As predicted, things got worse


On Friday, after the Sparta debacle, I predicted, “There is worse to come”, it did not take long.  Losing at home by two goals to Ross County is worse than losing by three goals away to Sparta Prague.  If you were surprised, you have not been paying attention, Ross County were a punter’s dream.  Celtic are dysfunctional, vulnerable to anyone prepared to put their bodies in the way and take their chance at corner kicks.

The biggest concern I have is the message the players get from persistently overhauling roles and tactics; going from four at the back, to three, to four and back to three.  Add to this how Christie and Elyounoussi play a variety of roles: wide, middle, off the striker, and we shuffle between one and two up front.

If you are a player, you interpret this as, “We have no faith in our plan and we don’t know what to do about it.”  At least in this respect, the manager, players, you and me all believe the same thing.

When will it end?  Soon, I hope.  St Johnstone visit in six days and they are more potent than Ross County.

Reports of missiles being thrown at our players outside Celtic Park yesterday evening beggars belief.  Across the world, on a variety of issues, you see anger whipped up in online echo chambers.  This has consequences: some bring that anger into their personal interactions, some gather to demonstrate.

A smaller percentage of them have no boundaries.  Fuelled by the echo chamber and the crowd around them, they resort to violent acts, which Mr Angry behind his keyboard can condemn.  The violence is a consequence of entitled anger and together they make it more difficult to resolve the situation.  Imagine how you would react if you were a player?

A football team has come off the rails after winning a record 11 consecutive domestic trophies.  For a club that has known so many hard times, it was a pitiful bookend to this historic period.

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  1. Oops,sorry,reading back,I see what happened.I typed Bananas,when I meant Bandanas.


    Cue the Mexican Celtic SC on next accusing me of being a Wall builder.





    You’d think a Celtic fan would know that, wouldn’t you?

  3. DAVID 66,



    Yep Ernie was a bit of a tear away.A Pseuds Corner boy.Standing there ,eyeing up the girls go by with their Library books.




    Must have been tough to post that.



    Prayers said for your laddie.



    Don’t be a stranger.



    God bless.

  5. DANDAN on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:44 PM



    Perspective indeed. Best wishes.



    Cheers and HH.

  6. Dandan,


    love, prayers, and best wishes to you and your family.


    In the great scheme of things family is everything.



    God bless you.




  7. I believe that Celtic will win this season’s league and achieve 10 in a row. I have no feelings nor support for the board or Neil Lennon.

  8. James if you’re gonna keep saying I’m finished with cqn.🤷🏽‍♂️


    Stick to it click bait guy🤔😉

  9. JAMES FORREST on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:07 PM



    Just read your article and I’m hoping that the board have spent the last few weeks scouring Europe for a progressive young coach incase it went belly-up and are just about finalising the details of Neil Lennon’s pay-off in time to announce our new manager in time for Milan.



    However, back here on planet Earth, I feel you might be right about DD wanting to show a symbol of “strength” – to the detriment of our club.

  10. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Watchi ng the “Wee Neds”venting their anger and passion last night made me feel a bit jealous.Far too much exhuberance.I was thinking of staging my own version on Thursday night.



    As soon as the Ref blows to start the game,I am turning my back on the TV,for the first 5 minutes.



    How’d ye like that up ye PL.Oh aye.




    Maybe parking your boat a few blocks away & cutting the heating supply to your driveway would get his attention

  11. Squire Danaher



    “1) I am not a member of the SNP.



    I eventually came to support Scottish independence largely on the simple premise/realisation of how can I logically oppose it if I support the concept of Irish independence.


    As well as the antics of the Labour Party over the past 7 years.




    I hear that excuse a lot. Posters claim that they are supporters of Independence but not SNP men. Yet the times you have come on here to have a go at Paul or at other posters has been in response to criticism of the SNP or members of it- not in response to criticiss of Scottish Independence or its non-SNP proponents, so forgive me for mistaking your party commitment but, today is the first time I have noted a criticism of the SNP from you. If its ok for you to criticise the SNP then it is ok for Paul67 , myself and others to do so too.



    You have come on dishing out the Unionist jibes which plays well with a section of our support as it carries the Norn Ireland dog whistle strain. Yet the SNP is a Unionist Party too- it merely prefers to form a Union with Germany and France rather than England and Wales.



    Your reference to the last 7 years of Labour is strange. I can only think that, unless you were anti-Jeremy Corbyn, the animosity is because the party shared a platform with Tories and Liberals on the No side of the referendum debate. A platform the SNP shared with Tories and Liberals, and Labour, and myself, in campaigning to remain in the EU. So, why the acceptability of shared positions in one form of single issue campaigning and not the other?



    ernie lynch dealt, yet again, with the absurdity of seeing Irish and Scotish Independence in the same light. It cannot be the first time you have heard that one was a victim of British Imperalism and the other a beneficiary and willing Martial Wing to it.







    2) Your quote highlighted above is a bit rich seeing as you accused me of sarcasm earlier.



    You are going to have to explain to me wherein the sarcasm lies. I thought we had agreed that you conceded anti-Celtic and anti-football attitudes within previous SNP actions, so there was no sarcasm.



    I genuinely welcomed your ability to depart from the cult of non-criticism which characterised the SNP for so long- it was the first time I have seen that from you. And I criticised Blair’s Labour Party for trying the same schtick and mistaking unanimous toeing of party policy as an example of good discipline; it is not.

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    like the number of the page we are currently posting on.




    ahh, had to scroll back to the top to check if my guess of ’69’ was right



    it wasnt

  13. How come we are welcoming Dan Petrescu but dismissing MON & WGS?



    I saw how Petrescu “coached” when Cluj were here. He ranted and raved constantly at the 4th official and never used a notebook or consulted with fellow coaches. The only influence he tried to exert on the game was by bullying officials; that won’t work as a Celtic manager.



    Ooooh,now I don’t know if thats pretty good humor,or just good old jealousy.


    Anyway,I need the heated driveway.It can go as low as 10 degrees here in January for 2 weeks.Dodgy getting the Range Rover Sport down the hill.


    By the way,my wife’s always on about that.She says,”Why have you got a heated driveway in a country where we have 300 days of sunshine,and its never cold at nights Just say”Shut up,and get back under your sunbed”