As big a game as we’ll have for the rest of the season


I like the noises coming out of Ross County at the moment. Plucky optimism accompanied by comments about our Scottish Cup semi-final in 2010, when they fully deserved their 2-0 win. They are the proverbial team with nothing to lose, and make no mistake, they’ll fancy it.

They scored 2 against Motherwell, Aberdeen (in a defeat), Dunfermline and St Johnstone, 3 against Accies and Kilmarnock, and 5 against Dundee since last month. Hampden’s open spaces will see Celtic’s defence stretched wide.

After a disappointing summer and autumn we have a bit of form and focus but that goes on the line on Sunday. It’s as big a game as we’ll have for the rest of the season, bigger than Wednesday’s visit to Pittodrie.

I’m reassured by thoughts of Leigh Griffiths, and others, including Kris Commons, who enjoys trips to Hampden more than any player we’ve known, but this is a day when we’ll need to win a lot of individual battles.  It’s not a game I’d bet on.

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  1. its been a while since i read a celtic programme, do we still list the oppositions teams honours and records ?



    if yes, then thats the litmus test for Celtic PLC.

  2. glendalystonsils on




    At least that list of ‘The Rangers’ honours made me laugh!



    Not sure if ‘honours’ is quite the right word for it LOL



    Be even better if the programme had a list of our honours next to theirs.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on 28th January 2016 1:55 pm


    You have too much pedigree to be changing now,I’ll wait and see if you hold firm!



    ” Will your anchor hold ” as they say.




  4. No Bobby does it Petra



    Davie o hara spends most of his time in LA so I would think you can rule him out, although when he is home he can been seen quite regularly propping the bar up in the brazen

  5. As Spiers is freelance I doubt he`ll get any more articles printed in The Herald, but if, and I know its a big if, any other newspapers had integrity (stop it!) they should be lining up to give him a gig or two. Surely decent folk would take an interest in what he had to say, since he has been pilloried for stating the bleedin obvious. I have always admired his honesty, even though I may not agree with everything he has to say. Oh, and I`m away out now, pre-empting my being told to feck off. :-)

  6. Billybear “I admire his honesty even although i may not always agree with it(his honesty) ” aye right. H H Hebcelt



    In his statement Graham Spiers says:


    “I also retain the highest regard for Magnus Llewellin, the paper’s editor who has tried to resolve this problem.”



    You can read that two ways:


    Either Graham pleading to his boss not to be fired, or;


    Graham implying that the decision to issue an apology was not the paper’s Editor’s.


    Can’t fault him for the first. My money’s on the second though.”



    I was thinking much the same thing. I hope it’s not impossible for the incident to be more than what it first appears. The Herald has done what the Newclub have asked i.e. apologised and also, further details confirming Graham Spiers’ experience with a Newclub director which formed his published and now retracted opinion, are now made widely available. I like to think that The Herald are paying lip service to the complaint form the newclub while trying not to lie down to pressure.



    Whether my belief is true or not will be proven if the Herald continues to publish articles by Graham Spiers.



    Here’s hoping!

  8. Carltontongues, thanks for sharing the Lego 1916 movie @ 11.42am.



    An Tearmann, Thanks for the kind words and the Irish Times link @ 12.17am I’ve saved it. It’ll be very handy.



    If anyone else comes across any events/articles that may be of interest in Dublin this Easter please mail them to dublin2016@mail.com.



    We’ll make sure the info get’s circulated to those coming over.




  9. Hebcelt,



    If you are still there, do you have a copy of “Trusadh_Series_7_-_21._Siar_gu_Siorraidh_Mon_the_West”?


    If not, would you like one?

  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    European giants plotting revamped Champions League to stop teams like Leicester gatecrashing the party


    10:18, 28 JAN 2016 UPDATED 13:10, 28 JAN 2016




    Manchester United are among the teams looking to change the rules by hoping automatic places will be awarded to the traditional big hitters




    Leicester City look set to seal a top four finish this season – and take a spot in next season’s Champions League in the process.



    But such feats could soon be a thing of the past if a radical new plan to overhaul the competition comes to fruition.



    The likes of Manchester United and AC Milan are reportedly looking to bring in new rules that would see Europe’s biggest earners gain an automatic place in the competition.



    It would effectively end the hopes for plucky triers like Leicester of making a money-spinning appearance in the group stages.



    According to The Sun , chiefs are hoping to push through the changes by as early as 2018.



    United and Milan are both at serious risk of missing out on the Champions League once again this season, sitting fifth and sixth respectively in their league standings.



    Failure to qualify would represent United’s second campaign in three years without Champions League football, while Milan have not featured in the group stages for the past two seasons.



    Other big earners like Chelsea and Liverpool – both former winners – are unlikely to make the top four and qualify for the continent’s most coveted competition.



    The secret plans are reportedly being discussed by the European Clubs Association and the above named clubs could all have a guaranteed place come 2018.



    Ideas are believed to have been sounded out to be submitted to UEFA ahead of their next TV deal, which is due to start in 2018.



    Bundesliga boss Christian Seiffert has given his backing to the proposals.



    He said: “If a Super League comes in the way you’ve heard it, and I’ve heard it, that could help us with brand recognition.



    “As with any company in the world, UEFA or the ECA has to think about what can be done better in the future.”



    The chairman of the ECA, Karl Heinz Rumenigge stated “Deez ist ein Wonderfullen idea. Vee can reduce the kaka that floats to the top and steals our money”, He continued “Sporting ideals are as old fashioned as Marlene Dietrich’s Busenhalter, Vee vant your money and vee vant it now and guaranteed. Uli´s coming ohme, eezs coming ohme eez coming ohme, I missed my Uli so so so much ..eez coming ohme eeez coming ohme. Tie a steuerfrei yellow Rolex roun zee old oak tree if youze still vant me..”

  11. traditionalist88 on

    AC Milan, Manchester United are among the big clubs to have missed out on the Champions League in recent seasons



    The European Club Association (ECA) are discussing proposals which could see significant changes being made to the Champions League.



    Some members of the ECA, which represents the interests of some of the biggest clubs in Europe, are concerned that too many big clubs are missing out on places in the Champions League.



    Missing out on the Champions League is estimated to cost clubs between £40m and £50m a season, and one solution which has been discussed is to have guaranteed places for some of the competitions past winners.



    Seven-times winners AC Milan have not played in the competition since the 2013-14 season. Manchester United missed out last season and there is a real chance 2012 winners Chelsea will miss out next season.



    There are also concerns that it is easier for clubs from leagues, such as Spain, Germany and France to qualify for the Champions League.



    For instance, this season English clubs have a fight on their hands to qualify, but clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich are almost guaranteed a place every season in Europe’s most prestigious club tournament.



    UEFA have confirmed they are reviewing the format of the competition, but that may not be as significant as it sounds. In a statement UEFA said it “constantly reviews the format of its competitions in close consultation with stakeholders, including the European Club Association”.



    And UEFA went on to say that there were no concrete proposals on the table at the moment.



    Interestingly, two of the most senior members of the ECA, Bayern Munich chief executive Karl Heinz Rummenigge and AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani attended last week’s UEFA executive committee meeting.



    UEFA will vote on giving the ECA a seat on its executive committee at its Congress in Budapest in May.



    As far as changes to the Champions League are concerned, nothing will happen until the 2018-19 season. That is when a new three-year TV deal cycle will start. Any proposals, though, will have to be firmed up before then because TV companies will need to know exactly what they are buying.



    At the moment, clubs are sharing about £1 billion of TV revenue every season. Some of the biggest clubs in Europe want to make sure that they never miss out on their share of that money.

  12. LennonsPassion,


    If a newspaper makes an obvious joke about that signing, I wonder the Newclub will complain and threaten to withdraw car advertising revenue?



    I’m not holding my breath.

  13. LENNON’S PASSION on 28TH JANUARY 2016 3:39 PM


    King Billy signs for sevco






    I do hope so……….He’s mince.

  14. Paul 67



    Given we get a level playing field, ( its never a given ) in a one off game and hoping officialdom doesn’t feature with its omnipresent interference in Celtic games, the result of the semi final should only go one way.



    Ross County are a different proposition to the one that beat Neil Lennon’s side and they’ve suffered SPL maulings a plenty, over the last few seasons, there should be no excuses for this game if we don’t win it, then long term strategy will again be under severe European record like scrutiny.



    The wide open spaces at Hampden surely suits Celtic’s vast resource once known as the biscuit tin, back in the days when we had racketeer Rangers.



    Maybe we’ll even get a Ronny Hampden Roar?

  15. AULDHEID on 28TH JANUARY 2016 12:29 AM






    Sorry for delay Auldheid. This got caught in change of Blog Article.



    Auldheid, that’s what I was afraid of. So if HMRC lose any final appeal, you think NS will remain as gospel for some, even though you’ve totally discredited it.



    Good to see it taken up by JJ by the way. Smsm has a lot to answer for.



    If there’s any appeal of the BTC, it should be interesting to hear lawyers for huge fees arguing that their profession has no basis in common sense.

  16. Paul67 et al



    Apologies if this question has been answered. If the Glasgow Herald has indeed thrown the Reverend Spiers under the bus, (as opposed to aff it as used to be case), was it a McGills bus or was one of those Parks O Hamilton wans?

  17. Dharma bam got you at last thanks all the same, my daughter made the programme so I have access to the recording. i assume you saw it and hope you enjoyed it . Hail Hail Hebcelt

  18. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Is there really such a thing as Scottish journalism ? Ian Fraser apart ?




  19. Spiers is known to run with the hare and the hounds.



    Hare today hounds tomorrow.



    He’ll be fine.

  20. Graham Speirs….Be lucky if he can chalk his name on a wall in Glasgow, now that the Brotherhood are onto him.


    He wont be missed, just another trumpet.


    Fell oot wi his Controller


    Tut Tut.


    Cant say im not pleased:)


    Who’s Next.




  21. Lennon’s Passion



    Who were you referring to in your post?


    Or was it a general insult.

  22. garygillespieshamstring on

    Billy king had an army of one hundred thousand men.



    Will the msn be raising conspiracy theories about why hearts are loaning a


    Player to sevco when it might reduce the chances of them getting money spinning matches against hibs next season?

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