly


    choons. Marking the man’s birthday.Man is long dead but Hey Ho it sure beats The War on Drugs..



    Heavy , heavy rain- way down south.

  26. Armstrong or Fletcher,no brainier ,Armstrong is the future,unfortunately Fletcher best years are behind him.For Fletcher being a Celtic supporter ,may well be,but my information,rightly or wrongly,is that if he didn’t go down south he would’ve pick deadco before Celtic at that time ,maybe it was all about the money who knows.i was also told that his father certainly is not a Celtic supporter..Maybe someone can throw light on that.

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