Armstrong, Foundation in Malawi


It’s a lot easier to improve a bad team than a treble winning team, but Brendan Rodgers has the latter challenge ahead this summer. One of his principle objectives will be to retain Stuart Armstrong on a new deal. As CQN reported this morning, good progress has been made on that front.

Loving the updates from the Celtic FC Foundation delegation, currently in Malawi with Mary’s Meals. You can follow the remarkable updates from LeftyBhoy here.

This work is being done in your name, with funds you helped raise. Keep an eye on what is being achieved.

Just landed for two days R&R in Belfast. Not been since the mid-90s……….. Off to find a pub and some rich culture…… Recommendations welcome but no messing!!!






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  1. Like no other on

    Lying on my lounger in glorious Cyprus, keeping up with CQN. Does it get any better??


    Well, apart from all the politics that is!!!!




  2. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Paul I am in Belfast and would recommend the following;



    The Crown


    Duke of York



    There are plenty of Hoops bars up West of the city.



    You could even travel to Carnlough to visit Brendan’s homestead!

  3. Like no other on

    A fair few Hoops on display at Mass on Sunday, one with green ankle socks under the sandals :))))))))










    I always liked The Rex Bar. Handy for the bookies and some rather good community art.



    On the other hand,I’m pretty sure others have better more appropriate advice. I wish I’d been sober enough to remember the pubs we went to two years ago,courtesy of The Belfast Bhoys.



    Contact 16 Roads or Gearoid 1998 would be my advice.



    Have a great time,it’s a wonderful city.

  5. DEXTER P. BAMPOT on 13TH JUNE 2017 10:42 AM



    Don’t know The Duke of York but I like The Crown.

  6. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    City centre bars in Belfast ok,if in crown bar be wary loyalist sandy row nearby.Enjoy your shandies!!!!! Dex.

  7. P67….



    Took several jaunts to Belfast…back in the day…….



    Never allowed out on my own…… :)



    Stayed at The Culloden, drank in the Cul – Tra Inn (sp?)



    …………………….An enjoyable if a little surreal and intense experience……………



    ( Much like having a swally in The Black Hills Of Duntocher….!)




  8. The hand of God on

    Was over in Belfast then Dublin last week….Kelly’s Cave is good Paul.Claims to be the oldest pub in Belfast.Fine name for an establishment.





    I’m pretty sure yon bad lad 16 ROADS is familiar with Kelly’s.



    He might even have a camp bed down in the cellar!





    Near St Mary’s? Hmmm,the pub we finished off in that night was right next door.



    It was well worth the time spent there(!)

  11. Eyes Wide Open on



    Suitability of where to go depends on your stay duration and the company you are keeping.



    Titanic Building has been a roaring success (not sure why) and I would also recommend St George’s Market for an early morning meander – has a great atmosphere, a traditional market type of feel, plenty of breakfast / lunch options.



    If you fancied a home cooked dinner my door is always open, I am in a village 10-12 miles outside Belfast.

  12. At last a football subject, would like view on Craig Gordon should we be looking at replacing him, not immediately but over next season. He is decent enough but I think we could get better. He is still suspect on passbacks and tends to stay on his line too often. Just looking for thoughts and opinions. H H Hebcelt

  13. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on




    If you Google “The socialist case for the UK leaving the EU” you will get some very interesting information there.





  14. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Paul67 – There’s a wee clatter of decent pubs around the Castle Street area – Kelly’s Cellars, the Hercules, Maddens, the Fountain Tavern. Cosgroves is a Tim shop also but can be a wee bit rough at times.



    Some really good pubs in that Cathedral quarter – the Duke of York, the Spaniard etcetera. A bit more expensive drink though.



    I’m off work tomorrow – anything that you need just email me and I can call into town no problem for a beer.




  15. What is the Stars on




    Good pubs in Belfast



    Go to Central Station,ask nice man/woman for ticket to Dublin ….preferably one way

  16. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Lol fair enough comment WITS – Dub pubs best on the planet, beer flows better as well.



    Noticed they have cut the % of the Heineken and Carlsberg though, used to be 5% now only 4.2% – tax reasons apparently.



    Hitting Fair City Thursday, Friday and Saturday.



    The price of the hotel is extortionate – probably could have went to Spain for a week for cheaper.




  17. hebcelt on 13th June 2017 12:12 pm



    We should be looking to get rid of DeVries, Bailly & Fasan and signing a goalkeeper who will complete with Craig Gordon for number 1 over the next couple of years.


    Not sure who, thought Danny Ward of Liverpool would have been good signing but with Huddersfiled now in EPL he’s more likely to stay there.


    Scott Bain of Dundee the best of the Scottish keepers but not sure he’s good enough to displace Gordon

  18. Gary67


    Agree on Fasan – had him on loan at Vale for a few last months of the season – probably 3rd tier of EFL about right.

  19. FAROLITA67 on 13TH JUNE 2017 10:47 AM, thanks for posting that. I missed it because I was in Lisbon :-)



    Whoever made the suggestion this morning about Australia sending their immigrant population back to their respective homeland – shame on you. We have enough radicalised eejits in this country as it is. ;-)

  20. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I don’t understand why some posters are troubled at the appearance of political posts on a football blog. Football and politics have large areas of crossover.


    * Karl Marx had an educated left foot.


    * Bill Shankly spoke of tactics by referencing Socialism.


    * Bobby Lennox controlled the left wing.


    * Bobby Murdoch dictated play from the centre.


    * Kriss (House Of) Commons



    I could go on :-)

  21. What is the Stars on

    16 roads


    True Dublin is very expensive. That temple bar is a rip off.


    You should take a trip to The Gravedigger Pub in Glasnevin. Good Guinness and reasonably priced

  22. Hi Paul67,



    “It’s a lot easier to improve a bad team than a treble winning team, but Brendan Rodgers has the latter challenge ahead this summer. One of his principle objectives will be to retain Stuart Armstrong on a new deal.”



    Well I think that is a must… glad there’s progression on that front.



    It was Interesting to note how BR strengthened the team last summer, tinkering really and just the right face in the right place.



    And not necessarily what some of us regarded as the right places…






    Then he brought the whole level of performance up a good few notches… Class is an overused adjective but never in Brendan’s case…



    Enjoy your break….






    Yesterday in response to Paul’s lead I posted a list of Rangers and Sevco Foibles, it was of course not comprehensive but I should have mentioned…



    Rangers MKII – Illegal hostile take-over, supported by the SFA…



    Hail Hail

  23. Paul67



    Belfast City Centre pubs – Kellys Cellars, Duke of York (I’ll be there later for a few beers before Stone Roses concert), Harp Bar.



    If you need any more info, recommendations during your stay get me on twitter @PandaHands74 I’ll be more than happy to help out.




  24. Just landed for two days R&R in Belfast. Not been since the mid-90s……….. Off to find a pub and some rich culture…… Recommendations welcome but no messing!!!



    I see lots of recommendations for Pubs, but not so many for rich culture! ;-)

  25. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    The friendly in Prague.



    Having holidayed there two years ago, it is a fantastic city to visit, and has many qualities to appeal to the Celtic support.



    * Burial site of J. Madden, who played in Celtic’s very first fixture in 1888.


    * Home of the World’s largest stadium. The Velký strahovský stadion was designed to have a capacity of 220 000. It is currently used by Sparta Prague as a training venue. The best view of it can be achieved by walking up the “Eiffel Tower” on top of Petrin Hill. From here you can look directly on to the playing surface, and fully appreciate the massive scale of the stadium. Petrin hill has unbelievable views over the city.


    * Czech cuisine is meat heavy, with stews, grills and sausages in plentiful supply. Vegetables are basically used as a garnish. Food is cheap.


    * The Czech Republic is home to the world’s very earliest brewed lager. Pilsner Urquell is available in every bar in the city, and at only around £2 a pint, the serious beer historian can take numerous samples.



    If anyone is planning going to the pre season friendly, I would thoroughly recommend it.

  26. THETIMREAPER on 13TH JUNE 2017 12:24 PM


    Everton to pay £30m for Sunderland’s goalkeeper. Madness.



    Is that 69 league goal conceding Sunderland?


    £30 mil!!!! Madness right enough.

  27. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    No worries WITS.



    Was supposed to go on the Glasnevin tour last time there – bus left from outside the Gresham – went to the bookies instead as it was a Saturday.



    Some of the party made the tour said it was brilliant.



    Went to Johnnie Fox’s that night, finished up back at the Gresham at about 2 – drinking in the hotel bar till 5 in the morning.



    Next day we were playing the zombies at Hampden in the cup – watched the game in a bar called the Living Room – the game was on the big screen outside – such a beer garden.



    I don’t mind spending money on food and drink in Dublin chief, because it’s good quality – just this time of year the hotel prices are off the scale – more expensive even than Rome.



    It’s a cosmopolitan city to be honest.




  28. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    Go to the Roddies on the Glen Road for a great bar and a bit of history


    John Hewit beside St Annes cathedral is good


    Duke of York should be bouncing tonight with the Stone Roses on in Belfast

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