As predicted, things got worse


On Friday, after the Sparta debacle, I predicted, “There is worse to come”, it did not take long.  Losing at home by two goals to Ross County is worse than losing by three goals away to Sparta Prague.  If you were surprised, you have not been paying attention, Ross County were a punter’s dream.  Celtic are dysfunctional, vulnerable to anyone prepared to put their bodies in the way and take their chance at corner kicks.

The biggest concern I have is the message the players get from persistently overhauling roles and tactics; going from four at the back, to three, to four and back to three.  Add to this how Christie and Elyounoussi play a variety of roles: wide, middle, off the striker, and we shuffle between one and two up front.

If you are a player, you interpret this as, “We have no faith in our plan and we don’t know what to do about it.”  At least in this respect, the manager, players, you and me all believe the same thing.

When will it end?  Soon, I hope.  St Johnstone visit in six days and they are more potent than Ross County.

Reports of missiles being thrown at our players outside Celtic Park yesterday evening beggars belief.  Across the world, on a variety of issues, you see anger whipped up in online echo chambers.  This has consequences: some bring that anger into their personal interactions, some gather to demonstrate.

A smaller percentage of them have no boundaries.  Fuelled by the echo chamber and the crowd around them, they resort to violent acts, which Mr Angry behind his keyboard can condemn.  The violence is a consequence of entitled anger and together they make it more difficult to resolve the situation.  Imagine how you would react if you were a player?

A football team has come off the rails after winning a record 11 consecutive domestic trophies.  For a club that has known so many hard times, it was a pitiful bookend to this historic period.

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  1. Still bumping gums about possible damage to highly expensive cars caused by boos and GTF chants? – Check.



    Board still distracting all from their inability to sack an incompetent manager – Check.



    Well done Pistol Pete. Project Squirrel is going well. You have a few shoogly fence shakers to thank for the open goal.



    Maybe the prize for the most gullible fans in the world is heading across the city. We seem keen to compete for that one.




  2. I reckon Lenny is here until the Cup Final at least.


    Even if Desmond planned to sack Lenny after yesterday’s game, once the Demo became the main talking point, he is the type of guy who wouldn’t be seen to give in to what he would perceive to be intimidation.


    Overall my Celtic Heart is as low as I can remember, even during the barren years we won nothing but we were together, one people.


    Now we seem splintered & bitter,


    Crazy how we have dominated for years & then crash spectacularly in a couple of months even though the warning signs were there last season.


    Worrying times.

  3. Big Wavy



    Still bumping gums about possible damage to highly expensive cars caused by boos and GTF chants? – Check.



    Well, check and quite rightly so. Where does damaging motors, especially when you don’t know who they belong to, get your argument anywhere at all. Just a stupid form of self-expression, really.







    Board still distracting all from their inability to sack an incompetent manager – Check.



    Don’t think so- have you been reading the blogs. Nobody has cahnged their mind . The sacking threat is not lessended by the fans, just a wee bit of our aura as “a special cub with special fans”. Shame that!

  4. At full time yesterday, trying to think which players had played well was an impossible task. So I made the conscious decision not to plug the game for votes. But that hasn’t stopped a few folk from emailing me so, just in case you’re waiting to be invited, please feel free to chip in your 3 names – CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM . Individual players’ performances are relative so, as always, some played less bad than others! And someone’s got to get the points ;-)

  5. I’ve read some comments regarding the nature of any potential pay off to an outgoing manager.



    I’d be astonished if this wasnt already factored into the contract numbers.



    Unlike a players contract, where purchase price is amortised over the contract term, 12 months salary can realistically expect to be paid by the club at some point.



    Fairly certain the numbers will already be in place for this.



    Clearly, the flip side is a huge buyout clause a la Brendan.



    Celtic are well run, fiscally. They’ll have both options covered

  6. is s new manager gonna make duffy faster, make Ajer jump higher than his knees, give brown new legs, remind christie he’s Aberdeen class, make the French players want to stay and play for the 10?



    This is a collective issue made by board, recruitment policy and coaching staff – ALL OF THOSE ISSUES SHOULD HAVE BEEN SORTED PRE SEASON.



    Instead, we did what celtic always do pre season – we pussy foot around the transfer market, missing out on our number one targets , sign risky players last minute and never give the team what it needs when it needs!



    shocking running of a club of Celtics stature – shocking use of fans money – but pretty good if your picking up a bonus at the end of the season!


    OK e-mail doing the rounds you will all get it soon.





    KENNEDY wanted STRACHAN jnr and in he came.



    KENNEDY wanted DUFFY and PETE went ahead and signed him. LENNY did his nut.



    BUST up at LENNOXTOON and BROONIE helped LENNY and that is how he got a STOOKIE.



    So make of it what you like ME, JE glad i am oot of it doon in YORK.

  8. SFTB



    LoL. I was just thinking of the irony.



    If BR took them to the summit of EPL as we slipped close to the nadir of a trophy less season in Scotland.



    Hopefully a Fulham win is a tide turning and we can pull back the 5 points and seal a double on top of a quad treble after all !!!!



    ….Clutching at straws and momentum CSC

  9. SFTB



    So cars have been damaged? That’s news to me and a bit of an escalation in the story? Tell me more fella.




  10. Hey Paul67,



    I predicted this mess when Lennon was appointed. You reluctantly admitted the mess yesterday.



    Have you no shame. Like your master you blame everyone including fans (whom Police Scotland now advise everyone is open to arrest who turned up last night). As you know this is a diversionary tactic by your master —he gas given PS them a nod and wink to go down this route. How do you feel about your part in teeing up Celtic fans for arrest ? Oh sorry you were misled….where have we heard that before.



    The immense damage done by Lawwell has been supplemented by your feeding of his damaging agenda into Celtic cyberspace. I suppose you are hoping he can cling on to power. Any future CEO will jettison you as the damage done by you to the club has not gone unnoticed.



    When Lawwell is gone I suspect you will give up on Celtic as you will discover you are not really a Celtic fan —- but Lawwell groupie.

  11. SFTB



    My ‘unbelievable’ referred to your initial conclusion.



    I don’t think you’re entitled to draw that conclusion from what NS said today.



    I do accept that you may be correct that this will come back and bite us on the behind. I have no evidence that politicians may not use last nights events as a stick with which to beat us.



    However you cited four points as ‘evidence’.



    I would sincerely suggest that, apart from concerns regarding Strict Liability, and the concerns arising from the COVID related issues of the G51 mob, the other two are basically assumptions on your part. I would also gently suggest that it’s motivated as much by your political persuasion as any hard evidence.



    The FM has not said anything about BB that has not been given full vent on here.



    The Hate Act legislation is a joke to start with and will be rendered unworkable after its committee stages etc.



    Believe it or not, there are other things going on out there apart from the trials and tribulations of our football club. I’d rather our politicians focussed on keeping us safe – and that’s another argument entirely – than have our clowns giving them an excuse to give us grief.



    Hail hail.

  12. I do not agree with want happened at CP last night but all this crap about cars getting damaged, missiles thrown etc. Where’s the evidence? this is just adding fuel to the flames. Did not have to come to this, NFL has been hung out to dry. Why no statement/interview from PL today instead of a statement on the website, we laugh at the other mob for statements, we are just as bad. A proper leader would have held a press conference today to help with some of the unease

  13. LUCKY CODY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:56 PM



    When Lawwell is gone I suspect you will give up on Celtic as you will discover you are not really a Celtic fan






    Atrocious thing to say. Paul not a Celtic man now? I thought I had seen it all.

  14. still can’t fathom out why we always under pressure form a single striker when we have 3 so called centre back playing also are we the only team in the league who never have an advantage when we get a corner or have a free kick in the opposition half but we are always under pressure when we are defending against the same

  15. Ernie,



    Quite a good few Celtic fans will have big flash cars.Not an unnatural thing in this day and age.Maybe you have been reading too many Broons Books.Maggie always had a boyfriend with a big flash car.She was the talk of Glebe St.

  16. Big Wavy



    “So cars have been damaged? That’s news to me and a bit of an escalation in the story? Tell me more fella. ”





    It was news to me too.



    But, it was news that came to me from your original post which I C & P’d. You should read back, fella :-)

  17. Lennon is going nowhere, in part because I believe Lawwell hasn’t a clue who to replace him with – we’re a shambles from top to bottom.

  18. We are being played here.


    A tiny minority of our support have a demo, yesterday, and today, there are riot vans on the Celtic way and at Lennoxtown.


    The PLC are driving the, deflection, agenda, here.


    Are you seriously asking me to believe that our major shareholder would view that, tiny demo, as enough for him to be intimidated?


    Not a chance.


    I didn’t get where I am today ,a billionaire, by being intimidated, by about 100 fans out of 60,000. would much more likely, for me, be his reaction.


    #Reggie Perrin.

  19. RC,



    Dont even try to fathom out that one.I was thinking today,in his time as Celtics supposed dead ball specialist,he has probably taken over 300 corners/ free kicks.Has anyone noticed any improvement.That is scandalous from a top pro.

  20. It’s entirely appropriate, and healthy, to disagree with posts and promote opposing views.



    Attacking any poster, including name calling or insults, should not be seen on here.



    This includes Paul67

  21. SFTB,



    My “Cars damaged by boos and GTF chants”?



    Are you serious?



    I’m off to see if shouting from a distance can actually bend metal. Will report back in a while….



    But as the Sun pays for stories I might tell them first and feed the frenzy.

  22. GREENPINATA on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:01 PM





    My thought are all over the place now. I just cannot understand how some Celtic fans could be so disrespectful and vindictive towards Neil Lennon.


    “i dont blame you mate.we are all,all over the place if that helps.i agree the disrespect , vindictiveness and pettiness towards Neil Lennon there to see”



    I just never saw that coming and would not have believed it possible, even allowing for high emotions.






    I know we are not all angels, but this gobsmacked me. Much more than the actual game.



    “yup amazing what a few quickly co ordinated whats app can do.”



    Make no mistake, it will be used against us by our enemies. High profile over exaggerated arrests will follow and reported with glee. We will be used as an example of why OB 2 or hate crime is necessary.



    “ob2 is dead.the hate crime bill will die.our enemy last night was not in the park.it was the vermin outside causing a disruption.ffs players on phones as their cars are gettin pelters.”



    You have seen the footage. Most of the crowd were of an age where they have never experienced anything but a sucessfull and winning Celtic team.



    “they will have to learn,Celtic went on long before you and i my friend and hopefully long after”




    Collectively we are not entitled to anything. In football or in general society.



    ‘i agree we work for our success”








    However most of my anger is reserved to certain players as well as PL and DD.



    ‘mine centres on Dermot and his boy Peter.”


    if the 44% majority shareholding.the decline in numbers feeds thro.it looks like the keeping shtoom bout 2012 may cost next year.”





    Players who have chucked it cannot be allowed to continue as normal no matter who is in charge of our team.



    ” our variables are defined.we have to work with what we have got as a squad” can we tho?”





    Even if it means we have a fire sale and start from scratch. This is more than just losing cups or the 10 now.



    ” indeed ,with good tims like yourself there is always hope as Stivs says keep it lit :-)



    Peace hh



    “i think that’ll happen





    It should be a privilege to wear the Celtic shirt, some of these players do not deserve that privilege and it should be removed.







    Cheers and HH.

  23. Squire Danaher



    Very refreshing to hear you give stick to the party- there’s hope for you yet. Parties should be broad churches with competing views. For too long Salmond & Sturgeon aped Blair in not allowing dissent within the party



    And as you conceded that some acts were taken in vengenance, my assertions are not so unbelievable.



    Not everyhing I say is or can be evidence based. My post about BR and the Fulhm match, though it cites one instance of evidence , was not meant to be taken seriously.

  24. Livibhoy.


    I like your thinking with the three amigos.



    If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem and I’ve been told too many times on here when I mentioned anyone that they will be crap. How do you know unless you try.

  25. Started watching,Maradona in Mexico on Netflix.A story I knew nothing about.First episode,very good.Coaching the bottom team in the 2nd Div,in the Sinaloa region.The Cocaine capital of the world.Should be good.

  26. The problem with the continued backlash to the backlash is that those who likely have been winding up the young team for weeks continue to. There is no good outcome from last night’s behaviour.



    It just makes us looks like huns. Huns who think writing a message on a “spunky bed sheet” will make some sort of difference. We’re regularly applauded for being the best fans and rightly so- was that on show last night? No.



    And to the view that the board deflected with the statement- they had no choice- they had to say stop, it was probably under police or even Scottish Executive orders and if not H&S precaution.



    The first thing that’s happened today is the usual suspects winding everyone up again.



    We are a great club but we are a PLC, you can’t generally protest people out of that.



    We’re all hurt right now, big time, but, it appears some are taking online, socially media and blog posts literally and not figuratively. Not saying lose your spirit, God no but think smart.

  27. JNP


    I didn’t get where I am today ,a billionaire, by being intimidated, by about 100 fans out of 60,000. would much more likely, for me, be his reaction.



    #Reggie Perrin.



    Made me laugh out loud there,twirls imaginary moustache lol



  28. CorkCelt – wise words as always.



    This isn’t a good time but things will change for the better again. Things have been IMHO, a lot worse at other times.



    However, you are right about the suppport – there are echoes in some of our fans of the sense of entitlement the Orc fans had in the 90’s.

  29. SFTB,



    I’d have Uri take corners before Ryan. At least he’d be guaranteed to bend them in on a reglar basis…..



    Here all week csc

  30. Last night’s rent a mob looked like the unsuccessful applicants for the Still Game,Wee Neds parts.


    “Naw they did’nae”

  31. !!BADA BING!! on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:07 PM





    Good post, caution a swerry word.





    BB, you’re right – a decent post giving an alternative view (copyright McGlone)



    I also think that the presence of the cops, designed to help, actually made it worse.


    Perhaps controversially – not because of anything they did last night particularly.



    Some people there were angry – at the board, Lawwell, Neil Lennon, Dermot Desmond, the team & of course at the Covid restrictions that significantly prevent them from venting this anger during games.


    But the only people there – at least initially – were Police Scotland & a couple of stewards.



    The frustration of all of those things and more besides became focused on some cops who were obliged to get face to face with them, albeit through the fences. Years ago, my children used to watch a tv show called Worzel Gummidge – and last night the cops were the Aunt Sally to the people on the other side of the fence – and so became the focus for ALL the crap in their lives.



    Maybe an unpopular opinion – but the club are ultimately & primarily responsible – for what happened last night. When you micro manage aspects of your business to get precisely what you want but then abandon any real communication with your customers when it’s going very obviously & seriously wrong – your choices make you culpable for the excess of frustration felt by those customers. Leaving a beleaguered manager to cover for you & deflect blame to other people/employees, a manager who’s own mental health issues are well known, is an indictment of their neglect.



    I honestly don’t believe that any of those people at the ground last night wanted to hurt anyone – employee or cop – generous assessment maybe. They came to do what Celtic have seen before at times of stress or success. In this case, they came to protest at mis-governance by the board & at poor results & performances by the manager & team.



    The cops got in the way. It’s their job frankly to respond to calls for help & a call must have been made for Police assistance from inside the ground – Head of Security via Lawwell probably. We’ll never know how it would have played out if the police weren’t there, but the confrontation has become the story that beleaguered CEOs & governments have exploited to the full.



    Paul’s five words from Friday still resonate (even without his reminder today).


    Chants last night from people turning on Neil Lennon so badly exposes another huge example of lack of professionalism from the club’s board/CEO. To cover for their own repeated ineptitude – for what looks like years now, they’d rather continue to risk pretty much anything except their own reputations to avoid being held accountable. Last night on here, someone was scoffed at for suggesting that a club representative should have come out to talk to the people who’d gathered. We’ll never know, but at least if they’d tried to reach out personally, we could be talking about something less damaging today.



    I suspect that no one wanted to speak to them & I’m not sure who’d have been best at calming the passions down, probably Scott Brown – but who knows. I know it takes courage to step in to face a mob, but what does it take to call the cops on your own customers because of your own ineptitude?



    I also suspect that just as the board arranged the “free” viewing of the game to Season ticket holders because they assumed it would be a win for Celtic, they had absolutely no contingency in place in the event of a defeat. So when we lost they had no idea what to do, what to say or who might even be asked to speak to fans who might gather at the ground in protest. They thought they’d buy some time by giving something to appease fans AND secure breathing space with a win. Instead, they ran away & left Neil Lennon to face media scrutiny & online abuse.



    I really feel for any Celtic employees who were caught up in what must have seemed like a riot situation last night – a horrible scenario for them. Deflection by the board & ritual denouncements by the usual suspects cannot disguise where the responsibility for it all lies.



    By the time I post this perhaps there’ll have been developments as I hear that NFL meets with the decision makers this morning. Either way, this could al have been avoided with modicum of professionalism & integrity by these same decision makers.