As big a game as we’ll have for the rest of the season


I like the noises coming out of Ross County at the moment. Plucky optimism accompanied by comments about our Scottish Cup semi-final in 2010, when they fully deserved their 2-0 win. They are the proverbial team with nothing to lose, and make no mistake, they’ll fancy it.

They scored 2 against Motherwell, Aberdeen (in a defeat), Dunfermline and St Johnstone, 3 against Accies and Kilmarnock, and 5 against Dundee since last month. Hampden’s open spaces will see Celtic’s defence stretched wide.

After a disappointing summer and autumn we have a bit of form and focus but that goes on the line on Sunday. It’s as big a game as we’ll have for the rest of the season, bigger than Wednesday’s visit to Pittodrie.

I’m reassured by thoughts of Leigh Griffiths, and others, including Kris Commons, who enjoys trips to Hampden more than any player we’ve known, but this is a day when we’ll need to win a lot of individual battles.  It’s not a game I’d bet on.

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  1. Marrakesh Express on




    ‘old values ‘




    …. moral principles, moral conduct, moral code, moral standard, ethics.



    That disgrace of a football club are the antithesis of the above, in every way.


    As for old values, they had the chance to leave that baggage in the past. There was never a hope in Hell of that happening and, stoked up by a dangerously rampant and irresponsible msm, they’ll return worse than ever. Watch this space.

  2. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Marrakesh express



    If the entire stadiums rendition of Billy boys at the Hibs game is anything go go by …you’re correct



    Billy boys is a great song according to a director of dignified club




    They don’t appear to do irony ….not consciously anyway

  3. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    That Club is typical of those who believe that wearing a blazer and collar and tie makes you `respectable` and indicates that you have sound values. Might be some time before we can change the perception of a gullible public but, in the meantime , ditching Sky would be a small step.


    Cheerio for now.



  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Taken from the comments section of John James blog …. I like the cut of this fella´s jib, Cassandra´s Cat



    Cassandra’s Cat says:


    January 28, 2016 at 4:39 pm


    Any system that allows effective checks and balances to fail will eventually spin out of control and destroy itself– whether it is the global banking system or a Saturday afternoon past-time that is ultimately of little consequence to the universe. In the case of Rangers:



    • The SFA/SPFL failed to apply its own rules, UEFA rules and the rule of law to its favoured club. In fact to contrived corrupt all three.



    • The fans failed to question or resist a vain glorious business model that spent double and accumulated huge debts for marginal, fleeting advantage – followed by faux billionaires and a cavalcade of caricature ne’er do wells



    • The SMSM failed to perform their fundamental function to question, analyse and comment



    • The Police failed by ignoring routine mass illegality for the comfort of an easy life



    • The politicians hid from red hot business and social issues including threats of violence against the media and massive tax fraud.



    • UEFA failed by turning a blind eye to a clearly dysfunctional governing body.


    The result has been Armageddon inflicted on Rangers by Rangers – no-one else. One could argue that the other 41 are carrying on unmoved and are actually prospering. But that may be short lived as more and more paying customers understand the depth of corruption in their beautiful game. The failure of Rangers is just the first nasty wobble of the Scottish football system – the Lehman Brothers if you like.



    Until at least a majority of the above checks and balances are restored, no recovery of normal service is possible. The chink of light at the end of the tunnel is the blogosphere – which has completely replaced the moribund SMSM for anyone with an enquiring mind. As for the others, I see little sign of change or acknowledgement of the need to change. The five year and ten year prognosis for Scottish football is not good – not good at all – prepare yourself for desperate times – or just take up fishing, crochet or base jumping to fill your leisure time and leave the whole sordid mess behind you.

  5. Ronny ‘must’ realize that, for Celtic to get through on Sunday his players will have to be conditioned to deal with….


    Mibberry on a grand scale….no poor wee victim tears if it dizny go our way.


    The players have to be made aware that, as soon as you pull those green & white hoops over yer head….any semblance of justice goes out the window.


    The players must be aware that, being a Celt dizny make you paranoid….it makes you be ‘alive’ to the situation that constantly / 24-7…is out to get you….never, ever doubt that. NEVER!


    Celtic players, in every game that they play…will play to different rules from your opponent…in EVERY game.


    Ronny has to realize that, getting Celtic to the LCF has to be ‘theeee’ bottom line….no if’s…no but’s….just get it done.


    Ronny has to realize that, playing the Glasgow Celtic Way is only ok…when yer 3-0 up….not before.


    Ronny has to realize that, even if it’s the ugliest, horriblist, un-watchable game ever….who cares ?….Just get through!


    Ronny has to realize that, parking the bus is not a crime….if ye have to….do it….just get through!


    Ronny could make up the cash-pot that he blew for the CL if,…..he plays Efe as a front-sweeper…just do it!


    Efe being played as a front-sweeper could lead to clubs paying £15 million + in the near future…and, think about the money the club could make from the sale of the, “Efe did this for you…Celtic fans!” – DVD….a wee bit of cuteness…is all that you need….over to you Ronny.


    Btw….I hope that Sunday dizny signpost the path for Jim McIntyre-ar-la’s managerial career but, I wouldn’t rule it out….


    Remember Ronny…..nothing gets it right roon the hun-establishment more than, the sight of a Celtic team in their hoops, parading a trophy in front of the ecstatic Celtic support, serenading their beloved team with one of their spine-tingling renditions of my favorite Celtic song – You’ll Never Walk Alone.


    Just do it….please.



  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Not any different from on here.



    Many on here seem to be impressed by those who have a singular pursuit of wealth regardless of how they acquire it and what they do with it.



    It betrays only the low moral fiber of the admirer




  7. Marrakesh Express on




    And as we’ve seen, the more respectable your attire, the more you get away with. Compare Fred Goodwin and the boss of Enron to the boiler suited Brinks Mat mob and the Great train robbers.

  8. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    So, sevco have signed billy king …… will be a ‘good fit’, although, did he not die a few years before oldco …? Strange one, since he won’t be very match-fit…..never mind, he can always bring his horse….

  9. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    and another one ….CQN look out



    Bare Faced Scot says:


    January 28, 2016 at 4:51 pm


    Why is it that the police continually act like ‘protection money’ enforcers, going round the houses and warning journalists that, if they don’t take such & such measures, ‘Bad things might happen’, instead of arresting those they know to be preparing to carry out such threats of violence?



    This pattern has been endemic for years and, for the police to claim that they know these threats are being initiated, yet refuse to take any action by arresting the guilty, also throws their alleged impartiality into doubt.



    I’m sure I’m not the only Scot to know that the police and the criminals, particularly the hardcore loyalists, have very blurred lines between them, lines that often lead to similar ‘lodgings’, as it were.



    These are the medieval realities of ‘modern’ Scotland, a cute little backwater where a certain group of elite and their lackeys have manipulated so much in their own favour down the centuries.



    And it will be these dark practices which will keep Scotland as an unenlightened, deluded backwater, cheated and lied to by its own media in favour of these few, should they be allowed to continue undisturbed in their deceptions,



    For who, outside of China or North Korea, would believe that the entire nation’s police force, the judiciary, the local FA, the main Football League body AND the entire print & online media would all do so much in deference to, and in secret favour of, one single football team and the unhinged paramilitary section of its support ?



    Who would ever believe that this is happening in modern Britain, yet the UK media refuse to even consider it, far less report on it ..?



    I suppose this is because such damaging behaviours are endemic across the nations, as the merest flick through any unbiased British history book will testify.



    For British history is nothing like what they told us at school and this saga is merely another reflection of how this small group have been conning the British people for many, many centuries.



    If we truly are ‘awake’ now, these practices will be brought into the light, acknowledged and properly dealt with, rather than kicked into the long grass, shoved under the carpet or ignored for a minute longer.



    Only through the acceptance of this knowledge can anyone, or anything, hope to ‘move on’.



    And not in the way the SFA mean it.





    Dunno why they were known as The Great Train Robbers.



    Robbed one train,got caught.



    What’s great about that?


    Apologies if already posted.








    Like him or loathe him, he makes a great point here.

  12. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    TD67 …. They really have exceeded themselves on this one ……right out of the Charles Green duping manual ……and they will fall for it, hook line and sinker ….absolutely hilarious !!





    For anyone good enough to reply to my mail last weekend and cursing me for an ignoramus in not replying,I’m getting there,honest!



    The response was heavier than I anticipated,and it’s taking me ages. Heartfelt apologies to the few I’ve not yet managed. And to anyone I leave out-believe me,it will have been accidental.

  14. Forget about Roberts he like a few he won’t be coming to Celtic. Just a lot of spin between Ronny and the Celtic Board. Like a lot of things that’s wrong at our club.they treat us with contemp. My wish for 2016 is a good few of the board.get the bullet,especially the absent D D.

  15. Timbhoy3





    Pray tell us who you want OFF the board and exactly why.



    Then tell us who you want ON the board and exactly why.



    And finally, is this all down to the recruitment, or, otherwise, of an eighteen year old player?

  16. What Pr gain does the club get from leaking a loan move for an eighteen year old that no one has heard of that then falls through?



    It makes no sense at al

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    No everything has to make sense, if a distraction served a purpose and was successful that s all the sense it needs to make.


    Distraction from what ?


    Exactly, it obviously worked and never made sense, even better.

  18. Mr Pastry on 28th January 2016 10:20 pm




    Celtic could and, should have made their position clear….imho.


    That they didn’t….leaves the door open for all sorts of suspicions, conspiracies, collusions…etc.


    Me…..I think that the Celtic board stayed schtum coz, they thought it would all blow over.


    I’m convinced that, Celtic’s PLC board knew exactly what was going on….that’s why they looked the other way as, the huns got their hands on CL-money pots to try to stay alive, whilst the huns got the ‘honest-mistakes’ to ensure their victories….and, cheated Celtic fans were all – by the way – as far as the PLC board were concerned.


    That is grounds for wholesale sackings….imho.


    Only Gerry McNee would reveal what the Celtic board were up to, that’s why they’ve led a charmed existence in his absence….with an assortment of, planted smoke-screen merchants ensuring that, rebel-less Celtic supporters would be easily convinced to look the other way….away from the ‘real’ culprits in all of this scandal….those who take money from Celtic supporters then, stab them in the back are….imho….far worse than all of the devils at ibrokes put together.


    Back to what should Celtic have said…..




    “Celtic as a club and, PLC will vigorously pursue, through the court of law, any football club and, or football association who has, knowingly or, through collusion cheated the very folk that we are charged with providing a football team on the pitch in both, domestic and the European arena to come and support in what should be a fair and legal sporting contest. We will not back down until our supporters have seen, true justice brought to any offenders who have knowingly or, through duplicious collusion, cheated our club…on, or off the pitch.”




    End of imaginary Celtic FC ‘statement’……

  19. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Morning Bhoys it is a wild Morning here in Central Scotland I see some CQNrs are getting a wee bit concerned and are giving Ronny advice for Sundays game against Ross County.Now for a start it will be like a home game for Celtic we will by far have the largest support also the playing pitch is the same dimensions as Parkhead and we have the better players.So the only thing in my opinion we need to ensure is we have the right attitude and work rare now as we have seen before the officials can play a big part in Celtic games and not for the better.However if we play as we can there is little they can do to stop us winning. H.H.

  20. traditionalist88 on

    Re Kilmainham Jail



    It sells out every Easter and at several points throughout the year from memory.



    Easter 2016 I would imagine it’d be crazy. If you can buy tickets in advance – do so, or you will be disappointed.




  21. Morning Celts



    Mr Pastry@9.26


    Can i answer that one.


    Remove DD,PL,IB, and Lord Snooty.


    I will be the new CEO.


    Loads of innovative ideas….especially to ban sevco forever.


    When do i start?




  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Our seats, at the back of 112, are being removed under the rail seating project for next season. Had to phone customer services for reallocation and they are very polite and efficient, will be living in 110 KK next season.



    However don’t understand why we couldn’t gets seats around our old area. Wonder if they are pre-allocating from the waiting list before the folk who currently reside there get a shot ?

  23. Well bhoys….we just couldnt sign them in time, whoever they are.


    So cleverly, we will wait till after CL qualifying….to see if we need any new players.


    Wooft, i almost believed that we were going to strengthen….maybe i should stop listening to the bs.


    RD….you change your mind quite a lot Ronny….First we are getting players,… then a few days later, we’re not.


    We wont get to the CL without improvement…i would have thought, that would be obvious to professionals,…but no.


    If we are not willing to invest for decent players….how can we improve?


    Its ok beating all the teams in Scoddland….but there is no money in it.




  24. Sad to hear of the passing of Tommy O,Hara who although he never played a first team game was with Celtic for a couple of seasons in the 70,s another Viewpark Bhoy taken to early R.I.P Tommy

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