Assoc-member club allege inappropriate SFA involvement


In a universe close to you, one side of a football club boardroom battle thought it would be a good idea to undermine the other side by accusing them of leaking company information.  The allegations of a leak [at Newco Rangers, in case you were unaware]were blazoned across The Sun today, who were shown “a copy of explosive minutes from the board showdown at Murray Park where Gers power-brokers voted to sideline (chairman, Malcolm Murray)”.

This is cringe worthy.  At what level of humanity does leaking [highly confidential]boardroom documents about an earlier alleged leak appear to be acceptable behaviour?

The Sun report the minutes from last week’s board meeting record:

“The SFA mentioned to the acting chief executive (Craig Mather) that the Rangers board situation needed addressing as the SFA understood information was leaking from the chairman.

“Given the concerns about confidentiality [no laughing now], credibility and professional conduct and the impact on regulators, a motion was proposed to remove Malcolm from the position of chairman and as director of the company following the completion of the investigation.

“It was decided that Malcolm should not attend to any duties in the meantime and would not be involved in the direction or detail of the investigation.

“The resolution was passed by a majority of shareholders.”

The campaign to blacken Malcolm Murray’s name has been underway for some months but you can ignore that, there are three points from the above worthy of note:

“Malcolm… would not be involved in the direction or detail of the investigation”.  Despite having the minutes, The Sun fail to clarify which investigation is being referred to, the on-going investigation by Pinsent Masons and Deloittes, or an investigation into Malcolm Murray’s behaviour.

As it was proposed to sack Murray as a director on completion of the investigation it’s unlikely the investigation is into his own behaviour.  Sentencing is usually reserved until after guilt is established.

The possibility that the minutes indicate Malcolm Murray will not be allowed to be involved in the direction or detail of the Pinsent Masons investigation renders the exercise pointless.  The investigation into links between Green and Whyte, with consequences for SFA membership, was at the insistence of Murray.  If the persons who removed him are now controlling the scope of his investigation, that investigation is moot.

The other interesting point is that the “resolution was passed by a majority of shareholders”.  I’m pretty sure this was a directors’ board meeting not a shareholders meeting.  It’s a curious comment to make its way onto the minutes.

By far the most concerning comment to be made on an SFA associate member’s boardroom minutes was:

“The SFA mentioned to the acting chief executive (Craig Mather) that the Rangers board situation needed addressing as the SFA understood information was leaking from the chairman”.

It is no business of the SFA whatsoever if a club chairman talks about its business outside the boardroom, the allegation here is of completely inappropriate behaviour by the Association, which makes it our business.

Who at the SFA is involved in this, what did they know, when did they know it, who told them and who did they speak?

Time for some leadership from the SFA board and some proper journalism, or would everyone rather play their part in the Great Football Swindle?

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  1. Getting rid of Malcolm Murray will sort all their problems…why did they not think of that before?



    Internecine war in the Ibrox boardroom is always good news for us and bad news for their lovers over at Hampden. The SFA are a disgrace of an organisation and the sooner Ogilvie and Bryson etc are removed the better…but don’t hold your breath Bhoys.



    The good thing is the Tribute Act are extremely good at mimicking the dead club so there’s only one way they are heading!

  2. CSKA Moscow fans have threatened


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    The Russian Football Association


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    But a CSKA fanclub have expressed


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    “We’re calling on all our supporters to


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    “Idiots in the RFU had made a


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    “By boycotting the final we want to


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    A Chechen referee was banned for life


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  3. The Govan Club…will….once again…be assisted by the brotherhood( in it’s many guises)…and avoid the punishment it so richly deserves…regarding the Whyte /Green connection.


    For the governing body of football in Scotland to go out of it’s way to highlight ” leaks”…. to the Club concerned….and express its concern….beggars belief.


    Unless of course, like me, you’ve watched them being “protected” for over 50 years.


    (NO Catholic signing policy for example?)….


    Nimmo Smith,when it was his turn, did the Establishment “thing” and let them off the hook….


    I’ve no doubts it will happen again…..


    Only in Scotland.

  4. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on




    Do you think there is a realistic chance of this?



    I thought that if Sevco were to go belly up and no reincarnation arose we could press UEFA for relocation!

  5. This is probably a tribute to my own ineptness – I tried to renew the ST on-line yesterday but retired baffled after acquiring two new passwords. So, I phoned today and Neil Lennon spoke to me briefly. Then a young woman said she would transfer me to the ticket office. It became clear that she hadn’t. In despair I returned to the on-line application and by sheer luck I pressed the right button. After that it was simplicity itself.

  6. Mike Bhoyle



    It is outrageous how they are protected but look at the state they are in and where they are playing. Their future is far from bright although if they do survive it will be orange:)

  7. swatson Neil Lennon’s 6ft skinny twin!



    Why not? Sevco will take more than 5 years to get at the level of competitiveness that Hearts have with us. Can win occasionally but not over a long haul.



    It then becomes in everybody’s interest in Scotland to see us depart, especially if we are richer from a couple of years CL money to use some to soften the blow.



    England is most likely destination and Championship clubs would like a sniff at the gates from our visits not to mention wider TV interest.


    Swansea and Cardiff have shown the way, why not us if we can get all associations on board?

  8. Doctor Whatfor on

    the boy jinky 16.26



    Was he sporting a blazer and brown brogues? ;-)

  9. BMCW


    Its that visual immage thing..you can just imagine her sittin in the squat then wooooooof..akimbo..slalom downhill lol..apres ski ing any one.hehe

  10. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Is that the same Mc lean who shld have been sent off at Pittodrie by brines a few years ago?



    The other 2?

  11. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on

    Moonbeams etc



    I’m reminded of the adage used on here before about “Never interrupting your enemy when he’s making a mistake” & while this seems right, it can only be part of the strategy for our club.



    We need to interfere, question & prod comprehensively and consistently even when they seem to making mistakes, perhaps even especially when they seem to be making mistakes. A snake oil salesman is still a snake oil salesman, even when he’s down or seems to be.






    Saville, DLT, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Jim Davidson, Freddie Starr, et al. What a cosy world it must have been way back then?



    You could do what you wanted to kids etc and the MSM looked the other way?



    A bit like corruption in Scottish Football and our own MSM.




  12. I am absolutely sick of the sheer volume of cheating that is going on with sevco/sfa etc.


    If Paul, Phil, Paul McC, BRTH, Auldheid, James Forrest, AT all can tell us about the cheating that is going on daily, then why are the people in charge of our clubs turning a blind eye to what is going on.


    Why has ogilvie/reagan/longmuir/ballantyne/doncaster not been brought to task over their cover up of all things deadco.


    Surely the time has come for Peter Lawell and the CEO’s or Chairmen of other clubs to take a stance against this corruption.If they listen to what their fans are saying then why is there any delay.


    I don’t recall anyone tripping over themselves to save us prior to Fergus coming in, in fact the very opposite I would say. 1 hour before BoS were willing to shut us down, hearses being photographed at Celtic Park, cracked crests for weeks leading up to Fergus arriving. Never once heard the SFA saying we need to save Celtic at all cost, they are an institution, armageddon will happen if they die, all other clubs will suffer etc.


    If the guys who bring us the news daily know it is going on then the clubs must know, so why are they not dealing with this.


    As much as I appreciate what Paul and the other guys do what is the point if no one reacts.Sure if it was up to the fans then the tribute act would be dead along with the other one, but the powerbrokers of the clubs seem to be doing nothing.


    This tribute act should not even have a license to play in any league.


    The whole thing is a sham.




  13. whitedoghunch on

    RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley



    I was just watching the Jerry Sadowitz piece on saville from years back

  14. The issue of the SFA and their tarnished organisation never seems to go away…



    I do wish that our great club could compete with a level field sometimes, and we could enjoy more games!



    As an aside, are any of you guys based in Birmingham? I have permanently moved down from the North East and want to get in with a CSC. Sure Paul can pass on my email if anyone is about down here!

  15. BRTH


    make sure you warn our charity huddlers of this article..ben nevis can be an unforgiving place like most of our peaks ..dont want to make any silly remarks..we’l end up with a list h.h

  16. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on




    I would not rely on our association allowing our departure, they are the crux of the ongoing Scottish football shambles. They would also be aware that Sevco (or any pther incarnation) would be killed stone dead the moment they agreed on our release.



    We must NOT miss this opportunity to clear the decks if we are not for moving.



    We can not complain that we are not equal in this game when those whom we choose to speak for us, say nothing when there is obvious cheating that could easily be proven and actionable! This IS our chance Peter L better know what he is doing.

  17. leftclicktic on



    first post to



    Charlotte Fakeovers (@CharlotteFakes) says


    on TSFM after i posted this morn.





    Looks to me like you’re trying to discredit the already totally discredited Whyte. What’s the point ? What’s that saying about thieves falling out ?





    At am CF has a go at the sun reporter for his leaks story then at 13:41


    Posts this


    Charlotte Fakeovers (@CharlotteFakes) says:



    Monday, May 13, 2013 at 13:41















    Given that it’s a ***** ********, really seriously doubt, he’s seen any official minutes. He’s very happy to misrepresent in the quest to get a ‘story’.



    He should go back to his exclusive tapes from April – does he have the full version?



    If so, he should listen out for “Dodgy Offshores, Pension Funds (again)”, etc. There’s a much bigger story within the audio.


    PS I took out reporters name from post,

  18. greenhillsbhoy on

    Has lunny gone for a early holiday,now im sure if a player in a hooped jersey had commited the assault we would have heard from lunny by now.

  19. mungolian bhoy on

    There are substantial “problems” associated with the running of the club recently housed in Ibrox. And, they are the type of problems normally associated with a fall in the value of shares. I do not quite understand why the price is so stationary. One would think that there would be a financial method of “shorting” the stock. Or is that not possible on the AIM at this time for some reason ? (stationary at 56.50 with apparently no trading)

  20. RalphWaldoEllison remembers ALS victims Jimmy Jonstone & John Cushley on




    Jerry Sadowitz was well ahead of his time.



    Shafted by Saville & his MSM media pals.



    Wonder where Jerry is now?




  21. sipsini ,



    in the normal world , and for any other team , they would be .



    In the 9th circle of hell , known as Sevcoville , who knows .



    Sanna (paranoid csc)

  22. fergus slayed the blues on

    Re the Sun article today .


    I must admit to being astounded as to the reference of SFA involvement ,not by it but by the Sun printing it openly .


    I know I should not be surprised after what has gone on since last year but I really does look like the WHOLE lot of them have now just dispensed with the pretence and are not bothered in the slightest how much corruption is displayed .


    One would think that the SFA would be very interested in any info coming out of Ibrokes at the moment ,in fact the more the better ,then again if you have something to hide (5 way swindle ) or licence given on shaky grounds (or worse ) then I can see why they are more concerned about keeping sevco goings on in house .


    No wonder the rest of the football world see us as a backwater with the inbreds that run our game .


    Why can I not get the banjo theme in Deliverance out of my head .

  23. From twitter..a wee reminder



    “Every Celtic fan anywhere in the world should be proud of everything they’ve acheived,because everthing they’ve acheived in they’re life,they’ve acheived in they’re own merit,without joining any secret organisation to get there ”


    Fergus McCann