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The BBC report that police in England detained four men in early morning raids in relation to an inquiry into the purchase of Rangers by Craig Whyte (not one of the four) from Sir David Murray. This one has been a slow burner so far and although this is a significant step, there are still many layers to be unpicked. It’s been three years since I heard of what was going on in the dying days of Rangers, this step seemed inevitable, but as the years passed I wondered if anything would happen.

Please remember this is a serious legal proceeding, so act appropriately here and elsewhere online. Failure to do so could prejudice future prosecutions – and we don’t want to do that. No speculation on who is involved and what they may have done.

Why are we reading that the European Commission confirmed Celtic did not benefit from state aid? Good grief, if six of you get together and badgered someone into checking if Ronny Deila is in the Norwegian Red Brigade, would anyone subsequently report this nonsense?

Absurd fantasies being denied is not news, unless you’re analysing the absurd fantasists.

I see there are complaints aimed at Ibrox that they are “giving away the family silver to keep the lights on”.

What kind of fool has silver in the drawer but can’t put money in the meter? Football clubs, like all companies, have to keep the lights on and pay all creditors. If they cannot pay, they are legally obliged to sell assets. Failure to do so will result in the court appointing someone to dispose of those assets for them.

This is where Newco Rangers are now. The utter contempt for financial responsibility which has endured at Ibrox for over two decades, means that no one can afford to cherish whatever silver remains. It is perhaps even more futile to blame major shareholders for not accepting an offer to dilute their control and destroy shareholder value – which is an accurate description of Dave King’s recent approach.

Those shareholders were heralded a short time ago for putting their money where their mouths were when the legions of ‘Rangers men’ kept their hands in their pockets. Offering shareholders a deal which would jeopardise their chances of the financial return they expect was a waste of everyone’s time.

Newco is owned by people who have put tens of millions into it and who are looking for a financial return. Any forward plan has to recognise this reality. With trading conditions are severe as they are, the club will sell-off anything they have to compensate these shareholders and meet obligations to tax and trade creditors. Costs will be cut, and if income subsequently falls, cut again.

Having checked out Burton’s online this morning I think I’ve got Christmas sorted. I really hope we see the Sports Direct ‘flash mob’ protests deployed at another of Britain’s major retailers. They are up there along with State Aid campaigns as a productive use of time and energy by people with unparallelled levels of vision and clarity, who really need more focus more/tone down the hissy fits.

I’ve never been one for patriotism but if you’re off to Celtic Park tonight, remember to sing both anthems in the battle of the Celtic nations. This advice may change on Tuesday. It will be great to see Aiden, Shaun, David, Robbie, Martin and Gordon grace Celtic Park one more time. So many great memories…

You can get copies of Caesar & the Assassin, Billy McNeill and Davie Hay’s accounts of managing Celtic from Jock Stein’s departure until the appointment of Liam Brady, here. We’ve stopped taking orders for signed copies, which will only be available at author events going forward.

A CQN’er (and absolute star) has kindly donated two North Stand tickets to Tuesday’s Scotland-England game on Tuesday. He doesn’t want any money, but asked if I could get something for Mary’s Meals for them. Face value is £60 each. Email me before midnight tonight if you’d like them, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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    Tough,mate. I’m resting on my laurels after this one!

  2. and i got the ‘last post before pauls new article posted’ post – its the only prize that matters

  3. Paul



    Hawd the bus. Is it 2011 or 2012?








    12:32 on



    14 November, 2014





    Bob LobLaw



    12:28 on



    14 November, 2014



    Forgive me if I’m getting my dates mixed up, but didn’t white acquire oldco in 2011 for a pound. Could these arrests relate to the acquisition of the assets in 2012?




    Correct original tweet said



    Chris McLaughlin ‏@BBCchrismclaug · 13m13 minutes ago


    BBC learns Gary Whithey and David Greer are 2 of the 4 men detained as part of investigation into acquisition of #Rangers in 2011.



    but Herald reports 2012







    great double bobby.now can emdy tell me did the original BOBBY ever score 2 for CELTIC.

  5. Gary Withey .



    Gary Withey is the guy who left Collyer Bristow in a hurry .



    Gary Withey is the guy who left his luxury London pad in a hurry .



    Collyer Bristow represented Whyte ..



    Who uttered what to whom ?

  6. The Battered Bunnet on




    It’s the Sevco transaction that they’re investigating.



    D&P’s Managing Director and previously Joint Administrator of Rangers plc is one of those arrested.



    Way beyond popcorn. Way beyond.

  7. I believe Stolen Souls T Shirts are designed by David Fleck of Glasgow. If Burtons have pulled these T Shirts from the shelves one would still expect them to come on the market from some other outlets. Unlikely that the entire stock will be destroyed.

  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    Although, in saying that, D&P (as MCR) advised Whyte along with Gary Withey on the original purchase of RFC plc.



    Sit back. Hold on. Tight.

  9. corkcelt


    12:40 on


    14 November, 2014



    I believe Stolen Souls T Shirts are designed by David Fleck of Glasgow. If Burtons have pulled these T Shirts from the shelves one would still expect them to come on the market from some other outlets. Unlikely that the entire stock will be destroyed.





    is it actually a rehashed photo of a real photo of the original rangers?





    It seems that Burtons are so embarrassed by their latest wonderful award-winning t-shirt that they have withdrawn it from sale. They have also closed access to images of it.



    So,just to keep the zombie in your life like death warmed up,why not mail an image to yourself and keep it for a while,a laugh,a windup.



    And a permanent-ha-reminder.

  11. STBF



    I think you said last night that you dont do facebook well Graham Phillips vidioed reports from Donetsk are on U-tube as well. He is just a plain speaking english guy who is showing it as it is out there. Interveiws with locals -front line action and normal life stories. He is not an extreme lefty but hes someone who loves the people and the country.


    Unfortunatly a justified anti -government demonstration got taken over by far right extremists(encouraged by the CIA) and its them who are now calling the shots in Ukraine.


    Apart from that I dont see the problem with Russia hosting the World Cup. England complained to Fifa but it turns out they were the ones indulging in dodgy behind the scene deals.

  12. How might the arrests be spun to reflect favourably on the new club?


    Serious question.




  13. foghorn, Yep its their original “Iconic” Pioneers photo with skulls superimposed on the heads plus the brilliant scrypt. (sorry couldn’t resist)

  14. Who are these mysterious men who worked behind the scenes to dismantle the Zombie empire?



    Who are The Fantastic Four?

  15. corkcelt


    12:47 on


    14 November, 2014



    foghorn, Yep its their original “Iconic” Pioneers photo with skulls superimposed on the heads plus the brilliant scrypt. (sorry couldn’t resist)





    that is just superb, you couldnt make it up.

  16. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Foghorn leghorn



    It sure is







  17. Rangers Tax-Case ‏@rangerstaxcase 1m1 minute ago


    When warned about the #fakeover oh how they laughed.

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    12:40 on 14 November, 2014





    11:47 on 14 November, 2014


    MON the State Aiden McGeady



    Your genius remains undiminished!

  19. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Paul 67 – good piece of journalism – 1st glass of the weekend being toasted to you



    Irish mother Polish Father English wife and son Born in Glasgow – come on Scotland




  20. Yep Down, naturally Burton’s have ” apologised ” and withdrawn the shirts. Apparently they should have read Underworld Division Runner’s Up.

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Did Mike Ashley return the naming rights because he can’t name someone else’s property :)

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