As Celtic know, Rodgers should go to Arsenal


Brendan Rodgers’ TV interview after Leicester’s game yesterday opened some old wounds.  The contents of your employment contract are only confirmed to journalists when you want to advertise those contents, otherwise a simple “my contract is a private matter” would be offered.

Instead, when Brendan was asked if he had a release clause at Leicester he replied: “There probably is in most manager’s contracts.

“It’s all hypothetical these types of situations.”

Whether he moves to Arsenal or not, we know how this movie plays out.  He courted a move from Celtic for the best part of a year before he gave the nod to Leicester and he is following the same path now.  The problems he cost Celtic when he first made his intentions clear, in August 2018, led to chronic distractions with Dedryck Boyata and Moussa Dembele.  Results on the field suffered for months.

Arsenal are the biggest club in London, which is the wealthiest city on the football map.  They have the raw materials to outshine anyone in the game – they should be competing for top talent with Real Madrid and Barcelona.  From a career perspective, it represents a great opportunity to any manager who wants to reach the top in the game.

He has been a phenomenal success at Leicester and they will want to keep him more than anything else right now, but this may prove to be a watershed moment.  Once a manager starts to work his ticket it is very difficult for a club to prosper.  They would be better off with a clean and early break.  The only thing to keep him at Leicester is loyalty, so on that basis, he will jump at the chance if Arsenal match that release clause.  Maybe in a few months, Leicester will realise they benefited from his arrival and his departure, just as Celtic did.

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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TURKEYBHOY on 2ND DECEMBER 2019 11:37 AM



    Aberdeen gve them plenty of hard games last season with similar teams.





    Very true but the huns have scored 7 without reply in the last couple of games. Should be tighter on Weds.




  2. They were playing a Dons team riddled with injuries.Who knows,but very seldom do they get an easy game there.A lot will depend on the Referee.In that instance the Dons are up,keeper should have been red carded at he weekend.

  3. I just can’t get that Telly Savalas thing out my head now………………



    ( it’s the chompers )



    Can’t unsee.







  4. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TURKEYBHOY on 2ND DECEMBER 2019 12:21 PM


    They were playing a Dons team riddled with injuries





    Of course there are things that contribute to results to varying extents but mitigating factors aside, those are the numbers. The huns have scored 7 without reply since Aberdeen last gave them trouble so whoever is playing for Aberdeen on Wednesday will need to be on his game.




  5. Regards Arsenal,and some mention of KT last article.Watching games he played,he looked totally lost in defence.Bombing forward,same player we watched,but looked hopeless defending.Could be symptomatic of Arsenal as a whole,but I really was shocked..Noticed Freddy dropped him yesterday.

  6. Imo……………..



    The Dandies won’t offer much opposition.


    All the rest have been SFA’d………the huns will have a free run at the title with all attendant hunnery focused on making it as certain as possible.



    It’sTheWhistlersWot’llWinIt !

  7. “Glen Kamara eyed by Juventus,yes,you read correctly,as the Italians look to test Rangers hard line stance on selling their stars”,Where do you begin with a headline like that from Scotland’s finest toilet roll?.


    Jim Traynor apoplectic with rage,as after all his easy work getting this tripe into print,he finds Seething shooting it down right away.”Not true”,he tells a shocked stenography corp.”But,but,but,”they scream,”How fekin hard is it to stay on script”

  8. Not interested in Rodgers, I think the huns have won 8 of last 9 games at Pittodrie…..not holding my breath.

  9. Turkeybhoy………



    It’s aw aboot the points. The Dandies may offer stiffer opposition but I expect they’ll get beat and I suspect there’ll be a kontroversy or twa’ involved.



    Hope I’m wrong.



    The Huns have improved whilst the others who might have nicked points from them have faltered.


    It’s us against Hampden Hunnery.



    WhatDoPointsMake? CSC

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Only saw the huns goals on Sky sports news last night and the most obvious feature was Hertz defending , which was some of the worst I’ve seen.


    Not so much free-scoring huns , as freely conceding Hertz.



    At least we had to work for our goals yesterday.

  11. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    I think Rodgers will remain at Leicester for now, he will want to protect his reputation down there much as he didn’t care about jumping ship up here.



    Arsenal will appoint someone else, like the situation at Man Utd they will also part company with him within a year or 2, and then Rodgers will move to Arsenal.



    Sell on clause to be paid in snakes to the value of 10% of future release fee.




  12. I thought long and hard about whether Rodgers would jump ship just now to Arsenal job’s having appeared. I did so in the light of having originally thought either Spurs or Arsenal were his real targets, or at a pinch Chelsea because of his previous connections there.



    But no…on further thoughts:



    . Lpool: no-brainer – a) no vacancy in near-term; b) they wouldn’t take him back; c) replacement already lined up…(cough)



    . Spurs: (would have been) a no – he couldn’t work with Levy, as he knows Levy would see through him.



    . Arsenal: They’d need £0.5bn just to get themselves back into top-4, £1bn to really challenge for title – are they likely to spend that? No.



    . Chelsea – no way he’d have gone there with a transfer embargo in place – that in fact is probably why they gave the job to such a rookie as Lampard



    . So the answer is ManC…Pep won’t be there for ever, and in fact some unravelling of his regime/persona may already be taking place, but they’d spend the money. And, if he were to finish above them this season…



    …my money’s on the Etihad as his real target, so he will keep his “loyalty” spoof going at Leicester for now. He wants to win the title with his next move – nothing less.

  13. The Snake was hisotry the moment he did his midnight flit.


    More importantly, remember to join the dozens of posters and lurkers in the best clique on the interweb – email your top 3 players from yesterday before 10pm tonight to cqnpoty@gmail.com

  14. A tribute to one of our own.



    Last night BBC Alba showed one of the most uplifting and saddening sports documentaries about the life and death of the tennis player Elena Baltacha, daughter of Ukranian football player Sergei who settled in the UK when he originally signed for Ipswich Town and then moved to St. Johnstone.



    Elena took up tennis in Scotland at 6 years old, worked her way through the junior ranks and turned professional in 1997



    She won a few mid-ranking professional tournaments, rose to British no.1 and top 50 in the world and became an Olympian in 2012. Her career was interrupted so may times by debilitating illness but she fought against it until she had to concede and she turned her efforts to coaching children from less advantaged areas.



    The interviews in the programme from family, friends, fellow professionals and coaches were what really made it as they all recounted her determination on the court despite being diagnosed at 19 with primary sclerosing cholangitis (liver and gall bladder inflammation) whilst being a person who cared for others off the court. She died of liver cancer at the age of 30 just weeks after being married.



    The film was produced by Margot McCuaig who has been responsible for the documentaries about Jock Stein, Tommy Burns and Jimmy Johnstone. Margot was born 9 months after Lisbon and she invites you to draw your own conclusions.



    Away from Celtic, she has produced documentaries about Dundee Utd, Rose Reilly (Scotland’s only global footballer of the year), Jim Baxter and others.



    Her work is truly outstanding.



    Margot McCuaig:





    Elena documentary:



  15. Some logic in today’s article but it’s fails to capture the reasons why Rodgers relationship with the Board broke down. Given the Boards handling of other matters you can’t be sure they weren’t responsible. It’s conceivable that the Board had no further use for him and were happy to see him leave and cash in, possibly as far back as 2017.



    If Arsenal come calling he should go. He’s a good fit for them. Arsenal are in the top 10 Clubs in the world and massively underachieving.

  16. I believe it is possible that one of the 2 teams at the top of the table will drop league points elsewhere before the clash at CP at the end of the month. Statistically, it is unlikely that both can go on winning all their games against the other 10 teams.




    I also do not believe that Celtic or Sevco, falling behind on points in December will be terminal. The league race will go on and there will be plenty to play for throughout Jan, Feb and March. Perhaps by March and April, a significant gap can open up, but, for the moment, it looks like being close and it looks like we have enough to edge it. The possibility still exists that we will even win comfortably.




    I cannot see them winning by a mile; they are not yet good enough to do so. Given favourable refereeing, they might edge it but we have not seen a lot of successful ref interference yet. We gave dropped points to Livi and their pitch because we played poorly- no other excuses. We dropped 2 points to Hibs because we missed chances (20 shots compared with 3 from Hibs) – yes we had penalty claims (the Christie one was a good shout for us) but Hibs fans were just as unhappy with the ref for awarding the foul on Forrest that led to our goal and for failing to send off Ntcham.




    So far, we have not seen the ref onslaught that we expected. That does not mean it will not be forthcoming. I think we are good enough to resit all bar blatant cheating but, if we are refereed as we have been this season, I believe Celtic will win this league by close to 10 points.

  17. I can confirm, having seen him up close and personal a few times this season, that Kieran’s defensive performances have been shocking, inside an Arsenal defence that is absolutely shambolic of course.



    KT’s confidence looks shot to pieces.



    Not sure the Arsenal support would be clamouring for Rodgers. Their own in-built arrogance has them looking for the more exotic Allegri instead.

  18. The answer is simple. The only people who will beat Rangers are Celtic. The other clubs don’t wish us to win the League again. They will say that they only wish to make matters more competitive and as we have won eight then they want to see “someone else” win



    It was ever thus and the Huns without the bus fares are rooting for the boys in blue



    Meanwhile we have the referee’s to worry about and its not just random incompetence its targeted and when we are in danger you will see the way the decisions will fall. We need to be too good to allow them to make a difference.



    Surely the MSM will report the truth!! No chance they are at an all time low. Kamara to Juventus? Morelos is now worth £40m apparently. Statue for Dave King!!



    Sunday is our chance to put them down. Rest assured if we don’t beat them they will build their confidence.


    We are the doubt at the back of their mind.



    We need to assert our Authority. Neil knows the score and I hope our injuries are not bad. We need Eduoard


    and remember we are currently playing No3 rated Full backs.

  19. David 17



    The story is that Rodgers wanted to go to China and Dermot talked him into staying. The Board had to offer Rodgers an extra Bonus, not in his contract, of additional £2.5m for Group stage qualification. Of course the Boyata and Dembele situations didn’t help him and he never picked up the bonus.



    Then it was offski at the first opportunity

  20. I’ve heard some fans saying they would sacrifice beating Sevco in the league if it meant we would beat them in the cup final.



    That’s simply crazy. The league is the number one and while I would be far from happy about getting beat on Sunday, so long as we’ve got a decent lead over them in the league then I’d take it.



    Aberdeen under the lights in their own ground will be as big a domestic test as they’ll face outside of Celtic.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Wouldn’t automatically expect a goal fest against Hamilton on Wednesday.



    Use the squad, win the game early, keep key individuals fresh.



    Personally, I am not too bothered about the result at Pittodrie.



    Aberdeen will be smarting from the previous defeat and will give Sevco a hard game four days out from the cup final.



    Remember last season? Sevco came out of the blocks for the first half and tailed off second.



    Hail hail

  22. FESS19,



    Heard that you made it to Sebastian’s and saw the game last night with the KL CSC. Hope you had a good night and enjoyed the game.


    Also saw the pic that was sent on the SingTims whatsapp group chat.


    Glad you got there ok.






  23. Celtic development side with O’Connor, Hendry, Kouassi, Connell, Afolabi & Dembele drawing 1-1 with Motherwell reserves.



    Afolabi with the goal

  24. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Wee Callum not been amongst the goals as much recently, think he will put that right on Sunday in a 2-1 victory.




  25. We have to be clinical against Sevco or they could sting us on the counter.



    I only seen the first half of their match against Feyenoord but they were awful. They could not string three passes together and their attack is consisted solely of high hoofs up the field to a lost Morelos.



    But Feyenoord missed a few chances and instead of having the game put to bed ended up drawing. Sevco are a very dogged team and need to put away when the chance comes.



    If we’re clinical we can kill the match early and completely sap their confidence. Otherwise like Feyenoord, we could be caught later.

  26. Would really like to see Elhamed back in the team.



    If Elyounoussi doesn’t make the starting 11 I’d consider sacrificing a midfielder.



    Start with Elhamed, Ajer & Julien as a back 3. Hayes & Frimpers as wing backs.

  27. For all the bitter taste I have about Brendan I would say there is no chance he is going to leave liecster after 7 months.


    He did do two and a half years here.


    I would be amazed if arsenal went for him anyway.


    If i was arsenal i would 100% go for the pochitino bloke who took spurs to the champions league final 5 months ago…i believe he is out of a job, no compensation and he would not even have to move house.!

  28. Did Brendan Rodgers ‘not pledge his life'(sic) to Leicester? Now that is one hell of contract clause😁

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