Arthur, Willie and Albert Kidd


Ahead of our visit to Tynecastle on Sunday I’m going to share this story with you.  It was written by a Celtic fan, Arthur.  Arthur wasn’t always a Celtic fan.  In fact, he travelled with his grandfather to Rugby Park on the final day of the 1964-65 season with his fellow Hearts fans to see the title decider.

For Arthur, it wasn’t all about Hearts, though, his favourite player was their stop striker, Willie Wallace.  When Willie left for Celtic Park in 1966, Arthur’s allegiance followed him.  Neither of them would look back.

Williie was back from Australia a few years ago, when we did his autobiography.  I was with him at a signing session at Waterstones in Stirling when this guy walked in with a carrier bag from the Celtic Superstore.  Willie was busy holding court so I made my way towards the new visitor, Arthur, who told me his unique introduction to Celtic.

What a great moment seeing Arthur and Willie meet.

Some of us are born into Celtic but an increasing number of us make our own way to Celtic Park.  Arthur’s story was brilliant.  He chose Celtic, chose the Lisbon Lions, six months before they would become so, and almost half a century on the fire burns as brightly.

I love hearing stories of how people come to Celtic.  One for another day, is the son of an African father and Scottish mother, who received copies of the Sunday Post in the mail, courtesy of his non-football affiliated Scottish grandfather.

The intention of sending the ‘Post was no doubt to inform a Scottish ex-pat of what was going on back home, but the lasting result was to spark excitement in an African man for Jock Stein’s Celtic, one which still burns in his son today.

That’s maybe a story for another day, but Arthur sat at his keyboard to recall a great Celtic league win, as well as a memorable family moment, here’s his story:

“My Dad. He was my best pal, a warm, likeable man with a great sense of humour. We shared a love of football in spite of me becoming a Celtic fan when Willie Wallace transferred to us. He’d shout for us on TV against Rangers or in European Cup games.

“But he was always a Hearts man, although not so much as years past. After seeing them lose the league title in 1965 on goal average, then the cup at Hampden in 1968 to Dunfermline, he used to think he was ‘a jinx’.

“Fast forward to the third of May 1986.  Me, my wife and three kids, and my mum and dad head from Edinburgh to Loch Eck near Dunoon for a weekend in a caravan. My youngest daughter just two months old, made my Dad as happy as his other grandchildren.

“We listened as best we could to on the car radio to the Celtic game, but reception up round the Rest and Be Thankful was patchy! Eventually we reached the caravan, unpacked a few things, brewed a cup of tea, and got the telly on.

“By now late afternoon, Celtic had done all they could to snatch the title from Hearts, but it looked like it was heading to Tynecastle. In my heart a wee bit of me was happy for my Dad.

Then, to quote Archie McPherson, ‘WOOOSHH’!  Albert Kidd scores for Dundee late in the game. ‘WOOOSH’ ! The wee man does it again. An ‘Archie Gemmill’ type goal, scored by Bobby Ball’s lookalike.

“As it does, the adrenalin hit me. Up I jumped, dancing round the wee caravan, tea cups getting bumped, alarmed kids wondering what’s up with me. My mum cheering as she was happy for me.

Then I looked at my Dad. Hadn’t seen him like that often. Thirty years on I don’t remember his exact words but by his expression, a bit like gathering thunder, I could see he was less than pleased.

“Embarrassed silence engulfed the caravan.

“Finally my mum broke the silence. ‘ I’ll put the kettle on’.  I think I mumbled an apology to my Dad, like a wee boy. And you know what? He gave me one of his bear hugs and forgave me.

“Never forgave Albert Kidd though.”

Here we go………..

Many thanks to everyone who entered the raffle for tickets for Sunday, we raised £1298.73, which is already with Mary’s Meals.  The winner has been informed, but has not responded to his email yet, so check!  Thanks again to the guys at Intelligent Car Leasing.

The Road to Lisbon, update

It’s seven weeks until the cyclists set off from Celtic Park on The Road to Lisbon.  This is an incredible Celtic fan project, read the update here and make sure you keep an eye on progress.


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  1. Paul 67 – great story……



    One of the best Celtic Men I had the pleasure of knowing, for an all too short period, was Mr Jackie Morrison. Jackie was not born to Celtic but drawn to us. Top, top Bhoy.


    Sadly missed.




  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Cheers guys, heard about la la land a few times so I think that will win it.



    Greenpinata macaronis don’t do macaroni, the foods ok but if they can’t even do the signature dish what’s the point :)

  3. Good evening friends



    Love Street Day in 1986 remains one of my most memorable. I’ve always thought about putting the whole events down in print but it’s be longer than even BRTH’s yarns. In 1 12-hour period we had our usual driver away fishing, our potential replacement’s dad had a stroke but we couldn’t contact him (nae mobiles), the game itself, me losing a shoe after the 3rd goal and never finding it, a gig at night in the Church Hall where BYOB for me involved home brew beer that was about 10%, and my first-wife-to-be having to ferry me home. And loads more.



    One day………

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Still a lot of mystery about the dolphin, looking like the council, partick housing and the Chinese developers conspirators have angled their agenda to rob the owners of market value by using safety as an excuse to demolish and pay compulsory purchase prices.




    Same 2 games for me I remember after the 4-2 game I got dropped off at flyover at the top of Broomloan Road. I thought the game highlights would be on the telly. I headed for hadows on Copland Road and she widnae let me in at 5 past 10 so I headed for the stadium bar (now the louden) gave the barman my last £4 and asked for cans of beer got 10. Right feckin’ magic says I and heads for Clynder Street (home at the time) singing 10 men won the league tra la la la la. Mum opens the door hugs me the girlfriend (now long suffering wife) hugs me. I say right get the fitba on they tell me there was a strike and it’s not on. Disappointment didnae last to long coz I had 10 cans a beautiful bird.




  6. Evening folks,



    Fine article Paul.



    Some cracking posts today, revoking some great memories.



    In the top five games that I have attended, the 4v2 and the love Street are up there. Think the most enjoyable “recent” game, watching in the Parkville, Blantye, winning the league at Dundee United, at the same time as the sheep horsed the deid team.



    Two enjoyable moments from that night, the whole of the lounge, about 200 folks belting out walk on, and a giant huddle in the road outside the pub.



    A memorable night.



    HH Dan

  7. TonyRome. 7.18.


    Great stuff. The Tim pub near The Stadium bar was it the Albion?


    You are lucky they served you a carry out, did you have to wipe the huge grin off your face before you went in?


    I was only 15 ( honest ) so no drink for me but I rushed home to Priesthill to catch the highlights ( corporation bus strike that day ). Had to get the train to Nitshill ( that’s another story ). I couldn’t believe it when my mum told me the TV people had gone on strike.


    Hail Hail.




    Pity if the whole block has to be demolished, that seems excessive. I’ve seen whole tenement blocks shored up to facilitate repairs and I know that there is a certain amount of subsidence associated with the underground, but newish buildings have been erected in the nearby vacinity.



    Still if it’s safety , it’s hard to argue , even if there is a monetary agenda.




  9. Dallas Dallas


    Many thanks for the Ajer update from my late night enquiry.


    Bring the bhoy home.

  10. Goals For Shay 2 –



    Last competition had 117 entries. The latest one currently has 116. Come on Bhoys and Ghirls, records are there to be broken.







  11. Leftclicktic 7.45.


    Thanks, just magic, brings it all back.


    I’m not making this up,but when watching it there, when Bobby Russell made it 2.2. I put my hands on my head and muttered a swear word, even though I know the ending.


    You’ve been missed on the blog. I hope you are your loved ones are well.


    Hail Hail.



    La Lanterna is superb , have been there a few times you won’t be disappointed !

  13. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Canamalar, I’ve been in all those restaurants mentioned (funny no one has mentions Sarti’s) but I still reckon Coias in Duke St had the best food and wine of any Italian in Glasgow.





  14. Thanks for sharing LEFTCLICKTIC



    Brings back wonderful memories, remember the Celtic films came to our work, the saving bank in Cowglen the following year, and watching it with the hairs on the back of my neck standing up as the memories flooded back from that night.



    John McFadyean who worked in the bank, ran the Celtic films I think. Danny was wonderful that night, driving the team forward, one of his finest games. The usual Celtic films cameraman had come down with the flu I believe, and that’s why the pictures are so hazy, someone jumped in at the last minute to record the match, but was not a qualified cameraman, but still was able to capture pictures for us to enjoy many years later. At the end of the game I can recall he zoomed into the Rangers end and it was completely empty. Got a big cheer on the night.



    Great memories.



    HH Dan

  15. For me the most electric and magical Celtic game that I attended is the one at East End Park Dunfermline in 1968. The place was bouncing, fans were on the roof of the enclosures, the sound was amazing.




    The tim pub was the Albion Way on the corner of Broomloan Road and Woodville Street across from the wine alley a right rough shop.



    I think my mum’s family lived in Nethan Street for a while their name was Lee my granda was the bookie on Langlands Road ask your dad if he knows the name.






    Thanks for the link I never tire of watching that. Also when Murdo was galloping over the half way line that night my mate uttered these unforgettable words ” Put it in the feckin grave yard” ( Murdo puts in the back of the net) “Aw that’ll dae” he says. I can hear they words now as I type. Thanks for the memories bhoys




  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’m told the shops including the dolphin had their own surveyors do a report which raises questions about the validity of the official authority report claims.


    Chinese development money is big in partick, all the development along the kelvin were supposedly built on chineses money.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Hear about the mad Italian?


    He was icescreaming :)



    I’m saving Coias for a premature fryup with agcr

  19. Best game was the 4 2 game.


    My dad was unwell and our neighbour who played for Arbroath came to the game with me. We went crazy with Murdo’s goal and because of the television strike he didn’t know the result, so I was able to celebrate with him which was special, as he passed not long after.


    Great memories



  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    Had a quick look at SMSM, now on day three or four about some “wonder kid ” going from the Hun to Chelsea for , wait for it, £1/2 m



    Such pish is taken easily in by the Hun’s

  21. Six of us dinned in amore Alexandra parade



    Crap food crap service



    Hated it