As big a game as we’ll have for the rest of the season


I like the noises coming out of Ross County at the moment. Plucky optimism accompanied by comments about our Scottish Cup semi-final in 2010, when they fully deserved their 2-0 win. They are the proverbial team with nothing to lose, and make no mistake, they’ll fancy it.

They scored 2 against Motherwell, Aberdeen (in a defeat), Dunfermline and St Johnstone, 3 against Accies and Kilmarnock, and 5 against Dundee since last month. Hampden’s open spaces will see Celtic’s defence stretched wide.

After a disappointing summer and autumn we have a bit of form and focus but that goes on the line on Sunday. It’s as big a game as we’ll have for the rest of the season, bigger than Wednesday’s visit to Pittodrie.

I’m reassured by thoughts of Leigh Griffiths, and others, including Kris Commons, who enjoys trips to Hampden more than any player we’ve known, but this is a day when we’ll need to win a lot of individual battles.  It’s not a game I’d bet on.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Q) Why have none of our heavy weight board members never expressed their opinions publically about the SMSM while wearing their oher hats or called in a neutral friendly proxy .?



    A) They dont want to sin their souls by making an honest statement.



    B) They fear for their/ Our safety



    C) They think the hands off silence policy is good for business.



    D) They think it’s politically astute ?



    E) They haven’t a scoobie and dont xare



    F) All of the above.




  2. THE GREEN MAN on 28TH JANUARY 2016 8:22 PM






    Its that simple…Just leave them alone.






    Leave them alone and the species is doomed.



    The problem of course is feral domestic cats. That’s why they should be culled.

  3. This Dutchman who is being talked about a some say needs off loaded ……did he ever play for Celtic …..I remember a left winger wore the hoops at Celtic park some time ago infact iwould say years ago and was Dutch……is this the same guy…….where did it all go wrong ?????????????

  4. I’m having a Thursday wine – undoubtedly the best night for it, providing you can scrabble through Friday.



    Naked Wines – Bravado 2013 from the Itata Valley, Chile. I’d highly recommend it.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on




    Did you buy naked wines xmas special, that free gin wiz downed overnight by me and Miss Prestonpans the younger :0)

  6. Just received an email:



    “Your pathetic attempt to join the CQN wine/bon viveur clique has been unanimously rejected,”



    **** you, CQN.




    You are too sensible at times:)


    And right of course.


    Wouldnt have minded one of the wee wildcats biting a wildlife presenter though.





  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bada bing,



    wish you had told us your link was to the evening times



    Agree it was funny but, by accessing their website I have probably contributed 0.2 pence to their revenues and now feel unclean all over.



    hail hail

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Will any of the Easter Dublin visitors be going to the Ireland v Switzerland game on the 25th March?

  10. What is the Stars on



    The kilmainham jail is well worth doing.


    Don’t miss it.


    It’s a must for any one interested in irish history

  11. WITS



    Naturally im interested in Irish History.


    Particularly the Shrine of St Patricks Bell.


    Fascinating object.




  12. Delaneys Dunky on




    Saint Patrick fae Kilpatrick, less than a mile fae me was a dude.


    He knew how to get rid of serpents.


    We need to follow his footsteps and rid Scotland of serpents.



  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Got a letter today from Celtic saying my seat is to be removed due to the rail seating project, will be interesting to find out alternative options in the same area, unless of course spoken for already and they offer me a piss seat at the bottom of 112

  14. DD



    I believe one of our lads…Domnall Ua Lochlainn, ordered the making of the Shrine of St Patrick’s Bell.


    Wondrous relic of Ireland.




  15. WHAT IS THE STARS on 28TH JANUARY 2016 9:37 PM





    The kilmainham jail is well worth doing.



    Don’t miss it.



    It’s a must for any one interested in irish history










    If you do only one thing in Dublin this should be it.

  16. Ernie Lynch



    My son said he would like to visit Kilmainham on our trip to Dublin. I didnae. You and others have now convinced me that I visit the place my hero died.


    James Connolly Scots/Irish rebel.



  17. Keeping The Faith on

    Not been on for some time but catch up when I can. As I’m heading to Dublin for Easter weekend I wondered if someone could point me in the direction of what’s happening. I’m of a


    Mind to float about in a Guinness induced haze but don’t want to miss anything significant . Any links etc. Appreciated , cheers Bhoys.

  18. I’ll find out the craic with Kilmainham tickets. I was told tonight there was big demand but will find out if that means big queues or advance sales. Very eerie spot. Stories from famine, rising, independence, civil war and then movies. You will have seen it on film and not realized it!

  19. That O’Neills shirt wi The Proclamation printed on the back is in my basket for Dublin this Easter. :)

  20. Keeping The Faith on

    Thanks DD I’ll definitely keep a close eye on things . My main aim is to see the graves of Connolly and Margaret Skinnider (from Coatbridge who fought in GPO) and attend Sinn Fein parade. after that as long as drink and Rebs are on I’ll be happy.


    I believe there’s a cqn night oot have I missed the boat there ?

  21. Just heard Tommy O’Hara who was a Celtic first team squad player in the early 70’s was found dead in his flat in Kingskettle , Fife last night. Very sad, I got to know him pretty well but sadly he didn’t enjoy the best of health. After leaving Celtic he played for Motherwell and QOS then Washington Diplomats where he was POY in a team which included Johan Cruyff. RIP Tommy.

  22. Aw na





    In todays litigious society it is wise for everyone, especially those in the public eye, to be guarded in what they say.



    Judgement on what Celtic should, or, shouldn’t do, say, or, shouldn’t say, must take the above into account in a very serious way.



    Until the whole web of deceit surrounding the demise of Rangers and the setting up of Sevco 5088/Sevco Scotland/TRIFC, has been settled – just what good would a running commentary from Celtic achieve, other than draw our club into the day to day farce?

  23. Keeping The Faith on

    I’ve been to kilmainham a couple of times it’s well worth doing but if imagine it’ll be queued round the block.

  24. prestonpans bhoys



    That sounds glorious, but I keep missing those offers.



    The wine I’m having tonight is especially good as no one else in my family seems to want any – they fail to appreciate the depths of its greatness.



    I’m dubbing it ‘Efe – 2013’.

  25. Paddy Gallagher on

    If ever there was a signing to please the fans.


    Sevco sign Billy King on loan from Hearts.