Arthur, Willie and Albert Kidd


Ahead of our visit to Tynecastle on Sunday I’m going to share this story with you.  It was written by a Celtic fan, Arthur.  Arthur wasn’t always a Celtic fan.  In fact, he travelled with his grandfather to Rugby Park on the final day of the 1964-65 season with his fellow Hearts fans to see the title decider.

For Arthur, it wasn’t all about Hearts, though, his favourite player was their stop striker, Willie Wallace.  When Willie left for Celtic Park in 1966, Arthur’s allegiance followed him.  Neither of them would look back.

Williie was back from Australia a few years ago, when we did his autobiography.  I was with him at a signing session at Waterstones in Stirling when this guy walked in with a carrier bag from the Celtic Superstore.  Willie was busy holding court so I made my way towards the new visitor, Arthur, who told me his unique introduction to Celtic.

What a great moment seeing Arthur and Willie meet.

Some of us are born into Celtic but an increasing number of us make our own way to Celtic Park.  Arthur’s story was brilliant.  He chose Celtic, chose the Lisbon Lions, six months before they would become so, and almost half a century on the fire burns as brightly.

I love hearing stories of how people come to Celtic.  One for another day, is the son of an African father and Scottish mother, who received copies of the Sunday Post in the mail, courtesy of his non-football affiliated Scottish grandfather.

The intention of sending the ‘Post was no doubt to inform a Scottish ex-pat of what was going on back home, but the lasting result was to spark excitement in an African man for Jock Stein’s Celtic, one which still burns in his son today.

That’s maybe a story for another day, but Arthur sat at his keyboard to recall a great Celtic league win, as well as a memorable family moment, here’s his story:

“My Dad. He was my best pal, a warm, likeable man with a great sense of humour. We shared a love of football in spite of me becoming a Celtic fan when Willie Wallace transferred to us. He’d shout for us on TV against Rangers or in European Cup games.

“But he was always a Hearts man, although not so much as years past. After seeing them lose the league title in 1965 on goal average, then the cup at Hampden in 1968 to Dunfermline, he used to think he was ‘a jinx’.

“Fast forward to the third of May 1986.  Me, my wife and three kids, and my mum and dad head from Edinburgh to Loch Eck near Dunoon for a weekend in a caravan. My youngest daughter just two months old, made my Dad as happy as his other grandchildren.

“We listened as best we could to on the car radio to the Celtic game, but reception up round the Rest and Be Thankful was patchy! Eventually we reached the caravan, unpacked a few things, brewed a cup of tea, and got the telly on.

“By now late afternoon, Celtic had done all they could to snatch the title from Hearts, but it looked like it was heading to Tynecastle. In my heart a wee bit of me was happy for my Dad.

Then, to quote Archie McPherson, ‘WOOOSHH’!  Albert Kidd scores for Dundee late in the game. ‘WOOOSH’ ! The wee man does it again. An ‘Archie Gemmill’ type goal, scored by Bobby Ball’s lookalike.

“As it does, the adrenalin hit me. Up I jumped, dancing round the wee caravan, tea cups getting bumped, alarmed kids wondering what’s up with me. My mum cheering as she was happy for me.

Then I looked at my Dad. Hadn’t seen him like that often. Thirty years on I don’t remember his exact words but by his expression, a bit like gathering thunder, I could see he was less than pleased.

“Embarrassed silence engulfed the caravan.

“Finally my mum broke the silence. ‘ I’ll put the kettle on’.  I think I mumbled an apology to my Dad, like a wee boy. And you know what? He gave me one of his bear hugs and forgave me.

“Never forgave Albert Kidd though.”

Here we go………..

Many thanks to everyone who entered the raffle for tickets for Sunday, we raised £1298.73, which is already with Mary’s Meals.  The winner has been informed, but has not responded to his email yet, so check!  Thanks again to the guys at Intelligent Car Leasing.

The Road to Lisbon, update

It’s seven weeks until the cyclists set off from Celtic Park on The Road to Lisbon.  This is an incredible Celtic fan project, read the update here and make sure you keep an eye on progress.


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  1. My first reaction to the 7:15 Thunder Road link is: Well done Richard Keys and the Daily Record ( You won`t see `Well done` and ` DR` in the same sentence often! ) .



  2. JJ



    Apart from him having an axe to grind with Sky and incredibly getting to slag The Sun off in The Record of all places…….hes pretty much saying a lot of what has been said on here in the past.

  3. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    There are a lot more pressing issue’s in Scottish fitba than


    Sky………besides Richard Keys is a knob.



    Have a great day CQN.

  4. I can’t wait until I’ve reached my Prime !



    So the huns are now training 6 days a week ? over the years how many other clubs have done likewise, and yet this deid mob get max exposure…..wonder why ?

  5. It was Tosh MCKinley who crossed for Big PIERRE to score the winner in 1995 Cup Final.


    when Tosh played with The Hoops, I was constantly telling anyone who would listen that he was the ” Best crosser of a ball, on the run in Scottish fitba…..better than Laudrup at the time”….but like now…no-one would listen to me ?



    I’m almost sure Tosh went to Saint Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Scotstoun Glasgow, just along the road from Partick ( Las Vegas), heading west.

  6. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day(Pedro thinks his season will finish on May 27th …..)



    Chimera /kaɪˈmɪərə; kɪ-/





    1. a wild and unrealistic dream or notion


    2. a fabulous beast made up of parts taken from various animals


    3. (often initial capital letter) a mythological, fire-breathing monster, commonly represented with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail.


    4. any similarly grotesque monster having disparate parts, especially as depicted in decorative art.


    5. a horrible or unreal creature of the imagination; a vain or idle fancy:


    6. (biology) an organism, esp a cultivated plant, consisting of at least two genetically different kinds of tissue as a result of mutation, grafting, etc



    Note : Figuratively, a “ chimera ” is a creation of the imagination, especially a wild creation. (See Pedro’s comments from yesterday)



    Word Origin and History for chimera




    fabulous monster, late 14c., from Old French chimere or directly from Medieval Latin chimera, from Latin Chimaera, from Greek khimaira, name of a mythical creature, slain by Bellerophon, with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail (supposedly personification of snow or winter); literally “year-old she-goat” (masc. khimaros), from kheima “winter season” (see hibernation ). Figurative meaning “wild fantasy” first recorded 1580s in English (attested 13c. in French).





  7. I see Davie Hay is backing Stuart Armstrong as Celtic POTY.



    There is no Celt I admire as much as Davie Hay but I think there is always a Recency Effect at play in these rewards i.e. a strong finish to the season often eclipses a longer spell of better form from other players in the forgotten early to middle part of the season.



    For me, Scott Brown has been a consistent driving force. Moussa’s goals are hard to ignore. And Scott Sinclair has made the single biggest difference to Celtic’s reliability in attack, despite a fall off in recent weeks.



    If Sinky recovers his form in the run in and Broony retains his, I’d say it is a tough choice between the 2 Scotts for POTY.



    But I would not want to publicly disagree with Davie Hay.



    My current order:- 1) Scott Brown, 2) Scott Snclair 3) Armstrong, Dembele, Tierney & Forrest 4) Gordon, Roberts, Sviatchenko, Simunovic, Izzaguire & Lustig, 5) Boyata, Griffiths, Gamboa, Bitton, McGregor, Henderson, Toure, Christie & Mackay-Steven 6) De Vries, Ambrose, O’Connell, Ajer, McCart, Ralston, Calvin Miller, Kouassi, Ciftci & Aitchison

  8. BR not getting his new hybrid pitch this summer. Apparently the drainage under the pitch is grubbed and needs to be replaced this summer so there won’t be time to get new pitch as well. New hybrid will be next summer and we’ll lay new turf for next season and replace during winter break if necessary.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by armalite View Post


    So says Brendan at a q&a app the drainage underneath the park is gubbed and will take to much time to dig up so it’s getting re-turfed until the winter break then done again to get us through to the end of next season


    Depends how you interpreted his answer, its a kind of misleading headline.



    Work on the new hybrid pitch will start this year, however given the timescale between the end of season and the CL qualifiers its not something that will be done during close season.



    Phase 1 will see the pitch dug up at the end of this season and the foundation work done on the drainage/soil etc with a temporary surface laid down for the start of the season which should last 6 months.



    Phase 2 will start at the beginning of 2018, presumably the Winter break, when the surface will again be lifted and the foundation work will be completed, again a temporary surface will be laid until the end of the season,



    Phase 3 The new pitch will be complete around June/July 2018, the installation will, take a full calendar year.

  10. BTW- the constantly injured and , therefore, not worth persecering with players, Forrest and Lustig, have made 38 and 42 appearances respectively for Celtic this season. Only Scott Brown (46), Moussa Dembele (46), Craig Gordon (44) and Scott Sinclair (39) exceed wee Jamesie’s numbers.



    Mind you, when you see that Paddy Roberts has 36 appearances, there is a big clue as to how Brendan has kept Jamesie fit and effective this season.



    I have no doubts as to who will get Scottish Manager of the year award. In fact, I think Chris Davies should be the only other nominee on the short list. Knowing the Scottish Press, they will probably give it to Anna Signeul or Scott Booth.

  11. I feckin don’t need a tube like richard Feckin Keys to tell me what to do. Him and his Hun girlfriend Andy Gray would always have me pressing the MUTE Button.


    By the same token it’s a disgrace that Glenn Hoddle has been allowed back to “work” ? on TV again, after his shocking statements about people with disabilities. He talks wan load of pish every time.


    as for Paul Ince giving his expert opinion on tv ? I can’t understand what he’s saying most of the time….almost as bad as Gazza.


    Don’t get me started on those two chumps Lee Dixon and Ian Wright !





    I’ve just read your summary of Scott Brown’s performances over the past three seasons. Blinkin’ flip,there’s a lot more to stats nowadays than there were in my day!



    Back then,statistical analysis consisted of how many of your mates in the pub post-match thought he was utter pash,and how many disagreed. Your way is better,more scientific,more accurate. Mine was probably more fun though…



    Overall,agreed,he is now more into management of his game. Gone the headless chicken days. And deciding to play v England might contradict that theory next season. But,while I admit to having Scotland down my list of priorities,we now have a chance to qualify.



    Which means Brown has a chance at a major finals appearance.



    There are plenty of the game’s greats down the years never managed that.



    Reluctantly,I think we have to just go with the flow and hope for the best.

  13. Nye Bevans’ Rebel Soldier@8:12am.



    Well said!



    I suppose an improved TV deal would get us a better quality of farce, right enough.





    You left out the tea-lady anaw. Not good enough,old bean(!)



    Of course,she might have been replaced by our own Bartonesque coffeemaker,in which case yer excused…

  15. Last 24 hours summed up CQN for me. Absolutely brilliant yesterday with bhoys reminiscing about their personal experiences of “the Love Street game” and some brilliant links & then some unadulterated nonsense during the night, with a lot of stuff disappearing as fast as it was being written so at the end it didn’t look as bad as it was.

  16. I almost forgot…..Birthday Bhoy from yesterday, Stuart Armstrong to score at anytime, and another wee bet on StuartyBhoy for the 1st goal…just in case ?


    i’ve won a few quid this season on StuartyBhoy to score at anytime, along with a correct score combination at the bookies.


    Me…..I’m gonna fill ma boots…hopefully ?



    Seems those early Puritans were more likely to beat their “dependants” rather than just their wives. It was a true democracy with almost equal rights to be flogged.





    Judging by the link, It seems even in the 16 / 17 hundreds most societies knew it was wrong. It was wrong then and it is certainly wrong now and no race, religion or doctrine should contradict that.



    Gender equality has come a very long way ( The quest goes on ) but we need to remain continually vigilant. Our Mothers, wives, partners, daughters etc deserve no less.




  18. BMCUW



    Our toaster has had a better season than our kettle in the Kitchen Appliance of the Year Award for Celtic FC.



    Over at Ibrox, the wooden spoon is just ahead of the marble staircase, the sash window, and Rob Kiernan in their Inanimate Object of the year award stakes.





    Years ago,I went round to pick my mates up for the evening’s festivities. One of them was unable to join us.



    His wife had filled his boots. With water.



    Then put them in the freezer!



    Wicked wicked thing to do to a bloke,but thirty years later I’ve still gorralaff…




    Now that’s funny. Gender equality for males.



    But did he only have one pair of footwear. I bet his wife had a wardrobe full of shoes. :-)








    Ah,that made me laugh. A proud day for the utility utensil,none grater,who made his name as a presser in midfield after years playing in a defence which resembled a sieve.



    Ffs,I’ve got a pre-pub headache now!





    It was about thirty years ago,he was not long married,wi a mortgage. So,aye,working footwear and non-working footwear. Which didnae apply to his missus.



    Or his ex-missus,to be precise.

  23. CultsBhoy - Believes in Brendan on

    Sinclair or Armstrong but probably Sinclair as I think his influence on improving the rest of the team by setting the bar at an early stage is worthy.


    He also makes Dembele a better player.

  24. Funny old game tonight.



    Don’t know who to cheer on.


    Would love the title to be won as soon as is practically possible, and it would be great to go to Swinecastle as Champions , but want the Sheepies to put the Huns in their non rightful place.




  25. 16 Roads.



    Glad to hear you’re enjoying “We’ll Always Have Lisbon”. So well-written and researched, with the bonus of some great photos, as you say.



    I was fortunate enough to have gained access to the stadium and to the edge of the pitch back in 1976, while on an, er,”study” trip to Lisbon University, and the book brings back great memories of that for me.



    In contrast to the desperate taxi journeys made by those whose plane had been delayed on the day of the final, 9 years later I took a leisurely tram to the terminus and walked through some woodland to get to the beautiful Estádio Nacional.



    It’s going to be so special for those going this May.



    Such a unique setting for a unique team, and a unique achievement, Glasgow joining Madrid, Milan and Lisbon as European Cup winning cities.



    Hail! Hail!

  26. prestonpans bhoys on




    Yip difficult one but the sheep winning puts Der Hun in its place. However sheep losing means we are champions and all those corporate ST holders , who never go to away games, but have taken up their allocation for this one don’t have a title party…..