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You and I are old enough to remember the grief when a star player left to go to England.  Today, with Odsonne Edouard’s anticipated departure, grief is replaced by relief.  This is nothing to do with the player’s ability, he will be missed on the field, but success on the grass is determined by the astuteness in the Asset Management game.  If Celtic are to enhance their chances with the former, they need to optimise the latter.  Eddie has to leave with financial compensation coming the other way.

Whatever Crystal Palace pay, a significant portion will to go Paris Saint-Germain (widely reported as 40%).  We paid €10m when the player signed permanently in 2018, so although the money will have an impact on current and future trading, we will scarcely break even on the player, a sign that his value (€10m plus sell-on clause) did not appreciate during his time in Glasgow.

Ryan Christie, like Stuart Armstrong three years ago, is one I hoped we would be able to hold onto.  Ryan spent three years going nowhere (if you discount loans to Inverness and Aberdeen) before he transformed Celtic when coming on as a halftime substitute against Hearts at Murrayfield in October 2018.  Celtic started that season poorly with Brendan Rodgers unable to conjure a fix until a series of injuries gave Ryan his chance.  He played a significant role in rescuing Celtic’s season, and Brendan’s reputation, as they secured the Treble Treble and remained a key player in the subsequent treble and European campaigns.

Money talks and Celtic players listen when wages above £50k per week are mentioned (Edouard will earn significantly above this).  With only six months left on his current deal, I doubt we will earn much for Ryan, but the principle remains the same; churn them before they leave for free.

Filipe Jota and Georgios Giakoumakis are waiting in the tunnel, so the ‘F5 hours’ should be busy.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BTW – I have absolutely no intel on the Jack Hendry deal Celtic agreed with Oostende



    But …



    It is now a standard procedure across football for future fees for loanees to include a sell on clause or a buy-back clause (or both).



    Owning club’s way of rebalancing the risk.



    Guy is a dud? – he comes home.



    Guy is a rockstar? Parent club enjoys some of the benefit.

  2. Ffs Sam Allardyce on sky sports. What a cheating low life Rat of a man.



    Probably turn up at sevconia soon anaw.



    D :)

  3. Bada,



    “The two out are better than the two in”.Really?.What are you basing that on?.It surely cannot be the performances of the two leaving.


    At the end of the day,they were nothing more than a waste of a jersey for a long time,for whatever reason.


    If the two coming in are the same ,then fair enough,but any improvement makes us stronger.


    Personally,I am relieved I never have to watch Eddy again play the way he did on Sunday.And a lot more times.Like everyone else,I loved the guy,but last season and most of this,was like watching Ali getting beat up by nobodies.A shadow of his great self.

  4. If Edourd has gone for 15m does that mean 10.5m after PSG share and VAT. Then take off agent’s fees etc. Need to be careful about the difference between fee paid by buying club and amount cleared by selling club.

  5. INIQUITOUSIV on 31ST AUGUST 2021 10:34 PM







    Just like yer wee brithers on Christmas Day?






    there was that other time my sister got a Celtic Action Man, and I got a Sindy doll,



    one couch for all our presents, feckin santa.

  6. We are very fortunate that the EPL is on our doorstep. That is where we sell big to, over £50m for KT, Ajer, and OE.


    The cash from EPL tv deals comes to us through player sales. Clubs like Ajax and Porto must envy us. It’s just geography and everyone watches MOTD. Crystal Palace or a move to France, Germany, or Italy ? Crystal Palace and £60k a week will do nicely thank you very much.

  7. celtic player caught wrapped in a union jack shocks the supporters and calls for resignation of CEO Peter Lawwell.



    The new English based player has joined straight out the British navy, shaved his beard, and pulled on the hoops.



    Registered as Mr Act Shonminn. he is shurely going to test the nerves of the diehard supporters.




  8. Chairbhoy



    Thanks for respectful and structured response.



    We have a different perspective on whether we were in good shape in 2002.



    I think we were in a very difficult place unless there was gamechanging restructuring of the wider football environment. I even wrote a thesis on it !



    The only option I saw was Celtic ( possibly with rangers to agitate for such change as both were overheating (obviously them more than us). That aside right sizing the cost base was the only solution. I think PL did this fairly well.



    On the wider point I think we did badly in agitating for any restructuring and actually missed da few open goals such as when the English championship was in difficulty in 2004.



    I do agree the board is a strange make up from an executive point of view. I also agree that the main shareholders have been marking time hoping for structural change. Which does make the lack of effort to drive change even more surprising.

  9. BSR,



    made me laugh, no heard it in years, funnily enough from ma faither. in front of the couch. in 72.



    feckin hell what a night it is on here.

  10. What happened to the Morelos money?


    What happened to the TavPen money?


    What happened to the Kent money?


    What happened to the Kamara money?


    What happened to the Hagi money?


    What happened to the Barasic money?

  11. Lucky Cody



    Peter and Dom know each other ……



    So you know that he was appointed by Peter.



    Maybe what you know and what I know is a bit different.



    Let’s see how the season pans out.

  12. INIQUITOUSIV on 31ST AUGUST 2021 10:47 PM







    Did you give it back?






    actually a very vivid memory, i put it on and went out to the square the side of the house and booted my new ball (forgot that) with my new winfields all around the street.



    Jimmy J played for scotland ah was told,, and dont be a wee ungrateful rascal , or something like that.

  13. BSR


    Told that to my American wife, who often does not ‘get’ Scottish humour. She is still giggling.

  14. Chairbhoy



    I think the make up of the board and the football structure within Celtic will change once Dom does get his bearings over the coming months. It’s just my opinion.



    I get he is not a classic corporate ceo but he does know his way around sporting organisations and governing bodies with many stakeholders and historically was not so involved on the player side.

  15. DAVID66 on 31ST AUGUST 2021 10:24 PM


    If that’s it for players in how pathetic is that.



    £53million odd in sales and spent £20 odd million.




    Please, this is not a dig – but can you tell me how you arrive at those figures. Have you considered the effect that Covid has had on the club’s finances? Are you factoring in that Celtic will always spend within their means and cannot/will not go into debt?



    Celtic’s spend on individual players seems set at around £4m, about the same amount that we would get in TV money for winning the SPFL…..Palace, on the other hand, will get £100m regardless of where they finish – no wonder they can afford Eddy.

  16. Getting a bit loopy on here waiting for the thud of that sash ( as in windae ) slammin’ doon.

  17. Weebobbycollins on

    Saint Stivs…1956 Xmas morning. Scotland V neck top with badge. Hid my disappointment well. To this day I have never worn a Celtic top. I guess I am simply not worthy.

  18. AN TEARMANN, dont buy anything into that other than, “your enemey’s enemy is my friend”.

  19. Depending on Mc Carthy,who I would hope to see play against R. Rovers,we are short of a bit of steel in midfield.Really disappointed we did not go for Mc Cann.Reports that we balked at the 3 million price tag,true or not true,who knows.Let’s hope Mc Carthy can give us the 15\20 games we would need him in.


    Satisfied and unhappy at the same time.Is that possible.Has to be supporting Celtic.

  20. STEBHOY on 31ST AUGUST 2021 10:17 PM


    looks like we are building a team from the front and working our way to the back by January – gonna be fun to watch but not looking forward to the usual calamity defending and loss of basic goals.




    Btw I like the look and stature of young Murray – showed a lot of promise!




    Before I got to your comments, I was thinking OK we haven’t brought in enough quality defenders, so we’ll need to develop what we have. Really like the look of Montgomery, quicker than most other LBs will have, good enough with the ball to operate in a more advanced role and looks strong for his age. Murray, again another who showed promise in ridiculous circumstances at the start of the season. Surely these guys will get some decent amount of game time to develop. Murray is very young and will hopefully develop quite a bit physically. He didn’t look too quick, but again at just (recently) turned 18, this is something than can be improved. Juranovic, big tick, he’ll do. Scales is the big unknown, unless some of the Irish contingent can enlighten us. Have heard he’s decent on the ball and quick. Being Irish, I’m sure he’ll be able to take care of himself. The very little I saw of Urhoghide, he looked strong and quick, but was diving in too much and indisciplined (surely something than can be coached out of him). We might be lacking a bit of bite in midfield of course, unless Mccarthy can provide that. Any other candidates? I think we can, at least, be in the hunt until the January window.

  21. I can’t remember who but someone told us “it’s only 3pm” earlier. Is it still 3pm?



    Asking for a concerned friend…

  22. Meanwhile over at Mordor.2 out on loan,2 signed.Just how the hell does that work.


    Raised 4.5 million,when they needed 6.75 million,in their confetti sale,so another loss there.


    Just how?.

  23. Go tell the Spartim on



    He’s going to Preston, yes Preston for ……..




    £1m yip one million pounds

  24. DAVIDOPOULOS, man up, Sunday should have told you something, der hun have been lucky once already, der hun can’t be that lucky all the time.

  25. Weebobbycollins on

    Tom McLaughlin @ 10.30…


    When sir wattie the legned’s huns were beaten by Kaunas, Keevins referred to them as a two bob team from a two bob country. I then sent about 10 emails to Radio Clyde asking for an apology for the slur on my Lithuanian family. I never received a reply. I didn’t really expect one. Cretins!

  26. TIMHORTON on 31ST AUGUST 2021 9:02 PM


    Those that want to leave have for the most part left. Fresh talent in looking to do it. Others looking refreshed and enjoying their game, upgrade in manager. We are stronger.






    BADGERHC on 31ST AUGUST 2021 9:22 PM


    Genuinely not what I meant.








    Good post. And yes to the American wife thing as well.