Artur, Fraser, Craig and Wee Woodsy


I watched Fraser Forster (29) deny Liverpool on Sunday with a series of impressive saves, one of which from the penalty spot. The big keeper improved enormously in his four years at Celtic. Another FA Premier League ‘keeper, Artur Boruc (37), spent five years at Celtic, a period which was marked with some vagaries in form.

Boruc arrived as the best keeper we had seen in decades, but two seasons in a mooted moved to Bayern Munich (who travelled to Glasgow to see him) were off the agenda. Boruc’s form had dived and he was no longer considered in the elite category.

Craig Gordon (34) was an excellent keeper under Ronny Deila but when Brendan Rodgers arrived a weakness became evident in Craig’s game: he wasn’t comfortable with Brendan’s passing game, which required keepers to be good with their feet.

Craig was dropped and didn’t make the start of the Champions League campaign, but eight months on he looks like he was born to play this way. The transformation in form has been remarkable.

Stevie Woods worked with all three keepers. He was the formative influence on Fraser, he rescued Artur from ignominious decline and with Craig Gordon he took a senior keeper and transformed his game.

We’ll talk later about Brendan Rodger’s striking ability to improve players, but there can scarcely be a goalkeeper coach in Britain with a more impressive track record in this regard than “Wee Woodsy”.




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    I’m not talking about one petulant night, I’m talking about disrupting the whole squad mate, and yer man was the ring leader Of the coup.

  2. TonyD


    Morning Tony


    Can you evidence these rumours your typing about? Links



    Commons will be leaving and done well for our club, top scorer and part of various title winning sides.I think a bit of balance when looking at what he did for our club


    Re his spat with RD was indicative of poor mnagemen




    Yeah that crossed my mind too but would that be a criminal event??



    Or just another blue shafting of the SFA at will??



    One would hope that the repercussions of the action of the basket arses would have further reaching consequences than just the front door of Hampden.



    You know me Clappy Happer:))




  4. starry plough



    Stop speculating.



    Yes, you might be right…


    Although what if some unofficial (previously released to the public) documents summarising the state of affairs was passed off as verified by an appropriate body?



    But you know me, I never speculate.




    As your opinion is it’s RD Indicative of poor management that’s fine by me, I’m going along the road that BR is not a poor manager and it’s a possibility in the same frame of mind as me, I said POSSIBLY remember.

  6. Yep. David, Hope Lisa doesn’t find out about Linda or Kris will have more to worry him than Tony D’s disapproval.

  7. ….poor management at our club.The irony is Tony just as it was kc’s last game, it was also a game that those upstairs realised it was not happening.


    I agree with you if a young player is coming thro tho not because they are busting a gut but d only if in BRs opinion they merit it (same for kc)


    down Iin Gorbals tom if I can manage I will leave a beer for you in the b.head.



  8. AN TEARMANN on 10TH MAY 2017 9:03 AM





    Morning Tony



    Can you evidence these rumours your typing about? Links



    The only evidence I have is my own two eyes, I watched him do it mate, and he wasent having bad games, he just wasent trying a leg, he put his tools away, but as I said it’s just my opinion, I wish him and his family all the best on where ever they’re journey takes them, and hope it’s successful for them all.

  9. Pedro has had Michael O’Halloran, Harry Forrester and that guy from Still Game, Kiernan, in at 6am for gruelling training regimes.



    That’s great! Ra gers love hard task masters – just ask Paul Le Guen.



    Their burnt out squad will be burnt outer by the time the new season comes.



    Hyndman has also returned to Bournemouth. Apparently he was good. I don’t know, he didn’t seem to be playing when we played them…

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    GREENPINATA on 10TH MAY 2017 8:40 AM


    RPMCELTICFAN on 9TH MAY 2017 9:48 PM




    A belated wonderful, beautiful magical welcome to you.




    Pick you’re cliques carefully.













    YOU’RE at liberty to pick your own cliques. Pick YOUR cliques carefully indeed.


    For instance, I’d be wary of joining the likes of GREENPINÁTA’S apostrophe clique ;)

  11. Hunderbirds are Gone



    He’s not at liberty to pick his own cliques. His clique will be decided when/if BMCUWP calls him “bud”.

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I totally agree with you on Commons. If he didn’t agree with the manager, he should have asked to speak to him privately, and discussed his concerns properly. If after that, he didn’t want to play for the manager, he could have put in a transfer request then.



    Ranting and raving during a crucial European tie, in full public glare, was the act of a selfish man, only bothered about himself.



    I liked Commons, a lot, but I think his behaviour that night was wrong.

  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Professionally, Brendan has declared his opinion of K C.



    For whatever reason, he has been nowhere near the first team.



    When RD took up the reins and talked of his football philosophy, I posted on here that Mulgrew, Stokes, Commons and Samaris would not fit the template.



    Sami left and the other three let themselves and the club down.




    I would prefer Lisa to be awarded the cameo role.

  14. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Funny, Hyndman has left iborcs, and the hordes still seem to like him. Usually when you leave, you become a hater, or to put it another way, you become the basket arses escape goat……



    …. I never thought I would see those three words in the same sentence.

  15. Was watching a programme on the monarchy last night.



    Noticed up until william was 20 he was quite a smart looking guy, then the saxes coburg gotha gene kicks in and ye get the never ending “foreheed ” and the ” equine ” mooth! !.


    Now his ” brother” both his parents where lookers, as Mrs st says he’s a hunk!!.



    Every time a see him on the balcony with the Brady bunch, a think he’s palace security or special branch.



    We have a lone ranger in the family.




  16. Hunderbirds



    Like your ‘basket of arses’ description of T’Rängérs.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Sounds like an awful lot of guys on here have never fell out with their boss……..

  18. Hunderbirds



    No-one appreciates that accented ‘n’ tilde use it themselves.

  19. And the “basket of arses” is mine.



    That is to say I coined the term…I don’t have a basket of arses or anything else.



    It’s more of a hamper…

  20. !! Bada Bing!!



    If they say they’ve never fallen out with the wife, they’re telling porkies!

  21. Beatbhoy.


    Whats the pronunciation




    Pan yata












  22. Geordie Munro on

    I can categorically state I have never fallen out with beatbhoys wife.




  23. starry plough on 10th May 2017 9:59 am






    A Harrods Hamper of Hindquarters Old Boy:))




    Indeed. The Sevco one is more Forthun & Mason…