Armstrong deal good portent for Celtic signings


The mood around Celtic Park was a bit sombre when Virgil van Dijk was scouted by Southampton.  Virgil looked like he was scared to break a fingernail in the capitulation against Legia Warsaw; we lost out on Champions League qualification, although the player was heading south anyway.

With Stuart Armstrong being measured for a red and white outfit, there is significantly less stress at Celtic.  Stuart delivered for Celtic during his three years at the club, but he left unable to command a regular starting place in the team.  We are selling a fringe player who has one season left on his contract for a fee which reflects the inflated English transfer market.

Celtic have managed this playing asset very well.  Consequently, they have more money available to invest in the team.  It is also worth noting that we could have sold the player a year ago, but resisted as Brendan Rodgers did not have back fill.  The manager has been preparing for this scenario since.  This should be an enjoyable summer for the Celtic support.

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  1. Good Afternoon!


    I’m sorry to see Armstrong go, but the fee is welcome and I wish him well.


    In case of interest, here are two new pieces.


    One is a scathing review of Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s new book: https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/06/24/the-worst-book-ive-never-read/



    And the other is about Gerrard’s call for help from Walter Smith: https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/06/24/steven-gerrard-begs-for-walter-smiths-help/



    Oh, and while I am here, here is an exclusive holiday offer: https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/06/23/a-holiday-with-club-sevco/





    Did Leeds not wear the all-yellow change when they booted Derby off the pitch before their 2nd leg v Juventus?

  3. Big Jimmy – The Kaiser played about 20 mi utes plus extra time in the 1970 World Cup semi final against Italy. The Italians won.



    Broken collar bon e and dislocated shoulder if I recall correctly.








    Ramping things up a tad recently,but without a drop in quality.



    Well done,that man!

  5. Greatest of all time (I have seen playing in the flesh) – my top five:



    Non- Celtic: Pele; Cruyff; Beckenbaur; Inietsta, Bremner. Celtic: Jinky, Murdoch, Davie Hay, Daniel Fergus (and for too short a time) George Connelly.



    I have seen Messi, Ronaldo (CR& and the fat one), Maradonna, our own Lubo and Henke, Maldini, Baresi, Pirlo etc. but only Iniesta from the modern era makes it.





  6. I am squarely in the ‘would have preferred to keep Armstrong’ camp, but we are living in good Celtic times when we can afford to let go a player of his calibre.



    There are many highlights of time here, and not just on his noggin, but his equaliser and then assist for Rogic in the first treble-treble cup final will live long in my memory.



    Will watch his progress with great interest and if Maddison was worth the reported £24m, we should have a sell-on windfall to look forward to in a couple of years time when Armstrong moves on.

  7. South Of Tunis on

    BMCUW @ 12 11



    Don’t know . Old git me now has a memory that remembers things because they are associated with something else . Living in London , I used to go to” big games ” — those big games included the likes of Leeds – memorable for the violence and the off the field nonsense from some Leeds ” hooligans “. Dangerous ! .



    Saw the thing from your sister -I’d do it from Napoli . I lived in Napoli in 1999 . A place that shouldn’t be missed . !!!

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ex Celt John Curran passed away last night, he was a centre half, and played when Billy McNeill was coming through, so his first team chances were limited, although you will struggle to ever meet a prouder man to ever wear the Hoops, John later went on to be a scout for Celtic.I was at hospitality a couple of years ago with John and his sons, Big Billy, Bobby Lennox and George McCluskey walked into the room and made a beeline for Big John when they seen him, and greeted him like old pals, I was so pleased for him and his Bhoys that night.Big John will be remembered as a great family man, and a True Celt.Hail Hail John Curran, Rest in Peace

  9. Never his biggest fan, I didn’t think he was a good enough footballer to do well in European games, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget the misplaced pass against England. But he seems like a decent guy.





    Re Napoli.



    I think she agrees,mate. And so do most of those who have offered their advice on the subject.



    It’s right enough-some site,this,for info. She is extremely grateful for all the input,and is sure that her family will have a ball!!!





    Clearly a sad loss,mate. But he achieved his dream of donning The Hoooooooops.



    John Curran,R I P

  12. Just read that Davies Left Peg stuff, I wonder how KT feels about Celtic trying to hawk him off to Southampton to raise ‘much needed cash’ having just spent £4m on lighting etc and a fair whack on French Eddy.



    In a galaxy far far away.

  13. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Re my post of yesterday: Don’t know if it is official strip but down the town again and there are a few ORANGE tops all with Hummel markings!


    Could be they are both official


    Don’t know why they bother as we know they are Huns as there isn’t a handsome one in sight?


    Off to LARGS golf club for first in about 6 weeks but only for a wee blather and swallow when the boys come in.





    Remember,one swallow doesn’t make a summer. But a fair few make a guid dayooooot!!!

  15. DAVID17 on 25TH JUNE 2018 12:48 PM


    Just read that Davies Left Peg stuff,



    In a galaxy far far away.






    same , just read it.



    so the stadium needs a full rebuild, the club is going to be sued by the victims of pedophiles, and we are now the feeder club for southampton. and he tells our bloggers to concentrate on celtic, and stop obsessing about rangers, by writing an article about, em , celtic.



    the guy is a mentalist of the highest order.



    read the comments section for his descent in to catholic hating.

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I think “fringe player” is a bit harsh, Paul.


    We will miss Armstrong’s ability to make runs beyond the striker and get goals if he isn’t replaced with someone who can do that. Our good teams have always had that, whether it be a McClair, a Stark, a Burley, a Petrov or a Ledley.


    Maybe Rogic could add that to his game, or even Christie.

  17. A fit and in form Stuart Armstrong would be one of the first names on our team sheet, fringe player my asset :)








    Yes,indeed. But from the photos I’ve seen,it looks like she trod in a really smelly turd on the way in.



    Wee bit to go yet with Ms Foster,I reckon

  19. weebobbycollins on




    Someone posted this yesterday…I love it. It says so much about not only African footballers but Africans in general…some years ago I worked with a group of South African musicians and dancers and every now and then at rehearsals they would come up with a song/dance routine that would give me goosebumps…


    Dark continent?…No chance…pure sunshine…

  20. WITS 1.37m,


    An encouraging step, let’s hope it continues (on both sides). HH

  21. weebobbycollins on

    WITS…can’t criticise a step in the right direction no matter how small…

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A fit Armstrong would be in my starting 11, some cheap shots in the article IMO.

  23. Disappointed to see Armstrong go but apparently his ambition was/is to play in top league in England. Scored some great goals and was improving rapidly under Brendan until last season where his progress slowed to a halt.



    Wish him well and hope he tears it up down there, be good to see another one of our players make the grade and shut up the naysayers down south who are constantly criticising our game any chance they get. Although I would much rather he stayed.



    If Carlsberg did fringe players…







  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    The Quiff was never on the fringe. Brendan would perm his centre mids according to the style. And when it came to scoring streaks, Armstrong’s curlers were among the highlights.

  25. Paul67 et al



    Well managed or no losing Stuart Armstrong is nothing to feel good about. But then again midfield is an area where we have no shortage of players, and in Oliver, Tom, Scott, Calum, James in situ, Lewis Morgan added and the younger Henderson getting some recognition not too badly off there. And if Phil Mac is right the re possibility of Pat Roberts signing, then we won’t have lost out totally re forward thinking midfielders.

  26. the long wait is over on

    Ill be sorry to see SA go.



    While we all raved , and rightly so, about Tom Rogic’s winner against Aberdeen in


    last years Cup Final, SA’s goal 2 minutes after Hayes had scored for Aberdeen is somewhat overlooked IMHO.



    It really took the wind out of Aberdeen and the timing gave us a platform to build again.

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