As Celtic know, Rodgers should go to Arsenal


Brendan Rodgers’ TV interview after Leicester’s game yesterday opened some old wounds.  The contents of your employment contract are only confirmed to journalists when you want to advertise those contents, otherwise a simple “my contract is a private matter” would be offered.

Instead, when Brendan was asked if he had a release clause at Leicester he replied: “There probably is in most manager’s contracts.

“It’s all hypothetical these types of situations.”

Whether he moves to Arsenal or not, we know how this movie plays out.  He courted a move from Celtic for the best part of a year before he gave the nod to Leicester and he is following the same path now.  The problems he cost Celtic when he first made his intentions clear, in August 2018, led to chronic distractions with Dedryck Boyata and Moussa Dembele.  Results on the field suffered for months.

Arsenal are the biggest club in London, which is the wealthiest city on the football map.  They have the raw materials to outshine anyone in the game – they should be competing for top talent with Real Madrid and Barcelona.  From a career perspective, it represents a great opportunity to any manager who wants to reach the top in the game.

He has been a phenomenal success at Leicester and they will want to keep him more than anything else right now, but this may prove to be a watershed moment.  Once a manager starts to work his ticket it is very difficult for a club to prosper.  They would be better off with a clean and early break.  The only thing to keep him at Leicester is loyalty, so on that basis, he will jump at the chance if Arsenal match that release clause.  Maybe in a few months, Leicester will realise they benefited from his arrival and his departure, just as Celtic did.

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  1. UEFA send a Bulgarian rep to decide whether racist seeps out of the cheating hun for a 3rd time.




  2. We’ve a £34,000,000 cash reserve advantage over sevco. I suggest we use it in January if we’re not comfortably ahead in the race. You can be sure if the tables were turned, they’d be making sure they got the job done.



    I’m not talking tens of millions but certainly go out and get another striker in, possibly another centre half in. We’re light in these areas.


    BIG JOE on 3RD DECEMBER 2019 9:44 AM


    MARSPAPA on 2ND DECEMBER 2019 11:30 PM














    Celtic looking at another possible replacement for Broonie







    He looks too wee………………………..




    you mean he looks too fast.



    BIG JOE on 3RD DECEMBER 2019 9:44 AM



    MARSPAPA on 2ND DECEMBER 2019 11:30 PM





    Celtic looking at another possible replacement for Broonie



    He looks too wee………………………..



    you mean he looks too fast.



    I retract my earlier statements………………………….



    He’s 5 foot 9 and a bit………………




  5. AN DUN on 3RD DECEMBER 2019 9:46 AM



    We’ve only lost once this season when we were down to 10 men for 70 odd minutes. We’ve won 10 on the spin. We can’t control what goes on at Ibrox but I’m confident we are doing the right things


    I don’t think we should be signing loads of players in January with a view to win the title in May. We already have loads of quality and depth at goalkeeper, fullback, central midfield & on the wings



    There are a couple of areas we could add depth. Neil has suggested that we will be looking for a striker to back up Eddy for the rest of the season. I’d be looking for a CB as well to back up Ajer & Julien. Potentially Benkovic? So two players.



    Succession planning is oh so very important. The ideal situation would be to have a potential Edouard replacement or potential Ajer replacement in the door in January. Give them six months to bed in. It will be very difficult. Generally the best players aren’t available mid-season. We may have to fall back onto Timo Weah or Benkovic type loans.



    Do we need another central midfielder? Will Ntcham stay another year? Will Brown be able to play 40+ games next year? Jackson Irvine will be able to sign a pre-contract in January. Worth looking at.In terms of forward planning we should be looking at the best talent available in the SPFL. David Turnbull from Motherwell, Ryan Porteus from Hibernian, Lewis Smith from Hamilton etc.



    We never know what kind of offers we will receive for Christie, Edouard or Ajer in the summer. Be prepared.

  6. I hate the January window…………..



    Hard to get any decent player in that hit the grown running



    We have a big squad…………………. let’s use what we have

  7. We won’t get a quality CH in January prepared to sit on a bench,just in case someone is sold in the summer,nor should we be looking for a CH.We have Elhamad,or Biton,plus a very good back up,coming back from injury.Striker,again,who will sit on the bench.Lenny only uses one striker,and he will play Eddy when fit.Maybe a loan,but again,will be expecting games.Alofabi back from injury?.We have seen with Frimpong,,that age does not need to matter.

  8. Regards Sunday,Hun midfield,Jack,Kamara,Davis (good player),Arfield,,and an assortment of other nonentities.Which one would replace any of ours.Same with the CHs,Carthorse’s.Up front is our danger.Take control of that and we are streets ahead.

  9. TURKEYBHOY on 3RD DECEMBER 2019 11:41 AM



    I wouldn’t swap any of our players for theirs but I wouldn’t say they are non-entities.



    We would have been very happy with wins at home and a point away against Feyenoord & Porto.



    We have been the only Scottish team capable of beating them.We will need to play well to beat them never mind pump them.

  10. since we tanked them, Aberdeen have won 5 and drawn 1 for their last 6 games. That’s decent form and gives us hope that they can put it up to Sevco tomorrow night.



    Hamilton on the other hand haven’t won a match in two months. We should do our goal difference the world of good. Not that I’m too concerned about it.

  11. I think the important thing is that we all stay together no matter what sunday brings.


    These one off games can be decided by nothing decisions,dubious calls or a moment of madness or brilliance.


    They are strong enough to be genuine potential winners.


    We will have to play to our best to lift the cup.


    However I believe that is exactly what we WILL do.



    If it goes wrong and we lose I will not be getting busy slating lennon or worrying about the league.


    I have seen enough of this team to be certain that great things are ahead.


    It would take a miserable performance or heavy defeat for me to be worried about the league.

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Can’t believe anyone thinks the money in the bank is for players 😂😂😂😂😂



    Than money is to demonstrate a healthy bank balance to improve share price when the offer comes.

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