As big a game as we’ll have for the rest of the season


I like the noises coming out of Ross County at the moment. Plucky optimism accompanied by comments about our Scottish Cup semi-final in 2010, when they fully deserved their 2-0 win. They are the proverbial team with nothing to lose, and make no mistake, they’ll fancy it.

They scored 2 against Motherwell, Aberdeen (in a defeat), Dunfermline and St Johnstone, 3 against Accies and Kilmarnock, and 5 against Dundee since last month. Hampden’s open spaces will see Celtic’s defence stretched wide.

After a disappointing summer and autumn we have a bit of form and focus but that goes on the line on Sunday. It’s as big a game as we’ll have for the rest of the season, bigger than Wednesday’s visit to Pittodrie.

I’m reassured by thoughts of Leigh Griffiths, and others, including Kris Commons, who enjoys trips to Hampden more than any player we’ve known, but this is a day when we’ll need to win a lot of individual battles.  It’s not a game I’d bet on.

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  1. oneofthe70percent on

    Hopefully rc will play the way they did against the sheep,we could then take 5 or more off them,never get this hampden pitch stuff,it,s the same size as celtic park

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    Bet on it? I’d just like to see it without having to use binoculars.



    My tickets are in row SS, which is adjacent to the back bar of the Beechwood.

  3. I think the new firm will always be those two clubs. Other clubs taking on the mantle could then mean that other clubs could make up the old firm, even clubs such as The Rangers. And if that happened, then what would distinguish Rangers from The Rangers?

  4. Paul67,



    regardless of County’s current decent and high scoring form, I’d ALWAYS bet on us at Hampden.



    We will almost certainly concede, but we will have too much for them in midfield and in LG we have the matchwinner. As you mention above, Kris does enjoy Hampden too and i’d fancy him to chip in alongside Leigh to give us the victory.



    A tough game, but 3-1 to The Hoops.






  5. Celtic have helped perpetuate the Big Lie.I agree with Cowiebhoy’s theory,when the Zombies rose from the rotting carcass of RFC to play their 1st game,a simple 2 line statement would have nailed our colours firmly to the mast forever.Along the lines of ‘We welcome Sevco FC to Scottish football,blah blah blah,yours in sport,CFC’,end of story.As TBB alludes to,what chance of a statement if Sevco are promoted this season,when the Laptop Loyal will build it up to be WW3 ?


    Boycott The Herald


    Boycott Park’s

  6. TBB,



    hahaha i know how you feel.


    Had seats in the very back row of the Celtic End for the SC FInal v deidco in 2002.


    Horrendous view. Only decent thing about it was the very quick exit it afforded me and my brothers at the final whistle.



    Hampden is a sham of a stadium. Unfortunately we appear to be stuck with it whilst the jokers at the SFA continue to call it “home”.






    You.d be better off standing in the Beechwood watching. At least that way you could have a beer whilst enjoying our victory :-)






  7. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Although match officials will remain our biggest disadvantage,Celtic fans will still pay money for the privilege.

  8. No Bobby Does It Petta on




    I’m wondering if any of our esteemed contributors have any influence, experience or contacts in the television/writing industry, or agencies? I write drama and looking for a break.



    Secondly, I don’t suppose anyone knows (personally) the actors:



    David Hayman, or


    David O’Hara



    I know they’re both Tims.



    Thanks in advance




  9. I would bring Izzy back to stabilise the left hand side as Jozo looked well off the pace against St Johnstone.



    Middle to front we should have too much.



    Árd Macha

  10. We will need to stand our ground on Sunday,forget the referee doing his job properly.Any team who has came kicking against us in the last few years,have had some joy.Will be the same against MacLean at Pittodrie on Wednesday.

  11. “Not a game I’d bet on”



    I may think that but could not bring myself to say it.



    With respect,we have plenty of stories of Highland heroics undermining Celtic without reading it on here.

  12. glendalystonsils on

    Dharma Bam on 28th January 2016 1:07 pm



    Good luck to ‘Rangers’, ‘the Rangers’ or whatever in finding a partner to become the ‘old firm’ with.


    It won’t be us no matter what the Daily Record or BBC say.


    I can go around telling all and sundry I’m married to Christina Hendricks….it doesn’t make it true.



    Then again….-:))

  13. TBB, I dream of tickets in SS. Mine are in UU. I’ll need to ask my son to commentate for me, at least he’ll be able to see the pitch.

  14. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I’d be happy to bet if I knew who was playing – if we go with the same line up we had against Hamilton FC, we’ll hammer them. We can only throw this one away by screwing up with the team selection. We’ve done that before, Ronnie has form for that, but if he gets the starting 11 right, we’ll comfortably be in the final.

  15. Token Tim, all going well that’s what should happen, but over the years we should have won a dozen trebles. There’s always a game like this……..

  16. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    On the newclub/oldclub debate, I’d love to see a timeline from the date of the CVA being rejected to the time when the same club narrative started. We’ve all seen the newspaper front pages saying they’re deid, so on that day there seemed to be agreement. What exactly happened in the very short time afterwards that allowed the myth to originate?

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I think the term ‘old firm’ is one all Celtic supporters should avoid using – unless we’re talking about rangers pre 2012. Now as we all know – there is no such thing as the ‘old firm’. Sevco fans would have you believe differently and they will see any Celtic fan who uses the term as one who buys into the continuation of the same club theory, and they’d be right.

  18. Decision made,Hampden will be boycotted by me on Sunday for the reasons posted on here by the hour.A big decision for me as i have always supported the team,under whatever cheating regime we play under.The downside is i might have to keep Voguepunter company on Sunday now………:}

  19. paul67,






    Thats all history (and not the kind that makes my heart go Oh-Oh-Oh-Ohhh) but not this year :-)






  20. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Hampden must be one of the biggest playing fields in Scotland and given that it’s not had a match on it for a while should be in better condition than any pitch in the country



    We should be able to play football on it despite any spoiling tactics from all 14 men in opposition to us

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on 28th January 2016 1:43 pm



    Are Celtic playing…………….Wherever…No decision to be made.

  22. The Battered Bunnet on

    In his statement Graham Spiers says:



    “I also retain the highest regard for Magnus Llewellin, the paper’s editor who has tried to resolve this problem.”



    You can read that two ways:



    Either Graham pleading to his boss not to be fired, or;



    Graham implying that the decision to issue an apology was not the paper’s Editor’s.



    Can’t fault him for the first. My money’s on the second though.

  23. excathedra44-I know,a very tough decision for me.Even when we were at the fromt door getting rid of the Kellys and the Whites,i always went to the protest then went in to support the team on the park.HH

  24. There is one thing that will make my nephew give up his season books next season .


    And that is any re-invention of an “old firm fixture” from celtic, and the subsequent gerry mandering of his sons £50 season book.



    the kid has been going for the last 3 seasons, from the age of 3. The £50 book is a great benefit. low cost , an investment in the kid supporting celtic as a man.



    when the first letters regarding renewal were sent this year, there was reference to the £50 ticket being subjected to the old “not including the rangers” games clause.



    Celtic PLC can do the best they can to never have an old firm game. Nail the lies formally.



    Simply, those who might come up and play out of Ibrox are treated as any other small club.



    * Ticket prices for all , are the same as any other game.



    * The programme calls then “The Rangers”



    * they get only the small allocation in the corner of the away stand.



    *The prorgamme give absolutely no reference to historical old firm games (they are not relevant to this fixture).



    * We refer to their “first ever visit to celtic park”



    * we refer to the only other clash – a league cup semi final.



    * The celtic view reprints the HERALD ADVERT , that we did last year.



    * The programme lists THE RANGERS HONOURS as


    – 2nd div champions


    – 1st div champions


    – chamionship runners up


    – petrofac runners up.



    * The management & players are instructed not to talk about old rangers in any media.



    * John Collins and Desmond dont take any questions in any shape or form.



    dont be greedy PLC, be smart, look at the longer game.

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