As predicted, things got worse


On Friday, after the Sparta debacle, I predicted, “There is worse to come”, it did not take long.  Losing at home by two goals to Ross County is worse than losing by three goals away to Sparta Prague.  If you were surprised, you have not been paying attention, Ross County were a punter’s dream.  Celtic are dysfunctional, vulnerable to anyone prepared to put their bodies in the way and take their chance at corner kicks.

The biggest concern I have is the message the players get from persistently overhauling roles and tactics; going from four at the back, to three, to four and back to three.  Add to this how Christie and Elyounoussi play a variety of roles: wide, middle, off the striker, and we shuffle between one and two up front.

If you are a player, you interpret this as, “We have no faith in our plan and we don’t know what to do about it.”  At least in this respect, the manager, players, you and me all believe the same thing.

When will it end?  Soon, I hope.  St Johnstone visit in six days and they are more potent than Ross County.

Reports of missiles being thrown at our players outside Celtic Park yesterday evening beggars belief.  Across the world, on a variety of issues, you see anger whipped up in online echo chambers.  This has consequences: some bring that anger into their personal interactions, some gather to demonstrate.

A smaller percentage of them have no boundaries.  Fuelled by the echo chamber and the crowd around them, they resort to violent acts, which Mr Angry behind his keyboard can condemn.  The violence is a consequence of entitled anger and together they make it more difficult to resolve the situation.  Imagine how you would react if you were a player?

A football team has come off the rails after winning a record 11 consecutive domestic trophies.  For a club that has known so many hard times, it was a pitiful bookend to this historic period.

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  1. Out of the cup and lost a squirrel friend. 



    Monday is it? Feels a little Groundhog Day what with some of the Covid conspiracy crew out yesterday and another weekend of WTF?



    Chance of snow in Louisville today.



    HH all. 

  2. Pathetic Paul. Pathetic. I’ve never publicly attacked you on my own blog, but today’s editorial – which is so clearly pointed at fellow bloggers – has me considering a major shift in policy.



    You are out of order with that.

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  4. ‘Reports of missiles being thrown at our players outside Celtic Park yesterday evening beggars’ belief.’






    What is it that beggars belief?



    The reports?



    Or the supposed throwing of missiles?

  5. While not condoning any violence last night, I’m a bit of a loss on this “entitlement” thing.



    The anti, in that regard was highlighted by Bill Leckie, not a friend of Celtic as I understand it.



    My thoughts…



    What are Celtic supporters entitled to? Are they getting it



    What is Neil Lennon entitled to? Is he getting it



    What is Peter Lawwell entitled to? Is he getting it



    Hail Hail

  6. From last thread…



    MADMITCH @ 11:34 AM,



    While I accept in the PL and BR battle none were saints and none were without blame and none came out of it looking very good.



    The fact is the majority of any “blame” must sit with PL for multiple reasons that we have done to death.



    Yet due to the PLC’s PR spin and the dark arts – BR got a personality assissination and most of the blame.



    Now, BR did leave mid-season and he apologised for that – ever seen a PL mea culpa?



    Yet one thing seems set in stone from that era, that for me is just not right. It’s that from the summer of 2018 BR was “working his ticket”.



    Yet consider this – BR never denied he had been offered other jobs while he was at Celtic, the opposite in fact.



    DD is on record as saying it was BR that told him he’d had an “very lucrative” approach from China.



    That BR had got a new contract from Celtic, which made him the highest earning Celtic employee ever.



    Ok so far?



    Now consider this, in that contract BR signed up to an eye watering release clause, if any Club wanted to prise BR and his team from Celtic they would have to pay a King’s ransome.



    If you were working your ticket why would you sign up to such a clause? You wouldn’t would you?



    Also, when BR left, Celtic said nothing of the compensation, in fact they said nothing until a couple of weeks later when they announced it to the stock exchange… naughty, naughty, very naughty.



    Now it was The Telegraph in England that exposed the compensation deal, BR & Co no doubt on a NDA.



    So then why would BR sign up to such a high compensation deal if he’s working his ticket and why did Celtic PLC want to keep the deal quiet?



    Hail Hail

  7. St Tams – Thanks for your reply on last page. Too much to hope for that your source can tell us what is happening this week?

  8. I have no idea what our style of play is. While we change formations regularly we don’t seem to change or adjust tactics. It all seems aimless other than Christie hitting shots from anywhere or giving Edouard the ball with 4 players around him & expecting him to dribble past them all and score. There is no structure or patterns of play and we just do more of the same albeit lined up in a different formation.

  9. In my last article, the one I posted on the previous piece, I ended with this:



    “After more than a month of ignoring fan opinion, they finally broke their silence last night to offer a stinging rebuke and to deplore the behaviour of a handful of folk driven beyond mere frustration at the escalating disaster which is unfolding before our eyes.



    But read the statement carefully and you’ll see that it wasn’t aimed just at those outside but all the rest of us too, the ingrates, those who dare to complain even as we watch historic mismanagement.”



    The club’s counter-attack didn’t take long, aided and abeted by their favourite blogger. That editorial was designed to do one thing; to suggest that ANY criticism risks turning ugly. It is a shameful, shocking, deplorable use of this platform to launch a broadside against the rest of us.



    Lawwell has used this site for some pretty ugly purposes in the past; this is the worst.



    Consider my relationship with this site finally at its end.

  10. Some don’t like it up em captain!!…… But feel they can criticise others!


    The keyboard warriors and sometimes liars should be called out……. Always

  11. James Forrest@ 12:10



    Paul67 lets you post on his blog with links to your own blog.


    For several weeks now I have thought in good old Glasgow vernacular ” He’s got a big tit for himself”


    Don’t bite the hand that ALLOWS you to be fed.


    Keep your blog going and best of luck but not for this gentleman. H H

  12. “When will it end?”



    When will what end Paul?



    NFL’s tenure?


    PL’s tenure?


    Our manifest inability to have any discernible shape, guile or fight on the pitch?



    HH jg

  13. Can someone please set up a link where I can see projectiles being thrown at Celtic players and staff ? I’d hate to think the club was tarnishing the fans to deflect attention…

  14. Seems Ryan Christie threw a missile back at the fans last night, but couldn’t get it past the first car.




    You do seem to come on here just to be offended,



    I doubt your self imposed exile will last long to be honest

  16. !!BADA BING!! on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:30 PM


    Seems Ryan Christie threw a missile back at the fans last night, but couldn’t get it past the first car.





    Ha ha. Fantastic.

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Can’t speak for anyone else but I never feel entitled to us winning anything. Every trophy has to be earned and won.


    What we should feel entitled to is that the people running the club should be doing everything to make Celtic the absolute BEST it can be.

  18. I condemn any and all law breaking last night. Given that static demonstrations are prohibited under tier 4, I reckon that means the entire thing.



    Flip side, I understand and share the frustrations of those who took to the carpark – pitchforks being optional.



    Controversial and opportunistic conclusion? I wonder if the protest wont actually have an impact. Developing story

  19. Entitled anger ? What sort of nonsense is this ?



    Are we entitled now if we expect our team to not concede every time the opposition get into our half ?



    Are Celtic fans not allowed to highlight these deficiencies or call out the mismanagement of the team and the club ?




    If you think Paul is writing about yourself I fear you are mistaken. You are not the online echo chamber you seem to think you are. How incredibly misplaced and vain in a forum that you use to serve your own clicks.

  21. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The team’s terrible. There are no excuses for the management team. Not that CEO’s suffocating interference is at all acceptable.



    No-one can defend the mob.



    However, that we have arrived here reflects a catastrophic failure of leadership.



    You can blame the mob all day and reach accurate conclusions on both the real world dangers of the echo chamber and the self-defeating impact on player morale, but it’s the club’s leadership that has created these conditions by failing to engage with the growing dismay over the past number of weeks.



    As your article agrees, this dismay is well founded. The response from the club leadership has been nothing short of contemptuous. They have fed the anger. They’re so out of touch I don’t think it was conscious.



    The Politburo. A bunch of old men who have had their time.

  22. 2 wins from 10 , probably 11 after Thursday – after this, under what reasoning should we keep the management team. The last 2 losses being against teams who are themselves on a bad run of results.

  23. Final comment ever on here.


    You cannot be entitled playing in a 2 team leaugue


    It’s either them or us – at the moment it’s them.


    We have a manager who has no chance of getting


    another management job at any level because he is




    The manager seems to be picking teams and tactics


    like a wean raking in their Christmas stocking.


    Now we are blaming the fans for the demise.




    Thanks to everyone who has spoken to me over the


    years, Special thanks to Big Wavy, Tim Horton, RC


    and others who i’m sorry I can’t think of at the moment.


    Wishing you all Love, Light and Peace.

  24. AIPPLE:



    Maybe you want to read what I actually wrote; this is an attack on ALL the bloggers, and indeed ALL OF YOU, for offering a dissenting opinion. Do you really need me to spell out the subtext of that article?



    “Across the world, on a variety of issues, you see anger whipped up in online echo chambers. This has consequences: some bring that anger into their personal interactions, some gather to demonstrate.



    A smaller percentage of them have no boundaries. Fuelled by the echo chamber and the crowd around them, they resort to violent acts, which Mr Angry behind his keyboard can condemn.”



    Do you really NEED Betchley Park code-breakers to decipher that for you?



    Don’t bother responding, this is one more post than I intended. I couldn’t give a shit what people think of me personally, but that today is an attack on ALL dissenting opinion. It seeks to reframe the whole debate over blame and culpibility.



    it’s Lawwell’s way of saying “forget who’s to blame for what happens on the park … let’s debate who’s to blame if ugly seasons develop OFF the park.”



    It is transparent and shameless and shocking. Defend it as you will, but it was about shutting you up as much as it was about shutting up me.



    And guess what? I’m not going to shut up anyway. None of us will.

  25. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Ernie Lynch



    That imagery sums up all that’s wrong at Celtic.



    Plebs behind a fence, a police cordon, and a cavalcade of millionaires driving off into the night in their plush luxury cars.



    Wonder what that statue would say if it could talk.





    Ernie, I thought something similar then I thought even darker.


    A presidential cavalcade of cars to give maximum effect on camera and deflect from the shambles in Celtic Park to the ongoing siege outside.



    Maybe not but………

  26. prestonpans bhoys on

    DENIABHOY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:34 PM



    I did watch closely at the deployment of our corner wizard. Two hands up means just passed the penalty spot, then I looked at his one arm up, same effect. No wonder we score so few goals from corners

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