Armstrong, Convicted Dave, playing with fire


News that we are after a second Dundee United midfield player will prove popular, Stuart Armstrong has been tipped for progress for a couple of years.  He is another Ronny Deila-type player, a strong runner who can get up and down the field.  As usual, I’ll reserve judgement until we sign him, and I’ve had a chance to watch him properly.

You have to admire his balls.  Dave King assertion that a conviction for tax fraud is a “favourable settlement” goes beyond parody.  I’m unsure if some PR flop put those words in his head or if he concocted the notion by himself, but just as you cannot shine a turd, it is impossible to spin an undisputed criminal conviction.  He was convicted of criminal offenses.  If this is your measure of favourable, your standards are truly deplorable.

I fail to see why King even is discussing such matters with the media, unless he’s currying favour with the Daily Record.  These assertions will make no difference whatsoever to the stock market, or any reputable nominated adviser, nor will it hold sway with the SFA.  It is also a futile battleground.  In the event King gains control of newco Rangers, he doesn’t need to be a director to exercise de facto control, Paul Murray has been his man for years.  Mike Ashley is not a director, and he owns less than 9% of the club, but he appears to be able to dictate play quite comfortably.

Without a trace of irony, King told the Record: “The enthusiasm that this board adopts to ‘media management’ and its failure to act in the interest of shareholders and other stakeholders is exactly why they should be jettisoned”.

Trying hard to avoid the merest whiff of media management himself, King then added, “History will judge this board as one of the worst the club has ever had. There is not one individual who puts the club above personal interest.”

There you have it folks, our pal Dave is a man you can trust.

Just as the Newco board didn’t have enough on their plate, interim manager Kenny McDowell tendered his notice, although in true ‘Rangers’ tradition, he’s not going without a pay-off.  It’s an added vote of no confidence the regime could do without.  They now face the embarrassing prospect of allowing an interim to remain in control as a lame duck, or put a second manager on gardening leave.

Mike Ashley’s prospects of a successful turnaround look bleak in the face of such uniform and orchestrated antagonism.  I wonder if he’s the kind of man who takes manipulation lightly?  If not, the manipulators are playing with fire.

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  1. I used to support Third Lanark, does this bar me from playing for Celtic.



    The dead are dead, let them rest in peace.

  2. sunnysouthDerry on

    Fletcher would probably be a loan deal, Armstrong will we pay the money utd are looking,it will be interesting to see what happens,there will have to be a few out the door before any comes in,maybe Kayal,commons,boerrigter.Glad to see Adam Matthews back to his pre injury form.

  3. fanadpatriot



    My understanding was he was a Hibs fan growing up.


    Celtic had him on their books at one time and sent taxis for him I believe to training and games because his parents couldn;t drive.


    I suspect you would know more than me though.




  4. A satisfying thought…



    With the Hins now being a subject of derision and frankly a total


    Embarrassment .. Only the lowest form of Supported still wears their merchandise and even these ‘fans’ are being pressurised by their marginally smarter peers to abstain from purchasing merchandise… The long term impact of this will be vastly reduced future generations of hun supporters…. Even if they do reinvent their dead club…

  5. proudbhoy


    15:55 on


    20 January, 2015





    Does anyone think we will sign fletcher and armstrong in this window ?



    I just cant see it.. really hope we do but every window we get let down.



    Snodgrass..finbogasson are 2 examples of players we were told from good sources that its looking good.



    Is fletcher out of contract soon ?






    How in God’s name can you say we get let down in every window;



    Where did:




















































    all come from? – That’s twenty four players -some have gone bringing us over £35 million.



    We still look in this window.



    Why so unreasonable?

  6. Stephen Thomdon is looking for dough to fund his Australian ambitions with Noooocastle Jets.



    He’s in listening mode re selling players, I suspect

  7. Alfie noakes



    Many of those on your list were unknowns or 3rd choice….



    Some came good – some didn’t.



    My overall impression of Lawwell windows is that he under delivers….


    ( except on his own remuneration)

  8. Someone on here asked me for two tickets for Dundee away. Can you post if it was you please.




  9. thezombieslayer on

    Are the ipox groundstaff on gardening leaf also? or where they at a course @ murraypark agricultural college on friday night ….. We demand anwsers


    Hail hail!

  10. CultsBhoy



    United are getting it right. Sell the players at their top value. He is realistic. No English club is going to give them much more than about £2.5-£3m for their players.


    Armstrong at £2.5m plus clauses is a fantastic deal.


    I would prefer to get him at £1.5m plus a clause on appearances (100) for £500k and Scotland caps (20) £500k.


    That would spread the cost and if he is good enough they will earn their £2.5m no problem.


    Sell on 10% too.






  11. LiviBhoy


    He wasn’t signed by Celtic but played for Celtic East BC ,coming from the Dalkeith area I think getting a lift to games etc., would be no problem.


    His Head teacher at St David’s was a Hibs director,but the boy showed no interest in training with Hibs.

  12. •-:¦:-•**• -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Having a moral argument with myself here. Am I right or wrong to shop at Sports Direct?

  13. bournesouprecipe on

    •-:¦:-•**• -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-•



    As long as you don’t try and rename the stadium you’ll be fine.

  14. SFTB –



    Spot on.



    There was speculation about Shaun Maloney a week or so ago. So a journalist asked Ronny about him. Ronny said he is an admirer of the player and that he would be a great asset to any team, but there were no plans to bring him to Celtic.



    A few days later, a prominent CQNer claimed Lawwell had “put it out there” that Maloney was a target, just to “manage expectations”. When challenged, the poster claimed that the fact that Ronny had “talked the player up” was proof positive.



    Absolutely unbelievable nonsense, but so many on here believe that crap.

  15. Ah do not think the Biton, Adds anything tae oor Line Up.



    Ah do not think Broonie ,adds Anything tae oor Line up.



    Ah do not think that Commons, Adds anything tae oor Line up.



    Ah DO think that Johansson, DIZ add Something tae oor Line up.



    Notice anything aboot whit Ah hiv Written?



    Na.. You widnae..






    Ah believe that the Reason why oor Strikers fail tae..well, Strike, is



    mostly doon tae



    The Poor ,Poor Service ,which they receive from oor..



    Sub Par.






    Oor Present covey of Mid Fielders..



    Do NOT Aspire tae Inspire.



    We need an… almost .. Full Clean Out of oor Present Cast of Characters, who compose oor



    Present Mid Field.



    Will Armstrong when he arrives..






    Well.. that is Something Ah canny vouch , wull Happen..



    Ah do not Know a Thing aboot the Guy.



    but, Ah am wiling tae gie him a Shot.



    Is He the First o the New Mid Field tae arrive?



    Ah hope so..



    Hendo..is a Comer.. Ah think that he wull only get Bettah n Bettah..



    He Is Only EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD..n ..already, Ah kin see the Talent which he Represents.. peeking oot..from behind the Curtain.



    In the Case of Broonie, Biton n Commons..



    They wull never get any bettah.. they jist Never hid Any Talent …tae start wi.



    Commons, is a Trigger Man..He kin score the Spectaculars Goals..no question..






    He gies the Ba Away.. far too Much..n breaks up many of oor Promising Attacks.




    Broonie, is A Hot Heid..n..that Says it Awe.



    Biton, plays the Game at Half Speed..



    This is No Ma Idea of A Mid field Dynamo..



    Biton,is far, far , too Lethargic n appears tae be Going thru the Motions. rather than


    taking Command of the situation at hand..



    Again.. He is Not the Kinda Mid Fielder..fur whom Ah am Searching .



    Agin European Competion. oor Present Group of MidFielders.



    are in Deep Doo , Doo.



    They are over run.. n.. left at the gate.. far too many times by Superior Opponents.



    Duds thae Ur.. n.. It shows..





    How it Shows.



    We wull never Mak Progress in Europe.. With this Present Mid Field, in Situ.






    It is in Europe,where Ah want us tae Mak a Fist..



    The S.P.Lers.. we Kin Handle.. No bother..




    But ,when it comes tae Making a Fist agin superior Euro Teams..






    Celtic, need a Completely UPGRADED Set of Mid Field Maestros..









    That is a FACT..






  16. •-:¦:-•**• -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-•


    16:55 on


    20 January, 2015



    Having a moral argument with myself here. Am I right or wrong to shop at Sports Direct?






    as long as you shop in the following manner…………….



    try on 10 items



    leave a dead fish in the changing rooms



    walk away without buying anything

  17. Paddy Gallagher on

    We are beginning to sound like the other team that passed away, the mention of a possible target raises a lot of questions just stopping short of ‘what school did he go to’.

  18. Fanad Patriot,



    I remember Darren running around in the Hoops as as young lad. You’re right about his father supporting Deadco, but there was never any chance of Darren going there. There was also no chance of him going to us, as his father did not want him playing in “the goldfish bowl that is Glasgow”. All Darren’s tickets would go to Celtic supporters when Celtic played at Old Trafford.



    Hail! Hail!




  19. bournesouprecipe on

    Darren Fletcher for Man Utd



    2011–12 played 8


    2012–13 played 3


    2013–14 played 12


    2014–15 played 10



    Marginally less chance of me signing for Celtic

  20. Tambourine Bhoy of 1967 on

    Is it just me or does anyone else think we’ll still have Commons, Virgil and Guidetti next season?



    I would love Kris to sign an extension (he’s got that special ‘something’) and find it surprising that he hasn’t featured regularly this season when (if) he’s fit. He may not fit whatever system/style Ronny wants the team to play, as has been suggested by others on here, but he’s undeniably dangerous to the opposition and has goals in him. I’d love him to finish his career with us.



    Guidetti’s shown he can be a useful player and after time could possibly score for fun in Scotland. I like the guy, I like his confidence and I like his character. I do think however (like others) that we should play 2 up front… maybe that’ll come when we have a quicker, more fluent midfield.



    Big Virgil, in my opinion, is getting ahead of himself and needs to focus on his job. By that, I mean he needs to concentrate on being a defender! No doubt he’s decent with the ball at his feet and has scored a few goals but his runs upfield make me nervous as a quick counter-attack often has us relying on the all-too-often unreliable Ambrose to cover for him. I’d actually try Ambrose in a holding midfield position as he’s terrifying as CB.



    I can’t even claim to be an expert at Championship Manager (computer game for you oldies) and I’m certainly no expert in football tactics/systems… I just thought I’d share my humble opinions and welcome any feedback from some of the more educated bhoys or ghirls on here.



    HH… -Tambo-

  21. Bsr





    He was excellent before he went to Celtic. He then returned to DUFC and was POTY 2 years in a row. I’ve watched him a lot since he arrived at AFC and over last couple of seasons he has been very influential ( including v Celtic) .


    I think it just didn’t work for him at Celtic but make no mistake he is a very good footballer.

  22. We’ve signed too many players who were once stars but lost it.



    Look at Freddy Ljungberg for example.



    Better spending Fletcher style wages on somebody else.

  23. Parkheadcumsalford


    ” He reminds of the one and only George Connelly, very possibly the best player I have seen in a Celtic jersey.”



    That is an excellent comparison por cierto

  24. bournesouprecipe on

    Maybe Jackie Mc’s comments about RD and GMS are linked to the Armstrong bid that’s on the table?



    Would be impressed if we were trying to sign him especially since last week it was Shaun Maloney,

  25. philvisreturns on

    Paul67 – You have to admire his balls.



    “You have balls. I like balls.”



    you cannot shine a turd



    No, but you can roll it in glitter and write “1872” all over it.



    They now face the embarrassing prospect of allowing an interim to remain in control as a lame duck, or put a second manager on gardening leave.



    The ‘Rangers’ gairden is gonna need a bigger gazebo. (thumbsup)

  26. mike in toronto on




    Have to disagree with you on Biton …. he looks very laidback, and is quite smooth, so can sometimes give the impression that he is not doing alot.



    However, when I focus my attention, and just watch that bhoy, he is always in motion, and moving into the right positions. As someone pointed out earlier, he is smooth… the balls flow into him, and back out again … importantly, he keeps moving, and he keeps the ball moving – usually forward.



    When the rest of the team catch up to what he is doing, he will be seen as the lynch pin for our team.



    If I’m wrong, dinner is on me next time you are in TO.




  27. Charles of Normandy laying into the accidental gardener – Super refused to cut his wages from £760K, when Chuckles cut his in half (still £360K pa) when they were “chucked out” of the SPL.



    A rather pathetic sight, being interviewed in his hospital gown.

  28. bournesouprecipe on




    Sorry, but disagree



    Only for provincial clubs. WGS overestimated him and you overlooked his highly unsuccessful period in England, where he admittedly got a bad injury.



    Mops up, neat tidy, a player of severely limited ability, and never made the step up


    in the SPL for Celtic, let alone to sample Europe.



    It was WGS and wee manism and limited choice moneyism that influenced him.



    Opinions CSC

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