As Celtic know, Rodgers should go to Arsenal


Brendan Rodgers’ TV interview after Leicester’s game yesterday opened some old wounds.  The contents of your employment contract are only confirmed to journalists when you want to advertise those contents, otherwise a simple “my contract is a private matter” would be offered.

Instead, when Brendan was asked if he had a release clause at Leicester he replied: “There probably is in most manager’s contracts.

“It’s all hypothetical these types of situations.”

Whether he moves to Arsenal or not, we know how this movie plays out.  He courted a move from Celtic for the best part of a year before he gave the nod to Leicester and he is following the same path now.  The problems he cost Celtic when he first made his intentions clear, in August 2018, led to chronic distractions with Dedryck Boyata and Moussa Dembele.  Results on the field suffered for months.

Arsenal are the biggest club in London, which is the wealthiest city on the football map.  They have the raw materials to outshine anyone in the game – they should be competing for top talent with Real Madrid and Barcelona.  From a career perspective, it represents a great opportunity to any manager who wants to reach the top in the game.

He has been a phenomenal success at Leicester and they will want to keep him more than anything else right now, but this may prove to be a watershed moment.  Once a manager starts to work his ticket it is very difficult for a club to prosper.  They would be better off with a clean and early break.  The only thing to keep him at Leicester is loyalty, so on that basis, he will jump at the chance if Arsenal match that release clause.  Maybe in a few months, Leicester will realise they benefited from his arrival and his departure, just as Celtic did.

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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    CONEYBHOY on 2ND DECEMBER 2019 2:35 PM



    They should close the motorways when it gets dark just in case




  2. Siempre



    ha ha. You’re right, M1 from Leicester to North London; 90mins max. Could be unveiled before the Leicester lads are out the showers

  3. The Huns will play four across the middle on Sunday.Jack, Davis,Kamara,Ojo.Morelos ,Kent up front.They will try to stop our better midfield playing.Take that to the bookies.

  4. Paul67 et al



    Just read through again and sure enough Paul you managed to say all that without mentioning John McGinn, you know the Aston Villa and Scotland midifelder who Brendan Rodgers wanted to buy for Celtic but who our CEO did not, too busy selling Dedryck to Fulham, after which when Brendan found out he threw the toys out of the pram. That, is how you write football history Paul, no messing about.

  5. Disappointing to see a strong Celtic development side fail to beat Motherwell reserves. The game finished 1-1 and Celtic won on penalties. Sounds as if Oko-Flex made an impact when he came on and Afolabi did bag a goal. 



    Improvement required if any of these guys are to feature in the reserve team. 

  6. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    ’ve no issue with Brendan Rodgers,



    He came to Celtic when we were going nowhere under Ronnie Delia,



    We all know what happened after that,



    Unbeaten domestic season, double treble season, umpteen thrashings of sevco etc,



    then he saw a better opportunity and jumped ship leaving us in the lunch,



    I would argue he gave us far more than he took away, personally I’ll always be grateful,



    especially for the sevco thrashings he inspired, they were the biz.

  7. Disgusting ‘old firm’ coverage of Celtic’s latest cup final, is now being reported as the most important game ever played in Scotland.



    Juventus and Bayern Munich ‘eyeing’ Rainjurz stars and big clubs all over the world are trying desperately to raise the £40 Million Morelos money the Chinese never dreamt of. BT Sport suddenly decide to whoop up ‘the old firm’ with an unprecedented 9 hours of coverage of the secondary cup competition. How do they fill that, maybe they’ll use the Petrofanny Cup, the Baw on the hedge, or great Firhill pitch invasions of sheer passion?



    Whilst the Celtic bhoycott of Hamdump continues full pelt, with the Celtic End forever packed to the gunnels, its no wonder Resolution 12’rs and same club doubters are dismayed, as Celtic are tops BUT only by a goal, and Scotland gently caresses the internet, with the hysterical levels of off the radar Rainjurz coming.



    Hail Hail

  8. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on



    yeah he left us in the lunch, good ol corective spelling….





    Well before breakfast, as it turned out!




  9. CELTIC MAC on 2ND DECEMBER 2019 3:23 PM


    Just read through again and sure enough Paul you managed to say all that without mentioning John McGinn, you know the Aston Villa and Scotland midifelder who Brendan Rodgers wanted to buy for Celtic but who our CEO did not, too busy selling Dedryck to Fulham, after which when Brendan found out he threw the toys out of the pram. That, is how you write football history Paul, no messing about.


    Celtic made several bids for John McGinn. In fact, when he signed on the dotted line for Aston Villa, Celtic had an accepted bid. He could have played for Celtic if he wanted to.


    The player decided to go to a team who he believed would make the EPL.


    Hibs didn’t want to sell to Celtic if they could help it. They held onto McGinn until the English window was about to shut. As time was short they allowed McGinn to go down to Birmingham to do his medical and meet Steve Bruce prior to a fee being agreed!



    How did PL try to sell Boyata? We received a bid on the final day of the window which we rejected. Do you have any proof that PL was actively shopping him? Why would we then reject the excellent bid?


    Brendan Rodgers walked out on Watford after they plucked him out of obscurity at the first opportunity. He left Swansea after signing a long-term contract and talking about building something. He walked out of Celtic putting the treble at risk without a care in the world.



    Guys a chancer and he’s at it again. But aye, blame the board eh?

  10. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Sevco have never been to Pittodrie when their very next game was a cup final against us,



    what do they do – put all their eggs in the one basket? rest some key players? Play them and hope they don’t get injured? Go in to win every 50 / 50 tackle?



    It’s possible that they could lose both games, caught between a rock (us) and a hard place (Pittodrie),



    Can not see them winning both games, Stevie Gee will be as nervous as a kitten on a hot roof,



    It’s all in our favour, as long as we stay well focussed.

  11. Token Tim


    I wanted to wait until the feel good factor about the result had died down but:



    Thanks to your link I met some GREAT Celtic tims.


    Arrived location early,no Tims? Circled the block and lo and behold! The Hoops.


    This guy’s said ( in a Spanish/South American accent) “yes this is the Kuala Celtic supporters club”..Emter bar and had a great evening..

  12. If we were playing Aberdeen at Pittodrie on Wednesday and Sevco were playing the Accies at Ibrox, we would be worried that the results on the night could leave us in second place. We would also feel that Sevco had gained an advantage by having an easy game before the upcoming LC Final whilst we had had a tough match at Pittodrie. N`est ce pas?

  13. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    As for what Brendan Rodgers does next, who cares, he’s an ex Celt who we now know is career driven,



    all this hating BR because he was the first manager to leave us mid season – its not good for anybody,



    it reminds me of when Porto beat us in the Uefa Leage Cup final in 2003



    All of a sudden we all had to hate Jose Mourinho,



    he was the devil re-incarnate – because his team beat us, ( so so close!!!)



    like lots of us on here I was in Seville,



    at full time Mourinho made the entire Porto squad go over to our end and salute the Celtic fans



    at the time we were all still there in full voice belting out some defiant rebel song



    then of course we stopped to boo the Porto squad – well they were diving all over the place,



    thereafter if you wanted to be in the cool Celtic gang then you had to hate Mourinho (!)



    don’t think its the same with BR but only just thanks goodness.

  14. HUNMAN. ask yourself this, how many in their team would get a game for CELTIC. Exactly, refs aside we have nothing to worry about





  15. In addition to previous


    Had a great evening with the Kuala Lumpur Celtic supporters club. Small in number but BIG in heart.had a great evening and hope to meet again.


    Thanks to Dave,Vincent and Gaz (hope your Celtic football boys gets the ok)


    Dave took care of me and guys if you go to KL try and get to


    “Sebastian’s Gastro Pub” he is Venezuelan mad Irish/Celtic human and artist.


    Did not hear after match interviews as Sebastian had “Let the people sing” after final whistle great evening and thank you


    P.S any Tims going to KL support Sebastian’s as he is a “South American Irishman”



    Token Tim please send thanks to KLCSc



    Fess 19

  16. Southside.


    Do you know why the penalty for the charge they ARE facing won`t be decided until Feb 27th whilst other are Dec 12?

  17. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Judging by the UEFA website, a blind ear has been turned to the racist chanting in Rotterdam.



    They are cited for ‘fireworks’ only, unless I’m reading it wrong.

  18. Incidentally, does anyone know if Jamesgang `flounced`? I haven`t heard from the big guy in quite some time.



    If Brendan Rodgers get the Arsenal gig,………………..I blame Peter Lawwell






    Any concerns, Peter has UEFA on speed dial 👍🏻

  20. Think the big mhan had a pop at Paul about his comments on the Res12 issue.


    A few others did also and 3 or 4 flounced,


    Not sure whether Jamesgang has actually gone, I hope not,


    We need ghuys like him.

  21. So Rodgers is about to jump ship. Again?


    I’m sure the folks in Green Bay will be disappointed.


    I’m more concerned with the smokescreen surrounding Edouard.


    He needs a wee run out on Wednesday before being let loose at Hampden on Sunday.


    Is Lenny bluffing the media? Is he merely wrapping the ace scorer in cotton wool?


    Or is he genuinely assessing the viability of his options?


    Speculation will be rampant all week.

  22. With the snow and freezing rain here on the eastern seaboard


    Does anyone know where I can find a guy to


    Repair my heated Driveway?

  23. Celtic Quick News


    Fact 88 subsection 67…………….



    “ALL flounces to be announced well in advance to ensure maximum High Dudgeon factor…………..


    any or all accompanying snash to be delivered with appropriate aplomb……


    ( in situations where the aforementioned “plomb” cannot be found one can be supplied by long-standing flouncers, flouncees and associated fluffers skilled in the choreographed art-form…..”

  24. ‘GG on 2ND DECEMBER 2019 6:27 PM


    With the snow and freezing rain here on the eastern seaboard



    Does anyone know where I can find a guy to



    Repair my heated Driveway?






    Call 1-800 UEFA and press option 4.

  25. “………………..as an addendum…..ALL flounces are specifically to reference the following:


    Lawwell aka “Liewell” or “That PLC” or THAT &$$%%! PLC………………”

  26. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Heated Driveway.



    Well it may have been funny when it was first mentioned years ago but now all it tells us is that this particular poster is dead set against Celtic’s Chief executive, as if we didn’t know already. Here’s an idea, if you have something of interest to say don’t let your hate of PL obscure your piece, state it clearly and then simply sign it off PLH, and we will all know where you are coming from.



    Listen, most of us are scrolling by the Heated Driveway nonsense because it’s been done to death, you are not getting through to your target audience, you need to come up with something different and preferably original if its attention you’re after.

  27. “……….if Flouncers require further assistance, any number of small WhatsApp support groups are available………Pitchforks and Torches supplied though Angry Expletives are required and BYOB…..”

  28. Of course Arsenal already have an ex Celt in charge in Freddy Ljungberg.


    Freddy started for the Bhoys in a 2-0 away victory over Berwick Rangers in the Scottish Cup back in 2011.


    That of course was his only start, but even so he is up there in the Hall of Fame alongside fellow Celtic greats such as Marvin (Morton) Compner. Brendan (7 trophies, 3 times in Europe, Domestic British record) just might be a better bet than Freddy “I used to play for Arsenal”…..



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