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You and I are old enough to remember the grief when a star player left to go to England.  Today, with Odsonne Edouard’s anticipated departure, grief is replaced by relief.  This is nothing to do with the player’s ability, he will be missed on the field, but success on the grass is determined by the astuteness in the Asset Management game.  If Celtic are to enhance their chances with the former, they need to optimise the latter.  Eddie has to leave with financial compensation coming the other way.

Whatever Crystal Palace pay, a significant portion will to go Paris Saint-Germain (widely reported as 40%).  We paid €10m when the player signed permanently in 2018, so although the money will have an impact on current and future trading, we will scarcely break even on the player, a sign that his value (€10m plus sell-on clause) did not appreciate during his time in Glasgow.

Ryan Christie, like Stuart Armstrong three years ago, is one I hoped we would be able to hold onto.  Ryan spent three years going nowhere (if you discount loans to Inverness and Aberdeen) before he transformed Celtic when coming on as a halftime substitute against Hearts at Murrayfield in October 2018.  Celtic started that season poorly with Brendan Rodgers unable to conjure a fix until a series of injuries gave Ryan his chance.  He played a significant role in rescuing Celtic’s season, and Brendan’s reputation, as they secured the Treble Treble and remained a key player in the subsequent treble and European campaigns.

Money talks and Celtic players listen when wages above £50k per week are mentioned (Edouard will earn significantly above this).  With only six months left on his current deal, I doubt we will earn much for Ryan, but the principle remains the same; churn them before they leave for free.

Filipe Jota and Georgios Giakoumakis are waiting in the tunnel, so the ‘F5 hours’ should be busy.

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  1. Who’d win in a fight between a 5mill Mark McKenzie and a try-b4-u-buy loaner Cameron CarterVickers?






  2. With yesterday’s 3 signings, we are going to give the huns a real fight for the title. Have a great Wednesday everyone.

  3. CCV will do for me, well done Dom excellent business over these last few weeks.


    As above welcome to Celtic Cameron



  4. Chilled in the Chilterns – September seemingly like Autumn.



    Interesting some very reasoned CQNers getting het up by a poor transfer window… We’ll see.



    For me the proof would be in Ange’s view, not his public view, his real view – was he backed or was he played?



    Personally, it will hinge on the performance on some key signings, the loan to buy bhoys, McCarthy, Giakoumakis.



    They perform to the requisite standard and deliver Ange ball and it could be a great window.



    BURNLEY78 @ 10:47 PM, 10:53 PM,



    Yes, 2002 would have been an interesting time in Celtic FC’s development. We had built a stadium, a football team worthy of the hoops, Fergus had taken his cash and for all intents and purposes we were a EPL level side.



    If that needed underpinning with a more robust corporate and finacial structure I can understand that.



    How we got from there though to a Corporation that had 40% of it’s turnover in cash reserves is the question – more Ebenezer than Micawber.



    It was interesting when we were rejected from joining the EPL around that time along with Rangers, DD said he still thought we would join the Premier league but pulled his horns in, SDM said that the opportunity had now gone but still leveraged Rangers over the hilt and was spendthrift.



    For me there was a middle way.



    Hope your right about Dom, he did say he would be going through the Club from top to bottom. Are complete restructuring of the Club, especially the executive is needed.



    SFtBs @ 11:37 PM,



    It is a very interesting defence of how we brought players through to the first team from the academy – yet for me this has been the poorest time I can remember.



    And I can first remember from the quality street gang. High watermark no doubts.



    Yet MO’N, who was not known for his use of the academy had half a dozen players come through, albeit it was WGS who ultimately developed most of them.



    Since then there has been standouts but really slim pickings.



    This is an interesting quote from Lenny and really set the tone on his two tenures.



    See projects? Forget it. I’m sick of hearing it. I’m sick of hearing about two- and three-year plans. I don’t buy into it. It’s about now.



    You don’t have time as a Celtic or Rangers manager. Projects are something my daughter does at school. I’m a football man, only interested in results, performances and players. I don’t care about two years’ time. I might not bloody be here.”



    We can all agree that we have another promising academy crop and a manager who is not only prepared to play them but allow, nay demand, they are “brave” on the ball he has got an excellent reaction, goodness knows where we’d have been without these bhoys in the last two months.



    Aff oot today… Enjoy the day, new Celts abound.



    Hail Hail

  5. “Interesting some very reasoned CQNers getting het up by a poor transfer window… We’ll see.”



    Translation: Why can`t others see this as I do?

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    Chapeau doffed for CCV, a very welcome surprise. Though it’ll be torture having to wait a while for our next game 🍀

  7. We’ve brought in a lot of numbers. But not enough quality.


    This squad isn’t going to be good enough to win the league.


    Let’s hope we can hang in until the January window.



    Very underwhelming.

  8. Tony Ralston as a defensive mid learning the dark arts from James Mccarthy’s EPL experience?



  9. Go Tell The Spartim – on the other hand, it is a major plus that Ange has a good few days to get all the players, new and old, on the training ground to do some coaching. Something he has actually had very little time to do.

  10. Liam Shaw (Eng) £315k



    Osaze Urhoghide (Ned) £207k



    Liel Abada (Isr) £3.6m



    Kyogo Furuhashi (Jpn) £4.6m



    Carl Starfelt (Swe) £4.3m



    Bosun Lawal (Ire) Free



    Joe Hart (Eng) £1m



    James McCarthy (Ire) Free



    Josip Juranović (Cro) £2.7m



    Liam Scales (Ire) £600k



    Giorgos Giakoumakis (Gre) £2.5m



    Filipe Jota (Por) Loan to buy



    Cameron Carter-Vickers (USA) Loan to buy



    13 signings




  11. So question is have we solved our problems regarding the weaknesses in the first 11?



    GK, probably as good as we could expect.


    RB, yes


    RCH, doubtful


    LCH, definitely not


    LB, no


    CM x 2 , doubtful


    CF, doubtful


    two loan signings that their current clubs seem happy to loan out with a sell on.



    Potentially after months of planning ( that is a wee joke) we could end up with Bitton at CH and Ajeti at CF with our best midfielder playing the holding role. The optimism from some seems misplaced.


    As ever we don’t appear to have brought in many who are ready to go straight into the first team, maybe the CF but apart from that the rest are mainly projects and the perennially unfit.


    Will we get any game time from Rogic, Johnson and McCarthy? Jury is out.



    So after this window first 11 looks something like this:


























    Ange has a lot of work to do. Board have decided huns are skint and these additions might just get us over the line, sound familiar? When a proper ball winning CH and a LFB could have made a real difference.



    Question I’ve been asking since April, who is identifying the signings?

  12. HOT SMOKED @ 7:43 AM,



    Wrong translation I’m afraid. Do you ever get bored of being wrong!?



    The we’ll see was a nod to Auldheid’s Zen Master…



    Have you heard the story about the Zen Master and the Little Boy?! …



    `A boy’s father bought him a horse for his fourteenth birthday and everyone in the village said, “Isn’t that wonderful, the boy got a horse?” and the Zen Master said, “We’ll see.”



    A couple of years later the boy fell from his horse, badly breaking his leg and everyone in the village said, “How awful, he won’t be able to walk properly.” The Zen Master said, “We’ll see.”



    Then, a war broke out and all the young men had to go and fight, but this young man couldn’t because his leg was still messed up and everyone said, “How wonderful!” The Zen Master said, “We’ll see.”’



    Have a great one…



    Hail Hail

  13. Curate’s egg of a transfer window


    Had you offered me the outcome, I’d have taken it.


    Getting wantaways away is probably as important as the infusion of new talent when it comes to day-to-day atmosphere at work and performance in matches.



    HH jg




    I’m not sure if you’re posting that list as a positive or negative.



    To be fair, I imagine some of those will be on considerably more that R Christie’s reported £8k pw.



    Although Broony no longer on wage bill, I’d imagine that Hart, CCV, Jota, Kyogo, Starfelt, Juarnovic and McCarthy all on significantly more than Christie and most of them likely on more than Edouard was.



    Your total doesn’t include potential transfer fees for CCV and Jota.



    The damage done over the past two years will take some time to repair, but I still worry the manager has been sold short in terms of depth of squad.

  15. Short summary too little too late. Not enough quality or depth which is a result off poor planning. We haven’t addressed the physicality and we will be bullied in away grounds beyond September ; we are mush middle to front as seen at Ibrox in the 2nd half.



    In a 2 horse race for a 40 mil prize we are up against a team that is better, physically stronger and grinds out results even against us when they are not playing well.



    Too win the league we had to address our failings, go hard it and be bold. Of course the daydreamers will be positive but a harsh reality is coming. Our half hearted approach and hope we win it is typical of a Board with no ambition. Nothing changes until the parasites go.



    Hope the board feel smug for a while because the pain is coming for their collective failures.

  16. this about sums it up for me………


    interesting to see how the Celtica good news has affected a few…











    BOB LOBLAW on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2021 12:18 AM


    A seasoned ex England international goal keeper





    Croatian right full back





    Swedish international centre back





    USA international centre back





    Seasoned Irish international midfielder





    A leading emerging Irish utility defender





    Portuguese left side winger





    Top Japanese forward





    Emerging Israeli forward





    Eredeversie top scorer from last season







    Plus young emerging defensive and midfield talent.







    Marked improvement in rightand centre back academy graduates





    Wantaways moved on at a profit







    All new signings have a degree of uncertainty, but that’s not a bad start for Ange and the new CEO

  17. JHB



    Agree – however history shows that if 40% of incomers settle and are successful, you are doing well.






    Source please or did you make this up?




    I posted it as neither as a positive nor a negative. I posted it purely as a factual summation of the transfer window.

  19. JHB



    I said when he came in that it would take three years, and I wondered would he get that long……I have not changed my mind.




    Yes you have!



    You said two years when Ange joined us.



    Are you the guy who said your golf handicap was PLUS 18?



    Replace uncertainty, with lake of quality.




    I wonder who is actually identifying these guys.

  21. Philbhoy













    Boerichter (sp!!!)





    There you go – 40%!



    Lies, damn lies, statistics, and best of all….‘made to suit your own view’ CQNers’ statistics!



    Hope you’re well big man.



    HH jg

  22. But in truth I am delighted with an excellent transfer window.



    Can’t wait for battle to resume.

  23. Great window, lots of new faces. Excited. Csc



    St. Tams away tae yer bed.







  24. A great window as far as I’m concerned.



    I also believe Ange will play the ghuys he’s signed.



    Mind you I’m a bit worried about the Cameron Carter Vickers signing.



    Sumdy on here saw him play once and said he was a dumplin’!



    Where to start with that!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!




    I knew you were JHB dressed up!



    Missed you on Saturday!



    All well here and hope you and yours are good too!



    Take care!

  26. PHILBHOY on 1ST SEPTEMBER 2021 8:37 AM



    Sumdy on here saw him play once and said he was a dumplin’!




    i read that comment too but Ange has probably watched him play more and feels he can improve our team. Other than the jury being out on Starfelt, our recruitment has looked good this summer.



    I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  27. GEEBEE1978



    I think it’s been a great window including Cameron.



    Plus Ange looks like he can coach.



    Excited for the rest of the season!



    Tony Ralston as a defensive mid learning the dark arts from James Mccarthy’s EPL experience?




    Interesting. I’ll second that emulsion while also wanting to see the C-Milk’s snappiest tackler get a good run himself before tutoring tigerish Tony.

  29. First day of Spring here, which called for a quick dip in the bay.



    A rather brisk 13degrees in the water as the records – and my shrivelled stalk – showed.