Arrivederci Foro Mussolini


This time yesterday, I was full of “Night without usual expectations for Celtic” chat.  Nothing in my years watching Celtic told me we were going to win on our Roman Holiday.  The opening 10 minutes did nothing to change this view.  Lazio scored within 7 minutes and within 8, they were back in possession inside the Celtic box.

The home side needed to win and were prepared to throw men forward in the opening period, which unsettled Celtic.  When Celtic were eventually able to get their passing game going, Lazio adopted a more conventional formation.  Had they continued to throw runners into our box, the outcome could have been different.

So many times after European games you and I have discussed the importance of mistakes in determining the outcome.  Commanding possession is all fine and well, but the team who makes fewest defensive mistakes are more often likely to win.

On 38 minutes Mohamed Elyounoussi lost, but then won back, possession, as Lazio failed to clear their lines.  His pass to James Forrest was too crisp to be intercepted, but James’ defensive marker took himself out of play by vainly attempting to steal the ball.  From that moment, the goal was inevitable.

James scored a similar and equally important goal in Champions League qualification in Rosenborg two years ago.  His shot inside the keepers unprotected far post was thunderous.  Celtic had a foothold in the game which would ask big questions of the team currently in a Champions League qualification spot in Serie A.

My heart was in my mouth only once, when the referee rushed towards Scott Brown while taking a card out his pocket, but the colour was yellow and Scott would remain on the pitch to complete a gladiatorial performance.

Lazio needed to win to give them a realistic chance of qualification and the closing 10 minutes of regulation time saw them again flood into the Celtic box.  Fraser Forster, who two weeks ago produced a Save of the Ages, this time produced three fine stops which would have beaten a lesser keeper.

The more Lazio pushed for a winner, the more space Odsonne Edouard was able to exploit.  The French striker was isolated for much of the two games against Lazio, but whenever Celtic cleared long, he caused the defence problems.  Set free by the impressive Elyounoussi, he had the best chance of the game, but pushed his shot wide of the far post with the keeper beaten.

Edouard had one more decisive action to come.  A careless pass, which should have gone across the Lazio back line, was intercepted by Odsonne, who had Forrest and substitute Olivier Ntcham in support.  Edouard drew the defenders before slipping the ball to Ntcham.

Think back to Blackburn 2002.  That through ball for Larsson, who drew the keeper and deftly chipped the ball into the net.  17 years later Ntcham did the same in the most impressive cameo since Hitchcock folded his canvass chair for the last time.  The Romans were in ruins.

Let’s be clear about the magnitude of this win. Lazio are currently strutting through Serie A and played their strongest team last night.  They have not lost at the Stadio Olimpico in all competitions in over six months.  Six months!  The former Olympic stadium is part of the Foro Italico complex, originally known as the Foro Mussolini (Mussolini’s Forum).  The old fascist’s structure was turned upside down last night.

This is a very good Celtic team, perhaps the best we have seen since 2012.


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  1. AoW 12.13am



    Thank F… hope you bet us 1-1 in every euro away game, it was Neil that broke the hoodoo of winning in Italy it was you having 1-1 on :-)



    All kidding aside, magic stuff that wee connection with your dad last night, you were hyper the day wanting take on the world :-)



    Celtic Foundation CSC

  2. Weefra 12.19am



    visit more :-)



    You are correct, a terrific result and performance, pretty sure Neil will have it drummed into the players no let up on Sunday … 3pts.. international break and a big end of November/December ahead .. a bit gutted we need to wait till into December to see who we play next in the last 32 :-) … never thought I would type that :-)

  3. Weefra, hope your health is good. Results like that help.



    Gerry, I deffo said 2-1 as I walked out. Just a pity it wasn’t backed.

  4. AoW 12.29am



    Over the last few weeks your “walking out the door” predictions have impressed the lady in the corner .. she was adamant today you had said 1-2, she did waste it when said “AoW knows his stuff, he is good at getting scores right for us” bet you wish you sat up the Cellic end :-)

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    I thought it was inappropriate to mention this before the game , however , with all the continuing commentary about ” Il Duce ” , perhaps it is time to provide a wee history lesson to the GB about his rescuer and saviour from the SS who was feted post war in Ireland.



    Or perhaps the embarrassing facts should remain hidden .


    Ignorance is bliss.




  6. Thanks ghuys for your good wishes. It’s a long road back but getting there. Nothing perks me up like Celtic. Brilliant. Cheers ghuys. HH

  7. ART OF WAR ! Seriously thanks for posting that ! sure everyone will agree ! But for myself it made me think about ma ol da !! and that’s got to be a good thing ! Sometimes we forget, thanks for that Appreciated !HH

  8. Macjay 12.48am



    The Green Brigade aren’t the be all and end all of Celtic fans, personally I think they are a very positive influence to Celtic like every other fan that backs the team, they are a great attraction to our younger fans, so I agree with some of the things they do … probably not, do I admire the stuff they do that the general public here and in foreign lands don’t read about … you better believe it, you won’t read about the charity stuff they do, the food bank collections and much much more.. I don’t think they should be treated any different from any other fan/supporter but trust me they do a far lot more good than they are ever given credit for .. plus our “board” aren’t stupid, just like the Huns are probably good for business in my opinion the Green Brigade are priceless for our board .. hence they don’t bother about a UEFA fine or three … hope you enjoyed that victory, winning in Italy is something young or old haven’t witnessed :-)



    Neil Lennon CSC



    I thought it was inappropriate to mention this before the game , however , with all the continuing commentary about ” Il Duce ” , perhaps it is time to provide a wee history lesson to the GB about his rescuer and saviour from the SS who was feted post war in Ireland.







    Or perhaps the embarrassing facts should remain hidden .





    Ignorance is bliss.






    driving duties sees me just home,



    the most brilliant victory against a club with fascist supporters is met with a link from this eejit.



    maybe just the most stupidest link on here ever.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SAINT STIVS on 9TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:06 AM



    Yes , old son. That`s all you`ve got .


    Facts are stupid.



    No . Wilful ignorance is stupid. Cover ups are stupid.


    And they result in stupid and dangerous behaviour from the GB.

  11. Art of War,



    Magical and Honest Rudi Vata.



    Dinnae worry about Anything, please for petes sake, I’m the Official Worrier Forever more.









    SAINT STIVS on 9TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:06 AM




    the worst link on here ever,

  13. The way the Bhoys came out the 2nd half I had to ask Dad if that wiz like the Celts frae the Lions era, he just said it was a Totally different Time.



    Come on Neil – lets do this.

  14. Why would CQN be dying on its feet ?



    Under the guise of pretend celtic supporters , a right wing agenda was alllowed to be promoted.



    in real life i could not give a flying fluck about people who live 3000 miles away from the real life off here.



    Better ourselves alone

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GFTB on 9TH NOVEMBER 2019 12:58 AM



    Thanks , a sensible response.


    No problem with any of the above.



    However , the ” raison d`etre ” of the GB is primarily political They use Celtic as a vehicle to promote their political views.


    Views which undoubtedly conflict with the political views of other Celtic supporters.


    The political views of others are none of my business , just don`t impose those views on OUR Celtic.


    A respected contributor on CQN who sadly no longer posts , described them as parasitic . Hard to argue with that description.



    By definition , the GB are divisive.



    The point which needed to be made.


    The rescuer of Mussolini , a member of the SS was welcomed to , and was a land owner in , Ireland.


    The GB need an education in history before they again risk the health and welfare of our supporters.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SAINT STIVS on 9TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:32 AM



    Right wing agenda ?



    No ,old son.




    Embarrassing facts, yes.


    Facts nevertheless.



    Shoot the messenger. All you got.

  17. Last night was absolutely amazing. There’s much more to come from this team.



    As I’ve said before, Neil Lennon has my 100% approval.



    Love it 😁




  18. macjay1,



    they don’t Care – Ultras only stab the Victim where they can’t be done for Murder. Sickening so it is. I just want to go and see Celtic.

  19. Macjay 1.36am



    I can assure you am not a Green Brigade cheerleader but likewise I totally appreciate their good points .. as for the politics I will leave that to the politicians, when it comes to Celtic, I prefer things to be about Celtic on the park :-)

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    The health and welfare of Celtic supporters , severely compromised by the activities of the GB.



    Thats all .



    Can`t abide the reputation of Celtic sullied by juvenile wedge politicians .

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GFTB on 9TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:53 AM






    Celtic on the park. Me too .



    THEY introduce and impose the political issues.


    As a Celtic supporter , I have no wish to be associated with their politics.


    Sadly , I am.




    Typed by the finger of a right wing idealist that brother Walfrid would have despised!



    Hail Hail COYBIG

  23. Macjay 1.58am



    Celtic is football for me .. if others associate anything political surely we are in charge of our own views.. if you think the GB represent you maybe the Green Brigade think you represent them ..



    Keep it Celtic then we canny lose :-)






    You have championed a Neil from day dot.. after last night some talk of Gdansk… me, it feels like Neil has returned a better manager like big Billy on the centenary season … somebody once said … “there is something special about this club”



    Fellow Celts good night n god bless.. one day these good times might end .. then we can all get annoyed and mumo n moan … but until then … try and enjoy 🍀



    It works both ways …

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Right wing idealist ?


    No . Thats Mussolini and his rescuer , Otto Skorzeny .



    I understand.


    Hush. Keep that info in the closet.


    Don`t tell the children.



    And now you speak for the dead ?


    A man of the cloth.

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